The Bride Lottery

Kristin Holt

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The Bride Lottery

The Bride Lottery THE BRIDE LOTTERY by USA Today Bestselling Author Kristin Holt Prosperity s Mail Order Brides Book Forty Bachelors Fifteen Brides What could go wrong EVELYN IS IN A PICKLE In less than five months

  • Title: The Bride Lottery
  • Author: Kristin Holt
  • ISBN: 9781634380003
  • Page: 171
  • Format: ebook
  • THE BRIDE LOTTERY by USA Today Bestselling Author Kristin Holt Prosperity s Mail Order Brides, Book 1Forty Bachelors.Fifteen Brides.What could go wrong EVELYN IS IN A PICKLE.In less than five months, Evelyn Brandt will be an unwed mother Her parents discover her secret and send her away on the next west bound train They insist she deliver the child on the other side ofTHE BRIDE LOTTERY by USA Today Bestselling Author Kristin Holt Prosperity s Mail Order Brides, Book 1Forty Bachelors.Fifteen Brides.What could go wrong EVELYN IS IN A PICKLE.In less than five months, Evelyn Brandt will be an unwed mother Her parents discover her secret and send her away on the next west bound train They insist she deliver the child on the other side of the continent where the disgrace won t harm her father s business empire and the family s social standing She ll be allowed to return home after the child is adopted by decent people and her corset fits properly once M S IN CHARGE OF THE BRIDE LOTTERY, AND THE COMPETITION S FIERCE.It s too bad the mail order bride agency failed to round up even half their order, cause every man on the mountain wants a bride except Sam Kochler so he s saddled with enforcing the rules He received information about each lady the agency sent, so when Evelyn steps off the train, he s a tad curious and a mite too interested.The tougher the competition becomes, the worse some fellas behave, and it s not long before Sam finds himself courting Evelyn only to protect her while she makes up her mind He won t allow himself to fall in love and still doesn t want a wife or so he keeps telling himself.

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    One thought on “The Bride Lottery

    1. Alisa on said:

      Daughters of New Money did not give birth and raise a child without benefit of marriage. Which is why Evelyn Brandt's father is sending her from their home in New York to his brother's home in California until the baby is born and adopted by an upstanding couple. And then she will return home, having been "abroad for educational refinement." That is her father's plan.But Evelyn has another plan She can't stand to part with this baby. So when she meets up with some mail order brides on the train [...]

    2. Susan Waters on said:

      I am always amazed at the dynamics of family and choices made. I had so many questions early in the book about family members and their choices which the author allowed me to dwell on and fuss over before providing the answers. I love the time period of this story, when women had a place not just in society, but in their homes and families. For one, it is a remarkable journey from a place of wealth and societal judgment to a place in the heart. For the other, a journey of acceptance. This book i [...]

    3. Karen on said:

      Sweet story about potential brides invited to a mining camp 'town'. Sam nursing a bruised heart is running the show, keeping the roudy bunch inline refuses to participate.Evelyn, high society girl, shipped off in disgrace decided to get off the train, join the brides with a possible solution she may keep her babe.Sam in protection of Evelyn offers courtship but winds up offering more. However, they both have difficulties in their pasts & potential trouble shows up on the stage together.Small [...]

    4. Sandy on said:

      Great storyI just love the Mail Order Bride stories as things were actually done this way and there were many marriages that were a total success. They make the way things go now look very bad.

    5. Nana Kitteh on said:

      A good readI enjoyed the story and the characters well. It is well written and the writing flows as it should. This is the story of a young lady who thought she found the one only to find herself pregnant and the father long gone. Her parents send her away to have the baby and give it up for adoption so she can come home and marry their choice of husband. On the train she makes a detour and find her future.

    6. Atiat Lamptey on said:

      My heart stoppedThis was such a good story, but when Octavia showed up, I had stop reading for a few days.d her parents"double whammy". I loved her parents, couldn't stand them in the beginning but they truly redeemed themselves in the end. I also didn't anticipate "Pickle Pike's" turn aroundat was awesome. Really well written, totally enjoyed.

    7. June Helmholtz on said:

      Kristin Holt is an awesome author!!! Prosperity's Mail Order Brides is an excellent read Can't wait to read the next book of this series. There is so much wit, humor and love in this novel.I'm sure you will enjoy this love story as much as I have. Please refer this novel to family and friends.

    8. Meg on said:

      3.5*A well-plotted story of a journey to true love which is never smooth, this book encompasses many of society's mores of the time. I really enjoyed reading it and staying with the twists and turns of fate in it. This is the first book I have read by Kristen Holt and I will not hesitate to read another!

    9. Maria Thomas on said:

      2.5 stars. This one was predictable and pretty much insta love. The whole premise of the book is based on premarital sex since the lead is pregnant and abandoned by the cad father as well as her family. There is no sex in the book though. There is crudity which is inevitable since it takes place in a mining town and there aren't enough women for the men.

    10. Bonnie Barr on said:

      Great read.A great read. Enjoyed the description of the country and a time when it took a special solution to get brides to the men on the frontier. I can only imagine how the women felt about this new adventure.

    11. Ruth on said:

      Very sweet and clean historical romance. I would have liked to see a bit more from the POV of the parents when they realize (view spoiler)[she's missing and when they get to the mining camp, and what brings them to Sam's side. (hide spoiler)]

    12. Lynda on said:

      This book "gushed" too much which made the characters unbelievable and at times un-relatable. I truly like Christian books but the people in the book must feel "real". Good idea for a mail-order bride story. Just too over the top in "godliness".

    13. Mary Longoria on said:

      The Bride Lottery: Mail order bridesSeveral funny stories of adventure and struggles to win one of a number ladies looking for a husband and a family.

    14. Jennifer Brewer on said:

      Well written and historically accurate I really enjoyed this book. It was very well written and moved along at a good pace. The characters were all developed well.

    15. Jeri on said:

      Sweet romance. Mail order bride finds the only man in town who doesn't want to get married

    16. Linda on said:

      I enjoyed Kristin Holt's book, The Bride Lottery. It is an easy one sitting read at only 176 pages. Holt does a good job of describing what times were like in 1881 when new mining camps were starting and men were looking for wives. This story is a sweet and clean romance.

    17. Patricia on said:

      A very mild book, this takes one of the oldest stories, around the block one more time, with grace and dignity.Ms Holt creates a group of colorful men, and adds a smattering of women. The female lead (Evelyn) is relatively well-defined prior to their meeting, while small bits and pieces of the hero (Sam) are revealed for most of the book. Just how much she changed between the beginning and end are almost totally concealed, while the true wealth of his maturation is suddenly brought into question [...]

    18. Laura on said:

      Fairly predictable, but cute story. Evelyn finds herself in trouble when her beloved leaves her expecting a baby. She is shipped out west only to come home when her condition is remedied. Sam is helping run a lottery for mail order brides. He wants nothing to do with marriage- he has been hurt too much to ever want to marry. Evelyn meets the brides to be on the train and decides to throw her fate in with theirs so she can marry and keep her baby.Of course the only man she is interested in is Sam [...]

    19. namericanwordcat on said:

      I love a good Mail Order Bride (or Groom) Romance. This one was good if predictable and then it stalled into mundane a bit annoying. I really hate added in conflict when two people who don't really know each other and the backstory each bring is enough. There is a moment in the book where are I just groaned because we had to deal with the OW (Other Woman). Why? I would have instead like to have couple time and seen the leads actually fall in love.The writer shows promise and I might try the next [...]

    20. Asteropê on said:

      Just as promised, it was a sweet/clean romance. I thought it was well written and I enjoyed the story. There was a bit of drama with the overly forward suitors and the other woman, but that seems pretty common with these sorts of stories. At least the ones I've read. The drama and obstacle between the couple often taking this form. I do wish there was more Evelyn and Sam bonding, though. All in all, not a bad story.

    21. Susan Robinson on said:

      Oh, different. A pregnant girl who becomes a mail-order bride. Good story. Serendipitous that her parents would appear the same time as Sam's previous almost fiancé. I would have like to have more in the story how he finally convinced Octavia and her "guard" to leave. I did like how her parents (especially father) came around and actually helped Sam and Evelyn reconcile. Fun read.

    22. Sally L. Moran on said:

      The Bride LotteryI really thought the book was written well and I enjoyed the story very much. Your characters so down to earth just what you thought of those days. Thanks for a good story.

    23. Jody on said:

      A group of mail order brides bound for a mining "town", gets an extra lady. After the way her father acted, I can't blame her for stepping into the unknown to make her future her own! Sam has a past with high society ladies and holds himself out of the lottery. Well until Evelyn changed his mind.

    24. Barbara O'Neal on said:

      The bride lotteryPretty good book just not with the spark I wanted. Never did really fall in love with any of the characters but not bad reading maybe I'm just tired of reading mail order bride stories

    25. Shirley Henning on said:

      Predictable but I loved it.Yes, predictable as usual but different too so it kept my interest. I loved Sam's character and his gentleness. You will love this if you love reading about mail order brides.

    26. sheila yeske on said:

      The Bride Lotterywhat a nice pg rating book after all the book's I've read its nice to read a book that's sweet. IT has drama and heart felt love. ENJOY HAPPY reading.

    27. Brooke -Brooke's Books on said:

      A fun twist on a traditional mail order bride story.

    28. Sue on said:

      Sweet Western Romance - a nice cozy read! I liked the main characters and was happy to have a few surprises thrown in to keep the story interesting.

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