Channeling Cleopatra

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

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Channeling Cleopatra

Channeling Cleopatra One of the most beautiful and powerful women in history Cleopatra had it all And now anyone can too For a price Her secretsher wiles her way with men all transplanted from her DNA The only problem is

  • Title: Channeling Cleopatra
  • Author: Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
  • ISBN: 9780441010219
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • One of the most beautiful and powerful women in history Cleopatra had it all And now anyone can, too For a price Her secretsher wiles her way with men all transplanted from her DNA The only problem is no one has found it yet The chase is on and forensic anthropologist Leda Hubbard is leading the pack.

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      237 Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
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    One thought on “Channeling Cleopatra

    1. Chris on said:

      I picked this book up for two reasons. I like Scarborough's writing; she has a good sense of humor. I also like Cleopatra, so it seemed like a good mix.In some ways the book was a little disappointing. The actual blending that is engaging is that of Duke and Gretchen, not Leda and Cleopatra. In fact, considering, Leda's character and her dislike of the process, she seems to rush into it without any real sense of urgency. But Duke blended with Gretchen was a hoot.There is also something unsettlin [...]

    2. Kerry on said:

      Leda Hubbard is an ex-Navy forensic anthropologist and amateur Egyptologist in the near future. When she catches up with friends from her university days, she finds herself caught up in a clandestine search for the remains of Cleopatra VII. Chime and Tsering are now "blended", their consciousnesses joined inside Tsering's body since Chime's death. Together, they are now Chimera, and want Leda to be their sponsor, Nucore's agent at a dig in Alexandria in the hope DNA from Cleopatra might be found [...]

    3. Paul on said:

      It has been discovered that within the human DNA strands of every person is a mechanism that is constantly re-encoding. At the moment of death, a person’s character, personality and memories are recorded in a helix. It is little more than an interesting scientific discovery until a method is developed to download those recordings into human hosts. Suddenly grave robbery is a major growth industry.Leda Hubbard is happy in the dull world of forensic anthropology. One day, Gabriella, her old coll [...]

    4. Katy on said:

      What if you could pick any person from history and, through the computerized infusion of their DNA, receive their personality - their soul, for a better word - to share your body? When a young scientist named Tsering's wife - Chime - died, he developed techology that transferred her DNA (which, as it turns out contains not only the genetic structure of a person, but their personality as well) into a computer program that implanted onto his retina, created the first "blended" person. They call th [...]

    5. T. Strange on said:

      First: I love the concept of this book, and I think it has a great story. I find the writing a little problematic in places. Some sentences were phrased very awkwardly, to the point that I had to reread them several times to understand them. The dialogue said in English by German speakers is often grammatically incorrect for German sentence structure, which defeats the whole purpose of altering the syntax. It's distracting and irritating, as well. The characters seem a little flat and inconsiste [...]

    6. Artsy Robot on said:

      It felt like the author had an idea of what they wanted but was rushed to make this. It was a nice read though, and I definitely don't regret reading it because the blending is a cool concept. However, I had a hard time getting attach to the characters, and had a few moments while reading that I didn't feel as much emotion as I thought I would for the scene. The action and history in it is pretty cool and that's what honestly hooked me into the book.

    7. Kristin on said:

      This book was really boring. It took me 12 days to force myself to read it. And it should have been really interesting. It's a sci-fi book where they have developed the technology to blend your DNA with the DNA of famous people from the past. So you could have their memories and personality traits. I wouldn't recommend this one.

    8. Theresa on said:

      its hard to read this after reading the sequel you keep wondering how things ended up to make Cleopatra 7.2 happen, but a good dynamic story, with a lot of imagination the idea that ones memories are imprinted in the dna of all cells of the body is an interesting concept. The dynamics of the characters does show better in the sequel read this series in order would be my advice.

    9. Ratforce on said:

      This genetic engineering adventure is a science fiction novel featuring one of your favorite elements: Egypt. The characters race to resurrect the essence of Cleopatra, with all of the ethical questions and danger that entails.

    10. N.A. Fedorak on said:

      I read this originally as a 14 year old. It holds up well, and even if the science isn't accurate, it's funny and well-written, and it's got a very upbeat feeling to it that I like.

    11. Edward L on said:

      A Good Science Fiction Store about implanting DNA to acquire personalities of deceased historical people.

    12. Susan on said:

      This book was awesome the thought of sharing your body, voluntatily or not, with an actual historical character, especially one as noteworthy as Cleopatra! Wow

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