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Bandits When the sun has gone down and the town has gone to sleep the racoon bandits prowl through the night With masks parmanently in play They sneak and they creep Doing just what they please The thieves

  • Title: Bandits
  • Author: Johanna Wright
  • ISBN: 9781596435834
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When the sun has gone down and the town has gone to sleep, the racoon bandits prowl through the night With masks parmanently in play, They sneak and they creep.Doing just what they please.The thieves snatch, run, and escape always careful not to get caught.

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      148 Johanna Wright
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    One thought on “Bandits

    1. Betsy on said:

      There has been inadequate use of raccoons in children's literature. Seems to me that if you have a furry woodland creature with a homegrown mask as part of its fuzzy face, it's a crime NOT to make it a creeping bandit at some point. I mean, raccoons basically live up to their sneaky looks anyway. They turn over folks' garbage cans. They lark about when the world is dark. Over the years I've seen the occasional book here and there give these creatures of the night their due, but few have done it [...]

    2. Kristel on said:

      This folksy picture book is about a family of raccoons who pillage a town on a summer night and then run off to enjoy their spoils. The slick pages make the simple pictures feel elegant and with only a few words on each page, the pace of the book is just right for three to five year old children. The colors of the illustrations are muted dim tones of black and blue, less coloful than young readers usually enjoy. Some of the sentences are confusing (such as "they baffle the fuzz with each little [...]

    3. Josh Bader on said:

      This book was cute. In a nice cute manor it shows how a raccoon is. Yet hides some of the true realities of a raccoon. Shows in a children's way how they are. Wasn't the best book tho.

    4. Tam on said:

      I think this is one of the worst books I've read to my 4-year-old. It's the story of naughty raccoons that come out at night and do whatever they please. The story was boring and so were the pictures.Some pages made no sense to me so how could I explain them to my child? It said, "They baffle the fuzz with each little trick." and the picture is a dog in a doghouse and the bandits walking on a sidewalk.I guess the point is to show the bandits out at night going through garbage cans but not being [...]

    5. Dolly on said:

      This is a cartoonish story about an anthropomorphized racoon family. The narrative is short, with often just one short phrase or sentence on each page. The words are very colloquial, using gangster-themed words like "loot," "hideout," and "escape", as well as phrases that were unfamiliar to our girls: "snatch and launder whatever they've found" and "baffle the fuzz." The story almost has a lyrical quality, but not quite. The illustrations have a blotchy design and a darkened background to depict [...]

    6. Bridget R. Wilson on said:

      This story follows a raccoon family during a night (i.e their day). They sneak and snatch until the sun rises.What I thought: A great raccoon book! I can't wait to use it for story time during this year's summer reading program. The illustrations are lovely. I really like the textured look of the paint,. The colors are perfect for the time of day and night. My favorites are cubs brushing their teeth, picnic, waiting for dawn, and in bed.Story Time Themes: Raccoons, Nocturnal Animals

    7. Melanie on said:

      A story of a raccoon family that comes out at night to steal stuff and get into the town's garbage. There are many phrases that children will not understand. For example, "They baffle the fuzz with each little trick." This phrase accompanies a picture of the raccoon family sneaking past a dog in a dog house. The word "fuzz" is not capitalized. So it's not the dogs' name. What is the fuzz?The pictures look like incomplete paintings.

    8. Davina on said:

      I know a few homeowners that would appreciate this book. When the lights go out, the raccoons come out to prowl! And steal all your foodLoved the painted illustrations, but the text left me a little disappointed.

    9. Karen Arendt on said:

      Beautiful, colorful illustrations with just a little text tell the story of a family of raccoons who come out at night to steal garbage and other items while the town sleeps. As the town wakes up, the raccoons are safe in the home reading books and going to bed until the next night comes.

    10. Denise on said:

      There was just something about this book that my 5 year old could not get into. He started of not listening and when tried again he listened but not into it. When I ask him for a rating he said he didn't like it because of the pink on the cover perhaps it was just one of those days.

    11. Nicole on said:

      Just okay. It was fun to have a story putting a positive spin in raccoon behavior (e.g when they steal food they gather for a family picnic in the night). But in general, not a book with "staying power" (somewhat forgettable)

    12. Willow Sommers on said:

      (Picture Book) Personified raccoons who steal things in the middle of the night.

    13. Edward Sullivan on said:

      The raccoons who raid my garbage cans never wear clothes.

    14. John on said:

      When the sun goes down and the moon comes up, raccoons dig through garbage cans, snatch whatever they want, and make a mess.

    15. Michael on said:

      This is actually a pretty clever book, it just didn't pull me in like books like this usually do.

    16. Ashley on said:

      ************STAR STAR STAR STAR*********************LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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