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Kelly Moore

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Cocky Captain

Cocky Captain It was the stupidest thing I d ever done flying halfway around the world to a man I thought I might fall in love with My raging hormones got in the way before I even boarded the plane A hot military

  • Title: Cocky Captain
  • Author: Kelly Moore
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 364
  • Format: ebook
  • It was the stupidest thing I d ever done flying halfway around the world, to a man I thought I might fall in love with.My raging hormones got in the way before I even boarded the plane.A hot military man, or should I say god, was standing behind me in line, staring at me with his steely gray eyes that were piercing my libido More like awakening the sexual goddess in me, aIt was the stupidest thing I d ever done flying halfway around the world, to a man I thought I might fall in love with.My raging hormones got in the way before I even boarded the plane.A hot military man, or should I say god, was standing behind me in line, staring at me with his steely gray eyes that were piercing my libido More like awakening the sexual goddess in me, aka the virgin.From the moment he opened his cocky mouth and sat down next to me on the plane, I wanted him no, I mean I hated him A girl could get confused by a sexy beast in a uniform.My head wanted the sensible, sweet man, but my heart evidently wanted the cocky captain.If my journey taught me anything, it s that people are not always what they seem If you love over the top alphas, military men that take charge, and happily ever after s, this book is for you Drop your panties at the door, you won t be needing them anyway This is a standalone romance with a HEA.

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    One thought on “Cocky Captain

    1. Laila Petersen on said:

      I loved this story. It is well written and so sweet. A military Captain that has a hard face but is so sweet with the woman he wants. He develops from a cocky to caring. She is a bit naive but also develops into being more self-confident and daring to try something new and do for herself.I loved this book. Hated Luke. He got what he deserved! The chemistry and instant love between Kenna and Declan is just over the top. He is so possessive over her and protective. A fantastic short, easy and quic [...]

    2. Kathleen A Harris on said:

      Lust quickly turns into love.Quick sexy read, that comes to a happily ever after. Douche boyfriend goes down, while hero triumphs in the end. There is a reason he is called cocky. Decklan and Kenna are one steamy couple.

    3. Katherine Williams on said:

      Holy hotness! I have read every book Kelly Moore has written, and this is my favorite one so far! Kenna is an admitted virgin. After watching her dad walk out on her and her mother, Kenna is hesitant to get too close. When Kenna’s father left, it destroyed her mother, and Kenna doesn’t want to have that happen to her. Kenna’s “boyfriend” Luke is in the Army, and is stationed in Germany. Kenna and Luke haven’t seen each other in a while, so Kenna plans a trip to catch it with him, and [...]

    4. Pamela Lunder on said:

      Cocky Captain is a very fighting title for this book. Decklan is for sure cocky when Kenna first meets him and through most of the flight. I loved how he always knew what she was thinking. Kenna is sweet and innocent but is so attracted to Decklan. He gets her motor running. Luke was a jerk and got what he deserves when Kenna hits him. I loved the ending and loved the whole story.

    5. K.B. Andrews on said:

      Kelly Moore's writing style is always amazing. It pulls you in right from the beginning and doesn't let you go until the end. And in this case, entirely way too soon. I wanted so much more of these characters. I couldn't help but to become invested! This story is quickly paced, keeping me entertained the whole way through. And wow is it steamy!! If you're looking for a quick read that grips you from the very first page, a story you will fall in love with, a story you will think about for days to [...]

    6. Maria on said:

      Virgins first loveOK ok I know the title is who we want to talk about but "Roxie"aka Kenna is the one that tugged at me. She meets Declan on her way to meet with her long distance bf Luke. Declan kisses her and she feels the electricity between them. Luke, well I am not a fan since is a @@@@She tries to be supportive but there are no sparks between them. I loved how she was so assertive and how their relationship flies off the charts.Josi Beck thanks for leading me to Kelly Moore's book.Kelly. L [...]

    7. Erin OBrien on said:

      I absolutely loved this quick read! Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. Kenna is on her way to Germany to be with her long distance military boyfriend of 2 years. But meets Decklan on the plane. The chemistry is undeniable from the very beginning. Now she has to choose. I would have loved to spend more time with Kenna and Decklan but sadly, all good things must come to an end. 5 stars!

    8. Amy Andrzejewski on said:

      Declan Parker might of started off as the Cocky Captain but before long he is the perfect gentleman who falls head over hells in love with Kenna.I was in the mood for a quick, spicy read that had a happily ever after. I got so much more then expected from Cocky Captain. My next spicy read will be another one by Kelly Moore from my library. Cocky Captain is a must read. I cant wait to read more books that Kelly Moore has wrote.

    9. Ashley Olson on said:

      I received this as an ARC for an honest review. Cute, steamy, quick read. Once I started reading I couldn't put it down and 3 hours later I finished and wanted more! At the beginning I couldn't help, but hope Kenna would ditch Luke for Decklan! You could feel their chemistry since the moment they made eye contact. Kelly Moore did an outstanding job with this short military story. I hope she continues Decklan and Kenna's story!

    10. Ola Adamska on said:

      Kelly Moor did a great job with this short story.Characters are really interesting and so real - Kenna is so adorable and sweet girl! During her awkward way to Germany due to her accidental companion. Sexy military man. What will be consequences of their meeting? This read is the promise of fun, steam, complex actions and well sexy military men!LOVED IT

    11. Andi on said:

      This was a great quick read. I'm usually not impressed with shorts stories because I feel they are rushed & don't allow for much of a storyline. This was completely the opposite. I was so engrossed from the first few pages & really enjoyed this one. The characters were well written & the story will not disappoint!

    12. Lisa Boyd on said:

      I absolutely love insta-love stories, this one is more insta-lust to love but it ROCKED. I loved the characters and the sex was smoking hot. I really want more from Kelly Moore!

    13. Crystal Wilke on said:

      Cocky Captain is awesome! You'll want to get down and dirty with this Captain. If your looking for a quick hot story you'll want to grab a copy of this book. Kelly packs the book with heat, passion and twist n turns. Can't wait to see what Kelly comes up with next.

    14. Heather Hammond on said:

      This is a short, hot and sexy read with a healthy dose of insta-love! Easy to read, relatable characters and HEA. What more could anyone want? Nothing. (Note - Does have a form of cheating involved)

    15. ( Jo ) bubbles the book pimp on said:

      First read by this author. Jenna is on her way to meet her long distance boyfriend ( who is stationed in Germany) on route she meets a captain and sparks fly. Short and sweet and at times a tad rushed. Insta lust and love all rolled up in one. I could have done with an extra chapter or two to finish up the book. The ending left me wanting a bit more.

    16. Anniek on said:

      Kenna is a 24-year-old nurse and she's still a virgin. On a night out with her best friend she met Luke. He's in the military and they've been writing to each other for the past two years. Luke has been stationed in Germany and Kenna will be going over to there get to know him better in person. However, at the airport she meets Decklan. The second Kenna sees him he makes her feel things she's never felt before. Kenna does believe in fairytales, will she settle for the things life has given her o [...]

    17. Penny Worlein on said:

      WOW! Talk about a hot quick read! Way to go Kelly for stepping out of your comfort zone and creating an unexpected steamy connection!Kenna, a sweet and innocent young woman that has a her plans in life set, flies over to Germany to cheer on her boyfriend for a military challenge. At the airport, she unexpectedly runs into a cocky man that ignites a fire she never knew existed. Captain Decklan Parker, wasn't looking for hot, steamy passion, but he definitely found it. When Kenna gets to the base, [...]

    18. Elodie on said:

      Waouh it was intense!I never thought a short story could be so dense.Kenna is a recently graduated nurse visiting her “long-distance boyfriend” for two years in Germany. But during her trip flight she meets Decklan, a captain stationed in the same military base than her boyfriend, Luke.Decklan is a cocky confident man but also very kind.They have instant chemistry, so much Kenna nearly forgot she is on her way to her boyfriend.Reunited with Luke, she quickly realizes she has no sizzling nor [...]

    19. Jennifer on said:

      If you are looking for a quick but oh so steamy read, then you will be very satisfied with Kelly Moore and her Cocky Captain! Kenna is the sweet, somewhat innocent, curious girlfriend, Luke is the supposedly sweet and loyal boyfriend, and Decklan is just a hot, witty, sexy alpha male that will have you dreaming about him for days!I am always a fan of anything Kelly writes and that also goes for this new short story. There's an immediate ease between Kenna and Decklan, in addition to the incredib [...]

    20. Tianna✸loves books✸ on said:

      Why the fuck do I keep on coming across such dumb and boring books. Nonsense. These kinda books are one and the same shit.A virgin woman who is desperate is going to meet her military bf. And yes she has a slut desperate friend (as always 😏) who insist her to lose her virginity. So she gives her condoms even if the h doesn't want them. And when the h meets the H (obviously he is drop dead hot) she drops her condom packet by mistake. And she gets embarrassed . Again in her kindle there's a ver [...]

    21. Zelda on said:

      This cute, hot little tale is of the virginal Kenna, who is flying to Germany to meet her boyfriend, and Decklan, her seat mate on the plane. Kenna finds herself very attracted to Decklan, in a way that she hasn’t felt with her bf. Her bf (more of a penpal, they’ve been writing to each other for 2 years!) is not the man she thought he was. Kenna falls for the career military Decklan but can’t imagine not being Stateside. Will she take a risk on love? If you like your heroines sweet, your m [...]

    22. Di on said:

      I loved this quick steamy insta love read by Kelly Moore. It has everything you wanta hot cocky captain in the military, a beautiful woman, a best friend that had me laughing, some more humour, quick & witty banter between the two main characters along with steamy scenes that will make you melt, and a HEA that will leave you smiling from ear to ear.I didn't expect anything less from this author & I was pleasantly surprised with this quick steamy read about Decklan & Kenna who meet on [...]

    23. Michelle on said:

      Decklan, a captain in the Army, meets and instantly falls for Kenna while on a flight to Germany. The only problem, Kenna is going to visit her long distance boyfriend Luke. Will Kenna stay with Luke or will she follow her heart and that tingling feeling she has for Decklan? This is a steamy, insta love, sexy military romance. Cocky Captain is full of steamy sex scenes, passion, a great story and a sweet romance. The characters are believable and well developed and I really love Decklan and Kenn [...]

    24. Nancy on said:

      A quick hot read! This book has you hooked from the first page! It's funny and super sexy! From Kenna and Decklan's first meeting to the last page you will love everything about this story. Their chemistry is explosive in more ways than one. Kenna is sweet, innocent and wants a fairytale. Decklan is the Cocky Captain, but is there another side to him? Will she listen to heart or follow her planned out life? I loved this short story and these characters. Kelly's books never disappoint!!!ARC provi [...]

    25. Kaylee on said:

      What do a hot military man, a curvy beautiful woman and an airplane have in common?I absolutely loved Cocky Captain by Kelly Moore! This may be considered a sweet read but it’s so much more to a book connoisseur. Ms. Moore’s ingenuity in sharing her characters emotional trials and tribulation on being in love to Being in Love was exciting to follow. Kenna is curvaceous, beautiful and sweet but packs a big punch. Decklan is tall, muscular and sensual with sex appeal radiating off the charts. [...]

    26. Viper Spaulding on said:

      This was a sweet story, if a little rushed. Kenna meets Decklan on the flight to Germany, and their initial attraction leads to so much more. Decklan's character was well-written, showing how he wears a different "face" in public, especially with the men he supervises, but is willing to let his guard down and show his real self to Kenna. Steamy scenes and life-altering decisions make this a delightful read. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

    27. Jean Joseph on said:

      Kenna is going to Germany to see her boyfriend Luke who is stationed in the army there. Decklan is a captain in the army on the same base as Luke. She has never had feelings so strong for Luke that she does Decklan. After discovering Luke cheating she breaks his nose and leaves the base. Decklan has never felt for another the way he does Kenna. Will things work out or is this just a vacation fling? I voluntarily received an advanced copy of this book for a honest review

    28. Christine Jalili on said:

      I enjoyed this novella. Kenna is finally going to see her boyfriend Luke. But is he the right guy for her? The sparks really go off between her and his captain Decklan Parker ( known as Cocky Captain). Is Decklan the one for her to lose her virginity to? You'll have to buy the book to find out more. I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy and I highly recommend this book.

    29. Roberta on said:

      I liked this story so much!!It's short but it has everything I like! A military background, strong characters, some as*hole side character and the craziest best friend you can ask for!There was a lot of banter, I laughed so hard at some points! There was action and a lot of passion and love. This novella deserves absolutely 5 stars!

    30. Michelle R on said:

      DNF at 75%. This just did not work for me, the heroine seemed very immature, more like a teen instead of 24 and the whole story just felt rushed. I think the story line is a very good one but it just didn't feel like enough time was taken with telling it.

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