Thor: Renacido

J. Michael Straczynski Olivier Coipel

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Thor: Renacido

Thor Renacido Thor Renacido De regreso al pante n de los grandes h roes de Marvel el Dios Asgardiano del Trueno se re ne con la forma mortal del Dr Don Blake Juntos deben hacerse cargo del legado del m tico reino

  • Title: Thor: Renacido
  • Author: J. Michael Straczynski Olivier Coipel
  • ISBN: 9788447125180
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Thor Renacido De regreso al pante n de los grandes h roes de Marvel, el Dios Asgardiano del Trueno se re ne con la forma mortal del Dr Don Blake Juntos deben hacerse cargo del legado del m tico reino n rdico, as como del renacer de su inmortales h roes pero en un mundo que podr a no querer que vuelvan Recopila Thor

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      348 J. Michael Straczynski Olivier Coipel
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      Posted by:J. Michael Straczynski Olivier Coipel
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    One thought on “Thor: Renacido

    1. Kemper on said:

      When I was kid in a small town in the ’70s long before I’d heard of comic book stores, and the idea that I would one day be able to order collections of comics via a computer and have it delivered to my doorstep would have seemed like something from a sci-fi story, my only steady source of superhero goodness was at my local grocery store. The problem was that the store only sold Marvel comics as a 3-pack sealed in a plastic bag. I was allowed to get one of these packs a week. (I think they s [...]

    2. Anne on said:

      Ok, I'm a little surprised that I liked this as much as I did, becausewell, it'sThor. Now, I've always liked him in the Avengers, but I wasn't sure how well that would translate into his own comic (for me, anyway). I mean, he wears a helmet with wings on it, for God's sake. Not teeny-tiny wings, either. Huge I-Believe-I-Can-Fly wings. Wings. On. His. Helmet. Alright, I'm getting off the subject. The story line was actually really good! I'm sure I didn't catch every subtle reference in the story, [...]

    3. Nicole on said:

      Thor, Vol. 1 !!! In the movies, Thor is one of my favorite people. So when I saw this volume on Prime Reading. I HAD TO HAVE IT. I loved this way more than I expected. Seriously, it was so good. I loved the stories, every one of them, I just love the characters. I wanted some Sif. I LOVE SIF. But even though she wasn't around, she got mentioned lots and that gave me all the feels. Ooops.

    4. Cathy (cathepsut) on said:

      I was mildly entertained until about halfway into this collection, where it picked up when Thor confronts Ironman. Call me shallow, but I mostly know these guys through the recent movies and I dig Robert Downey Jr.Thor's outfit is the hardest to get used to. I know, it's the original one, but I have Chris Hemsworth stuck on my brain, without the dorky helmet.So, comic I like the vibrant colours and the artwork in general. The story, as mentioned, is mildly entertaining. The plot is ok, but not s [...]

    5. Terence on said:

      Thor has returned to life after the fall of Asgard because of Ragnorak and he intends to defend the Earth while restoring Asgard.It seems the world wasn't done with Thor after all and he's returned to set things right as best as he can. First off he has a discussion with Tony Stark regarding using his DNA to clone him.The God of Thunder made sure his point got across.Personally I find Thor bland and because of that I wasn't particularly into reading his return. It's not bad, but not really somet [...]

    6. Mark on said:

      When it comes to the Marvel Superheroes I am far more '70's & '80's orientated and to be honest Thor did not figure on my radar. However my oldest daughter pushed me in seeing both Thor movies and I must say that I kind of enjoyed both of them and found them palatable. Thor in this comic, bought by me for the daughter in question, tickled my interest and I kind of took it upon my self to read it. Thor and Asgard have fallen after Ragnarok and are no longer in existence. And as anything in MA [...]

    7. Mike on said:

      In five years of catching up on all the glories if the Marvel universe, I've paid no attention whatsoever to Thor or Straczynski. Much to my chagrin, this is a great story - a clever and believable way to reboot the ancient and crufty Thor/Marvel mythology, a well as a very enjoyable and rewarding read. Some very funny moments in the writing and the art. Oh yes, the art. Not the hyper-realistic stuff of the most epic Captain America, but the slightly exaggerated approach is very well executed, a [...]

    8. Anthony on said:

      I love this. These 6 issues of Thor are amazing. The art by Coipel is something else and JMS manages to bring Thor back in to the modern MU that makes sense and is in keeping with the current continuity. A lot of what's here made it into the first Thor film, and it's easy to see why. Damn good comics.

    9. Gavin on said:

      Wow.So that's why Asgard ended up floating above Oklahoma?Love it, love the context, love Donald Blake being an actual person, Thor a different, and the explanation for what's happened since Ragnarok. The art is solid, and I really enjoyed the storytelling.Best part? Thor kicking the ever loving shit out of Iron Man and daring him to come at him again.Then the reveals of Heimdall, the Warriors Three, and of courseLoki and the Destroyer.So,jazzed for this to continue.

    10. Sesana on said:

      A deeply impressive reboot. Or rebirth, more appropriately. Thor, and all the Asgardians, were really, truly, legitimately dead in the Marvel U. How to bring them back? Huge props to JMS for how he does handle it. No take backs, no cheap tricks, and no easy routes. The rebirth of the Asgardians is a long, sometimes painful process. It rings true, and though I'm sure the (then still in pre-production) Thor movie helped convince Marvel to bring the god of thunder back, it reads as more than just a [...]

    11. Jesse A on said:

      A second super solid Thor series (along with God of Thunder by Jason Aaron). Fun with very interesting possibilities on story direction.

    12. Andrew on said:

      So Thor, huhThor is an interesting property. To be honest, I do not have that much experience reading Thor comics. I have read an issue here and there, and have seen him pop up in this crossover or another. And there are some Avengers books I've read with him in it. He is a character that has a rather difficult balance between the human world and Asgard (plus the other parts of the Yggdrasil).If Thor was a character that just existed as the Norse god of thunder in the midst of modern New York Ci [...]

    13. Adam on said:

      My introduction to Norse mythology came in 1983 or 1984, when I read a copy of Thor Annual #11. Most of the tales of Asgard that made up that thick volume were fairly faithful retellings of the old legends. There was even a diagram of Yggdrasil and the nine worlds of the Scandinavian cosmology. I never kept up with Thor as a character in Marvel comics, but he has a place in my heart.This volume, which collects the first six issues of the new run of Thor that started last year under the direction [...]

    14. zxvasdf on said:

      I was never a fan of norse gods within the Marvel Universe because it was just a little too strange, despite the writer/artist teams pulling it off time after time. It just bothered me that other pantheons weren't invited, you know? I think it'd be very interesting to have Kali devour the world at one point or another while Krishna dances his blue self across incarnations. So Thor died. As always, beloved superheroes have to return so Thor does. It is the time after the Civil War, and Norman's e [...]

    15. Blindzider on said:

      @#*&! Coipel can draw an incredible Thor! The art alone is worth it for this book. Always been a fan of his work but since I wasn't a fan of Thor, I skipped this series until now. He draws Thor with so much strength and presence it's really outstanding.This first volume deals with Thor and all of Asgard's return after Ragnarok (which I haven't read). I had no problems understanding the story, although I did already have the basic knowledge of Thor and his universe. This first book is a littl [...]

    16. Callum Shephard on said:

      If there was one comic which truly showed how to get a modern day monthly series right in the Marvel universe, it would be this one. While he is better known for an acclaimed but troubled run on Spider-Man, JMS truly struck gold here. There’s a perfect balance of humour and drama, an aversion to the growing nihilism of Marvel and best of all the plot never feels dragged out. It keeps a constant pace, progresses at a speed which allows for new revelations to take place along with minor characte [...]

    17. Cale on said:

      I only know Thor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so this was an interesting first dip. Straczynski focuses almost exclusively on the divine aspects of Thor as he is resurrected and works to bring Asgard back. Things go awry, of course, but Thor gets to really show his stuff here (the scene with Iron Man in his Civil-War Government spook mode is a highlight). There's tension between his divine and human sides, and his goals are in flux as he tries to determine just how much of his pantheon sh [...]

    18. Daniel on said:

      Spent so long reading bad JMS stuff that I forgot he could be good. This is good. Thor is written well - as a slightly brutish leader nonetheless trying to lead Asgard on a new path - and dialogue across the board is tight, even if there is a sense that all of this talk is just leading to the same old. Copiel's art is really bold, and he actually keeps all the character's faces consistently on-model, which is surprisingly rare.

    19. Mary on said:

      I found this volume a bit bland, but given I only really know Thor from the Marvel films, I may be a little biased. At least in terms of the plot, the stories don't seem to be really attached to each other, making any attempt at a linear narrative difficult to understand. Perhaps other Thor series are more entertaining-I don't want to give up on the Thor comics, but I'll try another Thor series instead.

    20. guanaeps on said:

      The return of Thor to the MU, along with all of Asgard. A nice slow burn from JMS, with some astounding art from Olivier Coipel, Mark Morales and Laura Martin. Chris Eliopoulos tries something new with Odinson's inner monologue, using a unique, boxless calligraphyd it kinda works, if feeling a little disjointed at times, switching between the unique calligraphy and the normal boxed captions.Overall, entertaining stuff.

    21. Kristen Bolash on said:

      It’s Thor, he’s great as always. Its always nice seeing Dr. Blake too!One thing I’ll say is that Straczynski did write this as a Thor fan and it definitely shines through! It’s always great when the writer is a fan of the character.

    22. Jenny on said:

      Love the internal conversations between Donald Blake and Thor (yes talking to himself). The overall story is very good. The art is good but it is really the story that grabbed me.

    23. Kzee Mikols on said:

      4 stars just because I had to have a lot explained to me. I really liked the plot and the little bits of humor. This was my first Thor comic so I'm glad I liked it

    24. Eduardo Carone on said:

      Eu acho que faltou um toque de ação. PORÉM THOR LINDO COMO SEMPRE.

    25. Dmitry Yakovenko on said:

      Thor, Vol. 1, Thor, Vol. 2, Thor, Vol. 3. Никогда бы не подумал, что комиксы про Тора могут быть настолько интересными. До этого у Стражински читал лишь его работы над Суперменом, Доктором Стрэнджем, Фантастической Четвёркой и Человеком-пауком, но его ран на Торе – это однозначно лучшая его [...]

    26. J'aime on said:

      This is the kind of book that gets a person excited about superheroes, no doubt about it. I started with Journey into Mystery V1 as a starting point for Marvel comics (after loving the film, Avengers). I was immediately hooked and wanted to see how we got to that point. I decided to skip over House of M and Civil War, as those stories seemed too dark, and I didn't want to go too far back. I had read great reviews about Straczynski’s reintroduction of Thor, which also introduced Lady Loki, and [...]

    27. Erik on said:

      While Marvel’s mutant titles are not satisfying enough to keep my eyes open, I do find that the various Avengers-related titles have been nearly stellar in recent years – with Bendis’ work on the main titles, as well as Brubaker and Matt Fraction’s stellar efforts on Captain American and Invincible Iron Man, respectively. And it is for these very reasons that I succumbed to borrowing from my local library Straczynski and Coipel’s first volume of the re-launched Thor.What can I say? I [...]

    28. C.J. Edmunds on said:

      When I first heard that Kenneth Branagh would be directing Marvel’s film version of Thor, I thought it was the perfect choice. Lately seeing the two trailers for the movie, I am loving it and my curiosity to know about this Norse God has stepped up another notch. The next logical thing was obviously to read about him and from what I’ve read so far, I am liking it and clarified an issue for me.All I know of Thor then was that he was the Norse God of Thunder and was part of the Avengers. I sto [...]

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