SEALed with a Ring

Mary-Margret Daughtridge

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SEALed with a Ring

SEALed with a Ring Sometimes you get a lot than you bargained forShe s got it allexcept the one thing she needs most Smart successful businesswoman JJ Caruthers has a year to land a husband or lose the empire she s wor

  • Title: SEALed with a Ring
  • Author: Mary-Margret Daughtridge
  • ISBN: 9781402236983
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sometimes you get a lot than you bargained forShe s got it allexcept the one thing she needs most.Smart, successful businesswoman JJ Caruthers has a year to land a husband or lose the empire she s worked so hard to build With time running out, romance is not an option, and a military husband who is always on the road begins to look like the perfect solutionSometimes you get a lot than you bargained forShe s got it allexcept the one thing she needs most.Smart, successful businesswoman JJ Caruthers has a year to land a husband or lose the empire she s worked so hard to build With time running out, romance is not an option, and a military husband who is always on the road begins to look like the perfect solution He s a wounded hero with an agenda of his own.Even with the scars of battle, Navy SEAL medic Davy Graziano is gorgeous enough to land any woman he wants, and he s never wanted to be tied down Now Davy has ulterior motives for accepting JJ s outrageous proposal of marriage, but he only has so long to figure out what JJ doesn t want him to know

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      157 Mary-Margret Daughtridge
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    One thought on “SEALed with a Ring

    1. Auntee on said:

      This book started out really strong for me--the hero (Navy SEAL (and medic) Davy Graziano) is attending his commanding officer's (Jax, from SEALed with a Kiss) wedding reception and he spies a gorgeous brunette (the heroine, JJ Caruthers) who he'd like to hook up with. Beautiful brunette JJ is reeling after receiving some info from her grandfather that could affect her whole future as heiress to the Caruthers car dealership that grandpa owns. JJ has devoted most of her life to learning the busin [...]

    2. Booklover1335 on said:

      JJ and Davy first meet at a wedding where they let their inhibitions go and spend a wild night of sexual indulgence together… not so new to Davy, but very uncharacteristic for JJ. Then both go their separate waysJJ to find a way to keep the car dealership that she feels is her family legacy, and has become the sole focus of her life, and Davy back to Afghanistan to serve his country as a SEAL.They meet again almost a year later at another wedding, but Davy doesn’t remember JJ. He is drawn to [...]

    3. Xenos on said:

      I had such high hopes for Mary Margret Daughtridge's "SEALed" series. Her first book, "SEALed With A Kiss", was fantastic! Couldn't wait to read the follow-up, "SEALed With A Promise". "Promise" was pretty good, but nothing to write home about. Yet given how good the first book was, I still had high hopes for the third installment, "SEALed With A Ring". *shaking head* Sadly, this series just gets worse and worse.The plot itself is old and staleIn order to inherit the family business from a grand [...]

    4. Jacqueline on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. It is the third in the series and is the best so far in my opinion. I loved the hero, David. He was a very real, very human character who made mistakes and grew and learned. The author did a good job making him a strong and sexy man who was also gentle while not being sickly sweet perfect. The heroine, JJ, was a strong woman who needed a strong man. Anyone less she would have just walked over. Still, she wasn't a ball breaker. She had fears and insecurities that her r [...]

    5. Kristina on said:

      I absolutely fell in love with this book! I loved the character building, the plot, and the suspense level! The author did a wonderful job of keeping the readers questioning Davy and and JJ's future. I personally love stories about servicemen. I have a soft spot for anyone who serves our country because I grew up with a veteran grandfather; sooooybe my opinion is biased but I thought Mary did a great job showing the dedication of a SEAL. Davy was a well built and multi-faceted character who made [...]

    6. Sara on said:

      The story here isn't all that bad. What I really had a problem with is the fact that there was not passion whatsoever in the book. Hell, I don't expect passion, but a little emotion would have been nice. It would have made the book go by faster. But i did like the characters, so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

    7. Sandy M on said:

      I read and reviewed Ms. Daughtridge’s first book, SEALed with a Kiss,and was very pleasantly surprised. Besides the usual ups and downs of a relationship nowadays, she gives her characters an added hardship of some kind that makes their lives even more real for the reader.In SwaK is was the hero’s son and their relationship, along with touching scenes between them, that burrowed into my heart. In SwaR the hero is wounded in action, comes home with injuries to overcome and scars to live with. [...]

    8. Mason on said:

      The sensuous book cover caught my eye, the blurb on the back pulled me in and the intriguing story held my attention until the end. Bewitching J.J. Caruthers is a smart, successful businesswoman who has it all and is about to lose everything.Sexy Davy Graziano is a Navy SEAL medic who has a way with the ladies and lives in the moment until his world is turned upside down.When these two collide at a wedding, one thing leads to another. After a night of mind-blowing sex, J.J. wakes realizing what [...]

    9. Wendy Keel on said:

      SEALED WITH A RING by Mary Margret Daughtridge is book 3 of her SEALED series, following SEALED WITH A KISS and SEALED WITH A PROMISE. First let me say that Mary Margret Daughtridge is an awesome lady from my home state of North Carolina. And I always ALWAYS try to support my local authors, now let me tell you about this great book. From the previous statement you may awesome I'd be baised, and that's probably true, if the books weren't so great. But this series is one of the best IMHO. SEALED W [...]

    10. SweetSue on said:

      It was good up until the very end which felt rushed. Read this back to back with Foster's Dash of Peril which has a very similar plot line - hero wins over tough, works-in-a-man's world heroine with steamy sex and good cooking. This was a MUCH better execution. David, even with a very serious injury, has a better sense of himself and understands how to be supportive without being whimpy. And JJ (Jane) is tough, closed off, and in-charge, but she is not one-dimensional.I read this one and didn't [...]

    11. Jill Dunlop on said:

      After JJ learns some very bad news from her lawyer, at a wedding no less and she runs into a handsome SEAL who is bound and determined to cheer her up. JJ impulsively accepts his offer of a night of passion. Even though it's the best sex of her life, she regrets her one night stand. A year passes and wouldn't you know it she runs into Davy at another wedding. Only Davy doesn't seem to remember the night they shared. The problem is JJ needs a husband if she is to keep her family's car business. T [...]

    12. Fyreball on said:

      Now, all done with #3. David (no more Davy after his last fight in the 'Stan) and JJ come together in Sealed with a Ring. Of the three, it's my least favorite as Davy is a jackass. He even says it about himself. Doesn't matter how pretty ya are, being a jackass ruins it for me. However. it's worth sticking with it because David still has Davy's charm without the arrogance. JJ is the only goddess of the three women in the bundle. She's a bit of a machine but that changes over the story, too. If t [...]

    13. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews on said:

      This Davy and JJ first meet at Pickett and Jax's wedding, they hook up and it's a night neither one can forget. Once problem, he doesn't know her name at all and she doesn't know his last name. Things occur in their lives that keep them from finding each other again. Fast forward a year later, they run into each other at Do-Lord and Emma's wedding. He doesn't remember JJ but she remembers him. He is instantly attracted to her. There were a couple of areas where I felt like there could have been [...]

    14. Kelli on said:

      This book was so romantic that I was constantly sighing through it. I really enjoyed that while this "Forced into Marriage" theme is sort of cliche' it wasn't at all. I honestly believed the characters and the situations seemed genuine. It was a surprise and a much needed breath of fresh air.Sometimes Romance novelist throw in lots of steam and sensuality but leave out the romance and sometimes there's lots of sweet moments and not a lot of heat but this was the perfect blend of romance and sex [...]

    15. Erin on said:

      After tearing through the 1st two books of the series, in two days, I eagerly downloaded SEALed with a Ring. From the start, I was disappointed in the characters. I wasn't overly enthused with Davy, who we met briefly in the previous book, but his character grew on me as he matured and recovered. On the other hand, I never felt any typed of affection or camaraderie with J.J She never felt real to me and at some points, I was routing for Davy to find someone else. This book just did not ring true [...]

    16. Donna on said:

      Every time I read Mary Margaret I think that hero is my favorite. These guys get under your skin and are as real as flesh and blood. Davy Graziano is perfect - in body, face and mind or is when JJ Caruthers meets him. But that last deployment spoils some things for him. And she's too embarrassed by their first meeting to look too closely at the changes. But for right now at least, they need each other. Since either have ever needed anyone before, it's a tough lesson to learn. Don't miss this one [...]

    17. Marianna on said:

      I got this book a year ago, and finally, today, I tried to read it. The first paragraph let me amend that statement, THE FIRST SENTENCE!!!! had me bored. Not good. I skimmed ahead to see if anything improved. Descriptions about perfect (but not really!!!! <---insert an earnest author voice here) people. Lengthy (dude) chatterings (as if a guy would natter on like that) about nothing important. Did not care to find out if there was anything interesting within the book.

    18. Rossana Snee on said:

      This book had a good story. The one thing for which I didn't care was that nothing was left to the imagination. It was, at times, like reading soft porn. I'm no prude but I prefer a story with more romance and less explicit sex. The book had some typos, not many, but it did take me out of the moment for a brief spell. This isn't the worst book of its kind I've read, and I admit I did enjoy a lot of it, but knowing what I know now, I would not have picked it off the shelf.

    19. Child960801 on said:

      I don't usually read books that are just romances, so this was a little different for me. I enjoyed it. The book was well written and the information about the SEALs was interesting. A young business woman is given an ultimatum: get married or lose everything. A young SEAL with a head injury might just be the answers to her problem.

    20. Christi Snow on said:

      4 1/2 stars. This book started off a bit slow with lots of descriptive writing that seemed to be bogging down the story, but then that seemed to clear up, or else I got so caught up in the amazing storyline that I simply stopped noticing it. This was a fantastic book with a really riveting storyline. I LOVED it!

    21. Stacy on said:

      10 stars. Loved it. David and JJ are so real. Daughtride did a fantastic job of bringing them and their story to life. I devour this 321 page book in 2 days. Every second I could grab, I was reading. I'm hooked and off now to find another one to download.You won't regret this one. I've read some mixed reviews and it just goes to show you how unique we all are.

    22. Sharon on said:

      An amazing story. I unplugged from the Internet just so I could read this book with no distractions. The story starts a bit slower than what I'm used to reading but the opening slowness is needed for the story. I've only read one other book that has affected me so poignantly. A life-affirming book.

    23. Heidi on said:

      Didn't quit enjoy this story as Jax and Pickett's. I skipped a lot of pages throughout the book. It took too long for their story to continue from the wedding at the beginning of the book. The first chapter was also very confusing. It wasn't clear whether JJ was in the past or the present.

    24. Deb on said:

      Wonderful storyJJ was pushed into marriage to save her business. She choose a seal for many reasons but as the story progresses those reasons begin to blur. Her life with David isn't what she thought it would be

    25. Rionita on said:

      A contemporary romance novel of flawed beings without in your face sex. can't help but hope for a happy ending.

    26. Mom on said:

      Downloaded to my Kindle, and text has spaces in words making it difficult reading, but the story was good.

    27. Wendy on said:

      Stopped reading it because the writing was way too wordy and detailed.

    28. Cherie Reeves on said:

      Trashy romance novel. Predictable. The only thing really developed about the characters in the story was their sex life.

    29. Annette Clair on said:

      Was very good, though at different points throughout became a little to chatty. Other than that, I enjoyed it a lot.

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