Dreams of the Ringed Vale

Robert Fanney

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Dreams of the Ringed Vale

Dreams of the Ringed Vale Luthiel s Song is an epic fantasy novel for young adults It is the first in a series of seven Below is a description of the story First Summer s Eve has come and all elves celebrate as the black moon

  • Title: Dreams of the Ringed Vale
  • Author: Robert Fanney
  • ISBN: 9780976422600
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • Luthiel s Song is an epic fantasy novel for young adults It is the first in a series of seven Below is a description of the story First Summer s Eve has come and all elves celebrate as the black moon s shadow fades from the world It is also Luthiel s fifteenth birthday With it come two extraordinary and dangerous surprises a Wyrd Stone, its silvery heart a window iLuthiel s Song is an epic fantasy novel for young adults It is the first in a series of seven Below is a description of the story First Summer s Eve has come and all elves celebrate as the black moon s shadow fades from the world It is also Luthiel s fifteenth birthday With it come two extraordinary and dangerous surprises a Wyrd Stone, its silvery heart a window into a world of dreams and nightmares, and a Blade Dancer, dreaded protector of the Faelands, who bears a dark message Instead of celebration, Luthiel is given a terrible choice if she does nothing, someone she loves deeply will die Or to save a life, she can break the most perilous law of the Faelands, and venture alone to the Vale of Mists If she chooses the journey, she must race Othalas eldest and most feared of all the werewolves past great back spiders who weave webs out of nightmares, through glittering mists with the power to reshape flesh, and at last into death by the teeth of dark and ancient Vyrl, who feed on the blood of elves Either choice will bring death unless Luthiel can find the secret in her remarkable Stone, a secret that even the nightmares fear.

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      241 Robert Fanney
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    One thought on “Dreams of the Ringed Vale

    1. Nikki Nielsen on said:

      It finally came in!This is not just a book, it is an entire fantasy world. In the back there is a glossary of terms used, an appendix of the suns and moons, and an appendix of the elfin runes their language and markings compared to our alphabet. The world Robert Fanney has managed to create is amazing in and of itself. There are two incredible pictures of the main character Luthiel, and I didn't see 'illustrated by' anywhere, so he must have drawn them. They are seriously incredible and I found [...]

    2. Angela Best on said:

      This delightful tale is the story of a young girl named Luthiel who is forced to go on a dangerous and frightening adventure that is sure to result in her own death. No, forced is a bad word to describe what this delightful heroine does. She goes on this treacherous adventure because it is simply what she has to do. The alternative is unacceptable to her, and as the story unfolds the stakes become even higher than she ever imagined.As other reviewers have said, Luthiel is an absolutely amazing h [...]

    3. Theri on said:

      I was getting tired of reading fantasy novels with male leads and female leads that just didn't seem real to me when I happened to stumble on this book. I'm really glad I did! A debut novel by a somewhat unknown author, this book had me from page one. The characters seemed real, genuine, and completely convincing. Luthiel is a heroine with traits that exemplify female heroics -- she's not just another buxom sword wielding lady dressed out in skimpy armor. Not only was the story and main characte [...]

    4. Diana on said:

      If you love fantasy novels, this book covers it, you will love it as I did, I really enjoyed this book. It is well written and genuine, a sense of a true heart. I highly recommend it. Dare to dream as Luthiel does. You will be glad you read this book.It is a fresh and delightful look towards allies least expected. An adventure in heroism, as a young teen elf, named Luthiel, sets out to save someone she loves. Her life as well as others lives are in the balance. This young 15 year old elf, encoun [...]

    5. Ron on said:

      The author came to my school a couple of weeks ago. I got the book and couldn't put it down. Started at about 5 PM 12 hours later I was thinking about playing hookie. This book will keep you up all night!

    6. Eric on said:

      I have not read anything with a elf since LOR. I caught the author on cspan one morning seemed like a bright chap and was pleasently surprised to see him on . Luthiel's Song is a well written novel with a engaging premise and a dynamic storyline. The style was as lush and layered as the world it protrayed. It was a joy to read and I highly recommend it. Enjoy.

    7. Jen on said:

      Unlike some, I'm a huge fan of elves and angels. This book had both in ways I hadn't yet imagined. So magical and yet at the same time somehow down to earth this book reminded me what it was like to feel wonder again while standing with feet firmly planted.

    8. Amanda on said:

      Not too long ago, I read A Game of Thrones, an excellent fantasy novel with exceptional world building (with fantasy elements kept in moderation--just the way I like it), intrigue and suspense provided by a complex plot, and fully realized characters. That sucker grabbed me and wouldn't let go. As a fantasy, Luthiel's Song failed because it lacked all of the above. It didn't grab me. Hell, it barely groped me. It was like the awkward boy who took you to the 10th grade dance and was so set on mak [...]

    9. Jessica on said:

      This is probably my favorite book of all time. It is not just a book about elves -- though the ones depicted in this story are, in my opinion, really unique -- it is more about a magical world that takes traditional myths and paints them in a subtly new way.What made me really love this book though, were the characters. They were all so rich and colorful. They have depth, complexity, and deep reasons for being what they are. Though it is a tale about good vrs evil, it does not define good and ev [...]

    10. Katy on said:

      This book really surprised me. It started out with a traditional story line and then I found myself in an entirely different place altogether. But it wasn't jarring. I was smoothly swept away. The author's world is filled with fantasy archetypes but they all somehow seem unique and have depth. If you're looking for a story and characters that will really surprise and delight you don't pass up this book.The only shame is that a major publisher hasn't picked up on this author and put some real hea [...]

    11. Anna on said:

      This book is amazing! I'm a real lover of fantasy stories. The downside to this is a number of the plot lines seem very similar to one another. Not the case with Luthiel's Song! The story kept surprising me! When you add in the fact that this is a real page-turner and you can't help but be deeply affected by some of the characters, this book is rapidly becoming my new favorite!

    12. Dan on said:

      From the first page to the final page this book was absolutely amazing. In it were many things I've never seen in a work of this kind before. The Vyrl, in my opinion, were a masterwork. A must read for fantasy lovers.

    13. Tom on said:

      I just read this a couple of days ago and man was I blown away. I feel I have in my hands a new fantasy classic. The characters and story were amazing.The story starts off with a moment of happy abandon but rapidly transitions into a fast paced adventure where Luthiel must make some hard choices if she's going to help the ones she loves. A must read for any fantasy lover!

    14. Todd on said:

      This book was great! I don't think there was a character I didn't like and some of my favorites happened to be the minor ones.

    15. Stephen on said:

      3.5 stars. A well done, original YA fantasy epic in the tradition of Tolkien. I enjoyed it.

    16. Lil on said:

      i love this book book and i think everyone should read it its probably oe of the best books i've ever read

    17. Gabriel on said:

      Luthiel's Song is tough to match in High Fantasy. The events are extraordinary, the characters very real to me. Lovely writing that brings back a sense of a time forgotten.

    18. Tracy on said:

      I stumbled upon this book entirely by accident. I was searching for blogs about elves and I read a wonderful rant by the author about people who discriminate against elves. I've met people like that and I think they're pretty silly. So I was intrigued by the writer and I ordered his book.What I discovered was something extraordinary. The world of Luthiel's Song is a beautiful as it is original. The characters and stories are very compelling to me. I say stories because, even though the main char [...]

    19. Ellen on said:

      Absolutely amazing! I was lucky to meet the author on a school trip. I can't wait for the next book.

    20. Gayle on said:

      I enjoyed this book immensely from the moment I picked it up. Within the first few pages, I was completely engrossed. Each character is so life-like, and Luthiel, the reluctant heroine, is dazzling. I love the imagery in this book. I could picture even the smallest details in my mind's eye with ease. The story itself flows smoothly, sweeping the reader along through both light and shadow. A wonderful read, that has left me wanting more. I cannot wait to see where Luthiel's journey takes her next [...]

    21. Kogiopsis on said:

      This is one of those books that I downloaded several years ago when I first got my Kindle, which then languished there as I persisted in just not using it, and which I come to now with little memory of what interested me at the time. At a guess - it was free or cheap in the Fantasy Ebooks section. That's a lot of what motivated me at the time.As gambles go, this was a decent one.The thing is that this book is fairly straightforward and predictable for most of its length, right up until the cut-o [...]

    22. Sydney on said:

      I'm new to and I'm pleased to see people here have discovered this amazing book. Luthiel's Song is not one of the best known fantasy stories, nor is it a mainstream book. But the quality of its story and the heart of its characters makes it so much more. I uncovered this treasure while wandering through a local library looking for something new. The librarian handed me a battered copy of what would become my new favorite fantasy. Reader beware! If you like carousing and savoring a story, you mi [...]

    23. Flannery on said:

      I was a little apprehensive at first--I don't always enjoy when there is a glossary or any type of appendix in a book. However, I've been wanting to read this one for a while--I got the Boston Public Library to purchase it. (Yay!)I started into it with high hopes andI was on page 300-something, finished the book, and now I have to get the sequel to see what happens! The story is interesting, fast-paced, and pretty inventive. I'm not the biggest fan of epic fantasy books because of how many made- [...]

    24. Ashley Saunders on said:

      This book is a tale about a 15 year old orphen who goes on a journey to discover who she is. Though she does not realize at the beginning but she is truly an amazing and inspiring character! I was introduced to this at the bookclub at Plaza Middle School, after I read the first page I was captivated. My bookclub calls the elfin languge "Fanney's code". This book is the best book in the entire world!

    25. Erin on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this book - And I am not normally a fantasy reader! The story was really good, and the character of Luthiel is absolutely loveable! Im looking forward to the next book. Im trying to get my thirteen-year-old son to read it now:)

    26. Erin on said:

      I've a love/hate relationship with high fantasy. These authors have the opportunity to bend reality so every book has the potential to expand the imagination beyond the known horizon. Problem is years spent reading the genre makes it difficult to appreciate originality in the genre as there’s little I haven’t seen.Othalas’ description of the Vyrl summoning “fell beasts from the depths – creatures of living flame called Malcor – who burned with the fire of their bodies” was eerily r [...]

    27. Dora Traynor on said:

      Fantasy is not normally my genre HOWEVER Luthiel's Song and Robert Fanney may just add it to my repertoire. I absolutely fell in love with Othalas and his gruff and grumpy way of showing his affection for his young Mistress Lutheil. He reminds me of my own dog who is Malamute/wolf with white eyes. There are several morsels of very sage advice that come from very unlikely places such as the Vyrl, a very ravenous, blood thirsty beast of a race, and a 15 year old child just learning of her royal he [...]

    28. Jeanie on said:

      I have a guilty confession to make -- I love elves. But only elves done well. Elves that make your mind wonder. Unique elves. Elves with a sense of the world. With a sense of history. Elfin magic. Elfin swords that are, well, sharp as the coldest wind of winter. Elves that breathe fantasy and are, yet, somehow different from the elves of Tolkien. Elves that have their own lives, their own experiences, and a story and characters that express that elfishness in a captivating and enthralling fashio [...]

    29. Beth on said:

      Luthiel is an orphan, but she has been taken in and raised by the Valshae family. Although Luthiel is being raised by elves there is something a little different about her that keeps her from being accepted by the village. Her closest friend and sister via the Valshae family is Leowin. A tragic turn of events cause Luthiel to make a life altering decision to take Leowin’s place and travel into the Vale of the Mist. There she must come up against Othalas, a feared werewolf, faces giant spiders [...]

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