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Cassandra Lawson

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Rock & Regrets

Rock Regrets PiperAt sixteen I dreamed of fairy tale endings and living happily ever after with Austin Knight I was a fool Austin was no Prince Charming Rather than sweeping me off my feet he broke my heart That

  • Title: Rock & Regrets
  • Author: Cassandra Lawson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • PiperAt sixteen, I dreamed of fairy tale endings and living happily ever after with Austin Knight I was a fool Austin was no Prince Charming Rather than sweeping me off my feet, he broke my heart.That was fourteen years ago, and I am completely over Austin He is in my past, and that s where he s going to stay At least, that s what I thought until he moved back to thePiperAt sixteen, I dreamed of fairy tale endings and living happily ever after with Austin Knight I was a fool Austin was no Prince Charming Rather than sweeping me off my feet, he broke my heart.That was fourteen years ago, and I am completely over Austin He is in my past, and that s where he s going to stay At least, that s what I thought until he moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area Now, he s determined to win me over It won t work I will not think about how good Austin looks playing the drums shirtless, or what an incredible kisser he is All right, I might think about those things a little, but I m definitely not going to fall for him again.AustinI ve never been the guy who rides off into the sunset with the girl and makes all her dreams come true I ve always been the rebound guy, the one who helps rebuild a woman s confidence after a breakup It hasn t been a bad gig I got all the benefits with none of the drama It was all I wanted until Piper walked back into my life.She s not ready to forgive me, and I don t deserve a second chance I should just leave her alone, but after seeing her smile, I can t do that I m done being the rebound guy Piper doesn t know it yet, but I m going to do everything in my power to make her love me again This time, I m not letting her go.

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    One thought on “Rock & Regrets

    1. Elaine on said:

      This is the first book that I have read by Cassandra Lawson and it was awesome from beginning to the very end!Austin and Piper had been friends since since they where children and one mistake was the of their friendship!It's been 14 years and now they are thrown back together.Will Austin and Piper be able to let go of their past to have a future together?To find out you just have to read their book!

    2. Carla on said:

      Carla's Three Star ReviewAs a teen, Piper had big dreams. She dreamed of one day marrying her prince charming, Austin Knight. The only problem with that dream was the fact that Austin was more of a douche than a prince, and he ended up breaking her young heart.Fast forward 14 years.Fate has brought Piper and Austin back into one another's lives. Austin feels terrible about the way he treated her all those years ago, and he will do anything to make it up to her. They agree to try rebuilding their [...]

    3. MarieBrown (Marie's Tempting Reads) on said:

      Marie's Tempting Reads ARC Review:The second book in Cassandra Lawson's irresistible Rock and Roll series is even better than the first one with more HOT, SEXY, WONDERFUL FEELS and STEAMY MOMENTS that had my heart stuttering in my chest and had me feeling some major heat! I fell in love HARD with this stunning cover. Beautiful with one gorgeous hottie, I could hardly take my eyes off of it. I think I may have drooled a bit on my kindle! Once I started it though, I was HOOKED. The story was devas [...]

    4. Felicia Eddy on said:

      I love a great second chance romance and even more so with a rock band backdrop- so needless to say I enjoyed Rock & Regrets. Piper and Austin grew up together and were best friends - then Piper's feelings started to change. Then Austin broke her heart and shattered her fairytale illusion. Now 14 years later they are forced back together again and Austin realizes the mistakes he made and will do anything to make Piper his - that is if Piper will ever forgive and take a chance on him again.Th [...]

    5. Shannan on said:

      Sweet cheese and crackers I think the author toured to kill me with this book. But this is all about Austin and Piper, y'all. Piper is definitely as kickass as Bentley was in book one if not more so. And how much fun it was watching Austin need to prove himself after what happened when they were young. It was interesting to see how not only Piper and Austin, but her parents and his father have changed since that fateful day. I do wish we'd gotten a bit more about his family though. Like how Iris [...]

    6. Mandy Parmenter on said:

      Piper and Austin Knight have a shared history - a painful one - but it is shared. At 16 Piper had a major crush on him but then he broke her heart. So she is now determined not to fall for him charms again no matter how determined he is to be with her again. Since the incident 14 years ago Austin has been the rebound guy but when Piper comes back in his life he is desperate for a second chance with her even though he knows he should leave her alone. Can he make her love him again?Great second st [...]

    7. Kim on said:

      Wow just Wow how people can grow up overnight when Austin didn’t think he had another chance with Piper after all of the 14 years boy was her WRONG !!She tried to give him the chance to make his wrongs wright he showed her the Moon and the Stars ! But with love there always comes tragedy can Austin and Piper over come the things life keeps throwing at them or will the love for each other not be enough ? Will there friends try to push each of them in the right direction or will the past be [...]

    8. Lisa Cheney on said:

      This was my first book by Cassandra Lawson. I really do like her writing style. If you like second chance romance then this book is for you. Piper has always a a thing for Austin, that was until one night when he broke her heart. Going there separate ways they then meet back up some years later. Austin was pretty sure that what he did was never going to see her again let alone Piper to talk to him, could she give him the second chance he is looking for? After talking they decide the best thing i [...]

    9. Mary on said:

      I was surprised by this complex second chance romance. Austin and Piper were friends as kids and Piper had a crush on Austin. Then Austin crushed Piper’s heart. Many years later, Austin is a drummer in a band and ends up playing at the club that Piper manages. Piper doesn’t want to give Austin a second chance but Austin knows he screwed up. There is so much more to their story about why Austin did what he did and how it impacted both of their lives. Throw in a great supporting cast through t [...]

    10. D.M. Midgley on said:

      This is a massive drama filled book that kept me gripped from the start. Austin is a rock star and is one of those typical guys that doesn't realise what he's got until it's gone and that's how he starts thinking when Piper walks into his life again.Piper has always had a thing for Austin but he used her and kicked her to the curb. He was harsh and seemed to blame her for her dad having an affair with his mother.Austin decides to try and win her back though when he realises that he wants her and [...]

    11. Nardia Barnes on said:

      Do you ever think that subconsciously, we avoid the better path in life because you knew you let the one road that was perfect for you, stay forever closed?Austin, drummer of a successful rock band, being the re-bound guy for every girl he comes across, until he finally gets the chance to right a wrong from 14 years ago. Piper's path in life was forever changed by others mistakes, but will she forgive that one who betrayed her the most.A fun quick read, with likeable supporting characters, this [...]

    12. Konny on said:

      Rock and Regrets by Cassandra Lawson is a standalone, full length, second chances rom com.Meet the old friends Piper Button and Austin Knight.At 16 Piper was a fairy tale dreamer. She dreamed of her knight in shining armor and a princess in a castle with a beautiful HEA.Only Austin is no prince charming. He broke her heart.Fast forward, 14 years later she´s over him, but now he´s back in San Francisco. He meets Piper and wants her back, only she isn´t ready to forgive him.It´s difficult to w [...]

    13. Bookaholic And on said:

      Piper and Austin have a long history than made them parted ways for fourteen years. Now is time to face their past and make amends for their sake.The way this book is written in a dual POV makes the story to be told in a way you understand and follow it with an easy flow. The story will have you emerging yourself into it and loving it.My only recommendation will be to read book one, you will understand a lot more some situations that happened in the previous book.I voluntarily review an Advance [...]

    14. Natalie on said:

      WOW!! Well that was not what I expected lol It was a little less crazy then that I thought it would be but full of all the hawt feels, as well as the grrrr feels lol I didn't know reading this that it was a #2 but it was an awesome story that I felt wasn't a #2. Most #2 books you feel like something is missing but this book was full and complete!! I look forward to reading the #1 and the rest of this series because I can see there is gonna be lots of goodies to come!!!

    15. Denise Van plew on said:

      I do not often read this kind much any more but I could not resist this one. It captured my attention as soon as I entered into it. This centers around Piper and Austin. This also turns out to be a second chance which alot of times I am a sucker for. When time gives them that chance the diligence that is in it is consuming with you following every tid bit. This author pours it into these two sweeping you along with them. I come out of it completely satisfied and warmed to the toes.

    16. Missy Noecker on said:

      Piper and Austin's story was great! Austin wants a second chance with Piper even though he knows he doesn't really deserve it after what he did to Piper. Piper wants to try to stay away from Austin and when that doesn't work, she just wants to be civil and friends. They had their ups and downs and I loved seeing them grow through the story. It was fun to see the banter between band member and to get to know them all. I can't wait for the next story and see more of the band.

    17. Amanda on said:

      I received the ARC in exchange for a honest review.Normally I’m not a fan of rockstar romances but this one rockstar, Austin, is much more than what meets the eye. In the beginning, I thought he was a prick but his character developed so much more. I ended up falling for him myself. And I adored Piper. She was a very strong heroine. I had no idea this was the second in a series so I’ll have to read more! I’m excited for Cami and Xander’s story.

    18. Elizabeth Connor on said:

      I received an ARC of this as an ebook. Once I start reading a book from Cassandra Lawson, I find myself unable to put it down as I race to the end. This one was no exception. What an inspiring love story! Piper and Austin made a great couple. Characters were multidimensional and complex, with complicated histories. I particularly like the intersection of characters from others of this author's series. Pacing was perfect, free from unnecessary and contrived crises. Overall, it was a great book an [...]

    19. Tami czenkus on said:

      Rock and Regrets was like a breath a fresh air for me. This is my first Cassandra Lawson book and she had me hooked from the very beginning. This is a great 2nd chance romance with steam and lots of laughs Kinda craving waffles after this book!!Pipe and Austin's relationship is not perfect by any means, they have issues to work out together AND separately if they want to find their happily ever after.Loved it and will be looking forward to reading about all the characters un this series

    20. April Vivas on said:

      The second book in Cassandra Lawson's Reckless Release rock and roll series delivered!!!! Piper and Austin 's love story is truly a "can't put it down" kind of book. The characters will make you laugh, cry, pull your hair and run the gamut of emotions. I love, love, love the cast is these stories and can't wait for the next installment. Both book one and two should be on your to read list!!!!

    21. Thia Finn on said:

      Austin and Piper are doomed after he shoots down her teenage crush on him. She thinks she sees him for the kind of guy he truly is. Fourteen years later though, they are reunited and she is determined to not allow him in her heart again. Once burned, twice shy. Austin sees things differently from her though. He knows he messed up all those years ago and decides to prove he can be the man she needs him to be. His life as the "rebound guy" is over for him. He's ready to be hers in every way. The b [...]

    22. Isabella Bazz on said:

      This is second chance at love. piper fell in love with Austin at a young age. This is book two in the series. (though i didn't read book one, this is a standalone.). I enjoyed reading this wonderful book, its fun and light hearted with some heart stopping scenes. I look forward to reading book three in this series.

    23. Sylvia Schneider on said:

      Piper and Austin have a past togetherme of it goodme not so good. the not so good is what ripped them apart many years ago Now they have both grown up, and moved on with their lives or so they thought. Being thrown together and after many years they have to learn to get along whether they want to or not. This is a quick good rock star read Enjoy!

    24. Lisa Lawson on said:

      I received a free ebook from the author. I am loving this series. Rock and Regrets is based on Austin, the drummer for Reckless Release, also known as"the rebound guy." After a chance encounter with a girl from his past, nothing will stand in his way to have Piper in his arms again. A well-written, sweet, sensual, rocker romance. Left me with a smile on my face.

    25. Kimkbries on said:

      I am such a fan of this series! Austin hurt Piper when they were their teens. Now they meet several years later. Is it possible to move past all the hurt and find. HEA? I enjoyed their story filled with plenty of romance and lots of sole searching. Austin and Piper are a great couple. Add in the guys in the band and Piper’s friends and you have a story I did not want to put down.

    26. Katy Birch on said:

      Piper and Austin. Friends growing up until one event tore them apart. But holy **** they are back and intense more than ever. Thesw two you cannot help but love and are constantly rooting for them. The trust and connection that grows between these two are felt between the pages.A great, rocking read.

    27. Meleaha Howard on said:

      What a wonderfully sweet second chance romance. When they were teens, Austin broke Piper's heart, ruining the friendship they had. Over a decade later, they meet again and the story follows their budding relationship, trying to work through their issues and him being away.

    28. Amanda Vermaak on said:

      A reconnection of a childhood crush. Austin, the drummer of a famous rock band. Piper the club manager where the band sometimes play. They are working hard on their relationship as hearts were broken. A very sweet romance with a happily ever after

    29. Amanda Ferguson on said:

      This book didn't grab me from the beginning, a friend recommended it to me so I thought I'd give it a go. The story line seemed a little sloppy and the characters were generic. This story has been done many times, I don't think I'll be going for book 2.

    30. Lisa Kolb on said:

      Wonderful story about young love and second chances!! I loved the rocker vibe, really enjoyed the characters and the love scenes are hot!! Looking forward to more about these characters and this author!!!! I really enjoyed it!!!!

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