The Duty of a Beta

Kim Dare

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The Duty of a Beta

The Duty of a Beta Caught between duty and sweet temptation what s a wolf to do Gunnar has a job to do He was brought into the pack to be mated to Alfred and that s what he s going to do Beta s have always been charged

  • Title: The Duty of a Beta
  • Author: Kim Dare
  • ISBN: 9780857154897
  • Page: 448
  • Format: ebook
  • Caught between duty and sweet temptation, what s a wolf to do Gunnar has a job to do He was brought into the pack to be mated to Alfred and that s what he s going to do Beta s have always been charged with taking control of the trouble makers in their packs, and Gunnar is going to do his duty by his new pack if it kills him.Just because his eyes constantly stray towardsCaught between duty and sweet temptation, what s a wolf to do Gunnar has a job to do He was brought into the pack to be mated to Alfred and that s what he s going to do Beta s have always been charged with taking control of the trouble makers in their packs, and Gunnar is going to do his duty by his new pack if it kills him.Just because his eyes constantly stray towards another wolf, that s no reason to alter his plans His alphas might believe in love matches, but Gunnar believes in duty no matter how sweet the temptation to let his thoughts wander to a very different wolf might be.Please note this book is best read in sequence as part of the Pack Discipline series

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    One thought on “The Duty of a Beta

    1. Susan on said:

      3.25 starsThe story continues with more wolf shifters.This was a bit dull compared to the other two.I really liked the powerplay in the previous books, with the submissive being someone you would not expect.Gunnar is the new beta of the pack and is supposed to be mated to Alfred, the trouble maker of the pack. But Gunnar can’t keep his eyes off Talbot, the pack’s omega.It is clear from the start that Gunnar is way more dominant than Talbot and both wolves are fine with that. Their power bala [...]

    2. Elena on said:

      Another nice instalment ofPack Discipline:)To be honest,Gunnarwasn't my favourite MC of the pack but ButTalbotmore than compensated for his mate's gruffness :DIt's Talbot and his adorable blushing, and his unwavering faith and trust in Gunnar that saved the 4-star rating for me ;)Talbot is the little, scared, somewhat fussed over omega that stole the heart of the dominating, strong and confident beta, Gunnar. Talbot is also very brave and determined and his courage in the face of their alphas' w [...]

    3. Serena Yates on said:

      What happens if you fall in love with the "wrong" person? Not a question that is asked very often in our world, because arranged marriages, to our thinking, are not the way things should be done. I thought it was very interesting how Kim Dare picked up this concept and played with it here.Gunnar knows that as the Beta he's expected to mate the troublemaking Alfred, and he accepts his fate to the point of self-denial. Even when he finally admits he's in love with Talbot, he refuses to change thei [...]

    4. Mary on said:

      I've been wanting to read this book for awhile because the idea of it, the big brooding, strong beta and the sweet, shy beautiful omega is so my kink. I didn't read the first two books, but again, had to read this one. And I'm so glad I did. I just loved it. Gunnar is so hot and Talbot is so submissive and learning how the pack works was very interesting. I liked how surprised Gunnar was when love triumphed and he learned that his pack alphas are really good guys. I suspect that not believing in [...]

    5. Carol (bookish_notes) on said:

      This was a really good story. Again, not much world-building is in these stories, but goodness, the author sure knows how to write characters that will give you feels. Gunnar is a newish beta who has been brought into the pack to mate with another wolf shifter named Alfred. But ever since stepping foot into the pack, he's found himself attracted to someone who he shouldn't be attracted to - a young omega named Talbot. I've loved precious Talbot since the first story. He's portrayed as a characte [...]

    6. Chris on said:

      Very good kinky paranormal m/m romance about a beta wolf who was brought into the pack to be mated to a troublemaking gamma, but who finds himself drawn to the omega

    7. Maya on said:

      Even with Gunnar's perpetual bad mood and lack of humor I found this to be my favorite of this series so far. It was nice to finally see the prick smile.

    8. Emma Sea on said:

      3.5 stars, rounding down. Talbot finally gets what he deserves! Yay, Talbot! What a cute character Dare created.

    9. Summer on said:

      Re-reading 10/29/12: I still love this story. The characters are so perfect for each other. I loved how Gunnar knew to assign Talbot a tougher job within the pack to get him to be more confident in himself.******If you liked this book you may enjoy the following groups:Erotic Enchants GroupMenage Readers Group

    10. Cherie Noel on said:

      More Kim write faster!!! That actually was what I thought. I love this series and eagerly anticipate the next one!Kimyou met and exceeded my expectations on this one. Good job, that, as I expect your stories to be damn good every time!

    11. Finnegan on said:

      Two stars because I did not like the MC at all. Gunnar is a big-time pain in the neck and he does not really redeem himself. In the end I really couldn't care less about his love woes.

    12. Nile Princess on said:

      Having read both The Mark of an Alpha and The Strength of a Gamma I desperately wanted to read Talbot's story. I've loved his character since Book 1. This book, though, took some willpower to get through. First, I agree with the review that says you need to read the prior books, Mark of an Alpha at least, to remotely care about this story. Without that you will probably feel zero connection to Talbot. I love his character and I still struggled. I kept checking to see how far I was from the end. [...]

    13. Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews on said:

      This is a story that starts off with a sensual bang between two unlikely werewolves. The Duty of a Beta will definitely keep you turning the pages until the very end just to see what will happen. Gunner and Talbot are complete opposites. This is a story that runs along the lines of Romeo and Juliet. Two people in love yet circumstances and rankings in life keep them apart. The pull between these two men is so evident that the scenes they share are just jumping with erotic energy. Gunner, being a [...]

    14. Phaney on said:

      To falling in love with the right person, even when you don’t realise how right they are at the time.This book began with a squeal. My squeal. When I realized who the pairing was. Because no, I had not been looking forward to Gunnar and Alfred, liking neither of them that much. But it’s not about Gunnar and his intended. It’s about Gunnar and his unintended. <3The story is sweet and full of devotion and love yet again. Interestingly enough, I don’t not get much of a D/s vibe here, eve [...]

    15. Beck on said:

      Review of seriesI have read the first 3 (of 4) books in this series & I must confess that I am underwhelmed these are the first books I have ever read by Kim Dare where I'm not left raving about how wonderful they are I found the Pack Discipline series to be lackadaisical poor character development lackluster plot unexciting kink Kim Dare is a prolific author & I'll still automatically buy & read her books but I have read much better books by her perhaps I hold her to a higher [...]

    16. Merith on said:

      The third book of this series doesn't disappoint. It's in Kim Dare style with the light BDSM, the sweetness balanced with just the right touch of angst. I would hesitate to say I loved this story best of the three (so far), but I have such a fondness for Talbot, ever since the first book when Talbot didn't want to fight Bennett, and how Bennett eased him through it. In this book, we also see a side of Gunner we didn't in 'Strength of a Gamma'. Almost palatable, his wanting warred with knowing hi [...]

    17. Leah on said:

      3.5 Stars. I liked it; didn't love it. The pacing was very fast, faster than the rest of the books in the Pack Discipline series. Maybe I had high expectations. I purchased this the day it was released and since Duck! I've wanted more from Kim. When she delivers it's awesome. I just couldn't warm up to Gunnar. He just reeked of selfish asshole :/ If you're in the mood for a quickie shifter romance this is the book for you, if not I recommend reading the whole series as one book. It's Kim so *shr [...]

    18. Kira on said:

      As much as I liked Talbot, for some reason Gunnar didn't do it for me. I liked the story again, yet this was my least favorite in the series. I almost enjoyed the outside the main couple sub-plot-stuffs more than some of the main storyline Weird. Anyways, I still liked it and it was good as a part of a series. :)

    19. Vfields Don't touch my happy! on said:

      Okay I can't read about weak, whiny little men! That being said Kim Dare created a wolf who was so interesting, compassionate and inhibited that I was mesmerized. Talbot was who he was and Gunnar is the wolf who can see the whole man/wolf, not just Talbot's place in the pack. This series also lets us watch the entire pack grow strong together. These books need to be read in order!

    20. Marsha Spence on said:

      I'm enjoying this series. The writing is good and I enjoy the D/s elements.

    21. Clover on said:

      as always really good D/s story with wolves in it !Talbot is a sweet omega and Gunnar is a very good match for himally looking forward to read the 4th book of the serie !

    22. Tracy on said:

      of the first two this one I enjoyed the most, I really like Gunnar

    23. Trina on said:

      Great addition to this series. Excellent read. Can't wait for the next book.

    24. Shelby on said:

      This really isn't my favorite Kim Dare series, but I did like this story a little better than the others in the series. I almost rounded it up to the four stars as it was really a 3.5 Star read. Look Talbot is a sweet, sweet little soul who appreciates the strength of Gunnar and vice versa. But as much as I liked these two together as a couple there really wasn't all that much to this story.This is a simple story without a lot of depth behind it. If you're in the mood for an "awwwww, make you sm [...]

    25. Valentina Marinelli on said:


    26. Cat on said:

      The Pack Discipline series revolves around the solid idea of the pack mentality among wolf-shifters which outlines a clear idea of who is dominant and who is submissive. The series then takes 8 members of this pack and follows through with what happens when their own personalities and attractions conflict with that pack mentality. In this world there's a solid hierarchy that all wolves in a pack follow and that's outlined simply as: Alphas > Betas > Gammas > Omegas.This is the third boo [...]

    27. Charly on said:

      Not bad, but it doesn’t stand outWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 6/10PROS: - I often criticize novellas for failing to convince me of the connection between characters. I didn’t have that problem here, probably because Dare does a good job of establishing that the men have been wanting each other for months.- Talbot is very sweet: submissive in just about every word, thought, and deed. I’ve wanted him to find a mate ever since I read the first [...]

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