Any Bitter Thing

Monica Wood

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Any Bitter Thing

Any Bitter Thing Richard Russo has celebrated Monica Wood s fiction as thoroughly captivating warm and wise and beautifully written and Andre Dubus III praised it as luminous and graceful entertaining yet transcenden

  • Title: Any Bitter Thing
  • Author: Monica Wood
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Richard Russo has celebrated Monica Wood s fiction as thoroughly captivating warm and wise and beautifully written, and Andre Dubus III praised it as luminous and graceful entertaining yet transcendent Any Bitter Thing, Wood s brilliant new novel, is her breakout book, a timely, gripping, and compassionate tale of family, faith, and deeply hidden truths One of its grRichard Russo has celebrated Monica Wood s fiction as thoroughly captivating warm and wise and beautifully written, and Andre Dubus III praised it as luminous and graceful entertaining yet transcendent Any Bitter Thing, Wood s brilliant new novel, is her breakout book, a timely, gripping, and compassionate tale of family, faith, and deeply hidden truths One of its greatest strengths is its continuous ability to defy expectations It s not what you think It is worse Lizzy Mitchell was raised from the age of two by her uncle, a Catholic priest When she was nine, he was falsely accused of improprieties with her and dismissed from his church, and she was sent away to boarding school Now thirty years old and in a failing marriage, she is nearly killed in a traffic accident What she discovers when she sets out to find the truths surrounding the accidentand about the accusations that led to her uncle s deathdoes than change her life With deft insight into the snares of the human heart, Monica Wood has written an intimate and emotionally expansive novel full of understanding and hope.

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    One thought on “Any Bitter Thing

    1. Brent on said:

      I picked this book up in Portland, ME, while on my vacation thinking it would be nice to have a local author's work to enjoy on my way home.I could not put it down my entire trip back to Utah.When I review books, I don't summarize the plot for fear of giving something away unnecessarily. Instead, I like to focus on the more technical side to analyzing works of fiction since I need a good, logical reason to read them in the first place.Monica Wood has a great sense of cadence in her writing that [...]

    2. Jodie on said:

      I loved this book. Loved it! The sense of longing was so beautifully portrayed that I had a constant lump in my throat or my hand on my heart the entire time. The prose is so perfect in parts, really this is some of the best writing I have read in years. It is not a fast moving story or action packed at all but it is an incredibly emotional portrayal of human relationships, full of depth and wonderfully constructed. For me, this is a book that I will measure other books against.

    3. Jeannette on said:

      I grabbed this book off of a discount shelf at barnes and noble, I don't regret it, but it wasn't a compelling read it was a "nice story" but not a tremendous literary achievement.

    4. Susan on said:

      Twenty-five years ago I read a short story in Yankee Magazine by fledgling writer, Monica Wood. It impressed me so much that I saved the magazine and carried it around with me for years. It's worn and tattered and the cover is coming off, but I still have it somewhere. I long ago gave up the search for more of her writing, until a friend of mine on Facebook recommended a new novel by an author with a somehow very familiar-sounding name. I was delighted to re-discover Monica Wood, and to find tha [...]

    5. Melissa on said:

      This book was very surprising. I thought that I knew what was going to happen, how the book would end, but I was surpirsed. Simple descriptions caught me, surprised me with the strangeness and perfection of the images conjured. Read this book!

    6. Elisa on said:

      A heartfelt story of loyalty, betrayal, Fatherhood, childhood, marriage and fidelity, faith, and love. Above all, I'd say it is a tale of relationships: what makes one healthy and abiding rather than abandoned or deceived. Technically my rating is 3.5, but that rounds up to 4.What I loved: The characterization is MASTERFUL. You LOVE each of the characters, flawed and benevolent, and most importantly, feel like you KNOW them. Wood really helps you see inside, without cluttering the reading with t [...]

    7. Jenny on said:

      TOTALLY on my list of answers to: So, any good book recommendations? Any Bitter Thing, The Myth of You and Me, and Water for Elephants are the first that I list.

    8. Nancy on said:

      Had never heard this book & now can't wait to share it with book-loving friends. I loved the author's prose. There are many 'time hops' in the story but most are designated by chapter. Characters and themes (religion, marriage, friendship)are handled with lots of 'gray areas' - no one and nothing is black & white. Really liked this aspect of the novel.There are a couple plot twists/surprizes that make the last third of the book hard to put down. Going to read more by this author!

    9. Pam on said:

      Wood gives an amazingly realistic portrayal of an adult's memory of early childhood. The relationship of a young girl to her caretaker that emerges is the most poignant I've ever read. Her attention to the details of childhood is such that it reminded me of things I hadn't thought about in decades. The main character's experience of being ripped from her caretaker amid false allegations is truly heart-wrenching without being maudlin - a difficult feat.However, Wood's handling of the relationship [...]

    10. Jennifer on said:

      Great story about family, loss, and lots of buried secrets. Lizzy wakes up in the hospital after being hit by a car while running in the dark after a fight with her husband. She sees her dead uncle (a priest) at her hospital bedside while in a fog of unconsciousness and then she begins to try to come to terms with her injury, her past as her uncle's adopted daughter when she was orphaned at 2, and trying to piece together her childhood and what happened to her uncle.Lots of nice twists and turns [...]

    11. Diane on said:

      I don't give 5 stars easily. This quiet book swept me up and dropped me breathlessly into that moment between Before and After. This writer, with her exquisite prose, weaves a gripping and grace-filled story of redemption. Human failings are brought to reconciliation, relationships are changed, and yet they remain somehow the same. There are surprises which astonish! I will go back to this amazing book again and again, to discern and savor subtleties I might have missed in my race through it the [...]

    12. Susy on said:

      I loved this book and probably will need to revisit it because I raced through the pages. The plot is subtle in its complexity and the narrators shifts from present to past but the story is seamless in the telling - and so heartfelt. I'm not Catholic but am familiar with the liturgy and ritual and found those references for the most part comforting - shocking given the unravelings of too many of the Churches priests. Father Mike was credible in his faith and his love for his niece but beyond tha [...]

    13. Valerie Hoff on said:

      It is so exciting to be introduced to a new author and feel like you want to read everything they have written. Monica Wood is a Maine author so I am really embarrassed that I had not found her before. She has it all; humor, great story concept and rich characters. I must admit I also enjoyed reading an interview that was done by her sister which gives you insight into how a book evolves and how a single concept which starts a story thread can still be there when the final product has moved so f [...]

    14. Cara on said:

      This was a book I picked up on a whim in the used bookstore at our library. It was my prize for completing their summer reading program. I can't believe what a gem it turned out to be and I'm so happy I found it. Monica Wood writes beautifully. Complicated and relatable characters, interesting plot twists, and clean, descriptive writing throughout made it a pleasure to read. I was delighted to learn she has written several others and will now look for them!

    15. Pamela ciccolini on said:

      I was uncertain where this book would go and wasn't sure I would like it. But to my surprise I couldn't put it down and not to give away any part of the story, I was touched and moved to tears at the pure innocence yet cruelty of love and devotion. A very good read!!

    16. Amy on said:

      Over the past few months, I've read (I think) ALL of Monica Wood's published fiction. (I'm currently in the middle of a bit of an orgy of New England writers' books, especially Maine writers.) Everything by Wood is great, but this one is the best.

    17. Connie on said:

      The story in this book was good. It made me angry from the standpoint of people and institutions making assumptions and accepting things as gospel even without really trying to find the answers.

    18. Sue on said:

      This was a wonderful surprise! I bought this book for $1.99 and did not expect much. I would recommend this book to my friends.

    19. Melissa Forbes on said:

      Exquisite. Wood chooses every single word with care, and the structure is astounding. Better yet, it's a great story. A supremely good novel.

    20. Ayelet Waldman on said:

      I seem not to be able to get enough of these dark and gloomy east coast winter novels

    21. Kathleen on said:

      Having read "The One-in-a-Million-Boy" several weeks ago, I set out to read everything Monica Wood has written. "Any Bitter Thing" is her third novel, published in 2005, which includes many of the same themes of love, loss, regret, and hope.Lizzy Mitchell was raised from the age of two by her uncle, Father Mike, a beloved Catholic priest in a small town in Maine, after her parents were killed in a plane crash. Their life together is filled with warmth and love, her delight in simple pleasures, a [...]

    22. Karen on said:

      This is another excellent story by the author of “The One-in-a-Million Boy,” Monica Wood, who is probably my new favorite author for now. The novel’s beginning plunges us right into action as the main character, Lizzy Mitchell, describes a hit-and-run auto accident she was involved in after an argument with her husband. Lying near death in the hospital, she believes she hears the voice of her beloved late uncle, a Catholic priest she calls Father Mike. In the subsequent chapters, we learn [...]

    23. Jo on said:

      This is the second book I've read by Monica Wood and she is a beautiful writer. Her characters become someone you would recognize if you bumped into them at the local. Interesting twists as well as many thought provoking questions as to where is the line of helping, of hurting, of law, of intentions to be helpful, of the many times we assume something when it just isn't true. A thought provoker

    24. Linda Johnson on said:

      I love a good descriptive sentence or two, but throughout this book I felt like I was in a flurry of words, like a heavy snowfall, and had to search for the story line. Often, a new chapter would be about a different person, in a different time, without letting you know that something had changed. It was confusing. I felt like I was dragging myself through this book. On top of all that, it was a depressing story.

    25. Allison on said:

      I really like Monica wood's writing style. It's almost prose-like, but rarely feels too flowery. I can tell she fights to choose the perfect word in every sentence. Why say "walked" when you can say "ambled"?I started with The One-in-a-Million Boy, her most recent book, and after reading this, one of her earlier works, I see how she has grown and developed as a writer. This book seemed to take a bit too long to get to and from various plot developments, but every character was well-constructed i [...]

    26. Marsha Dawson on said:

      Interesting story, but a bit long and too convoluted. I almost gave up on it, not compelling.

    27. Maureen on said:

      I loved this book. Period. Picked it up on a recommendation from a used book store.r would have read it otherwise. Great book!!

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