Het meten van de wereld

Daniel Kehlmann JacqFirmin Vogelaar

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Het meten van de wereld

Het meten van de wereld In Het meten van de wereld draait alles om twee mannen Alexander von Humboldt en Carl Friedrich Gau die onafhankelijk van elkaar het absurde plan hebben bedacht de wereld op te meten Alexander baan

  • Title: Het meten van de wereld
  • Author: Daniel Kehlmann JacqFirmin Vogelaar
  • ISBN: 9789041707635
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Het meten van de wereld draait alles om twee mannen, Alexander von Humboldt en Carl Friedrich Gau , die onafhankelijk van elkaar het absurde plan hebben bedacht de wereld op te meten Alexander baant zich een weg door jungle en woestijn vaart over de Orinoco, test gif uit op zichzelf, kruipt in de diepste spelonken, beklimt vulkanen en ontmoet kannibalen Wiskundige enIn Het meten van de wereld draait alles om twee mannen, Alexander von Humboldt en Carl Friedrich Gau , die onafhankelijk van elkaar het absurde plan hebben bedacht de wereld op te meten Alexander baant zich een weg door jungle en woestijn vaart over de Orinoco, test gif uit op zichzelf, kruipt in de diepste spelonken, beklimt vulkanen en ontmoet kannibalen Wiskundige en astronoom Carl kan niet zonder vrouwen leven, maar verlaat zelfs in zijn huwelijksnacht het bed om een formule te noteren Hij verkrijgt dezelfde resultaten als Alexander, maar dan zonder zijn geboorteplaats te verlaten.

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      320 Daniel Kehlmann JacqFirmin Vogelaar
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    One thought on “Het meten van de wereld

    1. Lisa on said:

      "I want to explore the world!" That is a quite common answer if you ask a group of motivated preteen students what they want to do when they grow up. Hungry little caterpillars, they eat their way through a mixed diet of knowledge and skills over the course of their education before entering the strange teenage cocoon stage when they can't be bothered with anything but their own physical and social development.As a teacher, you look at all these potential explorers, and their diverse approaches [...]

    2. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      Die Vermessung der Welt = Measuring the World, Daniel KehlmannMeasuring the World is a novel by German author Daniel Kehlmann, 2005 published by Rowohlt Verlag, Reinbek. The novel re-imagines the lives of German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss and German geographer Alexander von Humboldt—who was accompanied on his journeys by Aimé Bonpland—and their many groundbreaking ways of taking the world's measure, as well as Humboldt's and Bonpland's travels in America and their meeting in 1828. O [...]

    3. MohammedAli on said:

      تخرج من الإمتحان بعد ثلاث ساعات كاملة آلام في الرأس آلام في الكتفين من الوضع المنحني على الورقة آلام في العينين تذهب إلى أقرب زاوية لتبتعد عن الكلام تريد أن تستعيد تواجدك في العالم الحقيقي تدريجيا بعد أن كنت متواجدا في عالم الأرقام والمعادلات تسترخي قليلا محاولا إبعاد ن [...]

    4. BrokenTune on said:

      "It was both odd and injust, said Gauss, a real example of the pitiful arbitrariness of existence, that you were born into a particular time and held prisoner there whether you wanted it or not. It gave you an indecent advantage over the past and made you a clown vis-a-vis the future."I'm not sure what to make of this one: I didn't love it, I didn't hate it. It certainly was not what I expected.I do admire Kehlmann for trying a different angle on a historical novel about two eminent characters i [...]

    5. Giò on said:

      Non basta un’ideaBella pensata ha fatto il filosofo Daniel Kehlmann decidendo di scrivere un doppio romanzo sulla vita di due eminenti scienziati tedeschi vissuti a cavallo del diciottesimo e diciannovesimo secolo! Sì, perché l’idea di raccontare due personalità antitetiche, e quindi complementari, sia dal punto di vista caratteriale che storico, è proprio accattivante.Da un lato von Humboldt, geografo, naturalista ed esploratore, ricco aristocratico, eccentrico, curioso ed espansivo. Un [...]

    6. Alexandra on said:

      Ein wunderschöner Roman über Gauß und Humboldt, der einem die Zeit der großen Dichter und Denker näherbringt und den eigentlich leeren Namen deutscher Genies aus dem Geschichtsunterricht wie Humboldt, Gauß, Kant, Goethe Leben einhaucht und sie sehr sehr menschlich macht.

    7. Gypsy on said:

      اینقد درهم برهم بود که یه جاهایی داستان از زیر دستم در میرفت! ولی طنزش تو بعضی جمله ها و جریانات خیلی خوش نشسته بود. ریتم خوبش باعث میشد بتونی باهاش همراهی کنی. شخصیت ها ولی، نمدونم چرا جز یه سری چیزهای برجسته، نتونستن تو ذهنم بمونن. " هر چیز مربوط به بدن، منبع واقعی تمام نکبت هاس [...]

    8. Oceana2602 on said:

      Daniel Kehlmann's Measuring the World was one of my birthday presents last year, and I waited almost a year to finally read it. Even though it had been on my wishlist, when it suddenly sat there on my shelf, the idea of reading about pre-industrialization Germany, about Humboldt and Gauß, two boring old scientist, seemed rather dreadful.I should have known better. Measuring the World is not a science book. It's not about two boring old men either, though it is about two old scientist. And the w [...]

    9. K.D. Absolutely on said:

      Fascinating read. A scientific historical novel (first published in 2005) originally written in German by young author, Daniel Kehlmann (born 1975). It is said to be the worldwide bestselling German novel since Patrick Suskind's Perfume in 1985. This is a story of a two scientists during the time of Napoleon reign in Europe. The first scientist is Alexander von Humboldt who is a botanist, geologist and an explorer. He has an elder brother Wilhelm von Humboldt who lives a "normal" life, i.e study [...]

    10. GiuseppeB on said:

      Ormai l'ho letto, letto e finito e non posso più tornare indietro, quando ancora mi beavo nella mia ignoranza e pure ignoravo l'esitenza di questo libro e anche l'autore mi era sconosciuto. Ormai è fatta, la mia vita sarà per sempre segnata da questa lettura, non è grave, mi riprenderò.Come si dice: è stata un'esperienza, ho perso tempo, ma vuoi mettere il valore dell'esperienza."Niente di ciò che qualcuno aveva misurato una volta poteva mai più essere come prima" (p.227)Ecco anche la mi [...]

    11. Rebecca Foster on said:

      “Whenever things were frightening, it was a good idea to measure them.” This is a delightful historical picaresque about two late-eighteenth-century German scientists: Alexander von Humboldt, who valiantly explored South America and the Russian steppes, and Carl Friedrich Gauss, a misanthropic mathematician whose true genius wasn’t fully realized in his surveying and astronomical work. Both difficult in their own way, the men represent different models for how to do science: an adventurous [...]

    12. beloved books by Tine on said:

      jetzt weiß ich wieder, warum ich es noch nie zu Ende gelesen hatte. merkwürdiger inhalt, alles auseinander gerissen. kein wirklicher Anfang und kein wirkliches Ende und ständige Zeitsprünge, was nicht mal gesagt wird. wenn man es nicht merkt, Pech. dazu keine wörtliche Rede. naja es wird immer mehr, was nicht so toll ist.aber ich bin stolz auf mich. ich habe es endlich geschafft zu beenden.

    13. Nicola on said:

      I'm a Bill Bryson fan so I'm used to reading about the quirky characters that history throws up; men (and sometimes women) of vast and fascinating eccentricity, whose contribution to science and progress is given that extra soupçon of interest by their delightful battiness. In Measuring the World we have exhibit A: Alexander von Humbold - a Prussian aristocrat with rampant OCD, determined to measure everything around him in an effort to quantify and so, understand, the worldd exhibit B: Carl Fr [...]

    14. Shovelmonkey1 on said:

      So 200 years ago the world was a pretty big place. Not any bigger than it is now but it had the feel of a larger ball of rock as many humans were still scrambling about "discovering" places. Note - most of these places had already been discovered by the people who lived in them. They just didn't shout about it in quite the same way. It is also interesting to note that the people doing the scrambling about were, for the most part, European. Is this because all Europe-ers are massive nosy bastards [...]

    15. Stef Smulders on said:

      Don't like this book. The characters of the historical figures of Gauss and Von Humboldt are flat, like in a graphic novel. As a result it is even difficult to keep the two apart. I do not see the sense of using real people in a novel if you do not try to develop their psychology, not try to understand their motives, doubts, struggles. In this novel it remains superficial. There is some humor, yes, but again, what is this book meant to be? A satire? Of what? As a historical novel I cannot take i [...]

    16. Sandra on said:

      Prima di leggere il libro, conoscevo di nome Gauss, mentre quello di Humboldt potrebbe essere apparso nei miei studi scolastici ma subito è stato dimenticato. Quindi la lettura è stata utile principalmente per conoscere questi due scienziati, di cui vengono narrate le avventure in capitoli alterni: ambedue tedeschi, di origini diversissime -popolare il primo, figlio di un giardiniere; di famiglia nobile il secondo- hanno vissuto vite del tutto diverse, l’uno, “enfant prodige” della matem [...]

    17. Cxr on said:

      Un romanzo di divulgazione scientifica, ambientato all’inizio dell’ottocento con il matematico Gauss e il geografo Alexander Humboldt come protagonisti prometteva di essere interessante, soprattutto nel racconto del loro il loro incontro/confronto a Berlino nel 1828 promesso nella quarta di copertina. E invece anche questo libro non sfugge ai cliché dello scienziato distratto, ai limiti dell’autistico, irascibile, egoista, avulso dalla realtà e socialmente incapace. Con l’aggravante ch [...]

    18. Maria Clara on said:

      Es una buena lectura. Realmente he disfrutado leyendo la historia de estos dos genios. Por un lado tenemos al gruñón de Gauss, que me ha hecho entender mejor la mentalidad de un genio: las "pausas" que la gente normal utilizamos antes de contestar y que a él exaspera; el cómo cualquier cosa puede ser la respuesta o la pregunta de una incógnita; el hecho de que viva en una burbuja donde sólo es capaz de ver números, ni personas ni sentimientos. También he disfrutado con las aventuras de T [...]

    19. Haman on said:

      وقتی یک چیزی دارد رو به شکست می رود ، باید رهایش کرد چون نمی شود جلوش را گرفت

    20. Rosenkavalier on said:

      Vite paralleleVite parallele di due grandi scienziati, il matematico Carl Gauss e il geografo Alexander von Humboldt.Entrambi genii bambini, entrambi con un'infanzia anomala e famiglie disfunzionali (o forse così appaiono a noi, viste da qui).Risultato: il primo diventa un adulto misantropo e un giudice molto sprezzante dell'intelligenza altrui (mai sufficiente). Il secondo diventa un adulto anaffettivo per quanto curioso di tutto, incluso degli altri esseri umani (che però osserva come fosser [...]

    21. Wolfgang on said:

      Nach so langer Zeit, endlich gelesen. Es ist so viel geschrieben worden ueber Kehlmanns "Meisterwerk". Na ja, vom Stuhl gerissen hat es mich am Ende doch nicht so. Wie vielerorts besser beschrieben, geht es um eine, sehr launig geschriebene Doppel-Biografie von Gauss und Alexander Humboldt. Der eine erforscht die externe Welt und wird extrem berühmt als Erforscher Süd-Amerikas. Der andere ist Mathematiker, Physiker und letztlich hat er doch auch als Vermesser begonnen. Beide werden ineffektiv [...]

    22. Ken on said:

      Outside of my comfort zone, which sometimes works out and sometimes does not. In this case, a historical novel about a German explorer named Humboldt and a German mathematician and astronomer named Gauss. Some chapters you get the explorer (more entertaining, if episodic due to the movement in the Americas) and some chapters. you get the math (eh). Brief scenes of interest, but not so gripping after all, and little investment in the characters who are anything but warm, fuzzy types. Rather the s [...]

    23. Friederike Knabe on said:

      I read this back in 2007 in English, now in German for a book club. Here is my 2007 review.It is not uncommon to find fictional accounts of the lives of famous historical figures, nor of encounters between them. Kehlmann's book is unusual in its choice of personalities and in the way in which he creates an entertaining description of the two. In the late eighteenth century, Carl Friedrich Gauss and Alexander von Humboldt had both embarked on the same quest: finding a new way of measuring the wor [...]

    24. Daren on said:

      I don't read a lot of fiction, but this is fictionalised - and appears to contain a lot of fact related to the travel and the science (and mathematics) of the two central characters - Alexander von Humboldt & Carl Friedrich Gauss. Both German, and contemporary, it is not clear to me if they ever met or were colleagues / friends, as they are in this book.Both fascinating men, but very different in their approach to their fields. Humboldt embodies inductive science - based on observation and e [...]

    25. Michael on said:

      Measuring the World reimagines the life of German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss and geographer Alexander von Humboldt. The book follows a fictionalised account of their journey, along with Aimé Bonpland as they measure the world. Their methods where ground-breaking and this novel entangles their lives to explore their effects on science today.This is not a book of science, this is historical fiction that explores the lives of two German scientists. While the subject matter may sound dull a [...]

    26. Vasco Simões on said:

      O fascinante mundo dosentistas. Este livro foi um dos 10 melhores do ano para a revista Time e um grande êxito de vendas na Alemanha. Narra a história de dois dos maiores nomes da ciência alemã: o naturalista Alexander von Humboldt e Carl Friedrich Gauss, conhecido como o "Príncipe dos Matemáticos". Prometia mas acabpu por perder toda a emoção lá para a página 50. As expedições são contadas de forma sintética e saltam de lugar muito rapidamente sem se perceber como lá chegaram. Nu [...]

    27. Elahe on said:

      موضوع کتاب در رابطه با دو تا دانشمنده. در رابطه با دو تا نابغه. هومبلت جغرافی دانیه که به سرزمین های زیادی سفر کرده و خیلی مکان های ناشناخته ای کشف کرده و تمام عمرشو صرف اندازه گیری تپه ها وکوه ها و کرده.و همچین داستان روایت کننده ی زندگی گاوس ریاضی دان و ستاره شناس برجسته و معرو [...]

    28. Maike on said:

      Alexander von Humboldt ist in meiner Lesart ace und homoromantisch und niemand bringt mich davon ab. (Und gnihihi für den Cameo-Auftritt von Präsident Thomas Jefferson und nur dank Hamilton konnte ich die Handlung zeitlich einordnen.)

    29. Anastasia on said:

      La misura del mondo di Kehlmann tenta di farci stare simpatici Gauss e Humboldt narrandoci più o meno la storia della loro vita e poi il loro incontro a Berlino in chiave umoristicamente affettuosa, con l'intenzione di demolire l'aura storica attorno a loro e farceli vedere per quello che sono, umani esattamente come noi. (Io non ho mai avuto dubbi in merito)Il libro è effettivamente curioso e divertente finoa pagina 30, poi precipita in un circolo vizioso di noia per la sottoscritta che non s [...]

    30. Jun Nguyễn on said:

      Tôi biết Humboldt đầu tiên qua bài nghe trên TED-ed, trong bài có một lời cảm thán rằng ông là một trong những nhà khoa học lỗi lạc nhất nhưng ít người biết đến nhất. Tôi chỉ nhớ được mang máng ông đã phát hiện rằng nhiệu độ thay đổi theo từng độ cao khác nhau (vậy mà trước đây tôi thường cho rằng thật hiển nhiên để biết được khi lên 100m thì giảm 0,6 độ C) và Darwin cũng chịu [...]

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