The Sword, Vol. 3: Earth

Joshua Luna

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The Sword, Vol. 3: Earth

The Sword Vol Earth His name is Knossos With the power to manipulate earth he is one of the most powerful beings alive And he has only one weakness The Sword Helping to create it was his first mistake Killing the mother

  • Title: The Sword, Vol. 3: Earth
  • Author: Joshua Luna
  • ISBN: 9781607060734
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • His name is Knossos With the power to manipulate earth, he is one of the most powerful beings alive And he has only one weakness The Sword Helping to create it was his first mistake Killing the mother of Dara Brighton, the Sword s current wielder, may be his last

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      243 Joshua Luna
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    One thought on “The Sword, Vol. 3: Earth

    1. Arminzerella on said:

      Dara Brighton goes after Knossos - one of the god-child siblings who murdered her family - in this collection of The Sword and ends him in an epic battle that literally tears her apart. With each devastating injury, however, Dara only seems to grow stronger. The sword heals her wounds, but she's also becoming tougher mentally. Flashbacks to her life before her family was taken from her show some of the journey she's taken to get to this new, stronger version of herself. But, wowe has become such [...]

    2. Diana on said:

      Continuation of the same stellar story, with a (Dun! Dun! DUN!) twist at the end. I'm so excited to see what happens with Azula Malia

    3. Janelle Dazzlepants on said:

      Volume 3 tells the story of Dara's fight against Knossos, controller of Earth. Dara tracks down Knossos in Mexico, where he has singlehandedly gained control of the meth trade. By some molecular process which I don't entirely understand, Knossos is able to use his abilities to churn out masses of high quality meth in minutes. He puts the crew from Breaking Bad to shame! Battlewise: If you thought Zakros' ice fortress was epic, it's nothing compared to what Knossos pulls on Dara. He transforms in [...]

    4. new_user on said:

      Two stars for The Sword by the Luna brothers. The cover art is a good indication of what you can expect inside, which is to say, a little plain, so I expect those who read this aren't interested in the art.As for the story, that's a little minimal too. There's a pat formula for each volume, and I don't think it's busting any big mysteries if I say that the protagonist Dara Brighton garners motivation for fighting the big bads from noble family flashbacks better ("Don't give up, Dara!") I suppose [...]

    5. Joseph R. on said:

      Dara Brighton's revenge continues as she hunts down the second brother, Knossos, to his meth-crafting lair in Mexico. It's another round of over-the-top violence mixed in with some back story on both Dara and the trio of siblings who killed her family. While the action vacillates between exciting and preposterous, the background stories give enough depth to the story to keep a reader engaged. Also, TV news coverage of events becomes more relevant in this issue, hinting at an apocalyptic outcome [...]

    6. Nicole Bunge on said:

      Ok, blame it on my drug/chemical knowledge from "Breaking Bad", but the idea that (even a god) could go in the basement and pull meth out of the dirt is ridiculous. I like that he had a job and a criminal empire, but yeah. I think this was written before that was on the air, and admittedly the chemicals are all pretty much available at a hardware store, but it's not something naturally occurring that a little pressure can concoct. It can't be pulled out of the soil in Mexico. He'd be better off [...]

    7. Etzerlaurore on said:

      This book contains specific and interesting details on the intertwining comic better known as The Sword. The sword contains interesting details because it attracts the readers minds and helps you draw questions. While reading this book you get a sense of adventure and knowledge on things like the swords power and how to wield it. This book inspires people with revenge and excites the reader to want to read more. There are more comics pertaining to The Sword. In this book it describes how Sara wa [...]

    8. Jeff Raymond on said:

      At this point, I think it's time to start considering this series an underrated gem. I've enjoyed this story so far, and this third volume has really hit its overall stride. What's great about this one is the amount of pure action there is seemingly from start to finish, and how, if I weren't reading through this series knowing there was a fourth volume, there's a lot of that expectation of danger that things might not go our avenging hero's way.I love this series. I might need to rush reading t [...]

    9. Matt Sautman on said:

      A drastic improvement from volume 2, Earth builds upon Dara's quest by simultaneously expanding the narratives surrounding two of her father's killers, Knossos and Malia and the mythology encompassing them. This development redeems the faults of the previous volume by making the narrative more compelling and by also investigating the role media shapes perceptions. Although the media plays a role in the entire series, it is within this volume's climax that we witness the Luna Brothers take on cul [...]

    10. Zedsdead on said:

      Dara tracks Knossos, the earth brother, to Mexico where he has set him self up as a drug kingpin, using his powers to mass-produce flawless crystal meth. She loses the sword (again), regains the sword, tastes sweet sweet revenge. (view spoiler)[The air-sister Malia helps Dara defeat Knossos in order to set herself up as humanity's savior. (hide spoiler)]Just like the last book. So-so art, non-stop action, some well-placed flashbacks by both the good guys and the bad, and some neat earth-magic. O [...]

    11. Josh on said:

      This comic book series is very interesting. In tail it talks about the trials and tribulations of a girl that was caught in trap. She faces People that have god like ability such as in this one. She fights a person named Knossos. He has the ability to control and manipulate earth.He is the sibling of 2 others that are like him.This book is very good for adventure. It's a great book you should read it you will have a fun time.

    12. Dave on said:

      The Luna bros. latest collected effort continues to thrill and impress with engaging characters, both pro- and antagonist, blistering action, and touching drama. Not for the faint of heart, the cruelties the Lunas put their characters through are not kiddie fare by any stretch. Dara Brighton's quest for vengeance reaches a breakneck pace in this third installment, and when the dust clears, the stage is set for an even more dramatic finale. I, for one, can't wait!

    13. Mitchell on said:

      Bits of potential creep through. But mostly it's just a lot of slice and dice. With good enough art and basically okay writing. But if it just stayed with Dara and Malia's lives it would have been better. Knossos' criminal empire was interesting but his fighting style was not.

    14. Dan on said:

      An excellent continuation of the series, with a solid mix of characterization and action. The Sword doesn't quite reach greatness, but it is an enjoyable read.

    15. Circa on said:

      Things get more tense between Julie, Dara, and the general public. Some badass battle scenes ensue as well.

    16. Peacegal on said:

      Dara is back in another exciting installment of The Sword. Number 3 is an improvement over the rather lackluster #2.

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