10 Fat Turkeys

Tony Johnston Richard F. Deas

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10 Fat Turkeys

Fat Turkeys This silly rhyming story about ten turkeys teaches children how to count backwards Looky says a silly turkey swinging from a vine Gobble gobble wibble wobble Whoops Now there are nine Girls and boys w

  • Title: 10 Fat Turkeys
  • Author: Tony Johnston Richard F. Deas
  • ISBN: 9780439459488
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • This silly rhyming story about ten turkeys teaches children how to count backwards Looky says a silly turkey swinging from a vine Gobble gobble wibble wobble.Whoops Now there are nine.Girls and boys will gobble up this hilarious story about ten goofy turkeys and their silly antics swinging from a vine, strutting on a boar, doing a noodle dance, and Veteran authThis silly rhyming story about ten turkeys teaches children how to count backwards Looky says a silly turkey swinging from a vine Gobble gobble wibble wobble.Whoops Now there are nine.Girls and boys will gobble up this hilarious story about ten goofy turkeys and their silly antics swinging from a vine, strutting on a boar, doing a noodle dance, and Veteran author Tony Johnston has written a joyful text, which first time illustrator Richard Deas brings to life as wild and wacky fun

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      418 Tony Johnston Richard F. Deas
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    One thought on “10 Fat Turkeys

    1. Annikka on said:

      Summarize the book:10 Fat Turkeys is a book about 10 turkeys that are sitting on a fence, and they leave the fence in different and fun ways. As the book progresses you count backwards starting at 10 in a "Gobble Gobble Wibble Wobble" sort of rhyming way.Identify the characteristics from the text that support the specific genre:This book has bright, colorful, and fun pictures that take up a majority of the space on the page. The text is in rhyme with short verses, at times being creative with wo [...]

    2. Cindi on said:

      Although this is a book of counting backwards from ten to 1, even older kids will enjoy reading about the antics of these ten fat turkeys on a fence. With the phrase, "Gobble Gobble Wibble Wobble," each turkey tries to do a death-defying stunt, only to fall to the ground. One foofy turkey wearing an aviator's cap tries to fly higher than the clouds, one goofy turkey dressed like the star of a roller derby team tries to skate on the fence, and one goony turkey wearing a boot on his head tries str [...]

    3. Clara Hamilton on said:

      This book is very similar to the story of the ten monkeys jumping on the bed. It follows Turkeys, which is appropriate for thanksgiving, as they all fall off of a fence. One by one they do something that makes them fall off, and as the reader counts down, they enjoy funny images of these Turkeys. Soon they all fall off, but then it all starts again as they climb up into a tree!The theme of this book is simply counting and vocabulary, as well as thanksgiving.This book would be great in a pre-scho [...]

    4. Stephanie H (My Bookish Itinerary) on said:

      10 Fat Turkeys is one my girls' favorite books. We have read this story so many times (for years now). Even when it isn't around Thanksgiving. They love it. 10 Fat Turkeys is a silly and very entertaining story about 10 turkeys sitting on a fence. It is a wonderful story to read with younger children because it rhymes, has repetition, and has counting. My girls find this story to be hilarious and they laugh every single time we read it. I really enjoy reading it with them. It isn't really a Than [...]

    5. Betsy McElhannon on said:

      1. 10 Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston 2. Awards: None 3. Genre: Beginning Books 4. Setting: On the fence where the turkeys sit. 5. This a story about 10 fat turkeys that sit on a fence. As the book goes along turkeys falls from the fence until there are no turkeys left. It is a great book to read to a kindergarten class as they learning how to count to and from the number 10. I used this book with my current kindergartners, and I plan to use it again around Thanksgiving in my future classes.

    6. Alexandra on said:

      My friend picked this out for her class to read and learn their numbers so I read it just to see if it was a good pick. It's really annoying and has words like "goony" and "foofy." Also it keeps repeating the phrase "gobble gobble wibble wobble." That just grated on my nerves. Rotfl I feel like really little kids would enjoy this though, especially if you read it in a silly, animated voice. Actually, you kind of have to, otherwise you sound like an asshole.

    7. Nessa Morris on said:

      Thanksgiving is almost here, and to get us all in a thankful mood, I decided to recommend a Thanksgiving book. What does 10 Fat Turkeys have to do with Thanksgiving? Absolutely nothing.But… it has turkeys. And… turkeys are assassinated on associated with Thanksgiving, so I’m making 10 Fat Turkeys my Thanksgiving recommendation.--Read my full review at nessamorris/2012/11/16/tur

    8. Relyn on said:

      I have a string of Thanksgiving books that I read to my daughter and my second graders. These will be quick reviews based on the reactions of my daughter and students. I put the date the same for each book, but I really read them in the week leading up to Thanksgiving, and on Thanksgiving Day. Under the how many times I've read it category, that will be how many Thanksgivings I've used this book.This is fun and funny. The kids like it.

    9. Luisa Knight on said:

      It's a cute boardbook for the young!Ages: 2 - 6Cleanliness: "Mercy!" is exclaimed.#thanksgiving**Like my reviews? I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too. These reports give a complete break-down of everything in the book, so you'll know just how clean it is or isn't. I also have Clean Guides (downloadable PDFs) which enable you to clean up your book before reading it! Visit my website: The Book Radar.

    10. Heidi-Marie on said:

      Ha--a good laugh and a good counting book around Thanksgiving. The pictures might be a little busy for the toddler age, but I'm hoping the counting will keep them occupied.11/9/10 I decided to skip this one in toddler because of time (and comprehension level). The special needs group really liked it though. I didn't bother with the counting but went for the silly antics instead. Still worked. Perhaps another time I'll do this for the counting aspect with the preschool age.

    11. T Crockett on said:

      I think this book would work well in a one on one setting. I saw it read to a class of kids (2-3 yrs) and they lost interest. There's sooo much on each page that unless you're right up close you can't make out what's going on. Several of the kids said they have the book at home and were clearly excited to see it.

    12. Christine on said:

      This is a great little board book that tells the tale of 10 turkeys who each do their turn of dancing on a fence and then falling off. There is a constant repetition of the verse…Gobble, gobble, wibble, wobble that will bring a giggle to the young ones. The pictures are very colorful and will be appealing to the little tykes as well.

    13. RC on said:

      This book does exactly what it needs to do. It has a fun rhyme scheme with kooky words that will appeal to kids. It enhances children's skills in counting backwards from 10, a skill not often featured in counting books. It has creative images and goofy details that will keep kids and adults interested. And, overall, it is a fun pre-Thanksgiving read that could be read all year round.

    14. Tanya W on said:

      Very fun book with great rhythm and rhyme. We have read it twice in two days and I think the kids would be happy if I said, "Let's read this one again!". As a "counting" book, I liked that it goes backward.

    15. Nadine on said:

      Read this to the Kindergarten kids today and they loved it. They actually asked if I could read it again, so we'll be looking at it again this week. They had fun counting backwards as the turkeys fell off the fence.

    16. Brian Strand on said:

      This book is about 10 fat turkeys sitting on a fence. Each one does something funny and ends up falling off the fence. This book is fun because the turkeys are wacky, but the ending leaves it wide open to make up another story.

    17. kristen on said:

      Read this to 50 1st and 2nd graders today and they LOVED it! They were totally into the hilarious looking turkeys, the cadence, and the simplicity of story. They all were shouting out the next number as I turned each page. Fun book for little ones!

    18. Foxytocin on said:

      Read this to a group of toddlers this morning for toddler time at the library and I've gotta say, it's a crowd pleaser for very young children's a simple counting book and the turkey's a so, so silly

    19. Katie Clark on said:

      This is a cute book about ten fat turkeys that are acting silly while sitting on a bench all the while counting down from 10 to 1. I really liked this book and it can be used in the classroom to introduce to younger students counting down from 10 to 1.

    20. Melanie on said:

      A hilarious rhyming story about 10 turkeys trying to walk across a fence. Each turkey encounters some sort of mishap such as roller skating off the fence, swallowing a bumblebee or blowing a gum bubble big enough to encompass himself.Kids will enjoy counting down with the ridiculous turkeys!

    21. Violet on said:

      This is a rhyming children's book that deals with counting. This book however, deals with counting backwards, and it does it by having silly rhymes that go with it. It is a little bit of a tongue twister, but students will really enjoy it.

    22. Jen on said:

      This is a counting, rhyming book on turkeys that I really think my elementary students will like for Thanksgiving. Cute to see a book on turkeys!

    23. Heather on said:

      You guys, you can rap this book! I love it! Great for my Toddler storytime.

    24. Kristina on said:

      I really enjoyed reading this book. I thought that this was a good book for beginner readers. My 3 kids enjoyed reading this book. I would recommend this book to others.

    25. Cher on said:

      This is adorable. Once you read it and read it again you (well atleast I did) try to read it faster each time. The kids love it!

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