The Armed Garden and Other Stories

David B.

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The Armed Garden and Other Stories

The Armed Garden and Other Stories David B the creator of the acclaimed Epileptic gives full rein to his fascination with history magic and gods not to mention grand battles in this literate witty and absorbing collection of stor

  • Title: The Armed Garden and Other Stories
  • Author: David B.
  • ISBN: 9781606994627
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Hardcover
  • David B the creator of the acclaimed Epileptic, gives full rein to his fascination with history, magic and gods, not to mention grand battles, in this literate, witty, and absorbing collection of stories all based on historical fact, or at least historical legend, and delineated in a striking stylized two color format The Veiled Prophet During the 8th century the tDavid B the creator of the acclaimed Epileptic, gives full rein to his fascination with history, magic and gods, not to mention grand battles, in this literate, witty, and absorbing collection of stories all based on historical fact, or at least historical legend, and delineated in a striking stylized two color format The Veiled Prophet During the 8th century the time of Harun al Rashid, the Caliph of 1001 Nights fame , Hakim al Muqanna, the lowly Persian fabric dyer, is assaulted and enveloped by a piece of white cloth come from the sky When a bystander recognizes in the folds of the cloth the visage of Abu Muslim, defender of the oppressed, al Muqanna becomes a prophet and great leader and within a year his followers have defeated seven armies sent to stop him The Armed Garden, set in the 15th century, tells the story of the bloody quest for a Paradise on Earth Rohan, a humble Prague blacksmith, is visited by Adam and Even who urge him lead his followers, soon dubbed Adamites, on this mission They soon must contend, bloodily, with the rival Paradise seekers the Taborites, led by John Zizka The Drum Who Fell in Love, a sequel of sorts, begins with Zizka s death His people have him skinned and his skin stripped onto a drum, and the drum, speaking in Zizka s voice, leads the Taborites into battle anew But the touch of a beautiful girl softens Zizka s spirit, and the unlikely couple begin a journey together

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      248 David B.
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    One thought on “The Armed Garden and Other Stories

    1. Eisnein on said:

      Drums Bound in Human Skin & the Women Who Love ThemI was blown away by the art of David B the first time I encountered it, in a late-nineties/early-aughts French anthology called 'Lapin' ('Rabbit', in English; it was issue 26, pictured above). He was one of the long-running anthology's creators, and a founding member of the seminal French comic publisher, 'L'Association', along with some of the best French auteurs of his generation, including Killoffer, Joann Sfar, and Lewis Trondheim. 'The [...]

    2. Emilia P on said:

      This was pretty badass.I was all euh why am I reading about Muslim stories after I just finished a definitive comic book on Muslim stories. With not entirely dissimilar swirly-exact artwork. But no, this was an entirely different type of thing -- The Veiled Prophet was one of those existential tales of old that was eerie and sad and boundlessly frightening as the seas, just because of a dude with a giant turban. The other two stories were related to the religious revolts of the Adamites and the [...]

    3. DaViD´82 on said:

      Trio satirických pohledů na náboženské půtky, lídry, proroky apod. První "arabská" povídka je zdaleka nejlepší; je vypointovaná, má nápady a skvěle pracuje s mystičnem. Druhá "husitská" odvážně variuje tuzemskou historii, ale je to průběhem až příliš to samé co ta první; jen v horším provedení a bez pointy. No a finální "žižkovská" povídka už je čistá haluz, kde snaha o originalitu za každou cenu naprosto zabijí jakoukoli strukturu. Výsledek je každo [...]

    4. Ty Melgren on said:

      Bizarre and badass Christian and Persian legends from the eighth and fifteenth centuries. David B rubs some brown watercolors over his drawings which somehow makes his style a lot more appealing to me than it was in EPILEPTIC. The color scheme reminds me of Jason's IRON WAGON, but in that book the drab colors made an already boring story seem even worse, and here I guess it reminds me of a crumbly parchment, I like it. If you look closely at the pages though you notice that some of the drawings [...]

    5. Jeff on said:

      This is an absolutely brilliant collection representing one of the world's premier graphic novelists at the top of his game. Although these pieces previously appeared in the pages of Mome, it is rewarding to have them gathered together in a single volume featuring larger page impressions than English-speaking readers have previously seen for these same works. David B's work is outstanding on every level - stunningly beautiful pen work, highly original story-telling, and well-conceived page layou [...]

    6. Sonic on said:

      History and Mythology are often intermingled in David B.'s wonderful, beautiful, and imaginative stories. I know I had already read at least one of the stories, but it didn't matter I was glad to re-read them.I love his drawing style!

    7. Penelope on said:

      David B's illustrations are flawless, and the stories here are pretty interesting. I'd read parts of them in MOME but I don't think I actually read any of the stories in this book in their entirety before now. I enjoyed Epileptic more, partly because I really like autobiographical graphic novels but also because it just felt like a much stronger story. Nonetheless, I thought this was a fun read and would definitely recommend it based on the illustrations alone.

    8. D. on said:

      Beautifully drawn, and memorably told, this is a dream-like exploration of Persian and Christian mythology. It's very dark, almost nightmare-like at times, and light and cartoonish at other times. The writer/artist is clearly talented, and I enjoyed his versions of these stories. I'm not sure I'd ever re-read it, but it was well worth the journey.

    9. Stewart Tame on said:

      Lovely! Part fable, part history, part mysticism, these three tales by David B. are decidedly good. He has a knack for writing things that get under your skin and itch. Of the three, my favorite is probably, "The Veiled Prophet." The more I see of his work, the more I like it.

    10. John on said:

      Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant are 3 short stories by David B. Mythic and heretical and full of passion and longing. Not only am I thoroughly enchanted by these stories but I am intensely curious about the historical Al-Muqanna, Jan Zizka & the Adamites. David's artwork is exquisite.

    11. Scott on said:

      Best known for his autobiographical graphic novel, Epileptic, David B. has created three incredible fairy tales based on medieval Christian and Muslim history and mysticism.

    12. Ondra Král on said:

      Dafuq did I read?Jan Žižka bojuje ve vesmíru se Sluncem. Jan Žižka je kouzelný buben. Duch Jana Žižky vyvolává mrtvé tábority. Ne, fakt nejsem zhulený. V tom komiksu to je.

    13. Y on said:

      This is quite the complex story. I don't think I understood any of the individual stories perfectly the first time, and I don't think that was necessarily meant to happen. There's an aesthetic to this book, something wonderful and wonderfully confusing.I think I'll check it out again another time and see if I understand it better then.For now: great art, gorgeous stories.

    14. Martin K. on said:

      Místy infantilní kresba a příběh plný zajímavých náboženských podobenství a nápadů. Jedním z nejlepších je asi co by se s lidmi stalo, kdyby dokázali proniknout před biblické stvoření člověka. Ze všech tří povídek jemně kape Lovecraft, a to nejen kvůli stromům s očima.

    15. Magnus on said:

      That was WEIRD XD But an interesting sort of weird, I kept wondering what was going to happen next. The 'Discovering the Universal Truths with a Goose' bit was awesome.

    16. Chloe A-L on said:

      the first two stories were boring in a very "alt-dude-cartoonist" way that i don't have a ton of patience for, but "The Drum Who Fell In Love" was pretty good

    17. Sam Quixote on said:

      The book contains three long-ish stories; The Veiled Prophet, The Armed Garden, and The Drum Who Fell in Love. All three books contain David B's unique drawing style which lends itself nicely to the surreal nature of the stories. The first story has something of the 1001 Arabian Nights about it, telling the tale of a prophet whose face is covered by a veil and the quest others took upon themselves to see beyond it. I'm not sure if this story is an original by David B or is an adaptation from the [...]

    18. Kirstie on said:

      David B. is an incredible artist and I really think, for me at least, I have to love both the drawings and the words/story involved in graphic novels (otherwise, I'll still to words only). David B's drawings are sometimes morbid, sometimes sensual, and sometimes just showing overwhelming expression and detail. He doesn't slip at all in his drawings here and there's a very mythical sense to what he's exploring. He's really talking about the beginning of creation, different warring thoughts, and s [...]

    19. MK King on said:

      My second favourite David B. book ( my favourite is Epileptic). He makes me want to explore the European scene more. In my collection I have several volumes of work by Norway's Jason but David B.'s work rivals anything I've read in the world including Ant Sang, R. Crumb, or a new fresh voice like Noah Van Sciver or Joseph Remnant. What is most impressive is the stunning visuals. David B. Is a master with his inking creating such mood, emotion, and depth of character. Highly recommended and impor [...]

    20. David Schaafsma on said:

      Great art work, especially. I preferred his memoir, Epileptic, which I thought was terrific, but these part history, part legend/part fantasy stories do help to work toward B's strengths as a "fantasy" artist (some of the best sequences in Epileptic are those that help us imagine what a Grand Mal Seizure might have been like for his brother). The art is the thing to spend most of your time reading, in these tales.

    21. Brandon on said:

      The first story in this collection of three was freakin' badass. For that story alone would I recommend reading this book. The only two stories were okay, but I wasn't as interested in them as I was in the first. If you've read something by David B. then you most likely won't be disappointed in the stories and you certainly won't be disappointed by the art.

    22. Derek Royal on said:

      I like these short DavidB. stories. Because of their length, and also because of the art and tone, they have the feel of legend, myth, or fable. This is a characteristic of many of DavidB.'s comics.

    23. Matt Thomas on said:

      Fun and thought-provoking stories about the nature of the universe, tyranny, war, death, obsession, music and love, all from an historic and to my mind Middle Eastern perspective. Fun but not for a quick read.

    24. Barbara on said:

      Quite beautiful art, but all the mythical stories were rather impersonal, so the book didn't really speak to me. The art reminded me of Tomi di Paolo somehow.

    25. Eva Měřínská on said:

      Neobvyklé (a nejen, že výtvarné) zamyšlení nad herezí, neporozuměním a věroučné umanutosti.

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