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Crave Me

Crave Me ChloeI know I shouldn t covet my sister s ex boyfriend She may have wanted nothing to do with his BDSM lifestyle but I m a born submissive And the only place I want to be is under Simon s command But

  • Title: Crave Me
  • Author: StaceyLynn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • ChloeI know I shouldn t covet my sister s ex boyfriend.She may have wanted nothing to do with his BDSM lifestyle, but I m a born submissive And the only place I want to be is under Simon s command.But he won t go near me Not with the memory of her so close.That leaves me no choice If he won t touch me when he knows who I am, I ll have to come to him in disguise.He s worChloeI know I shouldn t covet my sister s ex boyfriend.She may have wanted nothing to do with his BDSM lifestyle, but I m a born submissive And the only place I want to be is under Simon s command.But he won t go near me Not with the memory of her so close.That leaves me no choice If he won t touch me when he knows who I am, I ll have to come to him in disguise.He s worth the risk I m meant to be his Now I just have to prove it to him.SimonBeing a Dominant cost me my first love, but I can t deny who I am I won t Control and power are everything, and the way I keep mine is by playing only with experienced subs No exceptions.Until I met her.She wore a mask, but I knew the moment our lips touched she was meant to belong to me Young, new to the world of BDSM I knew training her would be a risk.I didn t know it would destroy me.

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    One thought on “Crave Me

    1. .Under the pages on said:

      OUT TODAY! Chloe Reynolds has had crush on Simon Delgado for a long time. And why hasn’t she done nothing about it? Because he used to date her sister, Cassie. But that relationship ended three years ago and she’s determined to finally go after what she always wanted in a man.Simon is an history teacher and a hockey coach looking for the right woman to spend the rest of his life with. But that wasn’t an easy task because his lifestyle, that being the BDSM lifestyle, doesn’t seem to be co [...]

    2. Nazanin on said:

      5 "Little-Bird" StarsHot. Hot. Hot. Is it the middle of summer and I’m not aware of it!?!? *fanning myself*Wow, wow! I loved it as much as I expected, just like the first book in this series!Simon is a history teacher and the Varsity Hocky Coach. He turned away from medical school to teach. His father has died from a heart attack. Three years ago he had a girl friend, Cassie. One night in bed gone wrong, one slap to his cheek and he had lost her. In these years, he’s found subs and enjoyed h [...]

    3. Jennifer on said:

      ARC received for review4.5 starsWe're back a club Luminous and this time the Dom and the sub have a past. Not together, but a past. Simon dated Chloe's sister, Cassie, who was not a sub or interested in the life in anyway. Chloe, of course, has been in love with Simon all this time. She finally gets in attention and he agrees to train her for someone else. We all know how that's going to end. Lots of hot sex and drama from her sister and his own mind. I'm so ready for Cassie to get hit by a car, [...]

    4. Michelle on said:

      ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewCrave Me by Stacey Lynn is a sexy devious erotic romance that will awaken your senses and desires. This book happens to be the first book that I have read from this author and let me just say Stacey Lynn has caught my attention as she wickedly and sinfully has entrapped me with her steamy and erotic prose.She was beautiful. Tiny. I could teach her everything I liked. She obviously wanted it. ”I should not covet my sister’s ex-boyfriend a [...]

    5. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews on said:

      3.5 starsI enjoy reading about taboo relationships, and entering into a D/s relationship with a sister’s ex certainly fit the bill. The premise of this story hooked me from the start and I thought I was in store for one hell of a ride. But unfortunately after a while, the ride just sort of meandered before it finally drifted into the station.Chloe knew she wanted to explore her submissive nature, and who better to do so with than someone she liked and trusted? Simon was Chloe’s sister’s ex [...]

    6. Shayna on said:

      Stacey Lynn certainly has a way with words. She instantly draws me in and makes it VERY hard to walk away once the last page has turned. CRAVE ME is a very sexy erotic romance that left me swooning and blushing for days. A fast paced romance with plenty of feels and characters to die for, CRAVE ME left me on the edge of my seat, craving another dose of Ms. Lynn's sexy prose!"You're breakable. It makes me feel like I could conquer you, break you and ruin you if I wanted to. I could destroy you an [...]

    7. Nadine Bookaholic on said:

      I have to say that I do not remember any teacher at my High School being as HOT as Simon, he had the whole sexy nerd thing going on in addition to his Dominating personality. Gotta say it was a HUGE TURN ON for Chloe and who could blame her. I loved that we were able to get a peek into Haley & Jensen, from Dominate Me, current relationship status. It's always fun to see the other couples interacting with the new ones. This has been a spicy read and a great addition to the series, I cannot wa [...]

    8. Laura on said:

      ***ARC Provided by Carina Press***Simon and Chloe were amazing. Stunning. And, their chemistry, goodness I needed a fan.Let's talk about Simon. I am not even able to put my finger on it specifically, but he was perfect. So compelling, sexy, and attractive a reader you completely understand her attraction to him, why she would want to be involved with him, and why she would want something long-term with him.Simon, of course, is resistant to this idea, to the idea of someone long termuntil he star [...]

    9. The Book Junkie Reads . . . on said:

      The Book Junkie Reads . . . Review of . . . CRAVE ME (Luminous, #2) . . . Serious BDSM, Dom/sub relations with a sweet kink to this erotica, contemporary adult romance. Should thy covet thy sister’s ex-boyfriend? Or are all bets called off when she runs the other way because she can’t handle playtime? I’m not sure what to say here, never happened to me, but Chloe girl I say go for it. You can give this man what he craves and having him crave you will make you very happy.There was BDSM, of [...]

    10. Vanessa on said:

      I am so IN-LOVE with this bookwords escape me. Full review to come!**FULL REVIEW**"His kiss made hope soar into my chest, tasted like dreams coming true and it was beautiful. So beautiful that when he ended the kiss and pulled back, I stumbled into him, my knees too weak to hold me."It's been a long time since I've read a book that gave me tingles. Yeah, I said it. TINGLES. The story between Simon and Chloe is unique and romantic with the erotic twist I've missed in stories pastI obviously need [...]

    11. Romance Readers Retreat on said:

      4.5 StarsStacey Lynn takes us back to Club Luminous in her newest book, Crave Me, where me have the pleasure of reading Chloe and Simon's story.Chloe is a born submissive and wants to explore that side of herself with the sexiest Dominant she has had the pleasure of being exposed to, Simon. Only problem is that he is his sister's ex and she did not deal well with discovering his need for BDSM. She doesn't care. She's determined to convince Simon he is the Dom for her.Simon cannot help being a Do [...]

    12. Gretchen(About That Story) on said:

      My, my. That was HOT! It jumps right into it and I was immediately excited for Simon and Chloe's story.This was a super hot, awesome read with extremely likable characters. And by hot I mean crazy HOT with fantastic kink. I really liked Chloe and Simon, they had a great attraction and pull to one another. I loved the dilemma they were facing because of their past connection. I liked their character development and histories as well, not super in depth, just laid out nicely. I loved their chemist [...]

    13. My Girlfriend's Couch Blog on said:

      Can I live in the land of Luminous forever please?!?! I have to tell you, I am in love with this series! Luminous is the first series by Stacey Lynn that I have read. The only reason the I decided to take the plunge was because I kept seeing her name throughout the book world. As a blogger, I looked into her and low and behold, she lived in the same area as me! So of course, I had to read her work! And no, I am not a stalker. Lol.I had zero expectations going into the Luminous series. Zero! But [...]

    14. AG Reads on said:

      A lot of sex with very little substance. Chloe has had a crush on Simon for years and gets up the nerve to ask him to train her despite his history with her sister. Eventually he accepts her as a sub for one month.And, that is pretty much the book. It is so focused on the sex scenes that there is very little character development. We know as much about Chloe and Simon at the end of the book as we learned in the first chapter. There are also no interactions outside of the sex to explain their lov [...]

    15. Donna Repsher on said:

      After reading Dominate Me, Luminous #1, as well as this author's Fireside series, I was eager to read this second novel in the Luminous series, and it did not disappoint at all. When it comes to popular BDSM fiction, it certainly was a huge improvement over the dreadful Fifty Shades of Gray series and it gets 5 stars from this reviewer.What I loved about Crave Me was pretty much everything. Chloe has harbored a secret crush on her sister's ex-finance, Simon, from the moment they first met, but a [...]

    16. Deborah on said:

      Chloe has had a crush on Simon from the first time she first saw him. Unfortunately he went after her sister instead of her. That relationship had run it's course. Now, she is bound and determined to go after what she wants in her life and that's Dominate Simon.Simon is a teacher and coaches the school hockey team. He's gotten things sorted and is looking for the right woman to fit the mold of what he thinks he needs. He thought that was Chloe's sister, Cassie, but when he introduced her to his [...]

    17. Hanna's Book Obsession on said:

      This book is so HOT! Wow! Chloe and Simon have so much chemistry its crazy that they try to fight it. This book was so interesting and really hot. I enjoyed reading this book so much!!Chloe is in love with Simon. She has loved him forever even when he was dating her sister. When she finds out he is a dominate she knows that he is perfect for her. She is a submissive. She wants to submit to Simon more than anything but she knows that it will be hard for her to convince Simon that even though he w [...]

    18. Heather C on said:

      While Crave Me is book 2 in the Luminous series, it can absolutely be read as a standalone. With that being said, I enjoyed the first book so I was exited to see where Stacey Lynn would take us with Simon and Chloe.What I liked about this story was that they had a past and it's almost like double taboo to some. BDSM and a sister's ex. That might just get some heads turned. Chloe has been infatuated with Simon since the moment she and her sister laid eyes on him. Unfortunately for her, he picked [...]

    19. Susan (susayq ~) on said:

      Why haven't I read anything by Stacey Lynn before? This was good!Chloe has had a crush on Simon since the first time she saw him across a crowded bard he ended up with her sister. Spending time with him at family events only made her love him more. But she hasn't seen him in three years since Simon and Cassie broke up. Chloe approaches him at a masquerade fund raiser and asks him to kiss her and teach her to be a submissive. When he realizes it's Chloe, he leaves. Flash forward about six months [...]

    20. Sheila'S Book Corner on said:

      This apparently is Stacey's second book with BDSM. I have to say it's not something that I love to read about, but when an author you love tries something new, you Absolutely have to try it. This book has such a shaky start and all that could go wrong did. It really didn't help how these two knew each other or their past. But when something unspeakable happens to Chloe, Simon steps and agrees to teacher her about his world. This book keeps you gripped because it's a very different way of seeing [...]

    21. Stephanie Phillips (Stephanie's Book Reports) on said:

      I was given a copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review.This is the second book in the Luminous series by Stacey Lynn but it can be read as a stand alone. If you follow my reviews you know I love to read stories with BDSM elements. In this particular story the heroine knows the hero is into BDSM. He once dated her sisterd it's unlikely he'll give her a chance given the horrible way his relationship ended with her sister.So Chloe decides to surprise Simon. He can't tell her know t [...]

    22. Tami on said:

      3.5My copy was in need of an edit. This woman heinously abused girl-code, but this was a nice BDSM story.This review is based on the ARC provided by the author and/or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

    23. Wit & Wonder Books on said:

      ***   ARC provided by the author for an honest review  ***Crave Me is the second book in the Luminous series by Stacey Lynn.Chloe is an entrepreneur and as the black sheep of her family, she is constantly on the opposite end of the spectrum. She wants something that her family may never know or understand, she wants to experience a BDSM lifestyle as a submissive.Simon is a high school teacher and a hockey coach. He is a dominant and is not looking for a lifelong relationship. He is just looki [...]

    24. Heather andrews on said:

      Simon could be brutally honest when he wants to be, "d I’m here because I want more of you and didn’t want to wait another effing week.” I reached out and pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear, dropping my hand to her neck and holding her firmly. “Is that honest enough for you?” Chloe appreciates her man's sexiness, "he stood at the foot of the bed, between my spread legs, naked and stroking his already hard shaft in slow, but firm strokes. Darn it. He’d gotten naked before I co [...]

    25. Dora Ruiz Davalos Books and Tequila Blog on said:

      Simon Delgado is a teacher and hockey coach. His parents were married for thirty years and if his father hadn’t died they would still be together. He’s looking for a woman to share what his parents had. He thought he’d found the one to share his life with, Cassie, years ago. He decided to be honest with her and introduce her to his lifestyle, as a Dom. It seems Cassie wasn’t into it and not only did she leave but she threatened to file sexual abuse charges against him. He finds himself, [...]

    26. Allyson on said:

      ** ARC provided by author for an honest review **     Crave Me by Stacey Lynn (Luminous #2) is one hot BDSM romance that has been added to the top of my list of favorite authors for this genre! Ms. Lynn knows how to suck you in and light a fire of dominance/ submission and all elements of kink!      Simon Delgado is a high school teacher and hockey coach by day but by night his proclivities turn a little deviant. He thought he had the perfect female, Cassie Reynolds, in his life to satis [...]

    27. Jacqueline Sanders on said:

      This is my first book by Stacey Lynn and I absolutely loved every minute of it. I hated to put this book down even for a second and when I had to the characters were at the forefront of my mind begging me to come back. I have fallen in love with this world Lynn has created and the characters are so well-thought out. Everything about this book captivated me.Chloe is the type of woman I’d want to be when I grow up. She’s an entrepreneur who owns and runs her own clothing store, has parents who [...]

    28. Books Laid Bare on said:

      Submissive Chloe knows exactly who she wants to show her the life that she is desperate to be a part of, but there is a connection that puts the two of them on an almost insurmountable collision course that could have devastating consequences for not only them but Chloe’s family because Chloe wants Simon and he just happens to be her sisters ex.Now that should have been a huge red flag but it only seemed to spur her on. No matter the pain that her sister felt when she became aware of Simon’s [...]

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