Outlaw's Vow

Nicole Snow

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Outlaw's Vow

Outlaw s Vow An explosive romance between a hothead biker and a pampered club princess plus an original novella about everybody s favorite Prez bundled with it BLACKJACK S SECRET A bonus copy of Outlaw s Bride B

  • Title: Outlaw's Vow
  • Author: Nicole Snow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 197
  • Format: None
  • An explosive romance between a hothead biker and a pampered club princess plus an original novella about everybody s favorite Prez bundled with it, BLACKJACK S SECRET A bonus copy of Outlaw s Bride, Book 3 is also included in this edition.This is Asphalt and Elle Jo s story in the Grizzlies MC series.I M MARRYING AN OUTLAW AND I CAN T FAKE IT ELLE JO Forget theAn explosive romance between a hothead biker and a pampered club princess plus an original novella about everybody s favorite Prez bundled with it, BLACKJACK S SECRET A bonus copy of Outlaw s Bride, Book 3 is also included in this edition.This is Asphalt and Elle Jo s story in the Grizzlies MC series.I M MARRYING AN OUTLAW AND I CAN T FAKE IT ELLE JO Forget the flowers and tender kisses I m marrying a man who took a bullet for me tomorrow, and I don t have a choice Did I say he s an outlaw Asphalt has slayed men on the road and taken women between the sheets than I can ever count He s arrogant Savage So handsome and wild I should slap him for being this beautiful while he does every sin in the book When he tells me I m going to say I do, and mean it, I want to believe him Especially when he s the boy I left behind All the insanity I tried to escape when I stopped being the sheltered club princess So, why the hell can t I keep my lips off his when he gives me that smirk and whispers filthy things in my ear ASPHALT She thinks it s pretend, and club business is the only reason I m slapping my brand on her skin What a damned joke Elle got away from me years ago Never again I m putting her where she belongs the second I hear kiss the bride Yeah, I told my brothers I d go along with this sham marriage to save the Grizzlies MC They don t know how bad I need her This isn t pretend any The good girl act won t save her this time I m keeping my bride I can t forget the kiss that turned me into an obsessed lunatic I ll own her on my bike, in my bed, wreck her for any other man, or I ll be dead Elle s always been mine Don t care how much I suffer til she learns that s law The Outlaw Love books are stand alone romance novels featuring unique lovers and happy endings No cliffhangers

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      197 Nicole Snow
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    One thought on “Outlaw's Vow

    1. Nicole Snow on said:

      Back for MORE? I know you are! :)It's Nicole Snow again, bursting with excitement to release the final ride for the Grizzlies MC with OUTLAW'S VOW! You'll get an explosive romance between a hothead and a pampered club princess, plus an original novella about everybody's favorite Prez bundled with it, BLACKJACK'S SECRET!Vroom vroom!!! <3OUTLAW'S VOW – Official Release 12.28.2015

    2. Emily on said:

      Ellie Jo planned one day to be married outside of the MC she was raised in. To have a family and never live in fear or have to play by the club rules. One can dream right, now she is being forced to marry her highschool crush Asphalt, she hated to crush on him but he got under her nerves. Now though she despises the man. Asphalt doesn't do love or anything with pretty words or flowers to go with them. He secretly tells himself he is marrying Elle Jo for the club, but realistically he always want [...]

    3. Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews on said:

      Overall Rating: 4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆A house divided, reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet only the setting is modern day mayhem! Sexy, bad a$$ 1% bikers from the mother charter are at odds with another Grizzlies club, and it is pulling the clubs apart in two very different directions. Nicole Snow once again draws her readers into the turbulent and often 'grizzly' world of the Grizzly MC in her latest addition in this series, Outlaw’s Vow. This is romance MC style and Ms. Snow does not disa [...]

    4. Brandi on said:

      4.5 starsThis is my NEW FAVORITE book of the series! Sorry Roman & Sally, Asphalt & Elle Jo were DYNAMITE together!! This book was intense; the sex, the violence, every facet of the main characters' relationship LOVED it all!LOVED that Asphalt & Elle Jo had a bit of a past together. Their love for each other felt so real, even though it started out on such a different level four years after Elle Jo returned to town. It wasn't really second chance or anything but knowing that they had [...]

    5. Celestine on said:

      So this was the very first MC romance book I've ever read. And it was a huge overkill on the rough sexy times. This book completely deserves its erotica tag. The action / suspense mainly comes in the latter third of the book, which I've since discovered it a pattern with this author in this particular MC series. I read this Kindle Unlimited offering because Asphalt and Elle Jo had a history together that I thought sounded interesting. And it was. Too bad personalities and plot points were comple [...]

    6. G on said:

      Didn't really like it, unfortunately I just kept reading because I can't leave a book unfinished. I found Asphalt to be a bit of an ass. I.e - after the wedding goes to get a tattoo, fine so far as all the MC books I've read, it's all about marking the old lady with the club mark, however the scene of him being rude about her not wanting the lightning rods on her as extra and throwing his weight around and then declaring he had to show her who's boss and don't take it so serious. Really!!! I rea [...]

    7. C.J. on said:

      This was a very gritty MC read with a lot of violence and references some sensitive subjects, so if that's not your thing I'd definitely give this one a miss. I really liked it. I love when characters have history and the bond between Elle and Asphalt shone through in this book. Some seriously hot scenes too.

    8. Doris on said:

      Outlaw’s Vow is the story of Asphalt/Austin the alpha badass biker and Elle Jo Mathers the pampered princess of the Tacoma Grizzlies Prez, Gil. These two grew up in the same neighborhood with Asphalt a few years older and much more seasoned in the biker life. Asphalt’s aspiration was to be a patched in Grizzly and Elle Jo was to live life with the “normal” people, go away to college and have babies with a successful man. That was her daddy’s idea anyway even though Elle Jo and an eye f [...]

    9. April Symes on said:

      Well Nicole Snow has done it again with her MC outlaws. I am hooked and there is no looking back. I couldn’t put “Outlaw's Vow “ down and even after I was done, I had to re-read the book again, that is how yummy the book and its characters are. This is Ellie Jo and Asphalt ‘s story.Elle Jo was the daughter of the Prez of the Grizzlies chapter in Tacoma Her dad kept kept away from the club and its business . The night of her prom, she was harassed by Asphalt and taunted by him. After the [...]

    10. trista miner on said:

      A 5 star hit!!Wow Nicole Snow blew me away with this book. I have enjoyed all of her M.C. books but the grizzlies are near and dear to my heart, they are absolutely my favorite characters that she has created. This story follows asphalt, whom we got to know a little bit in outlaws bride, and the girl next door Elle-Jo, that he was forced to leave behind when her old man forced him to leave town. Five years later he still can't forget Elle-Jo and the hot kiss they shared, unfortunately he is forc [...]

    11. Kaeren on said:

      I received an ARC of this book for an honest review. I am a huge fan of Nicole snow and have been honoured to have a number of her books as ARCs so thank you Nicole. I love a good MC read and have all this outlaw love series I must confess I didn't remember asphalt an awful lot from the earlier books but that didn't detract from the enjoyment. Some may think their story is insta love but that's not true they marry as club dictates as a convenience to buy some peace between near warring chapters [...]

    12. Morilyn on said:

      Outlaw's Vow by Nicole Snow is the fourth book in the Grizzlies MC series & apparently the end of the series. I received an ARC from Nicole in exchange for an honest review & since I have read the earlier books there was no way I was going to miss out on this one. Outlaw's Vow was brilliant - Nicole saved the best till last & tucked away at the end was a surprise bonus! Blackjack's story!Asphalt & Elle Jo grew up in Tacoma & her father Gil, was President of the Grizzlies chap [...]

    13. Jenny Brightman Harris on said:

      I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. In this book we meet Ella Jo Mathers (Ell-Bell) and Austin Graham (Asphalt). As a young girl she meets the slightly older bad boy who helps her when her prom date becomes to mouthy. Ell-Bell thinks she has finally found the man she can actually find herself being with long term. He is a prospect at the time in the Tacoma Grizzlie chapter. However the instant she tries to bring him in the house to continue on from the magnetic kiss her father g [...]

    14. Rose on said:

      I was given an advance copy in exchange for an honest review. Outlaw's Vow is book 4 in the ongoing Grizzlies MC Romance ( Outlaw Love ) Series, another amazing Grizzlies MC book. The Outlaw Love books are all stand alone stories about special and dominant bikers lovers in their world and happy endings. This is Austin Graham "Asphalt" and Ella Jo Mathers "Ell-Bell" story in the Grizzlies MC series. Austin have been in love with Elle Jo since there were teenagers but Gil her father and president [...]

    15. Sheri on said:

      I was honored to receive a copy from the author in exchange for a honest review.I love Nicole's MC series' and she did not disappoint with Outlaw's Vow! I've been waiting for Asphalt's story to be told. Honestly, I love me some Roman but Asphalt/Austin is a close second! He loves hard and deep, protective and possessive, and Elle Jo was his perfect woman. What these two went through to be together, the years between, it was a beautiful story, biker-style. And the sex! H O T! These two were on fi [...]

    16. Heather andrews on said:

      When it comes to his woman Asphalt doesn't play games, “don't bul***** me, babe. I'm coming back there with you,” I growled, ripping open the curtain around the little workstation where he had his bench and his inks. “You're mine now. I protect you day and night, make sure you always get what you deserve. This marriage thing might have gone differently than I wanted, but as long as you're wearing my brand, you'd better believe I'm treating it like a man should. Deadly effing serious.” I [...]

    17. Vicky on said:

      I received this book in an exchange for an honest review. Well what can I say I love a good MC book and this one sure delivered. This book was a quick and interesting read. It even included Blackjack's story which was also good but certain things pissed me off. Main characters were in denial for a bit but once they admitted their feelings things were pretty hot and steamy from then on. This does end in an HEA thank goodness and we got to see glimpses of characters from the past books in this ser [...]

    18. JudyB on said:

      For some reason I just couldn't get into the characters or the story. Lots and lots of sex with basic cave man grunts and the h swooning and giving it up enthusiastically. I've enjoyed quite a few of this author's books so I'm not sure if it was my mood or the actual book. There were noticeable editing issues IMO that should have been caught. Looks like I'm in the minority on the rating. I will read more books by this author but this one just didn't do it for me.

    19. Amanda on said:

      There was no way I could get into this book and apparently I'm one of the only ones. I stand by my opinion that this book was a disappointment. A MC is all about brotherhood and standing together. There was none of that at all. Austin/Asphalt was crude and a jackass and the heroine was just an idiot for going along with what her fathet wanted in the first place. Overall this was a very bad read

    20. Shannon on said:

      Two books in one!I have so much love for the Grizzlies MC, and I was so stoked to hear another book had come out. I bought it immediately without even knowing the plot. Imagine my surprise when I realized there was a second new book included! Asphalt and Elle's story is crazy enough, but learning Blackjack's history on top of it? Greatness.

    21. Karen on said:

      I finished but I am done with this author or this series. Too much violence and sex and no original story. Same set up. ugh. The main characters are not developed or deemed likable because they are being tortured, shot at, or screwing rough sex. If that is what you like, you will love this book. I did bother with bonus book even though I half way liked BlackJack.

    22. Catherine on said:

      I know my taste in books would never be considered 'high brow', this one has gone into the trash pile. Nothing terribly wrong with the plot, but the writing takes it down to a level where I'm trying not to gag.

    23. Amanda Stewart on said:

      Absolutely love this book cant wait to read the other books in the series

    24. Fly FreeBird on said:

      I really wanted to like this book! but it was so boring!! I thought this book will never finish

    25. Irene Marshall on said:

      Gritty romanceAnother hot and heavy romance in the Grizzlies series, this is Asphalt and Elle Jo's story. This is a strong raw and gritty romance with a lot of red hot sex and rough violence. Its a typical bad boy biker book with a hot alpha male and the love of his life. There is lots of biker action going on with rival factions causing lots of problems for the club but true love comes through it all for Asphalt and Elle. There is a great bonus at the end with Blackjacks story. Really good read [...]

    26. Susan Curtis on said:

      🔥😍🔥 LOVED IT 🔥😍🔥Awesome ending for the Grizzlies MC series. This book is about Asphalt and Elle Jo and their second chance to find everlasting love ❤️. Also included Blackjack's secret ending that showed what he sacrificed for over 20 something years. Totally recommend it & Congrats to Nicole Snow for providing such a wonderful & great series. 🔥😍🔥

    27. Samantha Rhinesmith on said:

      Samantha's booksIntolerAble knows outlaw MC's. She does the bad boy game so well you expect him to barge right t ::) Doug h t y out ur door.

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