Do One Thing Different: Ten Simple Ways to Change Your Life

Bill O'Hanlon

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Do One Thing Different: Ten Simple Ways to Change Your Life

Do One Thing Different Ten Simple Ways to Change Your Life You can move quickly from stuck to smooth sailing in all aspects of your life using Bill O Hanlon s ten easy Solution Keys Humorous direct and effective they help you change how you view and do yo

  • Title: Do One Thing Different: Ten Simple Ways to Change Your Life
  • Author: Bill O'Hanlon
  • ISBN: 9780688177942
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback
  • You can move quickly from stuck to smooth sailing in all aspects of your life using Bill O Hanlon s ten easy Solution Keys, Humorous, direct, and effective, they help you change how you view and do your problems from difficult relationships to enhancing sexuality and resolving conflicts of all kinds The next time you have a problem, try one of these solution Keys BrYou can move quickly from stuck to smooth sailing in all aspects of your life using Bill O Hanlon s ten easy Solution Keys, Humorous, direct, and effective, they help you change how you view and do your problems from difficult relationships to enhancing sexuality and resolving conflicts of all kinds The next time you have a problem, try one of these solution Keys Break Problem Patter Change any one of what you usually do in the problem situation i.e do one thing different Example If you usually get angry and defensive, sit quietly and listen Find and Use Solution Pattern Import solutions from other situations where you felt competent Examples what do you know on the golf course that you forget when you get behind the wheel of your car What do you say to resolve a problem with an angry customer that you don t say to your angry partner Shift Your Attention Focus what you would like to have happen rather than on what is happening.Grounded in therapeutic practice, this bold and funny book will put you back in control of your emotions and your life.

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    One thought on “Do One Thing Different: Ten Simple Ways to Change Your Life

    1. Pamela on said:

      I liked the first half. The second half put me to sleep and I almost gave the book 2 stars, forgetting how much I enjoyed the first half. His ideas are an interesting twist on looking at problems and solving them for yourself. We all know ourselves better than anyone who could give us advice, so why not access the vast knowledge we all have about our own behaviors, habits, patterns, etc. Some very simple ideas that are extremely helpful, and that made me think in new ways -- which is why I love [...]

    2. Daniel Taylor on said:

      This is one of those amazing self-help books I'd never heard of but it's had its ideas retaught in so many other books since.If you're facing any problems in life that involve habitual behaviour, this book will help you change them. Combine it with ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) as taught by Dr Russ Harris in "The Happiness Trap" and you'll have advanced skills for handling everything life flings at you.

    3. Charlotte on said:

      There were a bunch of great stories and examples in this book, but I'm giving it a three because it's not a book for everyone. It has lots of adult examples that would not be good for teenagers and I don't love all the examples as an adult either. So here's what you can take from it so you don't have to read it. If something isn't working, change one thing about how you are doing it and see if that works better.

    4. Renae on said:

      I love the simplicity, yet absolute usefulness of this book! Literally, "do one thing different!" Phenomenal concept that works! I love the examples and I love how practical the book is, it can be applied to anything!!! A positive for anyone, who is looking to make even the slightest change in their lives! Try it out!

    5. Antonella on said:

      2.5Mostly a rehash of common sense & Solution Focused Techniques. I find useful the summaries often used in essays of the English-speaking culture, but here they seemed only repetitive. I ''inherited'' the book and I'm going to give it away.

    6. Dayle on said:

      Solving problems by doing one thing in a different way instead of trying to find excuses or reasons for the existence of the problem changes the problem from the past to the present or future and therefore not a permanent condition.

    7. Jen on said:

      Rather repetitive and a little rambling. Could easily have been reduced to half the length.

    8. Frrobins on said:

      As a therapist who uses both Solution Focused Techniques and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, there are some gems in this book to follow. However, I was nearly turned off by the oversell of SFT in the second chapter and general gimmickiness of it, which feeds into one of the criticisms of SFT, that it is so gimmicky. Yet what people who criticize SFT and people who initially start to practice it don't get is that is it NOT as easy as it sounds, and I think overselling how easy it is does a disservi [...]

    9. Beth A. on said:

      I love the perspective of this book. Instead typical therapy, he recommends what he called “solution based therapy.” This is basically experimenting with changing different things until you find something that works. You might change something about your routine, or do something silly (or uncomfortable) when you do something you’d like to stop. You might think back to when you’ve had a problem before, and try to figure out what helped then. He believes it’s important that the ideas you [...]

    10. Jennifer on said:

      I thought the idea behind this book was great, expressing the need for people to stop expecting change when they're doing the same thing day after day. Something new is needed to bring around different results. I also like that he was interested in action instead of focusing on extensive analysis. The problem I had with this book though was that it wasn't at all recent. He speaks of how most self help books don't focus at all on action or changing. This might have been true in the time he wrote [...]

    11. Lia on said:

      I really enjoyed the solution-based approach of this book. It's refreshing and interesting. It has even been (gasp) helpful in my daily life. I do wish he would explain his concepts further. Sometimes he'll just give a little paragraph that is sort of an intro to the idea, then a short story about a client, and then that's it. So, the idea itself never really got explained. The idea that kept coming to me as I read the book is "If all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail"--and [...]

    12. Mana on said:

      There are some really good tips in here that made me shift some of my approaches to problem solving. While reading this book, I realized I focus too much on the "why" of an issue while not focusing enough on the "what" and "how." This realization seems simple at first glance, but it's actually profound. Instead of digging into the past and trying to find answers, this book gives the reader tools to focus on what you can do about something right now at this very moment.I enjoyed the book for the [...]

    13. Claudine on said:

      The first therapist I had about 35 years ago, told me: "If this isn't working, try something different." I did, she was right, and it worked. Maybe the best advice I have ever received in my lifetime, but not as easy as it sounds. The sometimes negative patterns or habits we fall into are not that easy to break, especially when it comes to relationships. This book is chock full of practical, solution-based approaches to changing those ineffective actions or reactions. For me, one reading is not [...]

    14. Althea on said:

      Read as part of a course on direct practice. O'Hanlon's solution-focused self-help novel is good for burgeoning therapists and people who want to make changes on their own. He is funny, engaging, and inspiring in this book.I do think that as a textbook this is useful but not directive. Meaning that for ickle newbies like myself, we may wish for a bit more structure than just case studies, essentially. His chapters are well-structured but that was the reflection I saw most in my course at the tim [...]

    15. Paula on said:

      The world of psychotherapy is leaning more and more toward brief, "evidence-based," cognitive behavioral therapy, a trend that I mostly favor. O'Hanlon (a clear and concise writer) takes the concepts of positive psychology and solution-focused therapy and makes them available to the casual reader. Don't wrinkle yer nose cuz it's a self-help book, because it is not gimmicky or shallow, but the result of sound research and time-tested wisdom, with a little dash of radical iconoclasm to make it int [...]

    16. Jennifer on said:

      Pretty dismissive of mental illness labels, but a pretty good book for general relationship/career/down in the dumps problems. Basically, stop doing what isn't working and adopt a solution using the author's different solution keys. Some of the solution keys were "no, duh" and others were extremely helpful. Led me to start finding solutions to some of my problems at work. But not the book to read if you have severe OCD, depression, or panic attacks. The tone was too "you need to fix everything y [...]

    17. Katherine Martin on said:

      I am not usually big into self help books or anything of the sort, but this one was actually really good. The general premiss is exactly as the title implies. Do one thing different when you feel stuck in a situation. There were some chapters and sections that felt a bit long-winded, but there was a lot of good advice. I could definitely see the suggestions being something that anyone and everyone could learn from. It's a good read, but not one that I would run to in a bookstore.

    18. Sarah on said:

      This book provides a great look into exerting change in your own life through the lens of solution oriented therapy. Putting aside Bill O'Hanlon's questionable relationship history (especially as a marriage and family therapist), he gives a lot of great suggestions that anyone could apply in his or her own life. I like the examples he provides of clients he has worked with as well as the summaries of key points reiterated throughout. Good, easy read!

    19. Katie on said:

      This book had some good, common sense solutions for how to approach problems. I am giving it three stars, however, because of the format. I bit oddly laid out in terms of info boxes, headers, etc but I guess that's me from an editorial standpoint, not a reader standpoint. If you like this, read Fire Your Shrink as well.

    20. Natasha on said:

      Overall a good book that has encouraged me to try to do one thing different this month. O'Hanlon tells us not to analyze why a problem came about but rather to change what one is doing to solve it. I bought this book for my professional practice and ended up relating it to my personal life, how about that?

    21. Michele on said:

      Perhaps, my mind just isn't open enough for this book but I found it difficult to read through. Many of the suggestions were plausible common sense but some seemed out of the range of possibility.Self help in general can have the feeling of a snake oil sales pitch but this one really seems to take that to the next level. The newer editions may be better.

    22. Sharon Sneddon on said:

      I find that I get easily stuck into patterns and routine and subsequently often lose a lot of creativie potential. Suprisingly, simply brushing your teeth with your left hand instead of your right is an example of "doing one thing different" that helps break that routine. The book delves into more complexities on the subject and is quite interesting.

    23. Katherine Clark on said:

      This is actually 4 1/2 stars. I love this book. It is incredibly helpful and incredibly compassionate. More importantly, I found several suggestions for ways to change my approach to problems. At least twice, I used this book to help me keep writing, so for that, I'm incredibly grateful.This is a book I will read again.

    24. JP on said:

      O'Hanlon advocates a solution-oriented approach to solving psychological and relationship problems. His approach could be summarized as: figure out the pattern and do something different until it's fixed.

    25. Cody Ray on said:

      A very good book about breaking out of ruts, putting finding solutions before finding explanations, and generally experimenting until you find good habits that work for you. Nothing super revolutionary in here, but a good quick read with lots of slow work for you to do for yourself.

    26. Stacy Marian on said:

      At first I didn't appreciate this book but after writing a book review for a class I could see how it would be a good book to have on a counselor's shelf as it gives enough information on different topics like relationships, sex, spirituality, future vision to be a jumping off place.

    27. J Crossley on said:

      The author suggests that we can change our life by trying new things. He provides ten different ways that we can try something new. I used this to jump-start my own process, and i have come up with additional things to try.

    28. Denise on said:

      Interesting. Straight-forward, proactive, practical. Made me think about getting out of my own head on some things I've been puzzling over and just DO something, which is good advice for me. I will probably add this one to my shelf.

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