Snow Sometimes Falls

Brian Ming

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Snow Sometimes Falls

Snow Sometimes Falls At age six Dave was alone swinging in his backyard and heard a heavenly voice SNOW SOMETIMES FALLS It takes over thirty years along with several calamities to discover what God was telling him that

  • Title: Snow Sometimes Falls
  • Author: Brian Ming
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • At age six, Dave was alone swinging in his backyard and heard a heavenly voice, SNOW SOMETIMES FALLS It takes over thirty years, along with several calamities to discover what God was telling him that day Dave learns, even through the tragic death of his mother, the thirty year revelation was well worth the wait.

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    One thought on “Snow Sometimes Falls

    1. Elyse on said:

      Brian Ming, author and songwriter, ( married with 3 kids), and I are friends. Brian never asked me to read his work ( our friendship here on has never been with any hidden agenda). "Snow Sometimes Falls", is a Christmas novel. I DON'T read Christmas stories!!!!But After reading "Mr. Ives Christmas", by Oscar Hijuelos first purely out of relationship with member, Steved it turned out to be a forever lasting experienceI wasn't so nervous to give a Christmas theme book a try again ( if and whe [...]

    2. Brian Ming on said:

      So here's a little background on the book I wrote: Snow Sometimes Falls. First, know that before it was a book it was a song. I've been a songwriter and music artist for many years, publishing music through companies such as Hosanna Integrity, Gateway, Prism, and CFNMusic. The idea for the song came while sitting in a hospital waiting room one Christmas, overwhelmed with sadness while, steps away, a family friend fought for her life. I thought about families with the empty chair at Christmas din [...]

    3. Cindy Blue on said:

      This is one of the best books I have read in a long time! I have shared with others that if you have a relationship with God it is one that you do not what to miss reading. It touched me in so many ways that I never expected it to. Because of an experience of my own with God this story was very moving and meaningful. Without giving away anything about the story to maybe spoil it just know you will not regret choosing to read this story. There is nothing bad I can say about it only good Read It! [...]

    4. Louisa Black on said:

      This was a great christian fiction that would be ideal to hand to non Christians as well.The seamless flow between the lives of the characters were truly realistic and not cheesy at all as the continuation between each life and the effects of what they are going through is true to life as can be and the outcome for each is wonderful and is plotted very well.I love the trickster of the pastor's son and what a song, that was an unexpected treat at the end of the book!I wasn't expecting the way the [...]

    5. Kimberly Newman on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed the book for its real feeling. (I agree with Josephine "Havilahgold"'s review on .) It felt very believable and as if I were there and knew the people. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters, especially the family members. It was refreshing to see a teen who didn't act hateful. Overall, your story is delightful. As a musician, I loved the way you introduced your song and made it available. You have a talented team.Thank you for giving it away on --it was a nice Chr [...]

    6. Cheri on said:

      Christmas stories are hard to get right, but Snow Sometimes Falls manages to do just that. It's not overly sweet, overly cute, overly anything except maybe a real life Christmas season, some good things, some not so good. I thoroughly enjoyed this charming Christmas story, as well as Brian Ming's beautiful song "Snow Sometimes Falls."

    7. Joan on said:

      A so so readThe book held my interest only because I wanted to know what "snow sometimes falls" meant. Many parts were boring and I practically skipped through them. I felt the author was too repetitive with the main character's feelings. I also thought it was corny. Yet I forced myself to finish the book.

    8. Margaret on said:

      God spoke to him.This is a very touching book about a pastor and his family, who move to a new church. It is filled with love. You will love all the characters. It was a sweet book.

    9. Melinda on said:

      The puissant theme makes this worth the read. If you've suffered a loss, struggling with issues, feeling hopeless you'll want to read this. A simple story you will relate to with such a potent message. Perfect for holiday reading or all year reading. Moving, healing.

    10. Vicki Rowland on said:


    11. Brenda Roberson on said:

      BRILLIANT AND WRITTEN FROM THE HEARTThis book starts out with the main character, Dave, at 6 years old. Early one snowy morning he gets the urge to go outside and swing. With his first backward push a sudden "thundersnow" throws him from the swing. The branch the swing is on is burning and the swing is laying on the ground. Out of nowhere a powerful voice says SNOW SOMETIMES FALLS Dave, SOMEDAY YOU'LL UNDERSTAND. Little does he know it will take him 30 years to understand what the voice meant. W [...]

    12. Angie on said:

      Synopsis: "At age six, Dave was alone swinging in his backyard and heard a heavenly voice, “SNOW SOMETIMES FALLS!” It takes over thirty years, along with several calamities to discover what God was telling him that day. Dave learns, even through the tragic death of his mother, the thirty-year revelation was well worth the wait."My Review: I wasn't expecting this one to be quite so religious or to be quite so emotional but it certainly was both. I didn't mind the religion all that much, I ten [...]

    13. Sarah on said:

      I am not even sure what to think of this book so I will leave the rating a three stars. Most of the book was really sweet, but then their were some very jarring parts. When Dave starts remembering a day from his childhood and it turns into this big reveal, it almost felt as if it belonged in a different book.Misuse of the word miricle drove me up the wall toward the end.And I still don't get the quote that is repeated over and over again. There was a lightbulb moment for Dave, but I still am not [...]

    14. Raven Haired Girl on said:

      Visit Raven Haired Girl for more reviews & giveawaysFor those of you struggling with the absence of loved ones during the holiday season, you will want to read this little gem. The story is meaningful, poignant, it will provide you with great comfort not just for the holidays but every day. A great way to strengthen you spiritually, rekindle your spiritual relationship or ease the void you’re feeling.I was touched by this story personally and it certainly left me in a better place. The mes [...]

    15. Margaret on said:

      A beautiful book perhaps with more sentimentality that I can stand but guess what? I loved it! It has a message and purpose and I think those that deal with past hurt or grief will benefit from reading the book. Often I don't care for sentimentality in books because it can become a bit redundant or pretentious but in this case, it was just right. At times the story seemed a all over the place but at the end, I understood the reasons for the little stories and everything fit perfectly and had a p [...]

    16. Audrey on said:

      This was highly recommended so I decided to give it a try. At first I was a bit cynical about whether i would like it or not but the more i got into the story the more i liked it. Dave is a pastor in a new church and the Christmas pageant is the highlight of the year. In the mean time Dave is grappling with the death of his mother and solving some mysteries about his past.I wasn't sure what the title had to do with anything but in the end I gathered that just as snow sometimes falls tragedies al [...]

    17. Myra Chinn on said:

      Snow Sometimes Falls is a wonderful read! It was grab you by the heart and squeeze one minutes and have you laughing at the next minute. The book is written extremely well. The story flows and keeps you going. I recommend this book to anyone. Such great examples of how the Lord weaves our lives in his infinite wisdom and we figure out why and how in His time. Please read this book! It is so worth your time. Thank you Brian Ming for a wonderful book!

    18. Amber Hayes on said:

      What a beautiful book for winter time (or anytime!) this book was an emotional roller coaster and was very realistic. Some things I didn't understand but the puzzles fell in place at the end. I know Brian Ming from my youth camp when he was the speaker one summer and he is a great speaker and I didn't know until now he's a great book writer.

    19. Vickie Knob on said:

      What a great messageThis book was a breath of fresh air for me. A change from the usual books I read. I found myself rushing to find answers right along with Dave. I have to admitI cried through the last few chapters. Loved the ending. Especially the song.

    20. Linda Rainey on said:

      This was a wonderful story about a young boy grown into a man guided and protected by The Lord throughout his life.This is a perfect Christmas story to read to your family every year.

    21. Danielle Woodcox on said:

      Good ReadMade me laugh, made me cry A very good read. It has an unexpected twist. Very hard to put down once I started.

    22. Debbie on said:

      An inspirational book about faith and believing God will see you through.

    23. Sarita on said:

      This book started of promising, but somewhere after 35% I lost interest. There was a mystery about Dave as boy, but that was not as intriguing as I prefer for mysteries.

    24. Brandi McPeak on said:

      Pastors are people too I loved this book. It was well written and gripped my attention right from the start. It made me laugh and cry and it has a great overall message.

    25. Loraine on said:

      Rating 4.5Dave is a pastor. At the age of 6, he had an incredible experience during a thundersnow (lightning and snow at the same time) in which God spoke to him, "Snow sometimes falls. Someday you'll understand." He and his family are now moving to a new pastorate in Montana, but he is still waiting, praying, and trying to understand what God's words meant. This was perhaps one of the best Christmas story I have read this year. Full of warmth, tenderness, compassion, caring, and faith, it trace [...]

    26. George on said:

      HOKIER-THAN-THOU, BUT PLEASANT.“Everywhere he looked, Dave’s eyes slung memories like paint on a canvas.” (Location 1249)Let me first thank the author, Brian Ming, for his generosity in gifting me an electronic copy of this pleasant novel: Snow Sometimes Falls. He is certainly a talented storyteller.I enjoyed the writing style. I enjoyed the characters. And I mostly enjoyed the tale. I could have done without the over-promotion of the religious agenda, though.Recommendation: I would not re [...]

    27. Carolyn on said:

      This was just an Ok read. An inspirational story of a Pastor and his family. The characters were pretty flat but if you like warm family stories you might enjoy it.

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