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The Obama Diaries

The Obama Diaries On May Laura Ingraham received a package from an anonymous source that will change the history of the United States and the legacy of President Barack Obama While retrieving her automobile f

  • Title: The Obama Diaries
  • Author: Laura Ingraham
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • On May 20, 2010, Laura Ingraham received a package from an anonymous source that will change the history of the United States and the legacy of President Barack Obama While retrieving her automobile from the underground garage at the Watergate complex where she had just enjoyed her weekly pedicure , Ingraham discovered a manila envelope on the hood of her car When she pOn May 20, 2010, Laura Ingraham received a package from an anonymous source that will change the history of the United States and the legacy of President Barack Obama While retrieving her automobile from the underground garage at the Watergate complex where she had just enjoyed her weekly pedicure , Ingraham discovered a manila envelope on the hood of her car When she picked it up, a deep baritone voice called out from a nearby stairwell Just read it You ll know what to do The shadowy figure then disappeared into the darkness without another word The envelope contained copies of what appeared to be diary entries written by President Barack Obama, his family, and high ranking administration officials Because the diaries are so revealing, Ingraham felt compelled to release them to the American public and the citizens of the world Major media outlets love to describe the president as no drama Obama, but The Obama Diaries tells a different tale Through these diary entries, readers will see past the carefully constructed Obama fa ade to the administration s true plans to remake America In The Obama Diaries, Ingraham hilariously skewers the president and his minions She takes aim at the cynical razzle dazzle marketing of Obama s radical agenda the use of the Obama brand and family to obscure Obama s true aims Michelle Obama s gardening and anti obesity initiative and much Informative and hugely entertaining, The Obama Diaries will inspire both laughter and critical thinking about the future of the nation and the man currently at the helm.

    • ✓ The Obama Diaries || ☆ PDF Read by ✓ Laura Ingraham
      492 Laura Ingraham
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    One thought on “The Obama Diaries

    1. Leslie on said:

      Like a lot of other people I could only get through about a third of this book. I thought it'd be a satire, but the entries are sparse and not even remotely funny, spliced in between her poorly written thoughts filled with a whole lot of hate. Glad I didn't waste my money on this one, and my only consolation is that by keeping it checked out for two weeks from the library, it in turn kept it from someone who might actually like this drivel. What a waste of paper and ink. And remember Miss Ingrah [...]

    2. Andrea on said:

      If you don't like Laura Ingraham or her politics, you are probably not going to want to read this book. Howeverif you are going to read Game Change, or any books that are authored by apologists for Obama and/or proponents of the liberal agenda, then you should be informed about the total picture of what is happening in our country and read the opinion, and facts, presented here by Ingraham.

    3. Mary on said:

      The President of this great country really should listen to the people who elected him rather than looking in the mirror for daily confirmation of his "greatness".

    4. Dana Nucera on said:

      Let me preface by saying I had no problem with Obama. That said, I firmly believe everyone has a right to their own opinion. But this author has such hatred for Obama that it is embarrasing. This book is written with such flippant off the cuff rhetoric that she makes this book seem like a fairy taleke believeony. Whether its true or not is irrelevant since she is so caustic in her presentation. I listened to this book via an audio book. The author also is the narrator. She comes across as condes [...]

    5. Jadewik on said:

      If it weren't for the intro, I wouldn't be convinced that it was satire because a lot of the journal entries in this book could very well be passed off as complete truth. Though, the descriptions and points ("facts" as it were) Ingraham makes are based largely in fact which she so eloquently walks us through make this book eligible to be classified as "non-fiction".I can't say I was horribly amused with this book beyond about 100 pages. The journal entries were quite entertaining and they really [...]

    6. Nathan on said:

      Not a great book. The premise is that Laura Ingraham has the personal diaries of the Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden and several other figures within the administration. In these diaries, they communicate their true motivation and intent.Unfortunately, it is neither funny nor enlightening. The projections of personality offer very little information considering the intended audience and the comedy falls flat.

    7. Naomi Blackburn on said:

      Incredibly mediocreis book had the chance to be really satirical and funny, yet fell short with the same stuffdifferent day. I found myself getting incredibly bored with it and probably wouldn't have finished it unless I was the person who asked my library to order it! 2.5/5 stars (and even then, I am being generous)

    8. Steve on said:

      If you had access to the private writings and intimate journals of the highest ranking members of the Barack Obama administration, what would that look like? Thanks to Laura Ingraham, now we know. Sort of. About half of this book is fiction, make-believe, entirely made up thoughts as if they came from the mind of Obama, his wife, his vice-president, his chief of staff and other members of his cabinet and Congress. This is an inside-the-mind expose of what liberal thinking might look like, at lea [...]

    9. Marvin on said:

      I read about 100 pages of this disaster before giving up, making this only the second book I rated without reading all of it. (Twilight was the other book). I picked this up because I was told it was satire and I love satire of all political persuasion. I also knew Ms. Ingraham, if anyone, had the intelligence and writing skills to make this work. Was I wrong! Unfortunately the fictional diary entries are only about a quarter of the book. The rest of it are Ingraham's comments in which she justi [...]

    10. Tassie McLennan on said:

      As is usual with L.Ingram's books, it is an easy read. The preface leaves one wondering where the "diaries" came from and if they are authenticwritten by the purported people. If they areOMGwhat egos! How are the White House walls still standing?

    11. Tee on said:

      It was a laughfest! Normally I don't read political fiction (though this is fiction AND nonfiction, they call it fiction) this book is an exception. Laura Ingraham's writing style topped with the sheer arrogance of the main characters was truly funny. I won't mind reading this book again.

    12. Ryan Manganiello on said:

      Awesome!!! Facts, fiction, and humor all rolled into one great Barack Hussein Obama Book!!! Outstanding!!!

    13. Trekscribbler on said:

      You have to wonder about the audience for books of this sort and those who would go reading reviews on regarding it. Now, that's not intended as a slight regarding either side of the political spectrum, folks it's just an honest reflection on the 'state of affairs' when it comes to considering political persuasive books. In short, I don't believe you're seriously going to consider buying this book if you're an Obama supporter, and that's a shame. Personally, I found THE OBAMA DIARIES to be qui [...]

    14. Mark on said:

      Can I give this a zero-star rating without having read all (or much) of it? Not even I could be so masochistic! I was interested in checking it out (literally; it's a library copy) only because of the complaints about its classification as nonfiction. Its Library of Congress number actually puts it on the same shelf as the other, genuine, works on and by Obama. The "diaries" themselves are, of course, fiction (especially if you define fiction as "made-up crap"). But since the bulk of the book is [...]

    15. Jonna on said:

      This book is tough for me to review. I don't normally like reading political books, per se. I read this book because supposedly there was a lot of satire, sarcasm and humor injected into it which I can never pass up. And frankly, it didn't disappoint in that area - but it was a pointed humor that isn't going to be appreciated by all.Here's the real deal. This is a conservative, anti-Obama book, so if you know this isn't your kinda gig, then don't go out to the dance and save yourself the money. [...]

    16. Chris Munson on said:

      Like many of the books on our current president, Ingraham spends a ton of time going over many of the views, actions, and general philosophies of Barrack Obama. As usual, if you have been paying attention, there really isn't much new here in terms of documentation of President Obama's past, present and probable future. However, Laura Ingraham does what nobody else (that I have read so far) doese actually provides some in-depth analysis of why the President believes what he believes and does what [...]

    17. MG on said:

      Laura Ingraham is hilarious in this book! The diary entries are of course fictional, but her analysis of the policies and ideology that drives Barack Obama and his entourage are spot-on.While everyone with any common sense can see Obama's blatant narcissism, it's her satirical portrayal of Michelle Obama and Joe Biden that had me laughing out loud. What a great read!I caution the reader: take the diary entries as tongue-in-cheek, but read her analysis and comments carefully, and with an open min [...]

    18. Jessie on said:

      I'm not much on satire, but I like Laura Ingraham. I listened to the audiobook an I usually like audiobooks that are read by the author.The common sense principals discussed here are not new, but I like her calm attitude about it all. She acknowledges that while we all feel outraged at the fact that our "leader" is defiling the office of the President of the United States, we can be confident that if we hold fast to our values and the principals we believe and expect our leaders to do the same, [...]

    19. Cactuskid on said:

      There has been debate about whether this book is true or not and of course the liberals don't like it. But she says in the back "What you do with the insights in this true AND fictional account of the historical presidency of Barack Obama is up to you". It was immediately apparent to me that her opinions and quotes in her comments were the real thing, while the "diaries" of the different people were satire. She brings out a lot of the things that the far left believe, have done, are doing and al [...]

    20. John Michael on said:

      I was fortunate to get the audio version, so it has the nasal-shouting voice of Laura Ingraham coming in loud and clear ('cept for her nasal overtones) along with several of her friends who provide voices of those included in the book.Hearing it makes it come alive especially when the cut is to Joe Biden or "the First Grandmother" - I was especially grateful for the insights that were provided about how elitist is this current administration and the change that we've been given won't buy a cup o [...]

    21. William on said:

      It took me a while to read this book. I found it at the library. Ingraham has a sharp wit and strong understanding of the issues. Her satire truly made me laugh throughout the book. More importantly her perspective is that of a true Conservative. She got it right on the total disaster that was the Obama administration and the way it hurt America. This book should be required reading for all those running for any GOP nomination. Loved it!!!

    22. Jerry on said:

      The concept of this book is that Laura has written fictional satirical diary entries from Obama and those around him, that tie in with events surrounding the presidency and point out the hypocrisy of the administration. Following each diary entry is the facts supporting the "fictional" entry. This just didn't work for me a couple were humorous, but overall, just way too overdone and tends to make light of serious issues I did like the supporting parts, just not the diary entries.

    23. Maria on said:

      I wouldn't have liked the book as much in print and am glad I got the audiobook. The impersonations are SPOT ON and hysterical, especially the ones of Michelle. Finally, someone mines the rich comedy that is Obama & Co. Laura Ingraham is a comedic genius. Not surprised that it's at the top of the NYTimes bestseller list for nonfiction, though I'm sure it drives them mad.

    24. goddess on said:

      I picked this up at Borders' clearance sale for like $5. Fun read by the ever clever and cheeky Laura Ingraham. She doesn't pull any punches. She's just as brilliant here as she is as a radio/TV commentator. If you're into conservative "porn", you'll enjoy this book. If you actually think the Obama administration is competent, this book might annoy you.

    25. Lisa on said:

      Laura Ingraham rehashes all of the bad stuff perpetrated by Obama and his administration/cohorts. These events are broken up by satirical journal entries by Obama and his wife.I did not finish this book, but it is due and I have already heard/read about the events. Not enough people seem to care because Obama is such a great guy and good basketball player--not to mention all around great guy.

    26. Scott Birk on said:

      Very entertaining, if not a little close to the edge of propriety. I especially enjoyed the chapter about BHO's narcissistic tendencies, which are supported in the book by some clinical research. The book enlightened me on some issues related to the First Family of which I was not aware. The book was well worth the time I spent reading it.

    27. Rob Dhillon on said:

      A little too snide and over-the-top for my liking. I don't care for the current administration's shenanigans & find them, as with many lawyers, to be difficult to trust or believe. Still, it is America, "the shining city on the hill," the greatest country in history, so I continue to hope for the best despite my cautious nature which expects the worst.It's a one-liner carried too far.

    28. Brian S. Wise on said:

      Didn't bother with the "diary" entries - I have a suspicion they were written to stitch the book together and give it a marketable theme. The book is basically boilerplate stuff; only once did I read something I hadn't previously thought or said. Not great, not terrible, just an average book in the series.

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