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Fiesta Being trapped inside a small Astra with the most obnoxious bloke in the world is not Laura s idea of a holiday Has she really saved for months to watch Spain whizz past the windows Then she gets the c

  • Title: Fiesta
  • Author: Kate Cann
  • ISBN: 9780439955737
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Paperback
  • Being trapped inside a small Astra with the most obnoxious bloke in the world is not Laura s idea of a holiday Has she really saved for months to watch Spain whizz past the windows Then she gets the chance to housesit and she gets the chance to experience the real Spain and romance is just around the corner.

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      325 Kate Cann
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    One thought on “Fiesta

    1. Liralen on said:

      Despite my lousy rating, I enjoyed this quite a bit—the cover and description promised fluff, and they delivered. It's the end of Laura's gap year, and she's spending the summer in Spain with two friends and a friend's boyfriendbut it's not going quite as planned. Her friend's boyfriend is determined to find as much of England as he can in Spain; Laura feels like she's been cast as the dissident; none of them are getting along.Opportunity knocks, and Laura grabs it with both hands (while her f [...]

    2. Kirsty on said:

      I just loved this author's books when I was in my teens, and this book was no exception. Great escapism as you're whisked away into the tale of holiday romances. I couldn't put this down - this author has a way of completely capturing your interest.

    3. Taiyesha-Duchess of Indiana on said:

      This is why I love , because It allows me to see my evolution as a reader!What I loveSo I read this book when i was like 14, and i read it a good 4 times over the course of 3 years. This is not very good writing. It is your standard chick lit book. HOwever, boy is it fun. This book was amazing and left me fantasizing about when i grow up and get to travel the world. The yummy boys and experiences I would have. I liken this book to like eat pray love for the young teenager. Only a lot less soul s [...]

    4. Kathleen on said:

      One of my favorite books!! I've read this literally 10 times and love it more and more!!

    5. Beck on said:

      i felt cheated. it ended so quickly i don't even know wat happened, theres no hint or nothing!

    6. Frances on said:

      Mini-review originally posted on Nightjar's Jar of Books.This book follows Laura, an English teenager who’s just started her gap year, and is on the road trip from hell across Spain, accompanied by her two best friends, Ruth and Yaz, as well as Ruth’s obnoxious boyfriend Tom – the driver, who is the main cause of the “from hell” part of the trip.I didn’t have very high expectations, going into this book, but I did hope that it might surprise me – and it did, at times. I enjoyed the [...]

    7. Ari on said:

      IQ "It's just I've never heard of anyone snogging someone out of politeness before", Laura pg. 205 I read this book for fun as I prepared for my trip to Spain and it wasn't awful, but I'm slowly realizing that I can only handle so manyachy? frothy? light? reads. The book drags along in the beginning as you wonder how Tom and Ruth are real people because c'mon Tom's a Neanderthal clearly and I have no patience for fools in literature. Not when you could be traveling with your friends Yaz and Laur [...]

    8. Jodie on said:

      I have always been a fan of Kate Cann and it was in fact her books which got me reading a lot more. These 'Beach books' (there are 3 altogether) are the only romantic books of hers which l haven't read so l was looking forward to reading them, especially now the type of books she writes have changed so they will probably be the last of hers l read. With this book l wasn't drawn into the storyline straight away but instead was slowly gripped by the book and by half way through l couldn't put it d [...]

    9. Heather on said:

      I read Spanish Holiday: Or, How I Transformed the Worst Vacation Ever into the Best Summer of My Life. It started out like any quick read or what some may call a fluffy read book which is what I wanted to read. It turned out not to be a quick read and I found myself bored. I did not like any of the characters much at all. Tom Ruth’s boyfriend was beyond annoying and at times it seemed like she had no back bone at all. Laura was okay for the most part. This may have been okay but it was also ve [...]

    10. Mary Pessaran on said:

      The first half of the book (the worst vacation ever) was rather frustrating. Primarily because the friend's boyfriend, Tom, was so unbelievably macho and annoying that I found it difficult to believe that any woman wouldn't see through it at least a little bit. What I liked most about the book (besides Juan, the love interest of the main character, Laura) was the descriptions of Spain, its culture, its people, the food, the landscape. The author has obviously traveled there and provided details [...]

    11. Alyssa Hamilton on said:

      This is a great summer read with the classic vacation and summer romance. It doesn't take place on a beach so that's a nice change and you get a taste of Spanish culture on top of it. The book seemed to end a bit abruptly though. Also, the main character was meant to be about 18 or 19 since they are on their gap year between high school and university, but it read like an adult woman. It was very hard to imagine the characters so young.

    12. Reem on said:

      this book was great! i love the way there are different things happening other than the greek oneings i love:JuanJuanJuanJuanJuanJuanJuan and JuanHe is such a sweet, amazing, irresistable and dreamy. i hate the way tom and ruth act over eachother like retards it makes me laugh and the frigen guy(tom) is such an idiot!!!!!!!Yaz is cool but shes weird when shes angryis book us so far the best kate cann book ive read"

    13. Jo on said:

      This is definitely a summer beach read. Story of four English girls on holiday in Spain. The first half of their vacation is terrible, dominated by an egotiscal male friend with a car. One girl is smitten with him and the soap opera begins. I would recommend this to teen girls looking for a light rmantic read. I enjoyed the description of Spain, it's culture and landscape.

    14. Kim Carter on said:

      Such easy reading! It's the perfect book to sit curled up warm by the fire & read in one sitting or even by the pool daydreaming about a holiday romance! The writings not perfect but the cute love story is there & just what I needed! Something that doesn't require me to think & read just read & relax :-)

    15. Marianne on said:

      At the beginning of reading this, I thought the main character and one other were likable. By the end, I didn't like anyone. Every single one of these characters is selfish at some point and it's very hard to read about people who act like that when there's no one to balance it out. I will probably not read anything else by this author.

    16. Jessica on said:

      Spanish Holiday is a lot cuter than California Holiday. While I'm enjoying these light, beach read-y, teen 'romance' novels, I seem to prefer Rachel Hawthorne's books. Still, I have Grecian Holiday left of Kate Cann's to read, and I'm sure I'll like it.

    17. Sandy on said:

      Used to own this book. I really was inspired to take a vacation in Spain haha. Totally age-appropriate for me, too. I liked this, just not the drama with Lauren's best friend. Romantic and recommended for teens ages 17 to 18 +. 3/5 stars.

    18. Beth on said:

      Not a really enjoyable romance or travelogue. The characters are unlikeable and Laura's romance with Juan happens so fast you don't get a believable relationship. And to cap it off, the book just ends without any real closure.

    19. Erin on said:

      I've read several other books by this author, and this one did not exactly live up to expectations. I had trouble staying with the book for the first half, and I felt it ended too abruptly. Not my favorite by this author.

    20. Lisa Betteridge on said:

      Kate Cann manages to get the summer feeling over to the reader in all of her books. I have read three and they all seem to follow a similar story line but still very entertaining and romantic.

    21. emma on said:

      These sort of books make me wonder why nothing like this ever happens to me on vacation :) I tend to read this when I want a simple romance.

    22. Kenz Wenz on said:

      cute, i love all of these books but they're kind of predictible.

    23. Caitlin M on said:

      unless you're an 18 year old girl on their gap year (or younger) it is hard to relate to the story. light summer reading is about it.

    24. Sarah on said:

      it was soooo cute!!Now i wanna become a spy(like charlie's angels) and go to spain!!!(road trip, but with a plane!)

    25. ..Ciel.. ~ Catty Reader on said:

      Read this about ten years ago. Nice light read, but I've outgrown it

    26. Laura on said:

      I don't even remember where I got this book, but in an effort to clean out my bookshelf I read this the other day. It was a fairly typical "chick lit" book, predictible, quick read.

    27. Shannon on said:

      the story overall was cute. Predictable but still good. still have lots of dislike for that jerk Tom.

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