Jubal's Wish

Audrey Wood DonWood

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Jubal's Wish

Jubal s Wish It s a beautiful day and Jubal Bullfrog has prepared a delicious picnic lunch to share with his friends But they re all too busy grumpy and depressed to join him Jubal wishes there were something he

  • Title: Jubal's Wish
  • Author: Audrey Wood DonWood
  • ISBN: 9780439169646
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s a beautiful day and Jubal Bullfrog has prepared a delicious picnic lunch to share with his friends But they re all too busy, grumpy, and depressed to join him Jubal wishes there were something he could do to make his friends as happy as he is on this glorious dayAnd his wish comes true

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    One thought on “Jubal's Wish

    1. Kathryn on said:

      Cute! Interesting platform to discuss how sometimes the things we wish for come true in unexpected ways. Also, how sometimes when something seems bad, it just hasn't shown its good side yet.

    2. Nicole on said:

      The well-known, husband and wife author and illustrator team, Audrey Wood and Don Wood, have created an innocent and unique tale of a young bullfrog named Jubal that is filled with a zest for life. Like another of their collaborations, The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear, this story is “wondrous”, has a happy ending, and teaches a lesson about how to treat others and how life is often filled with unexpected gifts. I was surprised to find out the illustrations i [...]

    3. Hannah Feeney on said:

      Jubal's Wish is a wonderful story for children of all ages! Jubal is a happy frog who just wants to go on a picnic. He asked all of his friends, but they are all grumpy. Jubal wishes that he could fix their problems. A wizard appears, and grants Jubal a wish. It appears that his wish of making everybody happy isn't coming true. It starts to pour and Jubal is so sad because his friends are still grumpy and he is about to be washed away in a storm. In the end Jubal learns that some wishes come tru [...]

    4. Veronica O'Brien on said:

      First and foremost, the illustrations done by Don Wood on this book are AMAZING. The moral of the story was pretty good but I didn't think the way it was written was very interesting. But that is just my personal opinion. It is an easy to understand book that can be read aloud or read by lower elementary students.

    5. Sarah Herb on said:

      The illustrations are absolutely out of this world. There is not a single spot on any page that is not colorful. This is an uplifting story about your attitude and selflessness. It is no wonder it's a classic.

    6. Amanda Wooden on said:

      This book was actually recommended to me so I read it and I actually did not just absolutely love it. It was a good book and I feel like most children would enjoy it but for whatever reason I just wasn't interested in it.

    7. Roger on said:

      The artwork! These beautiful pictures and brilliant colors would have made this a favorite of mine as a child. The scenes have an almost-3D quality.

    8. Jonathan Ryal on said:

      The story is about a frog who is strolling down a path on a happy and sunny day. Jubal comes across a toad, her 7 toadlets and then a lizard who is a captain of a boat all while heading to have a picnic. He asks them if they would like to join but they all decline as they are having a bad day. Jubal carries on wondering if he should be sad too until he runs into a wizard who gives him a star to make a wish. Of course he wishes for everyone to be happy, but while on his way back to see if the oth [...]

    9. Jammie Mays on said:

      Hmmmm…Jubal’s Wish. I am not sure if I liked this escaping reality story. The beginning made me think of the Little Red Hen and how she asked the other animals to help her do the work that was required to make bread and all the animals said no. Then at the end of the story she made the bread and all the animals came to eat it and she didn't share with them because they didn't help. I thought that was going to be the same outcome of this story, but it wasn't. The bright brilliant colors the i [...]

    10. Kathleen on said:

      What a great story with beautiful pictures. Audrey and Don Wood really know what it takes to captivate their readers. The illustrations in this story are bright and vivid during the happy times and gloomy and dark during the troubled times. The pictures really allow the reader to "feel" how the characters feel. I love the overall theme of the story, "Dreams and wishes, wishes and dreams. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't. You never know how they'll turn out in the end." I think that [...]

    11. Eva Leger on said:

      4.5 - I really liked this, more than Julia in fact even though she enjoyed it. This has a mature touch to it. It's certainly fine for preschoolers but I definitely enjoyed that aspect to to the book. As others explained, this is perfect for explaining about wishing and how sometimes we wish for something and we don't exactly think about it as much as we should. Also how when we wish for something we may just get it - just not in the manner we wanted or expected. Jubal is a pretty cool character [...]

    12. Winnie on said:

      LOVED the pictures in this book! The message is didactic in nature. I read it to my students today in class and they loved it as well. Loved the truth of the wizard's wordsI think I like the book even better due to a story given to me about the book from a friend. She told me her good friend's husband got sick unexpectedly. They decided to record him reading books and this is was one of them. Well, when it seemed like he was pulling through he died. The women had this story burned to cds and giv [...]

    13. Jordan on said:

      Jubal's Wish is a story about Jubal, a happy and cheerful frog whose friends are unhappy and miserable. In an effort to cheer them up, Jubal makes a wish granted by a wizard. At first Jubal thinks the wish didn't work and instead it was a curse, but as things unfold he realizes that his wish may have been granted after all. The images in this book mirror the feelings of the characters. When Jubal is happy and cheerful, the images are bright and cheery. The same goes for when he is sad and let do [...]

    14. Heidi-Marie on said:

      I don't know my illustration terms as well, so I'm not sure what this art work is. Perhaps it's computer graphics of some sort. Whatever it is, it is not the norm for books by the Audrey and Don Wood. Still, the story was the cute. And the pictures were not that bad. I like the part of wishes and dreams and such, but what an odd way to solve everyone's problems. Then again, they are creatures in a book, so what is normal in storyland? I think a story time audience would love seeing these picture [...]

    15. Katie on said:

      Jubal’s Wish is a story about a happy little bullfrog who wants to enjoy the day by having a picnic with his friends. His friends are not in the mood for a picnic due to their bad moods. Jubal makes a wish to help solve his friends’ problems. The problem is no one knows if the wish will work or not, and how they will turn out in the end.The pictures in this book are amazing and filled with color. The end pages are a light blue, the same color as the sky on a clear sunny day.

    16. Tina on said:

      Theme: What seems bad in the beginning will often be for the goodSummary: A story about a bullfrog named Jubal who wants to share a picnic with one of his friends but they're all busy or not in the mood. Jubal becomes sad and wishes things were different. His wish comes true but in the beginning he believes he made things worse but finds out in the end that they can all be happy as they form a community where they all work together.

    17. Jackie on said:

      Jubal makes a wish and wishes happiness for his friend Captain Dalbert and chores completed for his friend Gerdy. When a wizard grants his wish, he finds out that your wish may be granted in a way you were not expecting.

    18. Amy on said:

      This book was an early edition to my children's picture book collection. I love the illustrations, and the story is a great one as well. It was given to us by my daughter's first daycare provider. I read this aloud to her kindergarten class; they all seemed to enjoy it.

    19. Michelle Brandstetter on said:

      What a wonderful little book about wishes and dreams, dreams and wishes. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. The illustrations are beautiful and the message of the book is a little sneaky. And sometimes those are the best kind.

    20. Sabrina Rutter on said:

      My kids loved this story so much that as soon as we got to the end we had to start over again! The illustrations are so pretty and Jubal is such a cute frog! I highly recomend this one! I absolutely loved doing the pirates voice (I give each character a unique voice when I read to my kids).

    21. Susan on said:

      This book reminds me of that saying from Forrest Gump, "MaMa always said life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get". Read it you'll understand. Use a southern accent when you read it, I think that's the way it was meant to be read. Terrific illustrations.

    22. Gail on said:

      A hit with my three year old, although at first she found the storm scary.

    23. Linda on said:

      A little written of picture book topic - about wishes and dreams, and how even though they don't always turn out as we hoped for, it may just be a bit better than we dreamed.

    24. Bonnie Pohlig on said:

      A wonderful book! A great moral and a feel-good story. Cute pictures too!

    25. Morgan Wright on said:

      Great illustrations. Discusses how what we want doesn't always happen in the way we expect it to. second grade level

    26. Adrienne on said:

      Lovely illustrations and a good story to boot. Jubal learns that sometimes wishes granted (similar to answers to prayers) don't come when and the way we want them to.

    27. Emilee M. on said:

      I really liked this book. Great illustrations and also a fun story.

    28. Savannah on said:

      Good imaginitive story about a innocent and loving frog who just wants his friends to be happy. Awesome illustrations but a little corny. A little lengthy too but good moral for younger students.

    29. Jeannie on said:

      Audrey Wood is one of my favorite children's literature authors, and this is one of my favorites of her books. A perfect mixture of reality, hope and magic!

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