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The Boys Who Challenged Hitler: Knud Pedersen and the Churchill Club (Bccb Blue Ribbon Nonfiction Book Award (Awards))

The Boys Who Challenged Hitler Knud Pedersen and the Churchill Club Bccb Blue Ribbon Nonfiction Book Award Awards At the outset of World War II Denmark did not resist German occupation Deeply ashamed of his nation s leaders fifteen year old Knud Pedersen resolved with his brother and a handful of schoolmates to

  • Title: The Boys Who Challenged Hitler: Knud Pedersen and the Churchill Club (Bccb Blue Ribbon Nonfiction Book Award (Awards))
  • Author: Phillip M. Hoose
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • At the outset of World War II, Denmark did not resist German occupation Deeply ashamed of his nation s leaders, fifteen year old Knud Pedersen resolved with his brother and a handful of schoolmates to take action against the Nazis if the adults would not Naming their secret club after the fiery British leader, the young patriots in the Churchill Club committed countlessAt the outset of World War II, Denmark did not resist German occupation Deeply ashamed of his nation s leaders, fifteen year old Knud Pedersen resolved with his brother and a handful of schoolmates to take action against the Nazis if the adults would not Naming their secret club after the fiery British leader, the young patriots in the Churchill Club committed countless acts of sabotage, infuriating the Germans, who eventually had the boys tracked down and arrested But their efforts were not in vain the boys exploits and eventual imprisonment helped spark a full blown Danish resistance Interweaving his own narrative with the recollections of Knud himself, here is Phillip Hoose s inspiring story of these young war heroes.This thoroughly researched and documented book can be worked into multiple aspects of the common core curriculum.

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    • [PDF] Download ☆ The Boys Who Challenged Hitler: Knud Pedersen and the Churchill Club (Bccb Blue Ribbon Nonfiction Book Award (Awards)) | by ☆ Phillip M. Hoose
      348 Phillip M. Hoose
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] Download ☆ The Boys Who Challenged Hitler: Knud Pedersen and the Churchill Club (Bccb Blue Ribbon Nonfiction Book Award (Awards)) | by ☆ Phillip M. Hoose
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    One thought on “The Boys Who Challenged Hitler: Knud Pedersen and the Churchill Club (Bccb Blue Ribbon Nonfiction Book Award (Awards))

    1. Ms. Yingling on said:

      E ARC from NetgalleyIn this wonderful piece of narrative nonfiction, Hoose brings us the experience of Knud Pedersen in his own words. As a Dane, the teenaged Pedersen was perturbed that his government had caved so easily to the Nazis demands, agreeing to cooperate with the Nazi soldiers in exchange for relative safety. While Norway was fighting the Nazis, it took a while before opposition to the Nazis took hold in Denmark, and that opposition was started by a group of teenagers headed by Peders [...]

    2. Josiah on said:

      I can't say if it's mainly a keen eye for selecting stories that have powerful emotional potential, an ability to distill timeless wisdom from the basic facts of history, or his own transcendent talent for dynamically and sensitively recounting historical events so they feel relevant to young readers, but Phillip Hoose is one of the best nonfiction writers whose work I've encountered. When widespread recognition came his way in 2010 after being awarded a Newbery Honor for Claudette Colvin: Twice [...]

    3. Jenny on said:

      Very interesting book about Denmark during WWII. I had no idea that Hitler basically told the leaders, in Denmark, to do as he asked or he would bomb them until they did. This book is about a group of teenage boys who did not like that their country was not willing to fight Hitler, so they took matters into their own hands and staged their own sabotage missions.

    4. Barbara on said:

      Relying on 24 hours' worth of face-to-face interviews with Knud Pedersen as well as more than 1,000 emails and Pedersen's published writing, this nonfiction account of a group of Danish teens who dared to defy Adolph Hitler reads as smoothly as the most engaging novel. When Knud Pedersen was in the eighth grade, the Germans began to occupy Denmark, and his life changed completely. Suddenly, he became keenly aware of the difference in the reaction of the Norwegians and the Danes to the Germans, a [...]

    5. Barb Middleton on said:

      When Germany invaded Denmark in World War II, there was no resistance or fighting from the Danes. Knud Pedersen was fourteen and disgusted that his country did nothing in wake of the takeover. He and his brother met with other boys at their school and formed a resistance unit modeled after the Norwegian resistance and British Royal Air Force (RAF). They began fighting the Germans by switching up German signs confusing arriving soldiers with misdirections. With their bikes as their weapons, they [...]

    6. David on said:

      4.25 I am so glad I read this book. So many books about World War II are focused on France or the Holocaust. While those are extremely important topics, and should be be written about, there were many events in other areas of the world whose stories do not get told. It was very interesting to read a young adult book about the conflict in Scandinavia and more specifically Denmark. It was amazing to hear the bravery that these Danes showed under German occupation, but it is even more impressive co [...]

    7. Lauren on said:

      an amazing "backstory" or "behind the scenes" story so to speak about ww2. teenager Knud Pederson is a Danish living among the reign of the German, and he decides to take a stand for his country along with fellow classmates. they start off by vandalizing German property and move onto stealing weapons. one day they go too far and are caught and sentenced to 2 years in prison. this story, to me, was a story of taking a stand, even if it's not a big one. Knud and his club didn't directly threaten H [...]

    8. Kevin on said:

      As World War II began Denmark was quietly assimilated by Nazi Germany as a "protectorate." Trying to prevent bloodshed the Danish leaders did not fight. Ashamed that their leaders did not lead the people to fight, Knud Pedersen with other 14 year olds started a group of saboteurs called "The Churchill Club" who as children attacked Nazi supplies, stole weapons and spread anti Nazi slogans. Truly an interesting history that kept me mesmerized. I have a 14 year old son and I found myself imagining [...]

    9. Katie Hutchison Irion on said:

      Continuing on my nonfiction kickI really, really enjoyed this one. These boys in Denmark started the first resistance group during WWII while they were occupied by the Nazis. They were just BOYS! It was amazing to read about their courage and determination. I am sure had I been in that same situation I would have just curled up into a ball in my room and tried to will the Nazis away with my mind. I think that is about as courageous as I would have been. These boys were amazing.

    10. Michael Cunningham on said:

      I had never heard of this story and knew little about the Danish involvement in WW2, so this was not only informative but great story telling as well. I appreciated the author's notes on how he got the story and the relationship he developed with the original Churchill Club member. It's story I hope to see told again in other forms, perhaps a film as well.

    11. Gavin G on said:

      This book was AMAZING i could not put it down! Knud Peterson named the club after the fiery british army were so brave to actually challenge the man who could find you and kill you before you could even run. He was a maniac, plus this was very inspiring

    12. Molly Dettmann on said:

      Really fascinating story! Great non-fic read for middle school/high school readers. Really sucked me in with stories of daring acts of sabotage the Churchill Club carried out, and their harrowing time in prison. Great read!

    13. Cara Jordan on said:

      I'm not a huge non-fiction fan so I mean I didn't really enjoy this book but its about 15-year-old Khud Peterson didn't like the concept of Hitler leading and decided to challenge him that's why its called " the boys who challenges Hitler"

    14. Austin K on said:

      This book is called The Boys who Challenged Hitler and is about a group of boys who challenged Hitler. They steal weapons and take apart German cars! The reason they are doing this is because the town they live has been taken over by the Nazis and the grownups wont do any thin about it. So the kids put it in there hands. They form a club called the Churchill club after Winston Curchill. They are stationed in one of there dads church's call the monetary. They try to ruin Hitler's plan but get fou [...]

    15. Alex Baugh on said:

      When the Germans invaded Denmark on April 9, 1940, many Danes welcomed them, but many more were filled with anger as they watched these soldiers taking over their towns and cities. But what could they do? The Danish army was simply no match for the Germans. They may not have been willing to take on Hitler but Knud Pedersen, 14, a successful student living in Odense, Denmark, decided he might just be able to do something himself. Very carefully, Knud, his older brother Jens, and a handful of fell [...]

    16. Thomas K on said:

      The Boys Who Challenged Hitler is a book about a group of boys from Denmark during WW2. The story behind it was the leader of Denmark refused to resist the Nazis, so a 15 year old boy named Knud Pedersen decided to form a resist called the Churchill Club. He and his brother Jens, and a couple of school mates would sneak around town and destroy Nazi property like cars, guns, and more. Eventually the boys were captured and sent to prison after destroying an airplane wing with a grenade. At the pri [...]

    17. Brenda on said:

      Originally posted at Log Cabin LibraryDuring WWII, Denmark became very valuable to the Germans, they were a buffer to other countries, and they had the materials and easy transport routes that Germany needed for the war. Denmark had decided that rather than fight and lose so many people like Norway had during their resistance, they would allow Germany to occupy them or become a "protectorate." This didn't sit well with Knud Pedersen and his brother Jans. They were very upset with Denmark for all [...]

    18. Jo Sorrell on said:

      The Boys Who Chalkenger zhitler: Knud Pederson and the Churchill Club by Phillip HooseIt’s 1940, the dawn of World War II. Demark is under German attack. Very few are fighting back, taking a stand or doing anything other than watching on the sidelines and seeing disaster unfold. Knud Pedersen is 15 years old and wonders why the homeland is allowing the Germans to take over. Well, this influx of Germans is actually helping the economy as the Germans have money and need and want nice things. But [...]

    19. Joan on said:

      My first reaction was doubt. One of the main claims made in this book was that the person at the center of this story, Knud Pedersen, started the first Churchill Club in Denmark which became the example for all the others started later. I grabbed an old book of mine, "Children of the Resistance", c.1968, and checked. The third chapter, titled "The Three Danish Musketeers", does not have dates enough to disprove the allegation. However, it does make it clear that even if the government capitulate [...]

    20. Alicia on said:

      While not one of the best-written narrative nonfiction stories, I found myself enjoying the story of Hoose and Pedersen's meetings and conversations more engaging than Hoose's 'storytelling' of the Churchill Boys themselves. Pedersen was one of the last surviving members of the group and Hoose took advantage of a failed attempt to publish the story by another author, to spend over a week with him to get his story. Don't get me wrong, it's fascinating. A group of private school youth/young boys w [...]

    21. Annette on said:

      THE BOYS WHO CHALLENGED HITLER: KNUD PETERSON AND THE CHURCHILL CLUB by Phillip Hoose tells the amazing true story of teens who stood up to the Nazis in Denmark during World War II.The book’s introduction discusses how the author learned about the story and connected with one of the Churchill Club members. This work of nonfiction then alternates between a narrative discussing the formation and activities of the Churchill Club with the recollections of member Knud Pedersen. Filled with historic [...]

    22. Alyson on said:

      I LOVE hearing new stories from WWII that haven't been told before. I am always very grateful that they were discovered (before it is too late) and shared. This book is about teenage boys who were very frustrated and upset with their Danish leaders for not resisting the Nazi invasion of their country so they decided to act against the Nazis on their own. These boys formed a club, The Churchill Club, and performed multiple acts of sabotage against the Nazis. They were eventually caught and impris [...]

    23. Teresa Edmunds on said:

      Books about courage and patriotism are more important than ever. This is a book about both. The Churchill Club was started by Danish teenagers as a way to show their opposition to the Germans and their frustration with the Danish government for not standing up to the enemy. Knud Pedersen, along with his brother Jens, organized the Churchill Club. They started their resistance with small acts of sabotage such as cutting communication wires and then expanded to setting fire to German buildings and [...]

    24. Julia on said:

      What a total delight this non-fiction story is! I found myself looking forward to driving so I could listen to more of this audio book. Though I read widely about World War II, both fiction and non-fiction, I had never heard of the Churchill Club. Humiliated by their government and king, for putting up no fight when the Nazis came, these Danish teenage boys of the Churchill Club, and before it the RAF club, engaged in acts of sabotage, theft and confusion on Nazis. They repainted direction signs [...]

    25. David Hilton on said:

      I read this for a teacher book group at the middle school where I work. I didn't know the story at all, but it connected nicely to background I had from Lois Lowry's, "Number the Stars" as well as a little known but excellent documentary film called, "The Danish Solution" (see link below).At the outset of World War Two, Germany advanced on Finland. The Fins fought back with all they could muster. Denmark, on the other hand, accepted occupation meekly. It took a group of sabotage-minded teenagers [...]

    26. Laura on said:

      It is a super nonfiction read About a Danish resistance movement of boys named The Churchill Club ranging in age from 13-19. I found it easy to read, and Knud Petersen, the story's primary focus, to be a passionate guy. I especially loved how young the guys were--their group mugshot is sort of comical because they are so fresh faced and innocent looking. I appreciate how the boys didn't like their government's relationship, so they were going to take matters into their own hands. Their country e [...]

    27. Maximo M on said:

      This is a very good book fore those who like action and suspension . This book will put you at the end of your seat every single second starts out very slow but starts getting faster very fast. I loved it made make feel like I was actually one of themd this story tells you about all of their adventures and their sacrifices. I would compare this to World War II because that's where it's taking place. I hope you'll Will read it and enjoy it.

    28. Julie on said:

      I was very impressed about this true story of the teenage Danes who attempted to thwart the Nazis' take over of Denmark while a great majority of the adults accepted the German occupation. YA Non-fiction.

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