East in Eden

Izabela Shopova Christopher Buxton

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East in Eden

East in Eden Surviving New Zealand in characteristic Eastern European style while helplessly falling in love with the Land of the Thousand Rainbows the Most Beautiful Rainy Hell the Land of Relentless Biscuit

  • Title: East in Eden
  • Author: Izabela Shopova Christopher Buxton
  • ISBN: 9781629012339
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback
  • Surviving New Zealand in characteristic Eastern European style, while helplessly falling in love with the Land of the Thousand Rainbows , the Most Beautiful Rainy Hell , the Land of Relentless Biscuit Eaters Aotearoa, the Last Eden on Earth I never perceived our life in New Zealand as exile and emigration as martyrdom, as it is the custom and pretty much a patrioSurviving New Zealand in characteristic Eastern European style, while helplessly falling in love with the Land of the Thousand Rainbows , the Most Beautiful Rainy Hell , the Land of Relentless Biscuit Eaters Aotearoa, the Last Eden on Earth I never perceived our life in New Zealand as exile and emigration as martyrdom, as it is the custom and pretty much a patriotic obligation in the Bulgarian cultural and literary tradition Our life in Aotearoa was a challenge and a lifetime adventure, a love affair and a hilarious comedy with just the tiny bit of drama in a land, regarded by the rest of the world as the last Eden on Earth This book is my humble attempt to tell the story of our hardship and joy, suffering and fun, the mundane and the extraordinary, the adventurous and the banal, that we faced during our six years in New Zealand It is about the friends we found The clich s we wrestled The wonders we witnessed The people we met The lessons we learned The country we reluctantly, but helplessly fell in love with About Aotearoa The Land Of The Long White Cloud About New Zealand at the end of the world.

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      409 Izabela Shopova Christopher Buxton
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    One thought on “East in Eden

    1. Lilia on said:

      Много ме забавляваше тази книга! Смях се с глас, и четох, и търсих после да видя картини от Нова Зеландия в нета :))) Дори ме завладя идеята да изгледам Властелина на пръстените само за да видя неподправената природа на Н.Зеландия /според авторката/. Още не съм го гледала де, но [...]

    2. Maria on said:

      От незнайно колко време искам да отида в Нова Зеландия, нещо като детска мечта ми е. Може би е най-екзотичното място, което мога да си представя, все пак е на обратната страна на Земята. Не ми е много ясно от къде и кога съм добила представа за живота там, за климата, за хоранта, [...]

    3. Deni Nersezova on said:

      East of Eden is a happy story of group of young migrants who shared their first years of their new life on the other side of the Earth. Good story of people who grew as friends and became closer than family. Everything seemed to be in the opposites to what we were used to and Izabella managed to capture this new life with her remarkable sense of humour and eye for detail. Great read!

    4. Galia on said:

      Разкошна книга!!! Потопих се изцяло в атмосферата на Нова Зеландия, "видях" всичките й красоти и невероятни пейзажи и това разказано толкова леко, приятно и забавно! Научих много неща за културата и обичайте на кивитата :), беше ми изключително интересно!

    5. Diyana Yosifova on said:

      Ако се откриете в най-малко едно от долните описания, то горещо ви препоръчвам тази книга:1) обичате да пътувате до близки и далечни места и да откривате всякакви различни и екзотични култури;2) вие сте пътешественик по душа и използвате всеки подходящ момент да се отнесете н [...]

    6. Anna Dimitrova on said:

      ПО принцип пътеписите са ми скучни, особено ако не са придружени от качествени снимки, но пък и рядко ми се случва да чета нещо на български автор, така че смея да твърдя изпитах истинско удоволствие и искрено се забавлявах на словесните излияния на авторката, играта й с дум [...]

    7. Флорина Барбукова on said:

      Well, that’s the book I can read and read with the same pleasure as if I’ve just started it. That’s a story for the wonder of life, the charm of seeking and the delight of finding. Emotional charging, itching need for travel, that’s what you get while reading “East of Eden”. Thank you, Izabela!

    8. Stanka Moskov on said:

      Finally, the Bulgarian readers are not the only privileged group, able to selfishly enjoy Izabela Shopova’s masterful writing! The book “East in Eden”, recently translated into English is a cosmopolitan piece of literature, meant to be read not just by Bulgarians, or kiwis; travelers or history buffs; or comedy enthusiasts… It is for all of the above and more. The author is generous and truthful to anybody, whose intellectual curiosity and open mind would entice them to take her journey [...]

    9. Roumiana Velikova on said:

      The English-reading public can finally enjoy Izabela Shopova’s delightful travel memoir that made Bulgarians fall in love with New Zealand. The author, who moved with her family from Eastern Europe to New Zealand in 2002, treats the readers to select bits of Bulgarian history, geography, national cuisine and traditions while immersing them into the upside-down reality of New Zealand, with its opposite seasons, rules of physics, and rules of the road; weather extremes; unique flora and fauna; v [...]

    10. DenitsaD on said:

      I’ve read most of Izabella’s book, when it was still just a series of blog posts on the web and right before I came to live in New Zealand. Then I re-read the book, when it came out in Bulgarian and already having my own stories and adventures in Aotearoa. And the book was still a brilliantly captivating read I love the attitude she is showing in the book (and in life I would presume:) - she has so much love for her characters, and at the same time she is keeping her eyes wide open for al [...]

    11. Jacqueline Wagenstein on said:

      Izabela's fans who already have read her online texts, are well acquainted with her brilliant writing style! Those, who are reading her work for a first time, will find in this text everything they need to know about New Zealand, expanded with a great collection of photos.“East – in Eden” is not a novel, a travel diary, or an autobiography; it’s not a letter or a recipe collection; it is a little bit all of that and something more A new type of literature, which holds no regard for any s [...]

    12. Bookmaniac70 on said:

      Прочетох я с удоволствие. Много приятно чувство за хумор,любопитни подробности за Нова Зеландия. На места се смеех с глас. Препоръчвам!

    13. Гергана Чернева on said:

      fascinating journey thin laughter and light contentI adore it! Really

    14. Marlela on said:

      На моменти чувството за хумор бе пресилено, в други моменти се смях с глас. Всъщност прочетох книгата с удоволствие, да, да! :)

    15. Angelina Ivanova on said:

      Забавна, образователна, свежа и с богат изказ. Много приятно ме изненада и определено ставам фен на Изабела Шопова :) Разказва толкова увлекателно, че прави от едно повествование интересна история, разказваща, водеща, докосваща ме до една толкова далечна и непозната страна, [...]

    16. Nikki Bennett on said:

      I took this book to read at the beach while my husband Steve was heading off on a fishing trip. I figured I'd spend the day lying in the sand and splashing in the water, but it was so cold out (even in June) that I ended holed up in my car, which was the only warm spot, reading. Steve was charter fishing, which meant he'd be out until well in the afternoon, and so I resigned myself to a cold and tedious day. But by the time Steve's boat was due back in the harbor, I was secretly hoping the capta [...]

    17. Димитър Тодоров on said:

      Статиите на Изабела за перипетиите на емигранта в Нова Зеландия, за красотите на страната, за културните недоразумения, за подменените с извънземни тинейджъри, за дремещите вулкани, светещите пещери, растящите даже на глобално затопляне ледници, изригващите по часовник г [...]

    18. Kaloyana on said:

      Давала съм три звездички на книги, които далеч повече са ме впечатлили, но все пак и тази заслужава похвала заради това, че е първа книга на автора и е някак - хем смела, хем плаха. Препоръчвам това четиво на всички, които си падат по леко саркастичен хумор, но най-вече на тези, [...]

    19. Raya Dimitrova on said:

      Приятно пътеписче с интересни факти за Нова Зеландия. Допадна ми лекия, закачлив и хумористичен начин на писане на авторката, но тъй като очаквах по-задълбочени размисли за емигрантството в далечна, непозната държава, останах разочарована от повърхностния тон на книгата. [...]

    20. Kathleen Dixon on said:

      This book has some very funny tales of adventure tourism in New Zealand, some lovely descriptions of the countryside, and lots of clever comment on the people and customs. The tone is light, with the clear intent of making the reader laugh, and makes it very readable.I suppose with humour you're bound to have exaggeration, so I'll just say, as one of the Kiwis who live in this gorgeous country, that:I don't own a boat or even go fishing on anybody else's boat (and have only ever known one person [...]

    21. Lubo Patev on said:

      It is always fascinating to watch people having courage to follow their dreams and Izabela invites her to her journey. With her witty sense of humor and eye for capturing all interesting details, she tells her story in unique captivating way. It also brings perspective of a new comer discovering a country and going through all first time experiences of immigrant life. The book is a lot more than description of a land and wonderful places, the author opens her soul to share her feelings as they c [...]

    22. Julia on said:

      Loved this book as well as the other two I've managed to lay hand and eyes on!Honestly, I was absolutely fascinated by Mrs Shopova's writing style. Her story is floating on a boat of reasonableness, happy-sad moments, self-criticism, comedy, travel experience and enjoyment.Reading her books, I was feeling like I've been there, side by side with her, going through every obstacle she went through, every new job, breathtaking journey, everyday deeds; was feeling her feelings.Usually I read quite fa [...]

    23. Mom2nine on said:

      This book reads more like a travel log than a memoir. Apparently, much of it printed as blogs or articles. I say this because each chapter could probably stand alone, as opposed to flowing like a single story. Shopova is definitely into the details and has the words to bring them to life. This shows why some of us can move to the other side of the world and never have a story (me) and then there are writers. Although husband and child are mentioned in various chapters, as are the other Bulgarian [...]

    24. C. on said:

      Since New Zealand is one of my dream destinations I was thrilled to purchase this book for my Kindle by a woman who emigrated with her family to NZ, and lived there for 6 years, UNTIL I read it!The author sounds like a chronic complainer, as she complained about absolutely everything about NZ, even the birdsong!The way she describes things there, no one in their right mind would even want to visit such a place.Wish I had requested a refund before my 7 days were up!Do not recommend this book to a [...]

    25. Alexandra on said:

      На моменти книгата ми вървеше тегаво и бавно с прекалено много информация за дадени градове. В други моменти ме поглъщаше с описанията на невероятно красивите места в Нова Зеландия, за които определено се размечтах да посетя лично - ледниците, Ninety Mile Beach, Rotorua. И със сигурнос [...]

    26. Aneta Popska on said:

      It is a priceless itinerary full of fun and adventures which make you laugh till the tears come . “East in Eden” is a really gripping book that you will not put down until you reach the very last page.I enjoied it thoroughly !If you are planning to visit the 'Land of the Thousand Rainbows', the 'Most Beautiful Rainy Hell', the 'Land of Relentless Biscuit Eaters' - Aotearoa, the 'Last Eden on Earth' or… New Zealand , then the “East in Eden” is a must . Don’t miss it !

    27. Gergana on said:

      I've read "East in eden" and I was very nicely surprised to find such interesting, funny and full of information book. I've never been to New Zealand but this book made me curious about this country. I am happy that "East in eden" was translated in English so that many people can read it. My husband is a foreigner and he will be the first person I'll be happy to share the knowledge and the particular and communicative sense of humor.

    28. Ana on said:

      East In Eden is a wonderfully entertaining book full of witty observations and touching moments. It documents the tale of a young immigrant family in New Zealand and their encounters with the local traditions, cuisine and lack of taps that mix hot and cold water. A must-read for any traveler or immigrant.

    29. Hristian on said:

      This is a wonderfully written book with a real stories of a family who arrived in New Zealand to settle a new life. It is also an explorer guide for the culture,history and beauty of New Zealand,described in a very enthralling way from the first to the last page. All the stories are filled with a great sense of humor and entertaining details. I've enjoyed the book a lot!

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