The Iron Jackal

Chris Wooding

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The Iron Jackal

The Iron Jackal Things are finally looking good for Captain Frey and his crew The Ketty Jay has been fixed up good as new They ve got their first taste of fortune and fame And just for once nobody is trying to kill

  • Title: The Iron Jackal
  • Author: Chris Wooding
  • ISBN: 9780575098060
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Things are finally looking good for Captain Frey and his crew The Ketty Jay has been fixed up good as new They ve got their first taste of fortune and fame And, just for once, nobody is trying to kill them Even Trinica Dracken, Frey s ex fiancee and long time nemesis, has given up her quest for revenge In fact, she s offered them a job one that will take them deep iThings are finally looking good for Captain Frey and his crew The Ketty Jay has been fixed up good as new They ve got their first taste of fortune and fame And, just for once, nobody is trying to kill them Even Trinica Dracken, Frey s ex fiancee and long time nemesis, has given up her quest for revenge In fact, she s offered them a job one that will take them deep into the desert heart of Samarla, the land of their ancient enemies To a place where the secrets of the past lie in wait for the unwary Secrets that might very well cost Frey everything Join the crew of the Ketty Jay on their greatest adventure yet a story of mayhem and mischief, roof top chases and death defying races, murderous daemons, psychopathic golems and a particularly cranky cat The first time was to clear his name The second time was for money This time, Frey s in a race against the clock for the ultimate prize to save his own life.

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    One thought on “The Iron Jackal

    1. Evgeny on said:

      A buddy read with Sarah.Imagine a situation which became one huge cliché in adventure, fantasy, science fiction, and thriller literature by now. Somebody asks you to steal/deliver a sealed box for a truckload of money with the condition you do not open the said box.Anybody who read more than one book in his/her life or saw a couple of summer blockbuster movies knows there is only one way to deal with the situation that guarantees a long and happy life: refuse the deal on the spot, turn away and [...]

    2. ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) on said:

      ● My Dear Captain Frey if you Disappoint you're Dead Buddy Read (MDCFiyDyDBR™) with my Favourite The Fearless Canadian who Shall not be Named (mFTFCwSnbN™). Read his review here! ●Actual rating: 3.5 stars. I was going to go for a 3.25 rating but mFTFCwSnbN™ has a terrible influence on me, as a consequence of which I may be growing a heart and showing signs of unsuspected kindness *shudders*☠ Friendly warning: I lost my reviewing mojo once again. Read this thing at your own risk.Soooo [...]

    3. Carol. on said:

      One can’t help but delight in the antics of Captain Frey of the airship The Kitty Jay. A swashbuckling rapscallion, he has an ego unsurpassed by his wit or his morals. Lately, however, he has found that his normally self-centered ethics are undergoing an uncomfortable transformation as he discovers he cares about his crew of misfits. The crew’s been together on The Kitty for awhile now, and they are finally feeling flush with success after their most recent exploits (The Black Lung Captain). [...]

    4. ScottHitchcock on said:

      Book 1: 3.75*Book 2: 4.25*Book 3: 4.25*When I started this series I had the preconceived notion that this would be a fun swashbuckling series and while it is it's certainly much more than that. I would have been fine with it had that been the case but these books would be getting 3*'s as a guilty pleasure. What makes them so much better is that in each book the author give us more. More empathy for the characters and their motivation. More twists and information on the world. New and different a [...]

    5. Jason on said:

      5 StarsYeeeeehhhhaaaaaawwww!  This is a steampunk jaunt that is not stop action, chasing, shooting, and firing off witty dialogue. I have loved the Tales of the Ketty Jay and have now given each of Chris Wooding's novels  5 stars. These are freaking fun steampunk novels with a science fiction and old west twist. Yes, just like Firefly, only with dirigibles instead of space ships. These are character novels as much as they are action. Now, three novels into the series, it is hard not to love al [...]

    6. Mimi on said:

      This book picks up where the previous one left off, with Frey and crew reaching a tentative truce with Trinica Dracken and her crew. The beginning opens with another shootout and the ending closes with (view spoiler)[the destruction of another city (hide spoiler)]. Frey and crew go on another quest to retrieve a mysterious artifact from Samarla, Silo's home, but this time the stakes are higher than before as Frey's life hang in the balance.Review moved to covers2covers.wordpress/2

    7. Jokoloyo on said:

      A very very fun 5-star book with notes:1. the plots are predictable, where the aim of author when writing this series obviously to seek maximum action-packed thrills. If you want some real surprises in plots, forget about it.2. The recipes of the action scenes are the similar with previous books of this series.with this third book in the series, I am convinced that the author already planned whole series in details for character development. Some promises that author made on first book are paid [...]

    8. Kaitlin on said:

      I am having a fantastic reading month so far pretty much all 5* reads!! This is the third and penultimate book in the Ketty Jay series and I have to say it's still just as fantastic as the previous two in the series. By this poit we have seen a fair amount of the crew and the characters whom we've come to know and love, and in this book the focus is really drawn to the only character who is still quite a mystery to us; Silo. Naturally the characters of the Ketty Jay all have their own plots and [...]

    9. Nathan on said:

      Fantasy Review BarnI have a bit of a grudge against Great Britain. In 1812 they took the time out of their day to attack my great nation despite already being deep in the muck with Napoleon. And why did they attack us? Well, maybe we started it. And maybe we tried to invade Canada. But still, they could have just left us alone, right?Or maybe I am just pissy because they have had Iron Jackal on their side of the ocean and have been hoarding it since 2011. In which case I hold no real grudge for [...]

    10. Richard on said:

      8/10When you pick up a book in this series you’re guaranteed fun. Every book in this series has done the unthinkable in being better than its predecessor and this is no different. Each book builds on the previous with added layers for the characters (some getting more time in specific books than others), an interesting plot, and some well plotted action. Each book starts with a bang and this outing is no different, but don’t think this is merely a dumb action book. The characterisation has r [...]

    11. Tammie on said:

      Things are finally looking good for Captain Frey and his crew. The Ketty Jay has been fixed up good as new. They've got their first taste of fortune and fame. And, just for once, nobody is trying to kill them. I enjoyed reading The Iron Jackal, the third installment of the Tales of the Ketty Jay series. This book was probably my favorite of the series so far. I enjoyed the humor. It kept me laughing which is always a plus. The air chase in the beginning, the train robbery, the part with the bomb [...]

    12. Algernon on said:

      I wouldn't dare to give this anything less than five stars, or Captain Frey would come to mortify me with his demonic cutlass. Oh, and please don't tell him that 'mortify' doesn't mean killing, or that 'narcissist' doesn't mean good looking. Darian Frey middle name should be 'Trouble' and when the opening chapter contains 'a needless gunfight' , a lot of kicks in the face, a chase around rooftops followed of course by a fall from said rooftops, the reader knows it could only get worse from here, [...]

    13. Pavle on said:

      Došao sam do tačke da bih bez imalo oklevanja dao peticu Vudingovom romanu u kojem ovi isti likovi na devetsto strana ćaskaju (hint: seru) i piju čaj i u kojem ne mora a ma baš ništa drugo da se dešava. Prodao bih levi bubreg i desnu nogu da imam po deo serijala za svaki dan u godini, ali svet je skot (uz po koji momenat pristojnosti moram priznati, npr. što nešto ovako uopšte postoji) i sledeći deo je ujedno i poslednji, što znači da mi je knedla do tada trajno u grlu. 5

    14. The Shayne-Train on said:

      Chris Wooding gets the hat trick! The third book in his 'Ketty Jay' series is amazing, and, in my humble opinion, the best so far.The ragtag crew of losers, miscreants, have-beens, and weirdos are back and feeling that all-for-one-and-one-for-all love. They've grown, they've gelled into a true family. And just in time for a globe-spanning fight against the clock to save the life of one of their own from a honestly frightening combination of beast, machine, and daemon. Take your favorite episode [...]

    15. Andy on said:

      Really enjoyed the first book of the series & in part the second although the captain’s forlorn love marred my overall enjoyment, so hoping this book corrects course with less of the captain being a sap? Ie NO Trinica Pls!Starts with a chase, which is always good, straight in the deep end! And we’re into the action, with a new acquaintance & old foes along the way The real charm for me though is the expansion of the ships crews’ characters as we delve into all their backstories or [...]

    16. Veronica on said:

      Ignore the cheesy cover because no one group of people can manage to get into as much trouble as the crew of the Ketty Jay. This time around the crew is trying to save Frey from an ancient curse. At the same time, Frey is trying to win back the heart of the only woman who has ever truly owned his own. What follows is another fun and adventurous romp that continues to deliver high humor and entertainment. This time we get some more insight into Silo, the ship's usually silent engineer. Not sure h [...]

    17. Darren Hartwell on said:

      Some time ago I posted a review of Chris Wooding's Retribution Falls, the first in his A Tale of the Ketty Jay series. Although written for the adult market and released through Orion's SFF imprint Gollancz, the publishers have noticed that it had been gaining a lot of interest from teen readers, and that first book is soon to be re-released under Orions YA imprint, Indigo. I really enjoyed Retribution Falls, and on finishing it I rushed out to buy the sequel, The Black Lung Captain, a book I fe [...]

    18. colleen the convivial curmudgeon on said:

      I do enjoy this series, but I never quite love it.Once again, my favorite parts were the character bits - filling in some of the back stories, and watching some of the characters grow. I do sort of wish Frey would grow up a bit more, though. It's like we're sort of meant to believe that he is, but we're never really shown it. At least not in any kind of consistent or meaningful way.My favorite characters continue to be Jez and Crake, though it was really cool to learn more about Silo.That said, [...]

    19. Sookie on said:

      The book starts off exactly like the first two books and pretty much follows a similar pattern to its predecessors. The punches come in the right moment, elaborate action scenes which reminded me of movie scenes and an almost desperate attempt to provide character depth.Frey gets dared and opens the package he is explicitly asked not to do so. Thus the story begins. This very idea troubled me from the start as Frey continues to do his brash things and the character remains shallow. Jez and Crake [...]

    20. Jen | Jen Talks Audiobooks on said:

      Amazing. Amazing! This series is amazing and it just gets better and better!

    21. Mark on said:

      Book Three of Chris’ bucklepunk series, and things are settling down nicely. After the events of The Black Lung Captain, Darian Frey, captain of the good spaceship Ketty Jay, has been hired by his ex-fiancee, Trinicia Dracken, to retrieve and help offload a valuable artefact from a train.Things are actually looking up for Frey. His crew have not killed each other, despite chances to do so, and he’s in employment. The Jay’s been refitted and holding together quite nicely, for a change. Such [...]

    22. Daniel (Attack of the Books!) Burton on said:

      Mix together the swashbuckling of The Pirates of the Caribbean, a shade of fast shooting action and espionage--on horseback--of Michael Garrison's The Wild Wild West, and a bit of the personalities from Ocean's 11 (pick 1960 or 2001--it doesn't matter), and drop them all in a world with demons, magic, curses, and airships.That would give you just a glimpse of what you can expect from The Iron Jackal, the third in Chris Wooding's Tales of the Ketty Jay. It's a fast, energetic ride, a swashbucklin [...]

    23. Lisa Reads & Reviews on said:

      Yum. I've had my Firefly fix. The fun continues. (view spoiler)[Silo comes alive, Jez learns to enjoy being dead, and Captain Frey grows up some (but not too much), and a new crew member joins the band of merry swashbucklers we've come to know and love. (hide spoiler)] Good romp and a good read for snappy dialogue, well-written action scenes, and exciting adventure. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    24. Joe on said:

      The Iron Jackal by Chris Wooding is a Steampunk novel set aboard the ship Ketty Jay about the adventures, or possibly misadventures, of it’s ragtag crew. It is the third of four novels in the Tales Of The Ketty Jay series.After the events of the previous books things are starting to look quite good for the crew of the Ketty Jay; nobody is hunting them down trying to kill them and they’re even earning money. Trinica Dracken, Frey’s ex-fiancee and fearsome captain of the Delirium Trigger app [...]

    25. Benjamin Thomas on said:

      The “Tales of the Ketty Jay” keep right on rockin’ with this third novel in the four-book series. Even more swashbuckling action, perilous predicaments, and intriguing characters are packed into this volume than the first two, as hard as that is to believe.The beginning of the novel finds Darian Frey, captain of the Ketty Jay, and his crew enjoying the fruits of their previous labors and not being chased by anybody, for a change. They are even enjoying a bit of notoriety. That rapidly come [...]

    26. Pippa DaCosta on said:

      'Welcome to the crew of the Ketty Jay. You ain't a member until you've caused at least one major catastrophe.' Frey's in trouble. Curiosity killed the cat, and Frey just can't help himself when it comes to shiny, pretty things. But if those shiny, pretty ancient swords come with a warning of DO NOT TOUCH, what's a man to do? Well, clearly, if you're Frey, you don't back down to a challenge like that. Hell, no. So, touch it, he does, and finds himself cursed with the Black Spot (yes, that one) an [...]

    27. Христо Блажев on said:

      Железния Чакал преследва да сръфа капитан Фрей: knigolandiafo/book-review/j Третата част в поредицата, “Железния чакал”, е като малка пауза на фона на първите две – без да разширява познатото от предните книги, оставяща настрана чудатите Гриви, които доминираха така мощно втората час [...]

    28. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) on said:

      "The Iron Jackal" was a highly enjoyable book from start to finish. The plot twists are exciting and there is practically non-stop adventure. Not predictable in the slightest, and I loved the character evolution we see in the crew of the Ketty Jay. It took a while for this to come in print in the US, but it was worth the wait.I am eagerly awaiting the release of The Ace Of Skulls.Reviewed for Bitten by Books. bittenbybooks.

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