His Prize

Doris O'Connor

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His Prize

His Prize Editor s Pick It s the choice of her life submit or die When Susie Elliot stumbles into the middle of a clean up undertaken by none other than Ellis Reynolds she expects her life to be over No one d

  • Title: His Prize
  • Author: Doris O'Connor
  • ISBN: 9781772338133
  • Page: 100
  • Format: ebook
  • Editor s Pick It s the choice of her life submit or die When Susie Elliot stumbles into the middle of a clean up, undertaken by none other than Ellis Reynolds, she expects her life to be over No one disturbs this ruthlessly efficient killer and lives to tell the tale The man they call Ren has no time for tender feelings, but there is something about the curvaceous red Editor s Pick It s the choice of her life submit or die When Susie Elliot stumbles into the middle of a clean up, undertaken by none other than Ellis Reynolds, she expects her life to be over No one disturbs this ruthlessly efficient killer and lives to tell the tale The man they call Ren has no time for tender feelings, but there is something about the curvaceous redhead that calls to him Rather than killing her he claims her as his prize One night should be than enough time to get her out of his system However, Susie s submission means Ren has to confront emotions, completely alien to him Killing is easy This relationship thing is fraught with problems When his criminal activities catch up with him, loyalties are tested to the max, and Susie has another choice to make walk away, or stay and accept the darkness within.

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      100 Doris O'Connor
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    One thought on “His Prize

    1. Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends) on said:

      I've never read anything by this author before, but this one sounded good, so I thought I would give it a try.This one leans more towards the "dark" side of romance. Ren was a class-a asshole and some of the things he did and said were really disgusting and harsh. I still liked him though, and he was sexy as fuck. There was a whole Dom/sub thing going on between him and Susie and some dubious consent. Susie was a likable heroine, she did seem to cry a lot through the book, but really I would hav [...]

    2. Lovebites Andsilk on said:

      This is one book I've been waiting to read ever since I read excerpts on the authors blog before it was released. I bought a copy as soon as it came out and finally sat down to read it in bed this morning.Ren. Ren. Ren. You haven't met a bad boy or should I say 'bad man' until you've met Ren. Here comes the warning. This book is about real bad men. Not the pretend ones you get in a some novels labelled 'bad boy romance.' These ones actually do bad things with no remorse. Trust me, you don't want [...]

    3. Daria on said:

      I have very few really favorite BDSM authors, Doris O'Connor is one of my favs. His Prize I'd been looking at kept passing over and finally got. So glad that I did I loved it. Things moved pretty fast a young girl that's made a few bad choices didn't have a lot of time to second guess herself. All she had time to do was listen or not listen. In the midst of danger she showed strength I'm not sure many of us would have had, at least at that level. Ren was simply nothing nice, he did his job and d [...]

    4. DemetraP on said:

      The book blurb sounded good. But the story was too short. There was no connection emotionally between the characters. He thought she was hot, he thought she was hot, they banged. With kink.We also find out there is a 20 year age difference between them. Which felt weird to me.

    5. Debra on said:

      Very short but I liked what I read, Susie is his prize and she dont mind:))

    6. J on said:

      A dark romance with an interesting premise but it didn't have enough depth of story or characters for me to really enjoy.

    7. KnottyGirl Reviews on said:

      Doris O’Connor is best known for her hot, romantic, HEA’s with a nice dose of kink thrown in. This is not one of those books. Yes, the very hot, and very kinky drool-worthy Dom/sub dynamic is here, have no fear. But this is a much darker departure from Doris’s usual books.Susie is in the wrong place, wrong time as she stumbles out the door and out into the middle of Ren’s job. He’s there to kill a woman who has stolen from Ren’s boss, who just happens be London’s foremost crime lor [...]

    8. Tina on said:

      I will be the first to admit I was intrigued by the blurb for His Prize by Doris O’Connor. As I usually am not a fan of stories where a character appears unapologetically on the wrong side of the law. But I was curious to see where Ms. O’Connor was going to take Ren and was pleasantly surprised with how much I ended up liking not only him but his “crew” for lack of a better word. I will unashamedly admit that I ended this story adoring Ren and his men. In spite of the job they had, Ren a [...]

    9. Nicole on said:

      Ruthless, that’s what Ren is. He’s a killer and he makes no apologies.Susie, stumbles upon Ren doing what he does best, killing. She wants to run, scream, anything but soon realizes this dangerous man…works with her boss.She went to her boss for protection from a violent man and told him she would do what he needed as long as it wasn’t dancing on a pole. So now she’s being whisked away…a Ren’s prize.If she wasn’t so turned on she would be scared as hell. Actually, she is scared. [...]

    10. Susan Foulkes on said:

      This book marks a departure for Doris as, although it has BDSM overtones, it is set in the criminal underworld. Black and white don't exist, it's difficult to tell the goodies from the baddies and there is a moral code, just not the one society expects.Into this world stumbles Susie, just out of a bad relationship, down on her luck and being chased for debts she didn't run up.Enter Ren, the leader of "The Cleaners".Susie could have been dead but instead we have a rather touching love story set a [...]

    11. Rhonda on said:

      When Doris said she was going to start a new series called "The Cleaners" I just knew it was going to be dark erotica! This is Ren and Susie's story and it's fabulous! Susie is witness to one of their "clean ups" but instead of killing her, Ren takes her as his prize. He's not a man for sweet words and endearments but something about Susie gets to him. As the story goes along, he tries to reject his feelings for her but it's too late for that because she has buried her way into his heart. When t [...]

    12. Nina on said:

      DNF @ 62%This was just not my cuppa tea. I'm all for anti heroes, but I really didn't see any redeeming qualities about Ren. He was just an asshole who treated the heroine like shit. Making her get on her knees and crawl because she was making him and his men breakfast? This dude seriously needed a hard kick in the groin if you ask me. Also, there was no chemistry between the main characters. The sex was OK. Lots of BDSM play and D/s if those are your thing. If you're looking for a romance story [...]

    13. Nancy Panarese on said:

      Hot Hot HotThis is my first bok from this author but not the last. I know some reviews on this book were not good .I loved these characters Ren was brutal but sexy and kind to Susie in his own way. Susie was no innocent she new what she was getting into with Ren. they found love .I hope there are more books to come in this series .The other men look very interesting.Mimi

    14. Debbie on said:

      WOW!!!What a great book!!! I couldn't put it down until I was done reading it!!! I can't wait for the next book to come out! I just loved it!!! A definite must read!!!! Happy Reading!! :)

    15. RavenProphet on said:

      I'll be honest, when Ellis made Susie crawl on her hands and knees back to his room in front of his friends(associates?) I got pissed off. I'm not a fan of exhibition humiliation. But everything else was great. I like dark romance and BDSM in the same book

    16. Deb B on said:

      short fast read. very well written. although the story is one i would never like to see occur in reality it worked really well fuelling the fantasies. loved Ren's character as well as what we have seen thus far of the other cleaners

    17. Maria on said:

      3.5 senza infamia e senza lodeAnche se ho trovato dolcissimo ogni volta che la chiamava pumpkin.

    18. Susan Ferguson on said:

      absolutely loved this book. Sexy and dark and fun to read! First one I have read by this author and will def read more

    19. 100sweet on said:

      DNF @ 73%.The H treated the h like dirt. He got mad at her for leaving the bed while he was asleep so he yelled at her in front of his friends and made her crawl to him. I was so disgusted.

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