Urgent, Unheard Stories

Roxane Gay

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Urgent, Unheard Stories

Urgent Unheard Stories A mini collection of essays on books reading and the world of contemporary literature by Roxane Gay available as a limited edition signed chapbook From the Independent Book Store Day catalog

  • Title: Urgent, Unheard Stories
  • Author: Roxane Gay
  • ISBN: 9780062406613
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A mini collection of essays on books, reading, and the world of contemporary literature by Roxane Gay available as a limited edition, signed chapbook From the Independent Book Store Day 2015 catalog

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    One thought on “Urgent, Unheard Stories

    1. Teresa on said:

      I bought this to support a local bookstore on Independent Book Store Day (one of the exclusive items available nationwide that day) but would've bought something else if not for my hearing the author speak at the Tennessee Williams Lit Fest a couple of years ago. I hadn't heard of her prior to that, and I was very impressed with her intelligence, forthrightness and humor. These qualities of hers are evident in these mini-essays and interviews, which I'm guessing were originally online (I hear sh [...]

    2. Amanda on said:

      This collection gathers some of Gay's prior writings on the theme of voices that need to be heard, and it's a nice mix of essays, interviews, and lists of to-reads and inspirations. However, a lot of the content feels less fresh removed from its original context online, and it doesn't seem like it's been edited to better for the new format. The book lists in particular could use more opinion to lend them consistency with Gay's voice, unmistakeable in the rest of the pieces. The individual pieces [...]

    3. Jess7 on said:

      This is a raw and beautiful collection of essays written and signed by Roxane Gay. These essays all revolve around books. Roxane discusses numerous books she has read and that have impacted her throughout her life. This chapbook intrigued me and contributed to my never-ending, always changing TBR list. It’s only 64 pages and worth reading. Two of my favorites quotes from this book:“Amazing writing from all kinds of writers is all around us. But I keep thinking about that young woman in Manha [...]

    4. Kara on said:

      "In five years, I don't want to have the same damn conversations now that we're having about diversity in reading, writing, and publishing. I will, somehow, make sure more writers of color and women get the chance to be this lucky and hold such blessings in the warmth of their hands. I'm going to keep writing. I'm going to keep fighting. I've had a taste now if what publishing should be like for more of us. I am never going to stop."Read this with pen and paper nearby or your app open because y [...]

    5. Audrey on said:

      Roxane Gay put out this short collection in honor of National Independent Bookstore Day. I was psyched to get this copy since I loved both Bad Feminist and Untamed State. This collection was a disappointment. It was very uneven and some parts seem to have been written years ago (maybe for her blog)? Two of the essays were interviews with other others and three of the essays were detailed lists. While I appreciated the lists and why she included them, I wanted more of her voice, a la Bad Feminist [...]

    6. Emily on said:

      Roxane Gay's writing is wonderful as ever, and indeed, I had missed most of these pieces (most, if not all, of which were previously published online). But the book itself seems like a slapdash effort by Harper Perennial: there's some repetition between pieces that feels like redundancy instead of synchronicity; the proofreading seems sloppy; and tellingly, the running heads (UNTOLD STORIES) don't match the title of the book. A little disappointing after BAD FEMINIST was put together with such c [...]

    7. Kirsten on said:

      Just picked this up at Indie Bookstore Day, so happy to get to read it!--Small collection of essays from the last few years, exploring and recommending those urgent, unheard stories. Some of these I've read and loved, but too many are still waiting patiently in the queue. I always value Roxane Gay's insight, whether I agree with it or not, so it's time to search out the names and titles I'm not yet familiar with.

    8. Leslie on said:

      This collection of essay-lists, sold in bookstores to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day, is a beauty. It's a fierce cry to read, and to read widely, to seek out the little-known and under-promoted. Better yet, it's specific. The recommendations in its pages will sculpt my used-book searching for years to come.

    9. Samantha on said:

      A delicious little snack of a book, though I was surprised to see that this was essays and not, well, stories. It just made want more of Roxane's essays and has stoked desire to read Hunger.

    10. Katrina on said:

      I have mixed feelings about this collection: a slim volume of essays put together as a special autographed limited edition for California Bookstore Day 2015. I certainly don't agree with all of it. I've mentally composed and abandoned a dozen ire-riddled responses to Roxane Gay's fascination with Lolita, which she brings up as both a formative part of her reading experience and as a central element in the essay "The Modern Lolita: Dramatizing the Mind of a Female Pedophile in Alissa Nutting's Ta [...]

    11. Diana C. Nearhos on said:

      I think I'm just the only person who doesn't really like Roxane Gay. I really want to like her work and keep trying it, but it just doesn't resonate for me.

    12. Nicole on said:

      A short collection of essays compiled for Independent Bookstore Day 2015. The book contains seven essays, all appropriately discussing literature - what literature as a whole & certain books within it have meant to Gay, what's missing from mainstream publication & where she goes to find it. I appreciated the theme, especially in connection with the event for which the collection was produced. However, on the whole it missed the spark of "Bad Feminist," and I was surprised by the inclusio [...]

    13. Jason on said:

      "I am made of flesh and bone and blood. I am made of books. A list could not contain me." Roxane Gay never fails to amaze me with her distinctly refreshing voice, and in this collection of essays she continues to hold her reputation as one of contemporary literature's best writers. While small in length, it will leave a lasting impression on both writers and readers alike.

    14. Hans on said:

      Hmmm…when I read Roxane Gay's essays about books / reading, it makes me feel like I haven't read many books. More books onto the to-read list I guess.As the "Salty" Literary Tea Towel reads (also purchased on Independent Book Store Day): "It is likely I will die next to a pile of things I was meaning to read." --Lemony Snicket

    15. Eugenia on said:

      I ended up reading this because my local bookstore was sold out of _Bad Feminist_ and offered me a signed copy of this limited edition instead. You get the flavor of her prose and her politics from these essays and I now think I'd be interested in reading her novel.

    16. Laura Cole on said:

      I wasn't sure what to expect when I started this, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's like reading a conversation with someone about all the books that have been meaningful to them. I got some good recommendations that I'm looking forward to reading.

    17. Michelle Martin on said:

      It was like Roxane Gay's goodread account, but more intimate. It definitely gave me a list of books to add to my "to-read" list. The last chapter really hit home for me and I think for many people who live, breathe, and heal from books. "I am made of books."

    18. Dara on said:

      I particularly enjoyed the title essay as well as the concluding one, "The Books that Made Me Who I Am." Like Samantha Ellis' How to Be A Heroine, this short little collection just lengthened my to-read list.

    19. Dkaufman on said:

      Very short, but really awesome read. Has so many recommendations of small authors I have never heard of, so excited to try them out!

    20. Kathleen on said:

      This is more like an extended zine full of book recommendations. I will definitely be turning to this for ideas when I'm feeling stumped on what to read next.

    21. Alan on said:

      Many thanks to my writer daughter who introduces me to contemporary writers like Roxanne Gay.

    22. Emily on said:

      Roxane Gay has a way of writing that is both vulnerable and veiled that makes reading her work seem like I'm gripping the edges of a piece of handmade lace too tightly.

    23. Ally on said:

      URGENT UNHEARD STORIES is a short and sweet collection of essays that meld bibliophilia, pop culture, and social justice. In true Roxane Gay style, she makes you laugh, makes you think, and makes you feel. In one essay, she shares her writerly origin story. Another lists the 10 best books about virgins, while another is an interview with Alissa Nutting not long after her novel TAMPA was published. My favorite essay is titled "The Books That Made Me Who I Am: I Am the Product of Endless Books", i [...]

    24. Shantel on said:

      A very quick and interesting set of essays/interviews regarding Roxane Gay's thoughts on books, publishing, and being a writer. I appreciate how supportive Roxane is of her fellow writers, and got a lot of really great adds for my TBR list that I'd never heard of. Also, a favorite quote from the collection: " I am made of flesh and bone and blood. I am made of books. A list could not contain me."

    25. Crystal on said:

      This was good for recommending other authors but it felt like it didn't all come together. I am confused as to what the point of the book was.Read Hunger, loved it. Will be continuing with this author despite not understanding the premise of this book.

    26. Sally Mouzon on said:

      0These essays introduced me to lots of new titles for my *to read* shelf. The last essay is pure gold.

    27. Emma on said:

      A book (of essays) about books (and reading and writing). I'm ready to read more from Roxane Gay!

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