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Shelley: Poems

Shelley Poems Percy Bysshe Shelley perhaps the most intellectually adventurous of the great Romantic poets personified the richly various and contradictory energies of his time A classicist a headlong

  • Title: Shelley: Poems
  • Author: Percy Bysshe Shelley
  • ISBN: 9780679429098
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Percy Bysshe Shelley 1792 1822 , perhaps the most intellectually adventurous of the great Romantic poets, personified the richly various and contradictory energies of his time A classicist, a headlong visionary, a social radical, and a poet of serene artistry with a lyric touch second to none, Shelley gave voice to English romanticism s deepest aspirations.

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      391 Percy Bysshe Shelley
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    One thought on “Shelley: Poems

    1. Dolors on said:

      Imagine this scene: Somewhere in the awesome surroundings of the French Alps, incessant summer rains covering the valleys with a moist, foggy veil. Inside a cottage, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley and his wife, Mary, are discussing life, principle and the mysterious fears of human nature, which strangely comes alive with thrilling horrors. Mischievous Lord Byron, always ready to experiment, suggests a ghost story competition. The three set to work.This is the original seed that will grow to be [...]

    2. Rowland Pasaribu on said:

      The central thematic concerns of Shelley’s poetry are largely the same themes that defined Romanticism, especially among the younger English poets of Shelley’s era: beauty, the passions, nature, political liberty, creativity, and the sanctity of the imagination. What makes Shelley’s treatment of these themes unique is his philosophical relationship to his subject matter—which was better developed and articulated than that of any other Romantic poet with the possible exception of Wordswor [...]

    3. J.D. on said:

      I am staggered by this collection of Percy Bysshe Shelley's poems. Before reading this, I had no idea about how Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote, but I am deeply impressed by his poetry. I don't think this warrants a long review, because this book seemed to serve more as an introduction to his poetry than a full collection of his works, but I will say a few things of import. I think it is worth mentioning that this is the second collection of poetry that I have read. The first collection of poetry tha [...]

    4. Kathy on said:

      My dad bought this book for me in 2000. It is filled with little yellow tabs on all my favourites.

    5. Giulia Nicolai on said:

      Romantic and easy to read. I enjoyed many of the poems but some kinda dragged on for me

    6. Ely (Tea & Titles) on said:

      See I knew Shelley's poetry was going to be beautiful, but I didn't expect to be taking photos of every second line so I could write them down later. Damn you, Shelley.

    7. Allegra Byron on said:

      Siempre es un placer sumergirse en la poesía del inigualable Shelley

    8. Shelley on said:

      I was 15 when I first came across "Ode to the West Wind" in my Literature 12 class. Boy was I hooked. Even to this day, the second part still strikes me with a profound sense of awe and wonder:Thou on whose stream, mid the steep sky's commotion, Loose clouds like earth's decaying leaves are shed, Shook from the tangled boughs of Heaven and Ocean, Angels of rain and lightning: there are spread On the blue surface of thine aëry surge, Like the bright hair uplifted from the head Of some fierce Mae [...]

    9. Lenora on said:

      I could never be unimpressed with the intellectuality of one of my heroes. With such lyrical beauty and romantic fruitfulness, it always astounds me to this day why he seems to be one of the lesser known poets of the Romantic period. His brilliant use of naturalistic imagery is uniquely profound. His philosophical and political standings are beautifully crafted into poetic genius. This is a must read for poetry enthusiasts. All hail the Democrat. <3

    10. James Violand on said:

      One of the great Romantic lyric poets of the English language. Too bad he wasn't successful during his life except among his close circle of friends. Today he is considered brilliant. I concur. This short book of examples of his poetry, entices the reader to pick up other volumes of his work.

    11. Terence Manleigh on said:

      Well, my dears, he's a bit too bombastic, hyperbolic and self-important for my taste, but he's one of the Greats. (But give me Byron or Keats.)

    12. Madalina Ramnicianu on said:

      "It is the same!—For, be it joy or sorrow,The path of its departure still is free:Man’s yesterday may ne’er be like his morrow;Nought may endure but Mutability."

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