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Carlos Sampayo José Muñoz

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Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday Billie ten a la autoridad de haber vivido intensamente las cinco d cadas que le fueron asignadas en la Tierra pero su desventura nunca se pareci al fracaso porque la Holiday transform las penas del c

  • Title: Billie Holiday
  • Author: Carlos Sampayo José Muñoz
  • ISBN: 9789872351809
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • Billie ten a la autoridad de haber vivido intensamente las cinco d cadas que le fueron asignadas en la Tierra pero su desventura nunca se pareci al fracaso, porque la Holiday transform las penas del coraz n y las zancadillas del destino en interpretaciones que conmueven por su serena dignidad, sa que se construye d a a d a, a fuerza de levantarse despu s de cada ca da Billie ten a la autoridad de haber vivido intensamente las cinco d cadas que le fueron asignadas en la Tierra pero su desventura nunca se pareci al fracaso, porque la Holiday transform las penas del coraz n y las zancadillas del destino en interpretaciones que conmueven por su serena dignidad, sa que se construye d a a d a, a fuerza de levantarse despu s de cada ca da l pr logo de Alfredo Rosso.

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      482 Carlos Sampayo José Muñoz
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    One thought on “Billie Holiday

    1. David Schaafsma on said:

      Billie Holiday, by Argentinian Carlos Sampayo and artist José Muñoz is a graphic memoir in the NBM Graphic biography series that also includes works about Marie Antoinette, Glenn Gould and Elvis. The high quality of the production distinguishes this from other, similar projects. It’s beautifully rendered in black and white block prints, with an (uneven) angry and adulatory introduction by Francis Marmande, a writer and journalist for Le Monde. It also includes a section of full page worldles [...]

    2. Chessa on said:

      Whoo boy, this was dark. Not that easy to follow the panels or story? It flashed back and forth in time, and though the black and white art was really cool it was not always the easiest to tell what was happening. A short biography of Billie Holiday, mostly dwelling on drugs, drinking, rape, humiliation. Hard to read in multiple ways.

    3. Raisu on said:

      What a waste of a fascinating subject matter. Scattered and unfocused, the comic spends too much time on the framing narrative and not enough on the Lady Day herself. She remains a cipher: the sufferer, the voice, but not a person.

    4. Amy Nicole on said:

      This story was really raw and graphic. If you can get past the introduction chapter (which is like trudging through molasses made of strange tense changes, random lyrical metaphors, the author informally referring to herself and the reader as “us”, and tangents of random facts thrown in with no explanation), then you find a really graphic depiction all the ways that Billie Holiday was raped, tortured, and victimized by the people in her life, told in a graphic novel format. So, on the one ha [...]

    5. Kurt on said:

      Not a comprehensive biography, just a graphic sketch that dwells predominantly on the negative (drugs, cruel men, racist cops, etc.), her suffering which informed her art. Her relationship with Lester Young is portrayed as well. Excellent art by Munoz, and an afterword by Stanley Crouch.

    6. Laura on said:

      The first thing you should know about Billie Holiday, is , that although she was famous, she was black, and a woman, and those were two things that were hard in the 20th century. And this graphic novel hits on all the depressing bits of her life. From her love life, to her drugs, to her tragic death. There are no bright spots, or very few. This is a depressing look at a depressing life.Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review

    7. Stacie C on said:

      I was really interested in seeing an artistic/graphic depiction of Billie Holiday’s life. I’m not sure if that’s what I go with this book. Yes, the visuals were very graphic and I liked the juxtaposition with the narrative moving between Billie Holiday and the reporter reporting on the 30th anniversary of her death, but outside of that the story seemed to me to be lacking. There wasn’t enough being said about the type of person Billie Holiday was and more spent on the image of Billie Hol [...]

    8. kubby on said:

      i had mixed feelings about this one. i quite liked the artwork, but what was chosen to be portrayed made me wonder: numerous scenes of her being put down or taken advantage of. it's no wonder lady sang the blues.

    9. Rui Alves de Sousa on said:

      Não é um biopic e peca por se centrar demasiado numa estética confusa. A narrativa até poderia ser mais interessante, ao cruzar duas histórias consistentes que não se cruzam com a de Holliday, mas que por ela são influenciados. Uma homenagem curiosa, mas não é mais do que isso.

    10. Wayne McCoy on said:

      'Billie Holiday' by Carlos Sampayo and José Muñoz is a graphic novel about the famous jazz singer. She didn't have a picturesque life, and this book doesn't flinch from that.The book begins with an essay by Francis Marmande, a writer and journalist for Le Monde. The graphic novel has a framing story of a journalist doing a story on the 30th anniversary of Billie's death. What follows is not a complete story of her life, and it's certainly not a happy one. Billie had her own problems with drugs [...]

    11. Jeimy on said:

      This is a graphic novel does not shy away from the abuse Holiday faced during her brief life. The premise consists of a reporter doing a story about her life for the 50th anniversary of her death. What we get are snippets on how men used and abused the singer. While I enjoyed reading it, I would have appreciated a more nuanced view of the singer's life.

    12. Micheline on said:

      Going into this you should be very aware that Billie Holiday lead a hard and tragic life. It's not something that could or should be left out of any telling of her life. The problem I had with this telling is that it focuses solely only on the horrific abuses that she endured. I feel like we could hear more about her music and relationships without loosing the rawness of her reality. I also had a hard time with the art style. The heavy, blocky art made it hard for me to differentiate changes in [...]

    13. David on said:

      Not a straight ahead biography, which is a shame, but a stylish mini-bio by two of the world's best comic book creators. Billie Holiday's life is still waiting for a fully developed visual treatment. (It's interesting to note how different this book and the Diana Ross movie are from each other).

    14. John Plowright on said:

      Billie Holliday (born Eleanora Fagan, on 7 April 1915) had teenage parents and experienced a childhood of poverty and abuse. ‘Billie Holiday’ by writer Carlos Sampayo and artist Jose Muñoz starts with an introduction charting her life by French journalist Francis Marmande. Even allowing for very poor translation his is one of the worst pieces of writing – both prolix and pretentious – that I’ve encountered. The opening sentence gives you a taste:“Let’s forget for a moment, please, [...]

    15. Helen on said:

      Originally posted on HellyReadsI read this whilst listening to Billie Holiday sing like an angel. Such an amazing voice setting the backdrop for me to learn about her life in this absolutely stunning graphic biography.Told as a story of a journalist writing an article about her to commemorate the anniversary of her death, it tells of her struggles with alcohol, drugs, men, the police and racism.Parts of her story made me so sad, others angry. It is amazing that a person who had lived through so [...]

    16. Erin Anderson on said:

      The positive: I learned a lot about Billie Holiday in a fast, unflinching take of the highs & lows (mostly lows). The graphic novel format meant I could actually see this icon treated so miserably in an overtly racist & sexist America, which was painful but powerful. The negative: The framing was so confusing. Why come at from a reporter-on-deadline angle instead of doing a straight bio? And why set that reporter in the 90s instead of now? And even if you have to have the reporter, why d [...]

    17. Maia on said:

      Jose Munoz and Carlos Sampayo tell a bold but fragmented tale of Billie Holiday juxtaposing some of her finest moments with some of her darkest ones. A reporter writing a story on the 30 year anniversary of her death digs through notes and remembrances, finding her lovers, her addition, her genius. The heavy black and white give the whole book a noir feel, with lyrics interspersed in a sharp spiky text.

    18. Meaghan Steeves on said:

      The art style is striking and the narrative a very interesting way of looking at Billie's life. My only regret is that it wasn't longer. I should have read "The Lady Sings the Blues" first. Maybe I'll read that and give this another go.

    19. Kristine on said:

      Billie Holiday by Carlos Sampayo is a free NetGalley e-comicbook that I read in late May.A very quick, but striking comic that jumps between a reporter writing about Billie Holiday and Lady Day's life told in discriminating, vice-filled, yet strangely emotive black ink woodcut.

    20. Martha Curtis on said:

      Graphic novel. The book is all done in black in white. Very sad. Although a great Jazz singer, Billie Holiday had a very hard life. She fell into the spell of alcohol and drugs. Holiday was banned from appearing in cabarets/clubs in New York City.

    21. Kevin Summers on said:

      This graphic novel focuses on very unpleasant aspects of Billie Holiday's life. I don't understand the authors' intent.

    22. Danielle on said:

      The narrative was very difficult to follow. It made me want to read a more formal biography, because this only gave me bits and pieces.

    23. Rich on said:

      Maybe i loved it more because i was listening to Lady Day while i read such a sad story, such a beautiful voice.

    24. wildct2003 on said:

      OK for mood and experiences, not too good for storytelling. Did not care for the pictures. Liked the intro.

    25. Krystal on said:

      Exploring this graphic novel was an interesting experience, as it shed light on such an iconic musical genius, while illustrating her resilience amid shadows of white supremacy, misogyny, etc.

    26. Matti Karjalainen on said:

      Carlos Sampayon ja José Muñozin "Billie Holiday" (WSOY, 1992) on sarjakuva-albumi kuuluisan jazzlaulajan traagisesta elämästä, jota sävyttivät niin päihderiippuvuus, hyväksikäyttö kuin rasismi. Kiinnostavasta aihe, mutta kaikesta huolimatta tummanpuhuvan albumin kohdehenkilö tuntui jäävän vähän kaukaiseksi. Elämäkerrallinen sarjakuva ei ole helppo tyylilaji.

    27. Mariano Lastiri on said:

      Me decepcionó bastante. No porque no tuviera los condimentos que más me gustan de este gran dúo de autores franco-argentinos, sino porque hubo aspectos en la extensión, la gráfica y la narrativa que le jugaron en contra.Sampayo sigue con uno de sus focos narrativas favoritos cuando se trata de adaptar biopics en las viñetas: Pensar al personaje desde una suerte de debate entre la figura mítica y la documentada/realista.El problema es que con apenas 48 páginas, casi no hay espacio para de [...]

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