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Lana Button Tania Howells

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Willow's Whispers

Willow s Whispers When Willow speaks her words slip out as soft and shy as a secret At school her barely audible whisper causes her no end of troubles But Willow is as resourceful as she is quiet and she fashions a

  • Title: Willow's Whispers
  • Author: Lana Button Tania Howells
  • ISBN: 9781554532803
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Willow speaks, her words slip out as soft and shy as a secret At school, her barely audible whisper causes her no end of troubles But Willow is as resourceful as she is quiet, and she fashions a magic microphone from items she finds in the recycling bin But Willow s clever invention is only a temporary solution How will this quiet little girl make herself heard

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      478 Lana Button Tania Howells
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    One thought on “Willow's Whispers

    1. Martine on said:

      Reminds me of myself when I was a kid. As the youngest in my family I had problems making myself heard over the loud and laughing voices of my older sisters.

    2. Melissa Ortega on said:

      Willow's Whispers is a book pertaining to the main character Willow struggling to speak up, putting her shyness on the spotlight. Throughout the book it shows various scenes of Willow trying to get her voice out but struggles and is unheard by everyone even her teacher. But coming to her home, her dad comforts her and encourages her to be nothing less than herself. Which results in Willow creating an invention to be heard and is a success until it breaks apart. But by then Willow says no more an [...]

    3. Sarah Grace on said:

      Willow’s Whisper is about a little girl who is shy and doesn’t speak up in class. Everyone talks over her and no one listens to her when she talks. She gets really sad that the teacher and her peers don’t listen to her and pick her for activities or being the line leader. After a while, Willow decides that she is going to get out of her comfort zone and be loud. She uses a cone that helps her speak up and she ends up so happy. The major theme in this book is that not everyone is loud and o [...]

    4. Carrie on said:

      Understanding fathers, a creative girl who finds her courage, and words of different sizes (volumes!) make for an enjoyable book.

    5. Tasha on said:

      Willow’s voice was never any louder than a whisper. She wished it were louder because no one in her class could hear her speak. She got the wrong juice at snack, couldn’t tell others that she was playing with the toys, and never got picked as line leader because she couldn’t speak up. Her father knew that her voice was inside her and would find its way out. The next morning, Willow got up and made a magic microphone. When she spoke into it, her voice was strong and loud. She could speak to [...]

    6. Nielson on said:

      This is a sweet story about a little girl named Willow whose voice is never louder than a whisper. Because no one can hear what she is saying, she never gets what she asks for at school. After her dad gives her some encouraging words at night, she comes up with a plan.a MAGIC MICROPHONE! She tries it out the next day and it works! Everyone can hear Willow so she gets apple juice instead of orange juice; she gets to be the line leader finally! But all of her excitement at being heard comes crashi [...]

    7. Patricia Tilton on said:

      Lana Button has written a powerful book for shy children. I like how the font in the text becomes very tiny every time Willow speaks to exaggerate Willows painfully shy voice. I love that Willow is so desperate to have friends and participate in school activities, that she tries to find a solution to help herself. She makes the magic microphone and practices so that she can project her voice. This is an excellent book to read in the classroom because many children will relate to Willow and it te [...]

    8. Victoria McDonald on said:

      This was a book about a little girl who can't help but whisper. She gets discouraged that a lot of people can't hear what she says and she looks for a solution to make her speak louder. Eventually, she speaks louder all on her own. This story shares a message of perseverance. Willow tries and tries until she can find a way to speak louder. I think this story is relatable to kids because even I used to make a microphone out of a toilet paper roll. It is a cool little story about a kid who is tryi [...]

    9. Margo Tanenbaum on said:

      This is a very well-done book about a shy little girl whose words always come out in whispers, leading to a whole host of troubles at school, including having to drink orange juice at snack when she really wants apple juice, just because no one can hear her. When Willow makes a magic microphone out of materials from the recycling bin, her problems are temporarily solved--until the microphone falls apart. In the end, Willow learns to make herself heard. The book features charming, very simple but [...]

    10. Green Bean on said:

      Shy Willow has trouble speaking up and letting her wishes and needs be heard by others. As a result, she often finds herself overlooked and left out at school. To solve her problem Willow creates a magic microphone that helps her project her voice and gain confidence. When her microphone breaks, however, Willow must reach for her growing inner-strength to express herself on her own and conquer her shyness.Willow’s Whispers is a perfect book to encourage shy children to find their voice.

    11. Jo on said:

      Willow's words come out only in whispers which creates many problems for her at school, until Willow comes up with a way to make her words come out loud. (A nod to recycling here, yay!) Willow's plan is only a temporary fix though and Willow must find another way to have her voice heard.Oh this was just too cute. I was drawn to this book because it reminded me a lot of myself when I was little. It's such a great book for shy, quiet children and just might help them find their own voice.Very simp [...]

    12. Jen on said:

      Willow is a very quiet kindergarten-aged girl who hasn't quite found her voice yet. She finds herself frustrated by her inability to make her wants and needs heard, but with a little creativity and a lot of bravery she ultimately finds her voice. The illustrations are very simple and childlike, but use line-drawings and bright, solid colours to good effect. Sidebar: This is the only story, in my 8 years as an elementary librarian, for which I have ever received a standing ovation and immediate r [...]

    13. Michelle Smith on said:

      The BEST book for shy children, especially those 3-8 ears old. The technique in the book is also a great activity for teachers to do with their class at the beginning of the year when they may still have jitters. This book reminds me of my super shy daughter whom was taught sign language in pre-k to make sure she went to the restroom when she needed to. Such a cute book with such wonderful pictures. I will definitely recommend this to my fellow teachers!

    14. Marie on said:

      This is a gentle book for all those young people who want to be part of things but are just too shy to speak up. I particularly like the loving, supportive way her father understands Willow, his explanation of why she speaks in whispers, and his steady certainty that one day she will find her big voice.

    15. Nancy on said:

      Willow's words always come out in whispers. At school she just can't seem to make her wishes heard. Finally, she gets the idea of making a Magic Microphone so she can be heard. It works at first, but when it breaks, Willow discovers she has an even better solution. This was a book about a brave and creative student who overcame her problems. A hit with our students!

    16. Tasasha Battle on said:

      This book is about a little girl named Willow who has the smallest and softest voice. She wants to interact with other students, but cannot seem to find her loud voice. This book can show students the effect of font size when writing. It can create a voice within the reader from the character. Also, this can help the reader become part of the story and the feelings of Willow.

    17. Kate Hastings on said:

      Pre-K to Grade 2. Willow is so shy, she can barely talk above a whisper. As a result, things don't always go the way she wants them too. She gets stuck with orange juice instead of apple juice, sits by herself and gets left out of classroom activities. But with the help of a toilet paper tube (her microphone!)-- Willow learns to speak up and be heard.

    18. Cindy on said:

      I LOVED this book. Willow speaks so softly at school that no one hears her, not even her own teacher, who pours her orange juice and Willow asks for apple juice in her whisper. At home, Willow's father knows his child's whispers and doesn't ask "What?" or "Pardon?" He hears her clearly and tells her that one day her her "big, strong voice" will come out and it does.

    19. Kelly Triplett on said:

      Confidence, courage, shyness, and friendship are some of the lessons that can be enhanced with a reading of this book. Everyone feels a little shy or intimidated at one time or another, this story allows its readers to see this feeling is not uncommon. Great story for the beginning of the school year.

    20. Nance on said:

      A little preachy with illustrations that were too simplistic. I also thought the text placement and organization could have been better, although I liked the different sized font to symbolize volume.

    21. Jazmyne Henry on said:

      Willow is a young girl with a soft voice who has a a lot of trouble speaking up for herself. So one day she created a magic microphone that allows everyone to hear her soft voice. This book can be used to show tone and affliction.

    22. Emily Metroka on said:

      Cute little book, although my only issue is that they could have made the destruction of her magic microphone a little bit more realistic. I mean she dropped the cardboard tube and it crumpled? I feel like she should have dropped it and someone accidentally stepped on it. Other than that - cute.

    23. Hope on said:

      Cute lesson. We loved that the tube was not the ultimate answer but a step along the way. Loved the exchange between Willow and her papa. Simple, sweet illustrations. We think this would make a cute Pixar short.

    24. Randie D. Camp, M.S. on said:

      Willow has a shy quiet voice and it causes some problems at school. She creates a magic microphone to help others hear her, but will it be enough?Probably not interesting enough for all children, but it might give the shy kiddos some hope or a character to relate to.

    25. Faith Tydings on said:

      Sweet little story of a sweet little girl who is trying to find her voice in a big, scary world.

    26. Megan on said:

      Willow always talks in a whisper and has trouble being heard. Until she decides she really wants to be line leader and finds her voice.

    27. Danielle Mootz on said:

      My kids and I won another Willow book in a giveaway and we were so happy to find this book in the library. Sweet story of Willow finding her voice.

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