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Deserter Kris Longknife had no choice about growing up rich and pampered When she did have a choice she joined the Marines But now a friend needs help halfway across the galaxy and with a military heritage c

  • Title: Deserter
  • Author: Mike Shepherd
  • ISBN: 9780441012275
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kris Longknife had no choice about growing up rich and pampered When she did have a choice, she joined the Marines But now, a friend needs help halfway across the galaxy and with a military heritage coursing through her blood, it s time for Kris Longknife to be a hero.BUCKLE UP SHE S BACK.When Kris Longknife s best friend vanishes, she boards the next ship to Turantic,Kris Longknife had no choice about growing up rich and pampered When she did have a choice, she joined the Marines But now, a friend needs help halfway across the galaxy and with a military heritage coursing through her blood, it s time for Kris Longknife to be a hero.BUCKLE UP SHE S BACK.When Kris Longknife s best friend vanishes, she boards the next ship to Turantic, the last place he was seen alive But there s to the rescue than meets the eye Turantic is not only the moss twisted hellhole in the galaxy, but it s also under quarantine because of a deadly plague And after a sudden, suspicious loss of communication with the outside world, Kris realizes the length some enemies will go to for a life threatening bait and trap But she is willing to go even further and deeper into Turantic s secrets to survive

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      168 Mike Shepherd
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    One thought on “Deserter

    1. Jacob Proffitt on said:

      Second book in the series and the quality trend is definitely up—especially impressive as the first was pretty good to start. This book has the added benefit that Kris is better established as a character and the side characters are given many opportunities to shine.I particularly enjoyed the (lack of) romance. I know that's strange to say for a guy who reads so much romance, but this feels very natural and I love that Shepherd doesn't seem inclined to match her up with the nearest semi-availa [...]

    2. Matthew Whitehead on said:

      An excellent readI am growing to really admire Kris Longknife. She isn't without problems and flaws, but they are very human flaws. Unlike many military space operas this series isn't about any kind of average grunt that winds up in command through battle field promotions, nor about a well established career sergeant managing officers and troops and always getting caught up by situations beyond her control, nor about a ship's captain always gaining honors and social and political status as well [...]

    3. Lianne Pheno on said:

      delivreenlivres/20 Un tome qui se tenait plus que le précédent, avec un meilleur schéma d'ensemble mais que j'ai néanmoins trouvé un peu plus dense et donc un peu moins fluide. Un très bonne lecture néanmoins, qui m'a fait passé un bon moment.La ou dans le tome précédent on n'avait que les prémisses de l'intrigue principale au milieux de tout le reste, ici on est carrément dedans. Et j'apprécie ça de la part de l'auteur, j'avais un peu peur que cette série parte vraiment tout douc [...]

    4. Jesi on said:

      I have to admit, about 40% of this book (roughly the entire middle) put me to sleep. Politics can be an interesting topic, but not the way Shepherd did it here. I'm not entirely certain that I can blame it on the topic - the writing itself was just bland. The characters surprised me, in that they DIDN'T have any twists that happened to/with them. There was all of this suspense, and then nothing. It was almost as if my mind, so bored with what the writer was saying, started building drama to spic [...]

    5. Xan on said:

      Me temo que Kris Longknive es un quiero y no puedo. Quiere ser una serie a la altura de "Honor Harrigton", que a su vez es una copia de las aventuras navales de Horatio Hornblower, pèro no llega a estar en la misma liga. Si tengo que asignar referentes creo que juega en la misma liga que "La Flota Perdida" de Cambell y el western espacial de Mike Resnick. Lo que quiere decir que solo se pueden leer sabiendo que es material de relleno para pasar unas horas entretenidas antes de abordar libros m [...]

    6. Michael on said:

      This is the second book in the Kris Longknife series and like the first it's a great read. Action packed Military/Space Opera Science Fiction. In this one Kris finds herself on the beach ( a military term for officers who are on limited/no duty at half pay). Her friend Tommy leaves her a message from another planet saying that he is in trouble. She goes to his rescue along with her security man and her personal servant who is much more than she seems. She knows that it is a trap by her family's [...]

    7. Katrin von Martin on said:

      I very much enjoyed "Kris Longknife: Mutineer" as a lighthearted space opera featuring a fun, quirky character surmounting difficult obstacles. "Deserter" follows the same vein set by the first book with some pleasing differences. Spoilers follow. "Deserter" opens a few months after the events of the last book. Lieutenant Junior Grade and now-Princess Kris Longknife is involved in a series of tests for a new type of ship when she receives word that Tom, her best friend and constant companion in [...]

    8. NotTheNorm on said:

      Kris Longknife is a privileged young woman who joins the Navy to escape her family and notoriety as a Longknife. As in book 1, Kris gets herself into a bad situation by ignoring common sense and stubbornly doing her own thing. Along the way she picks up a team of people that are interesting characters. Unfortunately, she seems to waver between a strong woman with definite opinions and a woman who falls for the enemy's son at first glance and ignores everything that points to him being like his f [...]

    9. Matthew Hironymous on said:

      A fun adventure tale, fast paced action and a complicated plot that still leaves you wanting to read the book in the series. A good read.

    10. Paul on said:

      Better than book one. Enjoyable holiday paperback is probably the best way to describe it.

    11. Freyja on said:

      This is another book I had trouble putting down. The background on the main characters is well done, and Princess Kristine is quite the action heroine with a solid set of morals. She keeps good company also. Lethal company. Now to find out who keeps trying to kill her

    12. James on said:

      The previous book was not shoddy by any standards, but this book blew it out of the water. I noticed that someone commented in their review for the last one that it jumped around a bit, and looking back and comparing it to this one I have to agree. Whether that is because it was, or just because this one was so solid I don't know. All I can say is that this book was 'right', there was no flimsy worthless bits and it continued to entertain all the way through. As a series progresses I find it har [...]

    13. Dharma Kurlind on said:

      Courtesy of Lost Art Audiobook Review literaryurbanfantasyreview.bloPlanet Traps & Booby Traps:I enjoyed the Mutineer, but there were parts of the first book I thought could have been improved. Deserter addresses everything I found lacking. In Mutineer, I felt that Nelly, Kris’s personal pet computer, was not fantastic enough (probably a bit less powerful than the newest Android). In Deserter, Nelly gets a major upgrade. Nelly now docks into Kris’s head and talks with Kris mentally. Nell [...]

    14. Kathy on said:

      Mediocre but Not Without HopeI strongly recommend you read the prevous book in the series (Mutineer) prior to reading this installment.I have been cruising around, looking for a good SF book since all my Scifi TV shows, except for Doctor Who, that I have watched up until May 2011 have been cancelled (my beloved Stargate Universe, SG-1, SGA, The Event, V, Outcasts, Caprica, Farscape, BSG, etc.). Unfortunately this particular installment did not completely satisfy my huge SF appetite.I subtracted [...]

    15. Elecampane on said:

      Much the same as the first, especially in terms of Kris's unstable character: last book she couldn't do anything but ignore a potentially flirty line from Tom, but in this book she's decided she loves him but since she lacks the guts to approach him, she loses him. Likewise, in the last book she complained about her small chest and refused to let her mother dress her up; now she has a maid who talks her into a push-up bra. (Note: this is where my suspension of disbelief broke completely, because [...]

    16. Online Eccentric Librarian on said:

      More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/Admittedly, it took a good Audible sale to entice me to read this second in the series. The first had failed to impress - it felt rough around the edges and not thought out enough. But I found that I enjoyed this second book and even looked forward to the next in the series. A lot of the issues of the first had failed to materialize in the second and the story was both different and a lot more solid.Story: Time away from the military [...]

    17. Jessica on said:

      What to say about Deserter? I could say that it was a fascinating read of both politics, mystery, and battle. I could say that the world, while not entirely fleshed out, adds a little more detail in each book. I could say that we see changes throughout our characters that make them real.I could say a lot of things.Or I could just say that it was a really great book! :DThere wasn't as much "military" in this book as the last. Oh we some, but most of the time Kris is not in her military persona. W [...]

    18. Jean Poulos on said:

      This is book two in the Kris Longknife series. The story flows more smoothly in this second installment. Shepherd appears skilled in writing conversations between intelligent witty people. Kris sets out to rescue her friend Tom. Kris has some determined enemies who’d like to kill her and tried to get to her via her friend Tom. She is the Prime Minister’s daughter, billionaire in her own right, member of an extremely wealthy and powerful multigenerational family, and a Navy lieutenant 2nd Cla [...]

    19. Jeffrey Grant on said:

      The author got better with the pacing and character development but now there are world-building issues. The story slows down enough for the main character to have actual feelings rather than just reacting to everything, and several of the secondary characters get a lot more development than in the first outing (although there's an inconsequential non-starter of a love triangle that seems to come out of nowhere because it's based on a relationship from the first book that never convincingly sugg [...]

    20. Andreas on said:

      A marked improvement over Mutineer, Deserter has Kris Longknife run to the rescue of her best friend Tom. The story is a bit hazy, with an “evil dude” trying to kill Kris. Mayhem ensues. As a little side note, the title is only vaguely descriptive. I guess they had to come up with something in one word.The story flows more smoothly in this second installment. There is a lot (and I do mean a LOT) or banter between the main characters. Many other books would have sagged under the weight of all [...]

    21. Kati on said:

      This time, Kris gets stuck on a planet under a quarantine while dodging assassination attempts and trying to stop a war.Kris Longknife rocks. Really. One of the best heroines I've ever encountered in sci-fi/fantasy. She doesn't whine or wail, she doesn't just sit around and ruminate about problems. She gets shit done. Without being a bitch, that is. A thing some authors just don't seem to grasp. The whole thing with "bitches get shit done" is nothing more than an excuse for some women to forget [...]

    22. Scott Holstad on said:

      I have to admit that I didn't give this book much of a chance and quite reading quite early. Normally I give a book 75-100 pages to prove itself to me, but in this one, Kris, an actual princess who's also a navy lieutenant, is such a trite character that I couldn't believe I spent good money on this book. Early one, she has to go to a ball and her new maid from Earth has to bathe and dress her and then she spends a good bit of time determining whether to go in a princess-type gown or in military [...]

    23. Trinity on said:

      No military shenanigans in this one; Kris gets to play Princess Kristine the whole time. Well, a princess who's military-trained and experienced in dealing with attempts on her life, with a cadre of personal assistants who are more highly trained and experienced than she is. The bad guys are at it again, trying to kill her and the people close to her. Story moves along well, and is definitely a page-turner. I read the first little bit on the train, and then finished the last 320-odd pages over t [...]

    24. ThomyZ on said:

      Meh. The story was okay and I actually liked the character interactions, but I wanted to read military science fiction -- what I got with this book was James Bond [IN SPACE!] with some Mission Impossible mixed in. The plot just jumps from scene to scene with the protagonist outperforming all her adversaries with little effort, I never really felt the stakes. The main antagonist and his motivations are so cartoonish it almost made me laugh.Another problem for me is that the author really doesn't [...]

    25. Jennifer on said:

      a fairly short book, which should make it a quick read. for some reason, it wasn't quick for me, and i felt like i got bogged down and/or avoided reading it for long stretches. i may have missed a few things from the first book in the series, but i feel that sometimes the premise was a little stretched or forced, and sometimes i found myself wondering why something was added in. the best thing i can think to describe it is that it reminds me of a saturday afternoon scifi show like highlander or [...]

    26. Stephanie on said:

      Nothing overly impressive in this second volume of the Kris Longknife series. The plot is interesting enough and the main characters show a little growth but it was not a page-turner. I guess I found the story a little forced at points and the actions scenes were a little far and few between for a military scifi story.I liked the first book better because the story was more interesting. I also felt a little distracted by the byplay between Kris and her AI Nelly. It seemed that the author was not [...]

    27. Yves on said:

      Book two brings along the character heavily seeped in a naval tradition that should have modernized yet inexplicably did not, a small flaw due no doubt to an author bias which is not really a negative. I would have better appreciated to see the traditions modified by actions in the last few hundred years rather than be crystallized in amber from the later 20th century.Still a great read with good plot twists and human nature taking the rap for the negatives that interfere with Kris, now obliquel [...]

    28. Kirrus on said:

      Ok , I freely admit, I *like* happy endings. I like super strong female main characters. I like tech and computers and AI. This book has it all. This book is also far *too* tropy. Superhero main character. Cliche villains. Deus ex machina everywhere. Seriously, the author needs to learn subtlety. There is even a muhahahaha laugh in here. I'm all for a bit of good tropy silly fun from time to time. But this has far too little meat on its bones to make up for the reliance on tropes. I think I'm do [...]

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