Hooked: A Thriller About Love and Other Addictions

Matt Richtel

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Hooked: A Thriller About Love and Other Addictions

Hooked A Thriller About Love and Other Addictions Nat Idle a San Francisco writer with a medical degree narrowly survives an explosion in an Internet caf after a stranger hands him a note warning him to exit immediately The handwriting on the note

  • Title: Hooked: A Thriller About Love and Other Addictions
  • Author: Matt Richtel
  • ISBN: 9780446197083
  • Page: 144
  • Format: ebook
  • Nat Idle, a San Francisco writer with a medical degree, narrowly survives an explosion in an Internet caf after a stranger hands him a note warning him to exit immediately.The handwriting on the note belongs to his deceased girlfriend, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist whom he has obsessively been mourning So begins HOOKED, a pop thriller for the Internet Age, writtenNat Idle, a San Francisco writer with a medical degree, narrowly survives an explosion in an Internet caf after a stranger hands him a note warning him to exit immediately.The handwriting on the note belongs to his deceased girlfriend, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist whom he has obsessively been mourning So begins HOOKED, a pop thriller for the Internet Age, written with the force of an adrenaline rush and the pace of an intimate email dispatch you can t stop reading Each chapter of this novel will keep readers hooked as Nat Idle searches for the love of his life in the midst of manipulation and conspiracy.

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      144 Matt Richtel
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    One thought on “Hooked: A Thriller About Love and Other Addictions

    1. Murray Stokely on said:

      Matt came to Google last week and read from this book and explained some of his experience in writing his first novel. He produced a gripping thriller thoroughly set in the San Francisco Bay Area with obligatory trips to Palo Alto, Lake Tahoe, and Vegas that will be familiar to any to any bay area denizens.The story is engaging and gripping in the way that a Michael Chrichton book is. The similarity also includes the way in which one has to suspend disbelief at a few plot points with thoroughly [...]

    2. Chuckell on said:

      "As we drove to the station, I found my thoughts turn distant--to another time when confusion and anger had visited in its purest form.""Work and life took on a rhythm, and an honesty.""Her father was fascinated by capitalist seduction.""I felt a blush of admonition drench my skin.""The heavy grog of hangover encircled my brain."Turn to any page and you'll be assaulted by painfully overwrought prose as the dim, dull narrator slogs around Northern California trying to solve a most unmysterious my [...]

    3. Heather on said:

      set in silicon valley? a mystery about reporting, technical geekery and love? sign me up!these things must be the only reasons i kept reading. glimmers of humor helped too, but frankly, this story never got off the ground. it muddled its way to an unsatisfactory ending, so much that i flipped the last page around a couple of times. really? that's the end? sheesh.

    4. Jeffrey Schoenberger on said:

      Better than talking to myself for 8 hours in car. How much better? If I'd had a sock puppet, the two would be dead even.

    5. Corey on said:

      I think this book sucked. I honestly could have written a better book. How did this get published? I award this book zero stars.

    6. Michelle on said:

      I don't usually read novels like this, kind of a movie mystery type of story. It was interesting enough and I was able to finish it in a reasonable amount of time. The story is not too convoluted, easy to follow, keeps you guessing and has a good amount of mystery and plot to it. Takes an interesting spin on addiction to technology.

    7. Katy on said:

      This was a strange book. While I like noir type of plots, this one was weird. I wonder why I bothered to finish it.

    8. Grant on said:

      I enjoyed the story and the author's characters. I could feel the angst of the lead character, but it never got syrupy or maudlin. Give it a try!

    9. Susan on said:

      Too poorly written to read. The review sounded great but was entirely undeserved.

    10. James Piper on said:

      Rather pedestrian for a thriller. Few thrills. Short on suspense. No big reveals or twists.

    11. Kerrfunk on said:

      One. It was hard to distinguish between secondary characters ANNIE and ANDY on this audio book. I mighta changed Andy to Andrew or Drew just to help.Two. The story was okay not great. A couple twists, and some predictable action.Three. At times the story was clunky. Could be because it was abridged?Four. There were some parts I found just didn't work. Without giving anything away, there were some physical traumas that just didn't work, and even some of Annie's story just didn't fit.

    12. Onceinabluemoon on said:

      3.5 I actually liked this, first it's local and second I liked the topic, something that should be bounced about.

    13. Clarice Streets on said:

      This one was on the cusp of “too terrible to finish”, but it was such an easy read and there was just enough (albeit cheesy)drama that I got through it.

    14. Monique on said:

      Okay so been away for awhile and I blame my new responsibility of helping a darling twelve year old find great books and this book dragging on and onI wanted so much to like this book as it was a recommendation by a good librarian friend of mine but alas I could not get with itI would put it down for days and days and not remember or care what was happening and had to literally force myself to finish itbut I did and again was not impressedThis is the story of Nat Idle a medical school graduate t [...]

    15. Drew on said:

      I was "hooked" on this book after the first chapter- Nat, a medical school graduate turned medical journalist receives a warning, a note dropped on his table at a cafe, to get out. When he does leave, the cafe explodes, killing several and wounding even more. Stranger still is the fact that the note dropped on his table is from his former girlfriend- who supposedly died several years before.[return]Now, he's being watched by the police as a possible suspect in the bombing, along with another vic [...]

    16. LJ on said:

      HOOKED (Thriller-Nate Idle-Silicon Valley, CA –Cont) - PoorRichtel, Matt – 1st bookTwelve, 2007, US Hardcover – ISBN: 9780446580083First Sentence: I’m guessing that the moment that you life begins to unravel is often unceremonious—heralded by a whimper.*** Medical journalist Nat Idle is a sitting in a San Francisco café having a cup of coffee when his dead girlfriend hand him a note telling him to get out of the café, NOW. When he goes after her, the café explodes. Nat’s search ta [...]

    17. Donovan on said:

      I can't say I was "hooked" from the first page, but once this book got rolling it was hard to put down. Each chapter was only a few pages, so it was easy to read a couple of chapters every night.Set in Silicon Valley, this book keeps you guessing until the last chapter. You think you know who the good guys are, only to have it flipped on you, then flipped again, and then again. The main character, a medical school graduate who decides he doesn't want to be a doctor and ends up a journalist, find [...]

    18. DW on said:

      I was trying so hard not to give this book a five, and it certainly isn't my most favorite book I ever read, but I enjoyed this book so much. It was amazingly thought provoking and the subjects/ideas within were incredible. The author picked such a unique topic (not disclosing), blended it with a common theme (love/relationships) and produced a work of fiction that was strange and witty and kept you wondering 'what is going to happen' and 'how does it all make sense'. In fact, the last line of a [...]

    19. Smez on said:

      The plot is strange and differentat's why I kept reading. The main dilemma is a bit silly, though it stems from interesting observations about technology. The book had enough unexpected moments to be an ok mystery, but I wouldn't call it a thriller. Also, I could have done without the sappy love parts in the book, but I suppose it is relevant to the whole story in a way.This is one of those authors who likes to use a mix of verbs/adj in a humorous and clever way, mostly when describing things. I [...]

    20. Kimm on said:

      I liked this book, with its suspense-filled momentum, but the ending was weak. I expected more of an explanation as to how the narrator got himself out of trouble, though I suspect it had to do with his techie friend's copy of the hard drive and the recorded confrontation at the end. But seriously, that part could have been explained better, and in a fashion more consistent with the rest of the book. I also didn't like the "redisappearance" of Annie, the "loving" venture capitalist that the stor [...]

    21. Victoria on said:

      This turned out to be a fast-paced and fun techno-thriller, with enough twists and turns to the plot to make it quite unpredictable. While a non-computer-person may not be the ideal audience for this book, I still found the “evil” technology to be pretty interesting. The characters were more fleshed out than your average thriller, and I particularly liked Annie’s character. The central relationship also was rather fascinating. Though some technology and Internet slang feels forced in other [...]

    22. Brian Ayres on said:

      For fans of thrillers, it does not get much better than Ricthel's technological/psychological work that borders on a masterpiece for the genre. Ricthel's knowledge of the dot era in Silicon Valley, mixed with insights into science of the mind, gives Hooked that depth and weight beyond simple entertrainment. There is a message to the book, and that might be get off these computers while you still have a brain.

    23. Marisa on said:

      Matt picked this up at the library on audiobook. I had a short-notice trip come up for work and just grabbed it for something to listen to on the way there and back this book is hilariously ridiculous. I am about 2/3 of the way through and it is terribly written but now I must finish because I must know how it ends!Yes just don't waste your time! Not especially terrible, but there are an untold number of better books out there.

    24. Michelle on said:

      The story itself is just alright, but the premise is fantastic and a bit scaryances are if you are reading this, you spend a pretty decent amount of time online. How dependent and possibly addicted humans have become to technology is a central theme in this thriller. That resonates more than anything else and is probably all I remember next month, but it is enough to make me feel slightly uncomfortable as I type this.

    25. Judy on said:

      This was a disappointing book. It started off interestingly enough, and I wondered why I hadn't heard more of this author. I did enjoy that is was based in San Francisco area. But the writing is wordy and rambled on about the protagonist's love. Then it became a bit weird focusing on how technology is ruling people's lives and can even be made to control people. I did finish the audio book, but don't think I'll try any of Richtel's other books.

    26. Tonia on said:

      I read this book quickly in three days. An interesting story that leads you in one direction and then continues to surprise you in every chapter. I thought I was able to pick up on a few hints as to what was going to happen with the plot, but the writing led me down different paths than I was expecting. So as not to ruin the book, the actual secret that is revealed at the end of the book appealed to my love of psychology and human interaction influenced by technology. Great read!

    27. Jessica on said:

      A very intriguing premise, but the flat characters keep this one from fulfilling the promise of the idea. The events seem so divorced from the characters that it's almost as if they're happening to another set of characters not featured in the book. Combined with a ridiculously implausible ending, and it just never comes together.

    28. Sarah Emily on said:

      I picked up the audio book at a used bookstore and listened to it when I went running. It was barely compelling enough to keep me from stopping it completely (not having another audio book on my iPhone may have also had something to do with it) and was unbelievably cheesy. Definitely know why it was on sale!

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