Decimation: X-Men - The 198

David Hine Kevin Conrad Jim Muniz

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Decimation: X-Men - The 198

Decimation X Men The The unthinkable has happened in the Marvel Universe In the blink of an eye the whole world has changed In this new world order Xavier s School becomes a haven for those that are different But has th

  • Title: Decimation: X-Men - The 198
  • Author: David Hine Kevin Conrad Jim Muniz
  • ISBN: 9780785119944
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • The unthinkable has happened in the Marvel Universe In the blink of an eye, the whole world has changed In this new world order, Xavier s School becomes a haven for those that are different But has this former sanctuary become the one place most dangerous for mutants Collects X Men The 198 1 5 and X Men The 198 Files.

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      149 David Hine Kevin Conrad Jim Muniz
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    One thought on “Decimation: X-Men - The 198

    1. Adriii on said:

      Es interesante el tono político que lo ocurrido en Dinastía de M ha inyectado en la historia, y aquí queda patente con ese planteamiento represivo de la situación desde dentro y desde fuera. El problema es que apenas rascan la superficie del tipo de historias dramáticas e interesantes que podría darnos el arrebato de la Bruja Escarlata; en lugar de dejarlo en el aspecto funcional de reducir el universo mutante podrían de paso haber desarrollando historias como la de Magma y Émpata, conse [...]

    2. Matt Piechocinski on said:

      Considering this was a mini it was going a-okay until the end, where it ended with a dud. I mean, who was the dude with the Cthulu thing in his chest? John Dee? Why wasn't he in the files in the back he could make little totems of people and control them? Lame-o.

    3. Craig on said:

      Continuing the (sometimes) great x-read of 2017Since I am at the very tail end of 2017 and I haven't updated my reading in quite a while so I am "cheating" and just kind of writing one review for all of the volumes that I have read so that I can get them up by the end of the year.The aftermath of M day has been mixed to say the least. There were a few high points (Cable and Deadpool, the 198, the beginning of the new X-factor series and more than a fair share of low points (the new Excalibur, Co [...]

    4. Alexandria on said:

      I found this collection somewhat interesting, though I couldn't quite seem to get into it. I ordered it as a follow-up to House of M, but I think I must have missed part of the story somewhere, as this only seems to pick up with a few of the characters and does not address the big cliff hanger at the end of House of M. On its own it was marginally interesting, but I was a little frustrated with the overall story as well as its relation to House of M.

    5. Will Robinson Jr. on said:

      The X-men are the good guys, Right? Straight out of the House of M event writer David Hind gives us a pretty good X-men story. The artwork was handle quite well and really lends it self to the story. Basically after the mutants start losing the powers after the House of M event the US government decides with the aid of the Xavier School for the gifted to quarantine the surviving mutants for their own protection as Mutant hate groups take advantage of the situation. To make matters worse the X-me [...]

    6. M on said:

      In the wake of the Decimation - the massive event that stripped most of the world's mutants of their powers, the remaining members are discovering how to live in an X-gene depleted universe. Setting up camps on the front lawn of the Xavier Institute, scores of still powered mutants have formed a camp jokingly called the 198 - the number of still-powered mutants left. As former villains (Toad, Mammomax, Erg, etc.), former heroes (Magma, Empath, Outlaw, etc.), and unaffiliated characters (Lorelei, [...]

    7. Feather Mista on said:

      En este comic surgen un par de los tantos problemas que pueden tener los comics-franquicia como X-Men y derivados: La historia no está mal escrita, los dibujos zafan bastante y (la mayoría de) los personajes tienen cierta gracia. Pero el contexto es tan boludo, poco verosímil y contradictorio que no disfruté un comino.¿Ahora quedan sólo 198 mutantes (¿En todo el mundo? ¿En Estados Unidos?) y casualmente la mayoría de los personajes populares no perdieron sus habilidades? ¿No se les ocu [...]

    8. Praxedes on said:

      [N.B. I actually read the fifty-six or so comics that form part of the "Decimation Canon" in order to craft this review, which includes this title and the rest]. This was a very good --not great-- sequel to House of M: documenting what happens to the Earth's mutant population hen they lose their powers due to the Scarlet Witch's misstep . I enjoyed the artwork and the general story, but pray tell: how come our favorite characters (Cyclops, Wolverine, etc.) retain their powers while a bunch of re [...]

    9. Heather Sinclair on said:

      The depowering of mutants after M-day was a positive thing for the marvel universe, but definitely not because of series like this. Ignoring the opportunity to get rid of the overpopulation of silly, bizzare, or useless mutants that littered the 616 universe, we're treated to the likes of giant-elephant-superpower mutants and random omega-level mutants. This would be forgivable if the story was good, but instead we're treated to heavy-handed historical parallels (yes, there's a holocaust compari [...]

    10. Davy on said:

      The 198 is a mythical number in Mutant-history so I had some high expectations about this comic, but it was dissapointing. I didn't learn much more about the aftermath of the Scarlet Witch's "no more mutants". Most of the mutants who didn't lose their powers seek refugee at Xavier's school. But most of the characters are not really interesting. More and more the refugee becomes like a prison. The main storyline is about 1 very powerful mutant, Mister M, and the way he acts/reacts to this situati [...]

    11. Christian Smith on said:

      Problems/plot holes:1. When Johnny D was controlling many of the mutants or off campus near the conclusion of the story, he was pretty much all alone back at the grounds. Why didn't somebody go "wow we're all over here and then we got back he was like the only one over there and so maybe he was up to something" not only this but didn't they know what his powers did did they think his chest was just a random octopus didn't they know he could control people if so would he be a suspect at all.

    12. Elizabeth on said:

      Messiah-type story in the wake of M-Day. Shows how the X-Men are very bad at actually protecting mutants and very good at being co-opted by authority into overseeing mutant concentration camps and a slow slide to genocide. But . . . we're the good guys, right? It's all for the best, right? Actually really enjoyable.

    13. Carles Muñoz Miralles on said:

      Flojísimo tomo que nos presenta el estado de los mutantes más desfavorecidos después del Día M. Lo único interesante es que aparezcan Émpata y Magma, aunque da lástima ver que los antiguos compañeros de esta última pasan completamente de ella y no la ayudan en nada (vamos, que ni por asomo aparecen los Nuevos Mutantes en el tomo).

    14. Oliver Hodson on said:

      I thought it balanced the idea of the relationships of the survivors really well with the mystery of john dee, although it would have been a much more satisfying tale if that had been resolved in this series.

    15. M.i. on said:

      I feel like this book needed more room to fully flesh out what it was getting at. The topic of mutants losing their right and being herded together in internment camp type scenarios is definitely compelling, but the whodunit? type nature of the other half of story drags it into another territory.

    16. Mitchell on said:

      Pretty awesome story following the end of most mutankind. Followed by a pretty lame cataloging of the "198" mutants left. It's too bad because the story was well written and drawn and left me wanting more. And the catalog was just boring.

    17. James Rodrigues on said:

      An alright tale which takes a look at characters other than the main ones. Unfortunately, there's little worth remembering or returning to, and it ends pretty much with a thud.

    18. La Revistería Comics on said:

      Los 198 que quedaron después del Día M, analizados, recopilados y diseccionados para su gusto, en este relativo epílogo al "Distrito-X" de Hine.

    19. Mairi on said:

      A decent story about the aftermath of House of M/Decimation. However, Mr. M and John Dee play very important roles, and are both underdeveloped in terms of motivations (or even abilities).

    20. Anie Things on said:

      no esta mal, sirve para explicar que es lo que pasó con los que quedaron despues del dia M

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