This One and Magic Life

Anne Carroll George

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This One and Magic Life

This One and Magic Life In the deep South where love and hatred run deep and close dissension often summers just beneath the surface When a family gathers for a funeral as its old homestead above the waters of Mobile Bay

  • Title: This One and Magic Life
  • Author: Anne Carroll George
  • ISBN: 9780061850981
  • Page: 332
  • Format: ebook
  • In the deep South, where love and hatred run deep and close, dissension often summers just beneath the surface.When a family gathers for a funeral as its old homestead above the waters of Mobile Bay, it must carry out the last wish of the aunt and sister whom it has come to mourn It is a wish that will unearth a terrible secret, one that will either tear her siblings andIn the deep South, where love and hatred run deep and close, dissension often summers just beneath the surface.When a family gathers for a funeral as its old homestead above the waters of Mobile Bay, it must carry out the last wish of the aunt and sister whom it has come to mourn It is a wish that will unearth a terrible secret, one that will either tear her siblings and their offspring apart or allow them to accept buried memories, wounds, and love.In This and Magic Life, Anne Carroll George has created as brilliant portrait of a Southern family in all its glory, captured in a moment of searing intensity and lyric truth Rich with wisdom and deep understanding this compelling saga the twentieth century and tells a story that is truly timeless.

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      332 Anne Carroll George
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    One thought on “This One and Magic Life

    1. Thomas Drinkard on said:

      I knew Anne George well. We were in the Alabama State Poetry Society together when she was elected Poet of the Year. I was fortunate to have some of my poetry published by her Druid Press' Oktoberfest edition.I've sat with her in her kitchen and enjoyed her cooking. She was a wonderful woman, a gifted writer and a wonderful poet. When I posted my review of "This One And Magic Life," she said I was the only person to comment on the leitmotif of rebirth. Following is my review from several years a [...]

    2. J. K. on said:

      Anne was a dear personal friend. She sent this book to me shortly before her death. She told me that she felt that it was her best work and referred to it as her book about forgiveness. It has been a very long time since a book has moved me so deeply. I recommend it highly. Don't expect to find the wonderful, silly Southern Sisters anywhere in these pages. DO expect to find grace in all its guises-- as beauty, as elegance and, yes, Anne, as forgiveness and redemption. It grieves me that we lost [...]

    3. Book Concierge on said:

      2.5**When Artie Sullivan’s final wishes are revealed, her deeply Catholic family members are stunned. Her twin, Donnie, and younger brother, Hektor, along with other relatives and friends are emotionally reeling, and frequently lost in reverie. They all expected she would leave her home to her niece Dolly. No real surprise there, though they can’t imagine that Dolly will want to leave her job in Atlanta to live in the large beach-front home. What they can’t understand is why Artie would as [...]

    4. Marleen on said:

      What a little gem of a book this is. The story drew me in from the first page and I wish this story never ended. On top of that it’s wonderfully written. What touched me so much is that I could feel that real sense of connection between the siblings, Artie, Donnie (twins) and Hektor, and the rest of the family. It couldn’t have felt more real. I felt drawn into these family dynamics; the shared memories, the childhood secrets. This author has such amazing talent into bringing southern voices [...]

    5. MissSusie on said:

      A beautiful story about loss and life. A North Carolina family gathers to say goodbye to Artie beloved sister, aunt, sister-in-law and friend, but Artie has left the family some wishes that they are having a hard time seeing through. As each family member is dealing with memories and ghosts of the past we learn about Artie's life and the secret she shares with her brothers that shaped her life.This was a good book very poetic, I liked the ghosts of the past coming to "pay their respects" to Arti [...]

    6. Peggy on said:

      I enjoyed this book very much it is about a Southern family preparing for their sister's, Artie's funeral. She requests a cremation and no funeral but her devoutly Catholic family decides to have a funeral and cremate her. They bury an empty coffin, while her brothers and her neices scatter her ashes in Mobile Bay. The charagters are very good. There are many flashbacks that tell the story of the Sullivan family, Thomas, a professor of Classical Languages and Alabama transplant, Sarah, a native, [...]

    7. Amy on said:

      I was quite surprised how often this novel really touched a cord while I was reading it. Very different from her light "Southern Sisters" mysteries. The characters were well drawn with depth and color, and the intricacies of family life well intimated. At one point George alludes to the fact that we never really completely know another person, even one we're incredibly close to, and that sometimes, we don't even know ourselves. I really appreciated the relationships between siblings, parents/chi [...]

    8. Kim on said:

      A southern family gathers at the old homestead on Mobile Bay to mourn the passing of a sister and aunt. The family is disfunctional (which family isn't?) and they struggle with carrying out the deceased's last wish. This book is a bit mystical, a bit quirky, and made very good reading. I grew up less than an hour from Mobile Bay, so I know the "feel" of this book. Any southerner probably would. This book was not at all what I epected, yet it left me feeling charmed. If you liked The Secret Life [...]

    9. Kay on said:

      This author was recommended to me by several friends. Not knowing this was not part of her mystery series, I grabbed this one in the library because it was her first book. After reading 1/3 of it and realizing there was no mystery to be had, I chose to finish it to find the 'big secret'!! When it was finally disclosed it appeared in such a way that it wasn't very important. In fact finishing it 3 hours ago, I've already forgotten what it was!!!! I'll try her mysteries.

    10. Pattie on said:

      Ann George was an author with an amazing range. I laughed out loud throughout the entire Southern Sister Mysteries series (still among my favorite reads) and found a different side of her ability to create memorable characters in this charming story. A sweetly satisfying summer read that I just pulled out and read again because I enjoyed it so much years ago.

    11. Katie Howard on said:

      I loved every character in this story. The writing was stellar; I envisioned every scene and felt like I was living next door to the family right on the Bay. Definitely will check out what else this writer has written.

    12. Jennifer on said:

      This was one of the strangest things I've ever read, and that's saying something. This family was unlike any Southern family I've ever met. It was an okay story, but I wouldn't recommend it.

    13. Jenni on said:

      I wish there had been a little more detailed explanation of the plot, but I loved the scenery descriptions and the characters.

    14. Keshia on said:

      This One and Magic Life tells the story of a Southern Family gathered together for the funeral of Atermis Sullivan. The cast of characters includes brothers, nieces, sister in laws, and a bird watching ex preacher from Mississippi. The story is layered with flashbacks and spirits, coming in and out of the story to give more meaning and detail to the current events. I picked up this book because it takes place in Mobile, Al, which is where I grew up. There was so much about it I recognized; the j [...]

    15. Denise Moncrief on said:

      This is the story of a not necessarily typical Southern family. Possibly one of the best examples of Southern Lit I've come across in a long time. Ms. George creates an ensemble of memorable characters. Sarah and Thomas, the first generation of Sullivans in Harlowe, Alabama. Artie, Donnie, and Hektor, their children, who share a horrible secret. Mariel, Donnie's wife, who feels that Artie "stole" her daughter, Dolly. The story opens with the last moments of Artie's life and unfolds after her dea [...]

    16. Carol Kirshner on said:

      I am probably the only one who found this book considerably drab.This Southern drama surrounds a Catholic family whose beloved sister has decreed she be cremated rather than enterred. The events of the plot occur over a 3 or 4 day period of time. There are the traditional and stereotypical skeletons in the Sulivan Family closet-- divorce, alcoholism, the mentally ill mother, and accidental deaths. These do add some content, but in general, I would say that this book lacks any action. This plot s [...]

    17. Kristal on said:

      Artie was a well-known artist who has sold her paintings all over the world. But once she is diagnosed with cancer, her end comes quickly, too quickly. After her death, her family comes together at her home overlooking Mobile Bay to carry out her wishes. Her twin brother Donnie and his wife Mariel and her younger brother Hector are all surprised when they discover that she wishes to be cremated and for some members of her family, this is unacceptable. What follows is a long, drawn-out episode of [...]

    18. Patty on said:

      This book reached out and grabbed me recently. I have known about George for some time and may have listened to one of her mysteries many years ago. I just don't know why this was the moment for reading this novel.Whatever the reason, I am not sorry to have read this. It held my interest as I flew across the country. I was headed to Portland, but I was in Alabama, preparing for Artie's funeral. It was good to get to know the whole family, to learn of their history and to watch them cope with how [...]

    19. Kathleen Hagen on said:

      This One and Magic Life, by Anne George, b-plus, Narrated by Linda Stephens, Produced by recorded Books, downloaded from audible.This is a book by an author much more famous for her five-book series, The Southern Sisters mysteries, now available through audible as well. This book may have been written earlier. It involves a family coming together for the funeral and burial of one of its own. The family has many secrets involving several generations of the family, with the current members able at [...]

    20. Elizabeth on said:

      This is an absolutely amazing novel. It is a beautifully written story of a multi-generational family coming together for the funeral of a daughter/wife/aunt and most of all sister. Each character is so very well developed. I found myself empathizing with each and every character, which is very rare in most novels. The setting of Mobile Bay is described in loving, shimmering details. You can literally 'see' each scene from this wonderful book. I fell in love with each character, and was actually [...]

    21. Heidi on said:

      The renowned artist, Artie Sullivan, died when a full moon shone on Mobile Bay, while people shouted “Jubilee!” as hundreds of fish leapt onto the beach and were tossed into buckets for future feasts. Just as the Jubilee, a bizarre regional phenomenon, is full of mystery, horror, humor, and joy, so too is the story of Artie Sullivan’s family. The Sullivans' story is told from the perspectives of various friends and family members who come together in Alabama after her death. Ms. George pas [...]

    22. Joan on said:

      A very well writen book about a very disturbed family in the south. I thought maybe it wouldn't be such an awful story but towards the end we ran the gammit of revelations from adultry to incest to why he didn't become a priest and the usual jealousy and competition and of course murder was there also. Don't forget the madness of the mother that the children endured with tragic results because they don't just endure, they act. Not one I recommend.

    23. Anna on said:

      Anne George paints a beautiful and complex picture of a Southern family grieving the loss of one of their most beloved members. While a most simple and easy read, the connections to my life were constant. With intertwining stories of family relationships (and their complications and mysteries), memories of my Mama were present throughout, as well as thoughts of my relationship with my mother. Descriptions of the landscape and food gave me twinges of homesickness too.

    24. Mari on said:

      Wow. Once or twice I considered putting this book down and I'm really glad I didn't. I was predisposed to like this book, the late author wrote a mystery series that I really enjoyed. So, I expected something a little different here. But it was great. It was sad, it was very unique, it was a little weird and I think it was memorable. Which is ultimately how I judge a book. So I would definitely recommend this. And, if you read it, please let me know your thoughts.

    25. Eugenea Pollock on said:

      If this book had ended at the end of Chapter 40, I would have rated it "5"--I loved the pace, the diction, the Southern family drama set in motion by a death in the present and developed through flashbacks narrated by several friends/family. However, Chapter 41 dropped my rating in a heartbeat--In my opinion, that chapter did not fit AT ALL. Why did an editor not stop her from ending a beautiful book on such a false, maudlin note???

    26. Jennifer on said:

      Beautifully rendered tale of lossIf you're looking for a funny mystery, look elsewhere. George branched out and wrote this elegiac ode to love and loss. Similar to Our Town, I found it very satisfying as I had just finished the last mystery only to discover the author had passed away some years ago. This book felt like a farewell to me.

    27. Sue on said:

      I loved this book! So Southern and beautifully written. It is all about a family's reaction to Artie's (female)death. Sometimes poignant, sometimes amusing, and sometimes hilarious. You will want to check out the chapter entitled "A Cut-glass Pickle Dish." But don't cheat. You have to read the whole book to get the humor.

    28. Thing Two on said:

      I've enjoyed reading Anne Carroll George's Southern Sister mystery books and had hoped that this book would be as light and fun to read as they have been. It was syrupy, too sweet for me. I found it similar in style to Anne Rivers Siddons' Peachtree Road, but without the epic plot. This is beach book material.

    29. DianeSugars on said:

      Oh my, I loved this story! This is one of the best books I have read in quite a while! This One and Magic Life had an interesting complex storyline and I immediately fell in love with the characters! The author painted such fantastic picture in every chapter that I just could not put this book down!

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