One Simple Act: Discovering the Power of Generosity

Debbie Macomber

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One Simple Act: Discovering the Power of Generosity

One Simple Act Discovering the Power of Generosity What if you personally could make the world a better place tomorrow Debbie Macomber knows the secret to doing exactly that In a world that seems too often stingy and grudging she has witnessed how

  • Title: One Simple Act: Discovering the Power of Generosity
  • Author: Debbie Macomber
  • ISBN: 9781439108932
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What if you, personally, could make the world a better place tomorrow Debbie Macomber knows the secret to doing exactly that In a world that seems too often stingy and grudging, she has witnessed how one simple act of generosity can yield unforeseen miracles.You are about to discover, through true stories, waht happens when we commit intentional acts of generosity LWhat if you, personally, could make the world a better place tomorrow Debbie Macomber knows the secret to doing exactly that In a world that seems too often stingy and grudging, she has witnessed how one simple act of generosity can yield unforeseen miracles.You are about to discover, through true stories, waht happens when we commit intentional acts of generosity Lives are changed in ways we never envisioned Come with Debbie late one evening through the checkout line at the grocery store Visit a midwestern train station Discover the link between a submarine, a few bread crumbs, and some minnows Visit ancient Galilee as a young boy volunteers his fishes and loaves to Jesus only to see his meager gift multiplied many times over to feed five thousand Listen in on a touching phone call with an elderly widow You will stand amazed at what God accomplishes when we make ourselves available through simple acts of generosity.This blend of true stories and motivating messages will delight and surprise you as you discover how giving the gifts of time, encouragement, hope, laughter, prayer, hospitality, service, and even forgiveness can have a lasting life changing impact, not only on the recipient of such gifts but on the giver as well.Debbie Macomber, through the power of story, invites us to live with open hands, offering who we are and what we have to God, to use in the lives of others When we do so, lives including our own are changed in ways we couldn t have imagined All it takes is one simple act.

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      327 Debbie Macomber
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    One thought on “One Simple Act: Discovering the Power of Generosity

    1. Tee27 on said:

      The stories in this book caused me to cry several times. They're so inspirational and show the power of true altruism and forgiveness. The most poignant act of forgiveness was illustrated by a Christian woman who, along with her sister, was imprisoned in a German concentration camp for harboring Jews. When she was released (her sister was executed), she went on to speak about the importance of forgivness and how "confessing ones sins is like throwing them into a lake that says, 'No fishing.'" As [...]

    2. Spring Clark on said:

      I loved this book on how to become more generous. The first thing she suggests is that you show more gratitude by keeping a gratitude journal. The more good you see around you, the more you want to share with others. She also reminds us to thank God for ALL things, even the little things in our lives and the trials. A great feel-good book that makes you want to start doing all of her suggestions!

    3. Jo on said:

      While Debbie Macomber usually writes wonderful cozy stories about female friendship, this is a lovely venture into nonfiction about how intentional acts of generosity can open our lives to the very best God has to offer. It's really -- although she never says it -- a wonderful book on making stewardship a way of life. She builds her book on the biblical story of Jesus' multiplication of five loaves and two fishes, a miracle recorded in all four gospels. She then takes readers on a journey throug [...]

    4. Suzanne Barrett on said:

      Another reviewer called "One Simple Act: Discovering the Power of Generosity" by Debbie Macomber a "pay-it-forward book and I cannot agree more.As a writer and attendee at numerous writers' conventions, I've had the opportunity to hear Ms. Macomber, a deeply motivational speaker, give talks, and I know she lives by her creed. She has a deep belief in God, a love for her fellow man, and a gift and desire for lending a helping hand to make the world a better place. Now in this non-fiction book she [...]

    5. Kendra on said:

      Debbie Macomber is a very successful author of light hearted fiction books, which I have enjoyed for many years. Her stories are usually very positive and make you feel good by the end, which can be such a relief at times. I have often thought that I would love to meet her, and that she seemed like such a down to earth woman. After reading One Simple Act, I'm positive my initial feeling about her is true. One Simple Act describes how being generous with your heart, actions, and treasure will ful [...]

    6. Sue Jackson on said:

      I read this book as part of a book group and love the idea of giving generously. Unfortunately, I feel that the book was ok in theory but not written well. In my opinion, a lot of the book was the author patting herself on the back for good deeds she and her family had sone. There were examples of others acts of generosity but she didn't inspire others. She did include biblical quotes and referenced other authors with similar opinions on giving. Sadly, it was the mostly the same examples and sam [...]

    7. Donna on said:

      Debbie Macomber knows the secret to discovering the power of generosity. She writes of true stories and messages that will motivate you. You will discover how the gifts of time, encouragement, hope, laughter, prayer, hospitality, service and forgiveness can have a very huge impact on not only the recipient but of the giver as well.We need to open our hearts and hands to God to use to help others as well as ourselves. This is a very moving book. We just need one simple act to show God how much we [...]

    8. Loraine on said:

      This book focuses on various aspects of Christian generosity. Each chapter covers a different aspect of generosity and is filled with wonderful examples. At the end of each chapter, the author gives more suggestions for a variety of activities that stimulate ideas for that particular facet of generosity. I really liked the fact that Debbie emphasized so many little acts that can be easily accomplished as you develop the spirit of being a generous Christian.

    9. Phyllis on said:

      Even before I had finished reading this book, I bought and gave away three copies to friends. I was so impressed with the message and Macomber's way of explaining it - how to be generous (going far beyond money) but also with your time, encouragement, hope, laughter, prayer, hospitality, service, and even forgiveness. A few years ago I read one of Macomber's novels, and it was so sappy I said I'd never read another of her books. But I came across this one at the library and was intrigued by its [...]

    10. Keith McShan on said:

      This is a good book. Touching stories about receiving or requesting generosity from human beings. It felt like some of the writing was geared towards women, this book however would be beneficial for both genders. One Simple Act used both references to scientific studies and references to the bible to show the benefits of being generous. I listened to the audio book and it took me about a week to finish the book as I just listened to it on my daily commute. This is a good book to start off your d [...]

    11. Colleen on said:

      This book really challenged me. Although it is a relatively short book, I did take my time with it. I think that helped me get the most out of the read.

    12. LisaKeegan on said:

      read for a reading challenge. Message was good but too religious for me

    13. Ruth on said:

      I find this to be a very important book for everyone who is a Christian. I think that this is the first non-fiction book of Debbie Macomber that I have read. I must say that I am looking forward to reading her next one which will be God's Guest List. Covered in her acts of generosity are:Gratitude, sharing, encouragement, good deeds, forgiveness, believing the best, openhanded giving, the art of listening, inspiring hope, the spirit of Christmas, the gift of caregiving, donating the bounty of ti [...]

    14. Donna on said:

      Excellent book, very helpful and enjoyable. Learned a lot about Debbie and her faith in God. So glad I read it.

    15. Virginia on said:

      Debbie Macomber is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of many beloved novels, but I’ve never read any nonfiction she’s written. I’ve had the privilege of hearing Ms. Macomber speak in person a couple of times, and I’ve found her to be engaging, encouraging, and most of all, genuine. I’m happy to report that reading her new nonfiction book, One Simple Act: Discovering the Power of Generosity, felt exactly like hearing her speak. I could hear her voice as I read, could sense the si [...]

    16. Shirley on said:

      One Simple Act: Discovering the Power of Generosity is a wonderful read that is jam-packed with positive energy. Debbie Macomber's writing is motivational and examples she uses to support the values she purports are profound. Here are a few examples."I'm convinced that we cannot become all that we could be until we are willing to unclench our hands and release what we've been clinging to, what we've been determined to keep for ourselves. The intriguing part is that once we release such gifts we [...]

    17. Mary Lou on said:

      Elementary level writing, but still far superior to Cami Walker's just awful "29 Gifts" book, which was similar topic.

    18. Cyndi on said:

      I needed a book to listen to while doing yard and housework and picked up this audio book since I can never get enough reminders on generosity or kindness. Debbie Macomber relates how she learned over the course of her life the importance of generosity and how it has helped her and others. The funny thing is as you look outside yourself to identify a need in another, then attempt to meet their need, you yourself are edified. Of course, this doesn't happen if to begin with the motive is selfish . [...]

    19. Shari on said:

      This non fiction book is about the power of generosity, and how the gift of being generous makes the giver feel good, and how it comes back to them. And giving isn't just monetary either; for example, you can give the gift of time, or the gift of listening. The author also talks about the gifts of forgiveness, hospitality, and encouragement.I really enjoyed this book. While it's not a book that I feel is "life transforming", it did give me a lot to think about, and made me appreciate all the mor [...]

    20. Jenny on said:

      This book had a profound effect on me. It opened my eyes to ways I can treat others better. One section discussed the act of listening generously. Wow. I'd never thought of it that way. Allow me to paraphrase the idea: listen with your whole mind and hear what they're really trying to say. Don't spend your time as they speak thinking about what you want to say next. I am super guilty of this! Another idea: People ask you the questions they'd like you to ask them. There are so many good ideas tha [...]

    21. Patty on said:

      Service to others is something that all Christians are expected to do. Whether it is referred to as hospitality or generosity, it is a discipline that seems an integral part of our lives. So I was curious what Macomber had to say about this aspect of her faith.In my opinion, much of what is in this book has already been said. Macomber talks about encouragement, forgiveness, hospitality, caregiving and sharing faith stories. There are other books that talk about these same subjects. I suspect tha [...]

    22. adllto on said:

      What is this book? Christian self-help inspirational or psychology, theology a way of living? I'm not sure but it was a good read but not a great read. the subtitle of a book always seems to say much more than the title and I don't quite understand the book business this: "Discovering the power of generosity"One of those random grabs in the library from the special popular recommended sections, I'm glad to have read it. Her definition of generosity goes far beyond simply money or even time. But [...]

    23. Crystal on said:

      I will admit I have not fully finished this book, but it is only because I want to savor it and truly learn from it. I have read Debbie Macomber's fiction books and loved them and was excited to receive this book for review. It is a beautiful work that shows how the little things we do in life can really affect others. Sometimes it isn't even in the way we expect it to. I enjoyed her stories throughout the book highlighting such events. I also enjoyed the fact that they were events that as an or [...]

    24. Liz on said:

      I pick up a Debbie Macomber book when I just want a lite easy read, so I didn't realize that this was non-fiction until I started to read. I think divine power put this book in my hands. As I read it in bits and pieces over the last four months it would make me think about being grateful for the things I have, calming my soul and bringing me happiness. At other times it reminded me to reach out to others and I felt blessed when a simple call to a friend put them in the running for a badly needed [...]

    25. Gloria MariaVazquez on said:

      I love Debbie Macomber's writing style. It is warm, and inviting. You feel as if you are sitting at her kitchen table sipping on a cup of coffee as she weaves her tales for you. This book, although not fiction, is a book that encourages the reader to engage in generosity. Debbie describes different ways a person can be generous. From being generous with forgiveness, to cultivating a heart of service -- Debbie challenges us to give our "few loaves and fishes" and allow God to multiply them into b [...]

    26. Becky on said:

      This is a feel-good book. I was having a rough week full of stress and negativity coming at me from all different sides. Listening to Debbie Macomber's easy pleasant voice reminding me that every day is a privilege, service is a privilege, and that being generous with our time, our money, our thoughts, and our actions is a privilege, was exactly what I needed to hear to carry on. This book will make you want to find someone who badly needs your gifts, whether you sew, crochet, sing, play the pia [...]

    27. Rick on said:

      I have not read her fiction, this was my first introduction to this author, other than the fact my girls enjoyed two Hallmark movies inspired by a couple of her Christmas titles.The subtitle intrigued me. Generosity is a virtue we need to hear more about in this materialistic culture. Consequently I was looking forward to this book. I would characterize this as non-fiction chick-lit. The package was too feminine to appeal to the testostrone crowd, although the content somewhat crossed the bridge [...]

    28. Darlene Hyde on said:

      Thought provoking literatureI thoroughly enjoyed the the short stories used to illustrate the various points throughout. I liked the way this well renowned author became your friend and welcomed you to share in her life too.My brother and I have recently lost our mother. I live in New York and he lives in Florida. He was close to her and I was not. I wanted to say something comforting but everything seemed awkward. During the past few months, he placed his faith in God. One of the passages from [...]

    29. Joy on said:

      I picked this book up in haste, when I realized I was going to finish my current book, and would be stuck for a few hours without something to read. If I had opened the book up and took a look inside, I never would have purchased it. ButI committed to reading it, and read it. I figured that there was a reason I made the mistake.This book is more like the preachings of Debbie Macomber. There are a few good stories that are inspiring and give great ideas on the pay it forward concept that has been [...]

    30. Roseann on said:

      very inspiring book. my note within reading the book so far into page 139: All good faith brings joy whether it is a different creed or any differenceis book also helps with letting go and learning toLetters (especially handwritten) should strive to communicate the same love we have for one another, ourselves or our other dear loved ones. Simple short letters are great. I love her Simple Acts lists in this book for: Hospitality and listening which can be hard for me to do. She also throws in som [...]

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