Playing the Moldovans at Tennis

Tony Hawks

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Playing the Moldovans at Tennis

Playing the Moldovans at Tennis It doesn t take much is usually sufficient to persuade Tony Hawks to take off on notoriously bizarre and hilarious adventures in response to a bet And so it is a pointless argument with a friend

  • Title: Playing the Moldovans at Tennis
  • Author: Tony Hawks
  • ISBN: 9780312305185
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • It doesn t take much 100 is usually sufficient to persuade Tony Hawks to take off on notoriously bizarre and hilarious adventures in response to a bet And so it is, a pointless argument with a friend concludes in a bet that Tony can t beat all eleven members of the Moldovan soccer team at tennis And with the loser of the bet agreeing to strip naked on Balham HigIt doesn t take much 100 is usually sufficient to persuade Tony Hawks to take off on notoriously bizarre and hilarious adventures in response to a bet And so it is, a pointless argument with a friend concludes in a bet that Tony can t beat all eleven members of the Moldovan soccer team at tennis And with the loser of the bet agreeing to strip naked on Balham High Road and sing the Moldovan national anthem, this one was just too good to resist.The ensuing unpredictable and often hilarious adventure sees him being taken in by Moldovan gypsies and narrowly avoid kidnap in Transnistria It sees him smuggle his way on to the Moldovan National Team coach in Coleraine and witness almost divine intervention in the Holy Land.In this inspiring and exceptionally funny book, Tony Hawks has done it again, proving against all odds that there is no reason in the world why you can t do something a bit stupid and prove all of your doubters wrong Or at least that was the idea.

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    One thought on “Playing the Moldovans at Tennis

    1. Antonina Sh on said:

      Wonderful reading! I am Moldovan, and at times it actually hurt to read some things, and sometimes I wanted to scream "That's not true!", but as a matter of fact - a lot of things in this book ARE true Though it was written some time in the end of 90's as I undersand, and things are much better here now (at least we have lights in the streets now!), but a lot of things about mentality of Moldovans never changed This would probably be interesting to read both for foreigners going to Moldova, or t [...]

    2. Thomas Hübner on said:

      mytwostotinki/?p=3511Since I am right now living and working in the Republic of Moldova, it will come probably not as a surprise to you, dear readers, when I am trying to get my hands on any books written by Moldovan authors that are translated in a language that I am able to read. There are indeed a few quite interesting authors whose translated books I will feature here in the future. Today I am writing a few lines about a rather humorous book by the British comedian Tony Hawks: Playing the M [...]

    3. Shincrackerfarm on said:

      Someone had left this book in an airport. I've recommended it to five or six people as one of the more fun books I've read; the whole premise is wonderfully ludicrous, like Hawk's "Hitch-hiking Around Ireland with a Refrigerator". Finally I actually met someone from Moldova; I bought and gave him the book as a present. We became friends over the story, which he couldn't wait to share with his family and friends when he went back. Great read.

    4. Robin on said:

      After "Round Ireland with a Fridge," I knew I had to read everything by Tony. This book is the result of another bar bet and also hilarious.

    5. Jen on said:

      I found myself laughing out loud while reading this book. I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes travel memoirs and has a good sense of humor.In preparing for my trip to Chisinau, Moldova I was desperate to find anything on Moldova. Seeing as most people don't know where Moldova is or that it even exists (I didn't until I was assigned the trip) I shouldn't be so shocked. Most books available are more academic histories. While I love history more than most (I'd better since I am still pa [...]

    6. Mary on said:

      I don't recommend reading this book in a public place. There are so many moments in there that made me laugh out loud resulting in strange looks from the people around me. It was such an enjoyable read and would recommend it to anyone looking for something light hearted to cheer them up

    7. Donald on said:

      The first Tony Hawks book I read. It made me want to read the others. Laugh out loud funny.

    8. Katie Jo on said:

      Fun book! Just as entertaining as Round Ireland With a Fridge and I learned a lot about Moldava as well!

    9. Soho_Black on said:

      Tony Hawks is a funny guy. After all, he is a comedian, and comedians tend to have to be funny. But in recent years, he’s progressed from being “funny ha-ha” to being possibly a little bit strange. It’s not his fault, I guess. He just can’t resist a challenge. So when he got drunk one night and was bet that he couldn’t hitch hike around Ireland with a fridge in tow, he did, and then promptly wrote a book, the hilarious, if not terribly imaginatively titled “Round Ireland With a Fri [...]

    10. Igor Guzun on said:

      Ce carte minunată ai scris, Tony Hawks! „Tenis cu moldovenii” (ediția a doua, cu un epilog al autorului, Cartier, 2014) este o carte în care râzi și apoi suspini. > > goo/qjv3gBEste o carte în care, citindu-o, ți se face ciudă că unele previziuni sumbre s-au împlinit deja. „Străzile erau largi, mărginite de copaci, iar traficul, deși constant, se desfășura fluid. Mă întrebam cam peste câtă vreme aceste străzi vor fi blocate?” Sunt deja, Tony, de mult timp și bi [...]

    11. Danièle on said:

      A delightful book. Tony makes a bet that he can beat the entire Moldovan football team at tennis. The actual challenge turns out to be finding the players in the first place. Tony tells his story with a lot of humour, but there is also a lot of room for reflection about the situation in Moldova. Although Tony's bet is pretty senseless, his determination inspires a Moldovan teenager, which is by far the most touching thing in the book.

    12. Brian James on said:

      I'd never heard of Tony Hawks before reading it on my brothers recommendation. An obscure drunken bet seen through to the end, it's funny with a few wonderfully pragmatic experiences of Moldova thrown in. A must read in your next trip to Moldova - or when you need a need a little more smiling in your life!

    13. Stasia on said:

      I was living in Moldova as a Peace Corps volunteer when I read this book. Really quite funny. If you want to learn a little something about post-soviet Moldova, it's a great read. And did I mention funny?

    14. Trina on said:

      Although this book is done on a fairly silly bet--whether he can beat the entire Moldovan soccer team at tennis--it does provide a unique look at Moldova and Transnistria which got out from under the Soviet thumb in the 1990s only to be once again up for grabs by Russia it seems

    15. 15raponegrahami on said:

      Funny, interesting and made me learn more about people than I would have thought

    16. Jan on said:

      As a die-harder on CIS traveling, I do my best in ready every travelouge written on the former Soviet republics - some works, some do not work and some are great. Tony Hawks book is - against all odds - in the 2nd category.The reason why Hawks has the odds against him for writing a travelouge that works (and under no circumstances is capable of writing a great travelouge) is that is simply doesn't have a clue about Moldova. As anyone that succeeds with making a living out of something he doesn't [...]

    17. Tom Folsom on said:

      Playing the Moldovans at Tennis by Tony Hawks is the story of Hawks' attempt to a win a bet. A bet, which, to any sane person, would sound utterly ridiculous: that he could beat all of the players that were on the field for the Moldovan national soccer team, in tennis (one on one). Why this bet, of all things? As he and his buddy were watching the game on TV, they decided to debate if athletic ability wins out over skill and knowledge of a game. As Mr. Hawks used to play tennis at a very low com [...]

    18. Babak Fakhamzadeh on said:

      Still riding the wave of books on guerilla tourism and gonzo journalism, Hawks was ahead of the curve with his Round Ireland with a Fridge from 2000 as well as this book which was published shortly after, in 2001, though set, mostly, in 1998. Peter Moore is another example of similar literature, though perhaps one of the best ones is Daniel Kalder's Lost Cosmonaut: Observations of an Anti-Tourist. Perhaps thankfully so, the genre recently seems to have abated in popularity, perhaps because the w [...]

    19. Sharon on said:

      A pretty funny account of a weird idea that arose from a bet – playing the entire Moldovan football team at tennis! I much preferred Round Ireland With a Fridge as I simply preferred the concept, but Hawks still writes with a dry humour and a naivety that takes you on his journey with wide eyes and an open mind. He knows nothing about the cultures he is visiting but he relays his experiences in a funny first-hand way and you learn as you travel with him. It gives you some interesting first han [...]

    20. Bill on said:

      A nice light, entertaining read. The story follows English comedian to Moldova, Northern Ireland and Israel as he tries to win a bet with his friend Arthur. The bet is that Tony will beat the Moldovan national footie team at tennis, all 11 players. The loser of the bet will sing the Moldovan national anthem, naked on the High Street. Tony's experiences in Moldova are quite interesting; his attempts to contact the players and teams to set up the tennis matches, his feelings about Moldova, his tho [...]

    21. Katherine on said:

      This book is in with travel books but for me it is more a humorous account of a journey rather than a travel book. If you read this expecting to find out a lot about Moldova you will probably be disappointed but if you read it as an amusing tale then you will find this funny.It is not as good as his first book Round Ireland with a Fridge but he is in a country with people who have very different personalities to those in Ireland due to the circumstances they were living in at the time the book i [...]

    22. Abigailann (Abigail) on said:

      From the moment I picked up this book I was drawn in. It might help that I'd just been lucky enough to see the man himself talking about it, but I think it would have been hard to put down anyway.Every character is described in a way that suggests Tony really understands how they tick. They are real people, who feel like they might jump out of the page at any moment.Its amazing how many events manage to come together in this one book. There's never a dull moment as Tony pursues his quest. Someti [...]

    23. Athena on said:

      My BF lent me this book so that I would have something entertaining for my 9-hour flight. As an American, I didn't understand all of the topical asides that Hawks, a Brit, makes about British politics and culture. However, I still found the book quite humorous! I laughed out loud numerous times during the plane ride. The book was especially meaningful to me, because I've been living in Eastern Europe for the past year, and I completely understand the cultural shock that Hawks experiences through [...]

    24. Rebecca on said:

      Like back during the summer of 2003, I bought so many books in the UK, I bought nearly all of Tony Hawks books except for some reason this one. So of course, when I saw it in the massive book pile in the hotel lobby, I had to pick it up. Once again, another lame bet ensues. I think the reason I didn't pick this one up is because right there in the title it has two things i don't care about. Moldovans and Tennis. I am glad I let this one sit for a few years as I was getting a little tired of near [...]

    25. Tim Brewin on said:

      This is a different book to Tony Hawks' previous book, Round Ireland With A Fridge, although it starts off in similar terms, discussing an odd bet he has undertaken. However, this goes on to be a much more significant journey for Hawks, as he takes the chance to witness life in Eastern Europe first hand.There is far less larking around in this book than in Round Ireland with a Fridge, and somehow, this feels appropriate.For me, this represents proof that Hawks is capable of writing a serious tra [...]

    26. Steve Clark on said:

      I don't even know why I'm holding this at four stars, because I loved it. There just aren't enough really FUNNY books out, and this one definitely qualifies. It does touch on serious issues and makes some thoughtful points, but never even approaches getting bogged down by taking itself too seriously. Definitely going to be looking forward to reading his earlier book, "Round Ireland with a Fridge", which I might have read first, but this was the first one I could get my hands on.

    27. Jenny on said:

      Bookcrossing: bookcrossing/journal/1There were some laugh out loud moments in this book. Tony Hawks makes another drunken bet. I had never heard of Moldova before. He finds out more from his host family than he does from fulfilling the bet, beating all the Moldovan soccer players at a game of tennis.

    28. Karen on said:

      Before I read this I had heard of Moldova but only through football. I think it gives a decent insight into life in post soviet Moldova, although a follow up would be good just to see how much life has changed ten years on.Also liked that he stayed with a local family as this gives a better insight into daily life and shows just how much we in the west take for granted.

    29. Bettie☯ on said:

      Tony Hawks bets he can beat the Moldovan football team at tennis. Hilarious oddball travelogue as he tracks down the team.Broadcast on:BBC Radio 7, 2:45pm Monday 11th January 2010

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