The Principles of Love

Emily Franklin

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The Principles of Love

The Principles of Love The Gil Girls meets The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in this fun sophisticated teen novel about the lovable Love Bukowski First in a brand new series The movie version of Love Bukowski s life is

  • Title: The Principles of Love
  • Author: Emily Franklin
  • ISBN: 9780451215178
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Gil Girls meets The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in this fun, sophisticated teen novel about the lovable Love Bukowski First in a brand new series The movie version of Love Bukowski s life is picture perfect She can roll out of bed and be at class in her new prep school within minutes because she lives in an amazing house on Hadley Hall Campus, where The Gil Girls meets The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in this fun, sophisticated teen novel about the lovable Love Bukowski First in a brand new series The movie version of Love Bukowski s life is picture perfect She can roll out of bed and be at class in her new prep school within minutes because she lives in an amazing house on Hadley Hall Campus, where her Dad just happens to be the principal And though she s just joined the ranks of the nation s future leaders and lushes of America, they ve all become her best friends Gorgeous upperclassmen crowd around her doorstep just to catch a glimpse of her performing her original songs Life is sweet Unfortunately, the not so glamorous reality of her life is that her Dad is the principal of the this prototypical New England prep school Friends are hard to come by, and the only guys who come near her front door are the ones she wants to swat away Not that there s a shortage of Hadley hotties it s just that the one Love s singled out is an utterly incredible and totally unattainable senior Now, Love will have to figure out the true meaning of her name to make her reality as awesome as her fantasies.

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      332 Emily Franklin
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    One thought on “The Principles of Love

    1. Jacob Proffitt on said:

      So deeply, deeply disappointing. The book starts well and maintains a leisurely, but interesting pace through the first half. Love Bukowski is an interesting girl with enough problems to be intriguing and enough capability to provide hope that she'll eventually figure things out. Indeed, I expected this to be a three- or four-star review untilI'm not sure what happened or what Emily Franklin was thinking, but she betrays her characters and much of the promise of the book by the end. I'll get exp [...]

    2. Haley on said:

      Why am I so in love with this book? Is it because it has literary and musical allusions to everything I love? Is it that the narrator, Love Bukowski, has such amazing insight; a hilarious, perceptive take on the trials of the teenage? Is it because the boarding school setting is cliche because it's so talked of, and so not-cliche because it's little-written about?I don't know. Maybe all of the above, or maybe something indefinable.Here are some of my favorite quotes:"But even the posters of hipp [...]

    3. Steph Su on said:

      When Love Bukowski moves with her principal dad onto the campus of Hadley Hall at the beginning of her sophomore year, she’s determined to have no illusions about her decidedly un-movie-like life. She knows she will have New Student status. There is no way she can do anything with her love of music and singing. And her love life will probably be nonexistent, particularly as the guy she’s singled out as the object of her interest is an extremely hot senior with a serious girlfriend.But then t [...]

    4. Amy H on said:

      this to me was 3.5 starsi got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewi have to start off and say that if you do not like mush young adult books, to not read this book. this was a great book for someone on middle or high school. it is short and sweet. it does not have a cliff hanger, but will lead you to want to read the second book. also, for those of you who hate it, there is a love triangle in this bookis book follows a girl named Love. yes, that is her name. her father i [...]

    5. Eija on said:

      This is a really fun and easy read that takes me back to high school days. Maybe not so much the prep school part, but the cliques and the anxieties of what's coming next in life. I did find it ended a little too abruptly for me with her relationship and music career sliding into place. Having started the second book of the series, I definitely feel like her relationship that the entire book built up was a bit of a let down.

    6. Leah on said:

      This was a typical high school romance. It was a fun read. I liked the main character, but I was disappointed that there wasn't more about her mom. I hope that there will be more about her in the next book. I like the guy she is with at the end, but I'm not sure if they will be together at the end of the series.

    7. Julianna on said:

      My daughter is finally old enough to get into this series -- Emily Franklin is a great author of both adult and YA.

    8. John Clark on said:

      Interesting 'inside-the-head' look at a girl trying to adjust to going to a new private school where Dad is the principal. She's been stonewalled by both her father and her aunt about what happened to her long absent mom. Watching her navigate a parent falling in love, an aunt falling in, then out of love, crushing quietly on a gut while learning to make new friends all blend into a satisfying read, but the end left me a bit frustrated. Good thing there are two more in the series.

    9. Kristilyn (Reading In Winter) on said:

      When I started reading the next book in my NetGalley queue (a list of books that doesn’t seem to be going down, no matter how many I read!), I had to laugh at how it had the same idea as the book I read last week, Roomies. THIS book, The Principles of Love by Emily Franklin, however, didn’t have anything to do with going away for university, but instead living on campus for high school. Is that a thing? I’ve never heard of living on campus for high school before, so it was kind of a strang [...]

    10. Nikki on said:

      My copy was provided to me by Netgalley.I found the title of this book to be humorous. First off, it involves both the principles of love and the principles of Love, the person. Also, principles. Her father is a principal at Love's new school, the school where everything happens. Coincidence? Probably.Love just moved to a new school where her father is the principal. This means kids thinking that Love is being treated special, harassment from other students, and Love having to act like a perfect [...]

    11. Runa on said:

      Cute book! One massive complaint before moving on to details--the font. I hate being so nitpicky, but ugh, could there be a smaller, tougher-to-read font? Quite frankly, that's the only reason I'm docking a star, because sometimes, it just gets really hard to read, no matter how interesting the book is, when your head's throbbing from squinting at the pages.Now on to specifics. I have a lot to talk about with the names. Obviously, the first name to discuss would be Love's. How amazing is that? I [...]

    12. Kathy on said:

      *I received this book from NetGalley for review* Quote I liked:"Flowerless and without pre-scripted dialogue, he isn't perfect. He's real." My Thoughts:The plot in this book was adorable. WARNING: this book contains a love triangle *cue scary music.* I loved how well developed the characters in this novel were. Love, the main character, was very well-crafted to be a musician and an angst-filled teenage girl. Love's love interests (haha) were super cute, and kept me reading to discover who she wo [...]

    13. Catalina Sennett on said:

      Love Bukowski is an average teen girl, except her father is the new principal of Hadley Hall, a school she now has to enroll in. She meets Lila, a very nice soccer girl, who has an intensely hot boyfriend, who Love is in love with. There is also Drakefan, a boy(she hopes) she has been emailing a lot. And than there is Jacob, the shy boy in her English class, who she feels she can be great friends with, because they have so much in common. Love is hoping to find true love this year, or at least a [...]

    14. LivesandBreathesBookBlog on said:

      Love Bukowski(what a name right?) is a fifteen year old girl being raised by her father, a high school principal who recently accepted a job that required the pair to move—again. This book, the first in a series of seven, follows Love through her Sophomore year at an elite academy, where she meets new people and hopes to make a real friend, and maybe even a boyfriend. I really enjoyed the story. It was funny and sweet, and poor Love has to deal with some major issues—boy trouble, family dram [...]

    15. Blerta on said:

      My opinion of this story is that it is a really good because there is no boring parts in the book so you can just keep on reading and not stop. My opinion of this genre which is romance is that it's really good because it relates to you and most girls and boys out there in the world. Other books I read like this one is the books 2-5 in the series because there genre is romance and they have the same plot as the first book. The character that stood out the most is the main character because shes [...]

    16. Ashley on said:

      So, as everyone already knows, I hate cliffhangers more than salt in a wound. And this one had a doozyI get that the author wanted suspense ($$ and for you to buy her next book $$) but I couldn't bring myself to care AT ALL about Love, her selfish father, or the rest of her friends. I will NOT be continuing this series, and I suggest you don't even start it*Received an ARC for honest review.*

    17. Julie on said:

      I received this novel from NetGalley.This is a fun, fast paced, enjoyable novel, the characters feel real, as do the settings and relationships. The writing is easy to read, but advanced enough to lift this YA novel into something great. The problems faced by the protagonist 'Love' are real to life and thus making this novel easy to relate to and to really enjoy.A great novel, definitely for any YA reader, or anyone who is a fan of teenage protagonists. Great little read.

    18. Arika Conley on said:

      This is a very cute book, the description of it being like Gilmore Girls is correct in my opinion. Love is a very likable character, but she starts to make poor decisions that don't seem to fit her personality towards the 3/4 mark of the book. The ending is pretty predictable, I am hoping the next book will be better. I think was much more of a story that could have happened with this book than the classic love triangle plot.

    19. Manoja K. on said:

      The first book in the principles of love series. I thought that this books a cute, typical teenage book. I plan to continue with the series. The only way I can describe it as being a good teen-read when I'm bored, but it's not a book that I'm overly excited about and that I have to talk about all the time.

    20. Dana on said:

      I remember reading this book and liking it (I read it almost ten years ago), but the plot and characters have not stuck with me. The one thing that DID stick, and it's something that makes me eternally indebted to Emily Franklin: This book introduced me to Nick Drake's music. If you read this simply to explore its references, it would be worth it.

    21. Sunshyne on said:

      This book was a great read and a cute story. Love is a character that is full of humor.when I started reading I couldn't put it down. I love the story of Love the 16 year old who attends a prep school where none other than her dad Is the principal. Love seems to be the girl who I would want as a friend in schoole book is truly a laugh out loud book.

    22. Sallyann Van leeuwen on said:

      Mmmm first of all, I really loved the music part of the story. However it didn't really keep my attention in parts, I'd be reading away and then have to backtrack, to see if Love was thinking of a scenario, or actually in the scenario. That said I'd probably borrow the next book in the series before abandoning altogether.

    23. Vicki on said:

      So one thing that really annoyed me about this book was all the references to music/movies, I guess that's my own fault. I just didn't really get any of them, so it took away. But I liked the character of Love. I was really happy with the ending, and def will be reading the whole series(well most of it since it is SOOO hard to find the full series). Onto Love From London!

    24. Amy on said:

      Nothing spectacular. I'd give it one star but I did manage to finish it (made a huge push last night) so there you go. Again the writing is quick but not in the good way. Characters where pretty decent though. I don't know.

    25. Amy Grieve on said:

      The Principles of Love was a fun, light, enjoyable read. Some of the characters did feel a bit undeveloped and the plot was annoyingly predictable. Yet, I am still kind of fond of Love and all of her media related knowledge.

    26. Carolyn on said:

      It felt like a waste of time. The only reason I kept reading was because I wanted to find out about her mom (which, of course, you don't find out the truth about until like book 5 or 6. Wish I had know before I started)

    27. alicatstrut on said:

      Really easygoing and really well-written. Every plot point is telegraphed the moment its lead-in occurs but I found I didn't mind and I found Love's lack of awareness true to her character instead of OMG-give-me-a-break-ish. Excellent series starter.

    28. Faith on said:

      I liked the character. I rad this when I was younger, and its pretty cool Kinda like the It girl series by the Michelle Z something.I liked it. A good read. A bit predictable, but if you need a break from all those actioney fantasy paranormal books, then this is for you.

    29. Laura on said:

      I think the book was somewhat slow (and deceiving - it was smaller than most novels I read, but a much slower read than anticipated). But there is a great cliff hanger, so I'm sure I'll try the next in the series.

    30. Lexi on said:

      It was alright, but thus far my least favourite of this author's books. The first half was very slow paced because she was setting things up for the rest of the series. Also, it was fairly obvious to me who DrakeFan really was, but that was ok, because I liked the reveal.

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