Weird Parents

Audrey Wood

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Weird Parents

Weird Parents pp Pub Not only does his mother pack weird surprises in his lunch box like a hard boiled egg with rabbit ears and whiskers but his father asks him to do weird things in public like imitate a

  • Title: Weird Parents
  • Author: Audrey Wood
  • ISBN: 9780140549249
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • 32 pp Pub 9 95 Not only does his mother pack weird surprises in his lunch box like a hard boiled egg with rabbit ears and whiskers but his father asks him to do weird things in public, like imitate a chicken Of course, the boy won t, so his weird father does it instead Why can t his parents just be normal like everyone else s, or everyone else s parents be weir32 pp Pub 9 95 Not only does his mother pack weird surprises in his lunch box like a hard boiled egg with rabbit ears and whiskers but his father asks him to do weird things in public, like imitate a chicken Of course, the boy won t, so his weird father does it instead Why can t his parents just be normal like everyone else s, or everyone else s parents be weird like his Full color.

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      192 Audrey Wood
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    One thought on “Weird Parents

    1. Ronyell on said:

      “Weird Parents” is another classic book from the famed children’s author…AUDREY WOOD!!!! This book humorously narrates the story of a boy’s attempts at trying to get used to his parents’ awkward ways with society. Audrey Wood’s hilarious story and even more hilarious illustrations make this book a true comedic and sitcom book.Audrey Wood has truly been successful in her children’s books and “Weird Parents” is certainly no exception. Audrey Wood explores the trials of what eve [...]

    2. Eva Leger on said:

      Julia didn't like this and she was quite clear about it. I thought it was okay and I think the reason she didn't care for it is because she's not embarrassed by me yet. She will be soon enough but she couldn't relate. I don't think this is targeted at children very much older - it is age appropriate which sounds weird. Maybe I'm just extra cool or something. ;-)

    3. Dolly on said:

      We found a Netflix treat: we just watched Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories, which features animated adaptations of children's storybooks with celebrity narrators. This story was narrated by Bette Midler and we just loved the format. It reminded us of the Tumblebooks animations that we occasionally watch online. As the book is narrated, we followed along with a slightly animated version of the illustrations. It was very entertaining and we really enjoyed watching all of the episodes on the DVD. T [...]

    4. Kristina on said:

      I thought that this was a cute book. my kids enjoyed reading this book. I would recommend this book to others.

    5. Betsy on said:

      Weird Parents is a moralistic tale that is easily made relatable to young readers through Audrey Wood’s use of characterization and word choice. The vocabulary is more complicated and challenges beginning readers to utilize their developing literacy skills. There is no specific rhyme or pattern in the story, however the repetition of certain phonemes, such as the ”w” sound, reinforces the reader’s understanding of the sound within various words and in conjunction with the overall text. T [...]

    6. Chloe on said:

      Weird Parents by Audrey Wood is a story that encompasses the hilariousness of being a young child and thinking your parents are ridiculously embarrassing with the sentimental knowing of the love that parents share for their children and vise versa. The story focuses on a boy and how "weird" his parents are. He points out ways in which his parents act weird and identifies the ways in which he is different from them. Through many different examples and explanations, the reader begins to think that [...]

    7. Storytime Books on said:

      This book is great for any child because it shows them that everyone can experience that time where they are embarassed of their parents. It also shows them that no matter what, their parents will always be there for them and sometimes the “weird parents” are the best ones to have.The illustrations, also done by Audrey Wood, are very colorful and detailed. The expressions of the characters really bring the book to life, along with all the detailed settings she has drawn for the book. So, if [...]

    8. Nicole on said:

      This story is about a little boy who tries to accept his parent's weird ways. The little boy sees his parents through a lens that the society around him sees them through. With their weird outfits and weird ways of packing a lunch, weird ways to show affection, etc. After the main character wishes his parents were normal "just like everyone else" he discovers that he would not have it any other way. This can relate to children if they are ever embarrassed about anything in their own lives whethe [...]

    9. Hope on said:

      As a kid, we all have had that moment when we wish our parents were different and maybe a little weird. I think this book could be used as a writing prompt. Write about a time when a friend or family member acted different than you did, but you did not care because they were still your friend or your family members. The emotions the boy in the story feels are displayed in the pictures, but not in the words, which leaves room for conversations about emotions and how sometimes other people's actio [...]

    10. Kathryn Sublett on said:

      This book would be great for children of all ages. Sometimes students need to be reminded of the love their parents have for them. Educators could use this book to prepare students for a writing assignment about their parents. I had some students in first grade disgusted when their parents tried to give them a kiss goodbye, so they acted out by talking disrespectfully to their parents. Using this book could help students realize their parents are not out to get them.

    11. Audra on said:

      We like the Napping House, but loved Weird Parents. I wasn't so sure when we checked this out - often fun titles lead to really dumb books. But- the illustrations are cute, the text- funny and well-placed and true. With a lesson to boot. This book would be enjoyable to read again and again, with toddlers or teenagers. Five stars!

    12. Michelle Burton on said:

      I was looking for a good read alound for my students and discovered in my media center. I always loved books by Audrey and Don Wood and this was a gem. I read it to some third graders to help with visualization and they really loved it.

    13. Magila on said:

      3.5I liked this book. It has a good object lesson about how kids always seem to think their patents are weird. But I wasn't at all in love with it. The bright colors and illustrations win my wife over. Me, I say grab this one at the library.

    14. Amanda Stacy on said:

      This book could be used for any elementary school class. I would use it to helps students realize how their parents love them. Also, how they should love and respect their parents. This could be used at the end if the year before students make thank you cards or holiday cards for their parents.

    15. Susan on said:

      Okay, who can't relate to this. It's about exactly what it's titled. A boy who thinks his parents are weird and let's face it these parents are weird. The dad in this story reminds me of Art Garfunkle. Don't you youngsters even bother asking me who Art Garfunkle is.

    16. Kaethe on said:

      As far as I can tell young children don't think their parents weird, that doesn't happen until middle school, I guess, or high school. But we parents need reassurance that we're not doing it all wrong. It's a great book for that.

    17. Joey Fong on said:

      This would be a good book to talk about respecting parents and anyone who might look different than ourselves. This is a good book to read for fun as well.

    18. Blessing on said:

      This book puts almost every kids idea of what it's like to be in public with your parents all in one. It's hilarious. I love hillarious books.

    19. Eric on said:

      Same author as that awful Little Penguin's Tale book. Not as awful a story, but not exactly good either. I could write better than this stupic book.

    20. Stephanie Scoggin on said:

      I love the message of this book.g weird is okay if you are happy and comfortable in your own skin.

    21. Witnee Spooner on said:

      I chose this book for one of my choices because every kid who has weird or different parents want to know that they are not the only ones out there.

    22. Shelley on said:

      This book is about a boy who wishes his parents were normal. They are too weird for him and he wants them to be different. This is a good book to introduce family dynamics.

    23. Megan Ekins on said:

      What a fun read! I loved this book about embarrassing parents and the pictures are great!

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