Frisco Pigeon Mambo

C.D. Payne

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Frisco Pigeon Mambo

Frisco Pigeon Mambo Jonathan Livingston Seagull as imagined by the Marx brothers That s one take on Frisco Pigeon Mambo an uproarious new comic novel by C D Payne author of the cult classic Youth in Revolt The Journals

  • Title: Frisco Pigeon Mambo
  • Author: C.D. Payne
  • ISBN: 9781882647248
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull as imagined by the Marx brothers That s one take on Frisco Pigeon Mambo, an uproarious new comic novel by C.D Payne, author of the cult classic Youth in Revolt The Journals of Nick Twisp.When a flock of alcohol and tobacco addicted lab pigeons are liberated in San Francisco, our feathered heroes turn the whole city topsy turvy They dance Jonathan Livingston Seagull as imagined by the Marx brothers That s one take on Frisco Pigeon Mambo, an uproarious new comic novel by C.D Payne, author of the cult classic Youth in Revolt The Journals of Nick Twisp.When a flock of alcohol and tobacco addicted lab pigeons are liberated in San Francisco, our feathered heroes turn the whole city topsy turvy They dance into bars, stick up liquor stores, spy on socialites, swipe a van full of cats, and even dodge a murder rap.Meet the leader who s convinced he s human because it would be too absurd to name a pigeon Robin Will Robin and his pals find their way back to Berkeley Will they survive the next 15 minutes without a cigarette Along the way, these swashbuckling outlaws team up with Freud quoting parakeet on the lam from a mental health clinic, a pigeon devouring falcon with a sudden interest in religion, a halibut wielding sea gull with a knack for shoplifting, and Soon they have a price on their heads, cops on their trail, beer on their breath, and amour on their minds.Not since Hitchcock unleashed The Birds has California witnessed such mischief from the skies But prepare for a surprise or two as the notorious Killer Pigeons undergo a dramatic transformation.Described by the author as America s great pigeon novel , Frisco Pigeon Mambo is now in development as a Twentieth Century Fox animated film, to be produced by the Farrelly brothers Something About Mary , Me, Myself Irene Foreign rights to the novel have been sold so far to Germany Droemer and the Czech Republic Jota.Frisco is being published simultaneously with Revolting Youth The Further Journals of Nick Twisp Thislong awaited sequel to Payne s first novel continues the comic misadventures of the world s most dangerous teen diarist.

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      312 C.D. Payne
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    One thought on “Frisco Pigeon Mambo

    1. Jason Brown (Toastx2) on said:

      This book caught me off guard. it was loaned to me by Jenn as one of her favorite books/authors. I tend not to read the backs of books or movies that i will be consuming immediately. reading the summary or teaser will give away too much information. i find myself remembering bits and pieces of the blurb and wondering when they are going to happen. It isnt as bad as when a DVD menu shows all the good parts in the background, but it is enough that it makes aspects of reading a bit uncomfortable, a [...]

    2. Carla on said:

      Loved this book! So fun! Narrated by the pigeons who were once locked in cages and used as lab test subjects. Suddenly find themselves free as they have been liberated by a group of activists. These do-gooders have released a group of pigeons that are addicted to cigarettes & alcohol! Now they are running a muck on the streets of San Francisco trying to get a fix. Meeting some very colorful characters along the way which lead to even more shenanigans!! Fun read!

    3. Max Ostrovsky on said:

      I read a couple of books by the same author, C.D. Payne, that were just fun. They were the kind of books you can relax and read while sipping an umbrella drink while lying in a hammock. One was Frisco Pigeon Mambo. Just all around fun! It tells the story of a group of lab pigeons who, through a series of events, get out from the lab and into the real world. While in the lab, they were given cigarettes, liquor and other lovely vices, included being treated and talked to like they were human. So t [...]

    4. Ira Carter on said:

      I've read several of CD Payne's playful and light-hearted novels. The best have an off-center humor that rivals the best Christopher Moore of Tim Dorsey. In this book, our heroes are pigeons living the life of Riley in an experimental lab in Berkeley, fed a constant diet of cigarettes and sherry, only to be freed by an animal liberation front and cast onto the mean streets of San Francisco without their favorite drug and drink. How they become Killer Pigeons and whether they are redeemed, I will [...]

    5. Sarah on said:

      A clever satire by the amazingly hilarious C.D. Payne. I loved the concept but I think the idea would have worked better as a short story. It's not at all a long book (only 185 pages) but the humor of the satire drags a bit in the middle section. Still, Payne is a master of word play. 'Frisco Pigeon Mambo' is not as engaging as the journals of Nick Twisp, but it is very clever and manages to provide comedic commentary on issues such as animal rights, politics, gender identity, disability, religi [...]

    6. Craven on said:

      So, these lab pigeons, who have no clue they are anything but human, are given all the cigarettes and booze they want in a study. Then animal rights activists raid the laboratory and set them free ruining the sweet gig they had going for them. They're suddenly turned loose on the streets of San Francisco, still thinking their human and attempting to score booze and cigarettes and trying to find their way back to the paradise they were robbed of, the lab.Sound stupid? It's not. It's allegorical a [...]

    7. Erin Fitzgerald on said:

      And I quote "One morning, pecking through a tray of moldy Mexican birdseed, I told a suicidal client to 'get a grip or get a gun.' That afternoon, I flew out the door during a family crisis melee.""Yup. Get ready for fantastically dry humor that'll bring your perilously close to wetting your pants!!

    8. Robert Wechsler on said:

      The perfect travel reading for a trip to San Francisco. It is a first-pigeon novel by a pigeon who, with his friends, has been freed from a Berkeley lab and dumped in the wilds of San Francisco. Its principal weakness is, like so much popular fiction and film, the second half’s action orientation. A 3.5.

    9. Allie Smith on said:

      I picked it up at the library as a "blind date with a book." I had no idea what it would be about. I couldn't put it down Or should I say I kept dropping it because I laughed soooo much. Hilarious book

    10. Angela on said:

      this is a wacky book and possibly supports my idea that we should create city pigeon "teams" and fight them. i mean, few people that live in a city like pigeons and i think there are more than enough of them that we could loose some with no tears.

    11. Jenny on said:

      I wanted to like this book more. It had a great concept and I was optimistic after reading the beginning, but the bulk of the book was slow. Even at 185 pages, it feels like it needed to be a short story instead.

    12. Maleah on said:

      Back when my kids were tiny, my strategy at the library was to take about thirty seconds to zip down an aisle and grab the first book that looked interesting. This was the result of one of those trips, it was bizarre and amusing.

    13. Francisca on said:

      Birds addicted to booze and cigarettes are set free from the research lab by animal activists and thenwell, among other things, they need to get the goods to feed their lab-induced addictions. Gay bids, teen birds, older, wiser birds, scammer birds. Yup. Works like a charm.

    14. M. Benesh on said:

      It had its moments, and started off strong, but I think the idea lost its novelty about halfway through. The ending seemed long in coming, but not disappointing. A solid 3 stars.

    15. Alex on said:

      The description of the book made it sound a lot more fun and clever than it was. I enjoyed the book but it was underwhelming and didn't live up to the expectations I had for it.

    16. Jamaica on said:

      Stop being so serious and have some fun with some hard-living pigeons.

    17. Gwen on said:

      One of the few books that I've read twice. I do not think you will like this book one bit if you don't live in San Francisco.

    18. Megan on said:

      About 25 pages too long. Odd, odd book, but I lost interest at the end.

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