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Ernie Pyle in England

Ernie Pyle in England Ernie Pyle was one of America s most popular newspaper columnists Late in he went to England to observe and write about the Blitz Pyle wrote about daily life and the scenes and people he encount

  • Title: Ernie Pyle in England
  • Author: Ernie Pyle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ernie Pyle was one of America s most popular newspaper columnists Late in 1940, he went to England to observe and write about the Blitz Pyle wrote about daily life and the scenes and people he encountered His columns from December 1940 to March 1941 were compiled in this volume.

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    One thought on “Ernie Pyle in England

    1. Becky on said:

      First sentence: A small voice came in the night and said, “Go.” And when I put it up to the boss he leaned back in his chair and said, “Go.” And when I sat alone with my so-called conscience and asked it what to do, it pointed and said, “Go.” So I’m on my way to London.Premise/plot: Ernie Pyle in England was first published in 1941. It gathers together Ernie Pyle's newspaper columns from his time--three or so months--in England (and Ireland and Scotland). (He was an American journa [...]

    2. David Dennington on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book partly because I'm a Londoner who grew up and played on the bombed out ruins of the city as a child. I liked Ernie Pyle's descriptions, his warm character shined through. I gave the book five stars not only because it was so readable, but for the tremendous effort he put into it--crossing the dangerous Atlantic to England, arriving in Lisbon, and then braving Hitler's bombs and traveling around England Scotland and Wales inspecting the damage and meeting th [...]

    3. Book Him Danno on said:

      Ernie Pyle was a well published newspaper correspondent prior to and during WWII. He went to England in late 1940 and left in early 1941. His purpose was to report on how the average English person was enduring the war and near nightly bombing by the Germans. This book is composed of the articles he wrote during his trip and was first published in 1941. These articles give a clear understanding of the times and conditions under which they survived. I found the book to be easy reading and truly i [...]

    4. Mikey B. on said:

      A straight-forward and moving account of London and all of the British Isles when she stood alone in 1941 against Nazi Germany. This was written before the attack on the Soviet Union in June 1941.Pyle is an unassuming writer who always brings heart and humanity to his subject matter. He is a first rate journalist who truly knows the meaning of listening, observing and absorbing. The mood and fortitude of the English people is brilliantly evoked at this critical moment in history.

    5. Mary on said:

      Having just read a military history of he Battle of Britain, I was looking for a civilian companion piece and had the good luck to come upon this book on (and for 99 cents on the Kindle to boot!). In a series of straightforward, down-to-earth, self-deprecating and charming dispatches from all over England, Pyle takes the reader on nighttime walks through the blacked-out streets of London, evenings spent deep under London in bomb shelters and up above in the comparative luxury of The Strand hote [...]

    6. Jsmacclellan on said:

      People living everyday in the midst of war - how England reacted, and pulled together in the midst of the unthinkable. Ernie Pyle shows us the most ordinary details, and they add up to a picture that feels authentic. He describes not the epic heroes - but the everyday ones, which Mr. Pyle says have it harder, because their tasks have to be completed over and over more than a thousand times.

    7. Patricia Mann on said:

      Mr. Pyle had a wonderful way of making you care about every single individual he wrote about. A very engaging read about what it was like during the blitz Hitler carried out on Britain to break their spirit, but he never did. Also makes you think about what it would be like if we had bombs dropping on our houses and around our communities. Let's hope it never happens.

    8. Lisa on said:

      Good bookI liked this book very much. I suggested it to my husband, history buff and Ernie Pyle fan, and he suggested it to me, reader of great stories. We were both entertained and informed and got equal satisfaction from it.

    9. Peter J. on said:

      This book shows why Ernie Pyle became a legendHis easy grace with words is remarkable. This book is for anyone fascinated by WW2. His analysis was spot on.

    10. Max on said:

      Fascinating!Wonderful insight into the British people before America's entry into the war. Pyle's descriptions are mesmerizing. A true craftsman who died doing what he loved and did his job well.

    11. Rachel on said:

      Ernie Pyle was a Pulitzer Prize winning war correspondent. He spent much of WWII among US troops in both European and Pacific Theatres. Sadly, he was killed by a Japanese machine gunner off Okinawa in 1945. Before being stationed with the military, he spent time in England during the blitz. This book is a compilation of the articles he wrote while in England and is a fascinating first hand account of what life on the British homefront was like. If you have any interest in what it was like to liv [...]

    12. Jim Mullin on said:

      A definitive source material for WW 2 historians. Ernie Pyles writing is recognized as some of the best coming from a "You are there" reality copy emanating from WW 2.

    13. colin jones on said:

      Very enjoyable bookI really enjoyed this book Ernie Pyle wrote it in a way that was informative but not depressive. It made me proud our country .

    14. Tom on said:

      I thought it provided an interesting insight into how the people survived the bombing - written, of course, in Pyle's excellent style.

    15. Barb on said:

      I thoroughly enjoy Ernie Pyle's writing style. He reports first-hand on his observations in London prior to America's entering WWII.

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