Duck on a Tractor

David Shannon

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Duck on a Tractor

Duck on a Tractor David Shannon s wildly popular award winning Duck on a Bike left children begging him to tell them another story about Duck after seeing him pictured alongside a shiny red tractor Now Duck is back an

  • Title: Duck on a Tractor
  • Author: David Shannon
  • ISBN: 9780545619417
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Hardcover
  • David Shannon s wildly popular, award winning Duck on a Bike left children begging him to tell them another story about Duck after seeing him pictured alongside a shiny red tractor Now Duck is back and turning the farm upside down Flushed with the success of his trailblazing bike ride around the farm, Duck decides he s ready to drive the tractor As in the bestselling DuDavid Shannon s wildly popular, award winning Duck on a Bike left children begging him to tell them another story about Duck after seeing him pictured alongside a shiny red tractor Now Duck is back and turning the farm upside down Flushed with the success of his trailblazing bike ride around the farm, Duck decides he s ready to drive the tractor As in the bestselling Duck on a Bike, all the barnyard animals share their humorous comments as they watch Duck do the unthinkable Then, one by one, they join him on the tractor for a ride But what happens when Duck drives the big red tractor through town, past the popular diner where all the locals are having lunch What will those folks really think when they see Duck and all the other animals riding around on Farmer O Dell s tractor Filled with entertaining detail and sly jokes, readers will pore over each picture again and again Perfect for reading aloud

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      363 David Shannon
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    One thought on “Duck on a Tractor

    1. Angie on said:

      Duck decides to take a ride on the tractor and takes all the other animals along with him in this hilarious picture book. I loved how everyone said one thing but meant another. So true of all we all talk. The illustrations were absolutely wonderful.

    2. Alexandra Ibberson on said:

      Shannon's zany story of Duck will have kids laughing. Duck decides to take the farmer's tractor for a drive and he convinces all the other animals on the farm to ride along. They drive down Main St. past the local diner where the town's residents watch in dismay. They can't believe their eyes! They chase the tractor but all the animals hop off and run home before they catch up to them. They decide they must have been seeing things. With its outlandish story line and hilarious illustrations, this [...]

    3. orangerful on said:

      Duck On A Bike is one of my go-to storytime books. I think I have it memorized at this point. So I was pretty excited when I saw that this sequel was coming out. But, sadly, it did not live up to my dreams. I felt like it was too long and a little bit crowded on the page, not just the illustrations but the text. Don't think I will be using this one for preschool programs.

    4. Suzanne Maley on said:

      Very excited to see a sequel to one of my favorites: Duck on a Bike. Duck on a Tractor is a worthy follow up but it didn't tickle me as much the original. Still I'm glad to see duck is back!

    5. Cynthia Daniels on said:

      Duck is up to his usual shenanigans after his successful bike ride around the farm, he then makes the decision (aloud in the barnyard and within earshot of all the animals) to attempt to drive the tractor. At duck's invitation, the animals in the barnyard eagerly decide to jump on the tractor and take an excursion with Duck. Dog, Cow and two pigs are the first passengers, joined by Chicken, Mouse and Goat. Horse and Cat hop aboard and the latecomer was Sheep. Duck successfully steers the tractor [...]

    6. Susan on said:

      Rich with colors and shenanigans, the animals pull one over on the townspeople in this hilarious story of the duck who drives a tractor through town.Imagine a big, bold red tractor, driven by a small duck whose wings drive like they were arms. Imagine this duck kicking the tires, to check them out. Surprised it rumbled when he turned the shiny metal by the steering wheel, he shouted, “Climb on, everybody!” The dog up first, then the cow and pigs, each having their own thoughts about the big [...]

    7. Abbey Jenkins on said:

      Duck on a Tractor is a cute tale where Duck finds a tractor on the farm and invites all of his friends to climb on board as well! Duck takes the tractor into town and drives it around. Everyone in the diner sees him and is utterly confused. The farmer realized that that was his tractor, and he ran out of the diner. To find out what happened to the animals and the tracto, read this fun book! I really enjoyed the illustrations and the storyline. The illustrations were rustic and matched the theme [...]

    8. Madison Crawford on said:

      Duck on a Tractor was written and illustrated by David Shannon. Duck thought that if he could ride a bike that he could drive a tractor also and all the other animals weren’t so sure but agreed with Duck. All the Animals end up getting on and riding through town. All the towns people were shocked that all the barn yard animals were driving a tractor and then thought that it was an illusion. This is a good story because it teaches children that it is okay to try new things even if they seem imp [...]

    9. Rachel Crowe on said:

      This was a very cute book. It is about a bunch of farm animals who wanted to go onto the tractor. The duck saw the tractor one day and said that he could drive it, he could do it. So the duck started driving and he asked a lot of the farm animals to join. First was the dog who just jumped on with no doubt. Then the cows pigs,chickens, mouse, goat, house, cat and then the sheep in that order. They stared making their way through town on the tractor and everyone was staring and taking pictures. Th [...]

    10. Stephanie Chiaro on said:

      I loved this book. It seems like a great book for school-aged children, K through second, maybe. The storyline features a bunch of farm animals doing the impossible and somehow convincing the whole town that it had never been done. It's not exactly a good book to teach great behavior as it promotes a pretty dangerous act as well as neglecting to take responsibility for one's actions, but for children who are a bit older and won't mimic the behaviors in the book, there is a hidden lesson that you [...]

    11. Serenity on said:

      David Shannon never fails to tell a great story. This is a fun, funny book that will make a great readaloud, but also a great lap read because there are details a reader could miss if you don't look closely.I will admit, I was a little disappointed I could not find a picture of Fergus in this book, although I pored over it twice.*I received a free review copy of this book from the publisher through my district library services*

    12. DeNae on said:

      This is a cute idea for a follow up to duck on a bike, but the presentation felt a little clunky to me. And, yes, I realize I'm putting far too much thought into a picture book, but the format of following up what each character said with what they were actually thinking while they spoke got cumbersome.

    13. AMY on said:

      Fun story with farm animals loading up on a tractor driven by a duck all the way into town. They ride past the local diner and cause quite a stir. Great, colorful illustrations. Nice expressions on animal and people's faces throughout. Recommended Gr. 2-3.

    14. Ms. Jeane on said:

      While it was a good book, It was not nearly as wonderful as it's predecessor Duck on a Bike, if you didn't know this was a sequel to Duck on a Bike than I highly recommend you go back and read that one because it's GREAT!

    15. Sammy on said:

      Cute book. This is a good book for an older group, and by older I mean elementary, maybe pre-school. Dave Shannon is a wonderful author and illustrator! Fun for a farm, animal, tractor themed storytime.

    16. The Brothers on said:

      A very cute sequel to duck on a bike! I especially like the insight into the inner-monologue of all the characters vs. what they say out loud. Manny the Cook was my favorite. :)Illustrations are fun.

    17. Brooklynn Gookin on said:

      I like this book because it was funny and the farmer did not even now that all the animals rode the tracer to the dinner.

    18. Kristina on said:

      I thought that this was a cute book. my 3 kids enjoyed reading this book. it was funny and the illustrations were cute. I would recommend this book to others.

    19. Christine Heron on said:

      If you liked Duck on a Bike, then read Duck on a Tractor. Excellent! Good fun. Priceless illustrations.

    20. Donna Mork on said:

      Great illustrations, especially the townspeople. Duck takes all the animals for a ride on the tractor through town. Later, no one believes they saw what they saw.

    21. Robin Raines-Bond on said:

      Silly animals on a tractor or where they? The towns people are not exactly sure of what they saw.

    22. Ruth Ellen on said:

      If a duck can ride a bike, why can't he drive a tractor. It is a cute story. It made me laugh. Read it to your kids.

    23. Diane on said:

      "Down on the farm, Duck sometimes got wild ideas."After his success on the bike, Duck decides to try is hand at the tractor. He manages to get it started and entices the other animals to hop on. They all have their own thoughts about what they're doing. Goat wonders "Does the garbage dump have a drive-thru window." Soon, they are tooling down main street. Everyone at Lily's Diner has their own thoughts about what they are seeing. But when the tractor runs out of gas, just as the diners decide to [...]

    24. Beth Rodgers on said:

      'Duck on a Tractor,' written and illustrated by David Shannon, encourages readers to suspend disbelief, if only to create a magic in its readers' eyes that they wouldn't have otherwise. It is not often that one sees a duck driving a tractor, so finding a way to make sense of what one thinks they saw while knowing deep down that they are setting aside the truth in order to fit in with the masses is an underlying theme that is quite important to understand. After all, no one wants to seem crazy en [...]

    25. Cassidy Wells on said:

      This was a really well done picture book in my opinion. There was good humor in the book and it was really funny how the author would quote one of the characters and then he would say how they were really thinking. This portrayed real life so well to me. It was really cute and funny! Picture Book.

    26. Barbara on said:

      If the notion of a duck riding on a bicycle strains your imagination, then this follow-up to Duck on a Bike will probably not be your cup of tea. When Duck decides to try his hand at driving a big farm tractor, several other animals, including Dog, Pig, and Cow decide to come along. They head into town and pass by the local diner where many different customers glance out the window and do a double take at the absurd sight. When they rush out to see if they actually saw what they thought they saw [...]

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