The Quilt Story

Tony Johnston Tomie dePaola

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The Quilt Story

The Quilt Story Long ago a young girl named Abigail put her beloved patchwork quilt in the attic Now years later another girl discovers the quilt and makes it her own relying on its warmth to help her feel secure

  • Title: The Quilt Story
  • Author: Tony Johnston Tomie dePaola
  • ISBN: 9780698113688
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • Long ago, a young girl named Abigail put her beloved patchwork quilt in the attic Now years later, another girl discovers the quilt and makes it her own, relying on its warmth to help her feel secure in a new home A quilt that provides warmth, fun and comfort to two different generations is the star of this rich picture book dePaola provides a warm, dignified inteLong ago, a young girl named Abigail put her beloved patchwork quilt in the attic Now years later, another girl discovers the quilt and makes it her own, relying on its warmth to help her feel secure in a new home A quilt that provides warmth, fun and comfort to two different generations is the star of this rich picture book dePaola provides a warm, dignified interpretation of Johnston s stroy Booklist, starred review Full color.

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      489 Tony Johnston Tomie dePaola
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    One thought on “The Quilt Story

    1. Becky on said:

      First sentence: A little girl's mother made the quilt to keep her warm when the snow came down, long ago. She stitched the quilt by a yellow flame, humming all the time. She stitched the tails of falling stars. And she stitched the name, Abigail.Premise/plot: This book is a story of a quilt. The picture book opens with the quilt's creation. The picture book closes with the quilt's recreation. In between, readers meet two different girls who love, love, love the quilt; girls who take comfort from [...]

    2. Acacia Casner on said:

      This book is about a young girl who forms a special bond to a quilt her mother made her. She takes the quilt everywhere with her until it is stained and torn. The young girl has to move and finds comfort in the quilt in a unfamiliar place. The story ends with a little girl asking her mother to repair the blanket that has been stored away for a while. Students must make inferences to figure out that the little girl at the end of the story is not the same one as in the beginning. The little girl a [...]

    3. Kristen on said:

      Kindergarten +.A pioneer mother makes a quilt for her daughter, who loves the quilt very much. After much use and love, the quilt is left in an attic, where it is loved by animals. Years later, another young girl finds the quilt, and loves it also.A touching story of love through the ages. Illustrations are accurate to time periods.

    4. Marissa Ebert on said:

      This book has not won any awards."The Quilt Story" is appropriate for pre-k to second grade students. This book is about a mother who stitches together a quilt for her daughter. She brings it everywhere she goes, even to the new log cabin that her father built. They are pioneers, and lived many years ago. The quilt eventually gets left in the attic, where a new little girl finds it years later. Her mother fixes it up for her, and the history of the quilt continues on.This is a nice story by Tony [...]

    5. Juliette Hernandez on said:

      In this book you see how a quilt ventures to other people throughout the years. It starts with a little girl named Abigail. Her mother created the quilt for her for the cold winter nights. They ended up moving and Abigail put it in the attic. She gave the quilt so much love and later on you see that some animals began to love it too. A few years go by and a new little girl finds the quilt. She asks her mom to fix it. This girl will now give it the love it deserves again. In this book I believe t [...]

    6. Hannah Groeschen on said:

      I really connected to the little girls in this story because the quilt reminds me of a blanket that my grandmother made for me when I was born. I always loved having that blanket when I was sick, when I went to a friend's house, or when I went on vacation because it made me feel better and it always smelled of home.

    7. Elizabeth Thigpen on said:

      This book shows two girls, separated by generations who sought comfort in a patchwork quilt. This would help young readers learn the importance of what they value and explain why it is valuable to them.

    8. Jennifer on said:

      Great story about being a hoarder. Just kidding, but it felt very familiar. It was sweet that she had those memories with her quilt.

    9. Volkert on said:

      A quilt crosses the prairies with a girl and ends up with her granddaughter.

    10. Stephen Stopper on said:

      Title: The Quilt StoryAuthor: Tony JohnstonIllustrator: Tomie dePaolaGenre: FableTheme(s): Mothers and daughters, quilting, frontier lifeOpening line/sentence: “A little girl’s mother made the quilt to keep her warm when the snow came down, long ago.”Brief Book Summary: A young girl named Abigail has just received a brand new quilt that her mother had stitched for her. Abigail takes the quilt everywhere with her, she loves the quilt. One day the family moved far away. While the other blank [...]

    11. S. J. on said:

      I love almost anything illustrated by Tomie dePaola and so was surprised when I opened a box of books I'd tucked away for some years, only to find I owned one I'd never even read before. It was rather like Christmas. After reading this, I'm even more shocked I never did before because this would have been right up my alley as a kid. I loved anything to do with history and a book about a quilt as it moves through its 'life' would have been perfect. This is literally The Quilt Story, the story of [...]

    12. Tessa Hensley on said:

      This book is about a little girl who is in love with the quilt her mother made her. She takes it absolutely everywhere with her. Finally she grows out of it and puts it away in the attic for a new generation to find.This story is awesome, it shows a girl with her quilt, and then her taking it on a long journey which readers can assume is the Oregon trail by the covered wagons and the description of a long and hard journey. As a teacher I can use this to slip in a little background information ab [...]

    13. Erica Karp on said:

      This is a book about a little girl and her quilt. Abigail's mother made her the quilt when she was very young. Abigail was very attached to it and took it everywhere, it even traveled with her when she moved. It was the one thing that could bring her comfort in her new house. Eventually, Abigail grew less attached to the quilt and put it in the attic for safe keeping. She forgot about it until her daughter finds it and asks her to repair it, she does and it becomes the one thing that can comfort [...]

    14. Sandra Carolina on said:

      Sandra C ArguetaMarch 2, 2016ETEC 545Picture Book Review: Johnston ,Tony illustrations by dePaola, Tomie . The Quilt Story (1985).In this story about a quilt made with love by a loving mother for Abigail, the little girl, Abigail, is comforted throughout her childhood by its reassuring touch. The quilt, a loyal companion is always there to cushion the sadness and uncertainty that can come with change. The pangs that are part of everyone’s growing pains and the difficult changes we must all end [...]

    15. Shannon Brasher on said:

      The Quilt Story is a fun read for all ages. The story begins with a little pioneer girl named Abigail who has this special quilt her mother made her that she takes everywhere and does everything with. After Abigail’s family moves west, she is having a hard time adjusting to the new house, a new bed, and a new rocking horse. It is the comfort of both the quilt and her mother’s arms that comfort her. Over time, Abigail puts the quilt in the attic to be forgotten and used by animals for many ye [...]

    16. Robert on said:

      A mother quilt a quilt for her daughter Abigail. Abigail loves the quilt. It's her security blanket. When the family moves, all is new and fresh . . . and not especially welcoming. That is until the girl snuggles under the quilt in her new home.She eventually grows older and the quilt is stored away in the attic where it becomes home to the mice and cat. The girl finds it and ass her mother to repair it.The family moves again. Once again, home isn't the same until the quilt is snuggled under.I l [...]

    17. Sarah on said:

      This picture book touches on themes of family history, relocation, tradition, and family heirlooms. Abigail’s mother makes her a patchwork quilt. Abigail loves the quilt and puts it to good use: as an imaginary dress, as a picnic blanket, to hide under during hide-and-seek, and to keep her warm when she’s sick. One day her family decides to move West to build a new life for themselves barmyforbooks.wordpress/2013/03/09/book-review-the-quilt-story/

    18. Monica on said:

      The Quilt Story is about a girl who discovers an old patchwork quilt in the attic. This child takes it and makes it her own which helps her feel more at more in a new house and place.This book would be a good one to read before grandparents day or another time when visitors are coming. Perhaps these people could even bring in something special to share with the class to tell more about themselves. It also would help children appreciate the older things in life. Something it is so easy get caught [...]

    19. Kirstin Kemppainen on said:

      Very precious story about a quilt that belonged to a young girl Abigail. She loved that quilt and it made her feel " home". Years later, after many other animals used the quilt for warmth and a home, a young girl found the quilt in her attic and fell in love with it too. This story was cute and had awesome illustrations. It's what we do in a space that makes it feel welcoming, not what it necessarily looks like.

    20. metimoteo on said:

      A beautifully-furnished, compact little story from Tony Johnston and Tomie dePaola. Johnston's writing is quite poetic. He chronicles the journeys not so much of two girls separated by generations but the quilt that binds them and their families and gives each child comfort during times of transition. DePaola's familiar style contributes notably to the quiet peacefulness Johnston's prose offers. A thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish.

    21. Erin Edwards on said:

      Annotation and Comment: The quilt in this story could almost be described as a character. It is a provider and goes on more than one journey. If nothing else, it could be certainly considered a metaphor for family, home, or love. dePaola’s strong colors and use of light in his illustrations are effective.This would be an excellent book to read when a student either was moving away or had just moved.

    22. Kristin Lee on said:

      A cute story about a girl whose comfort item is her quilt. The books shows how the importance of the quilt shifts as the girl gets older. Even though she doesn't need it as much as she gets older, it is still meaningful to her. Most people can relate to this book because as children, we had our own comfort items.

    23. Priscilla Schelling on said:

      This story includes life circumstances that a child had to overcome and the security item that got the child through. We can all pretty much relate to this security item and hard issues to overcome. The journey of the quilt shows the journey of its owners and friends. It is very relatable and comforting.

    24. Dolly on said:

      Wonderful tale about a quilt that is loved, loved and then loved some more. With Tomie dePaola's inimitable illustrations, it's a terrific story to read to a young child, especially when you are trying to explain the meaning behind a legacy or a treasured item handed down through the ages. We've read this book a couple of times.

    25. Brianna Morris on said:

      I like this book because it shows how change is not always a bad thing and that adapting to the change is a part of human nature. Also, you can make any place your own by making it feel homey to you. I just loved the story line and believe that children will be able to relate to the story because it is very practical.

    26. Emilia P on said:

      This book exudes love from every single stinking page. It's exhaustingly wonderful. For people who are attached to their homes, families, and for finding and holding tight to something that makes you brave in the face of the big world. What a story, what heartfelt illustrations. Tomie is indefatigable, and life would suck without him.

    27. Laura on said:

      This was a sweet story. I liked how it all tied back together and made a loop. The illustrations were lovely, it is hard not to like Tomie's endearing drawings. I would probably recommend.*Taken from my book reviews blog: reviewsatmse/2009

    28. Kelsey Scherer on said:

      A mother makes a quilt for her daughter Abigail. Her daughter loves this quilt and takes it everywhere. She loves on it and wears it down but her moms always fixes it. As she grew older Abigail put it in the attic where mice, raccoon and a cat enjoyed it. Another little girl finds it and loves/enjoys it also. A great story of a girls love for her special quilt.

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