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River Jaymes

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The Backup Boyfriend

The Backup Boyfriend Professionally Dr Alec Johnson has almost reached his goals As this year s recipient of a humanitarian award with his ex Dr Tyler Hall Alec s work with the homeless is about to be recognized Unfort

  • Title: The Backup Boyfriend
  • Author: River Jaymes
  • ISBN: 9780991280711
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Paperback
  • Professionally, Dr Alec Johnson has almost reached his goals As this year s recipient of a humanitarian award with his ex, Dr Tyler Hall, Alec s work with the homeless is about to be recognized Unfortunately, his personal life sucks because now he has to attend several events alongside Tyler with his ex s new boyfriend in tow In an attempt to lift his mood and break oProfessionally, Dr Alec Johnson has almost reached his goals As this year s recipient of a humanitarian award with his ex, Dr Tyler Hall, Alec s work with the homeless is about to be recognized Unfortunately, his personal life sucks because now he has to attend several events alongside Tyler with his ex s new boyfriend in tow In an attempt to lift his mood and break out of his rut, Alec purchases a motorcycle he has no idea how to start Dylan Booth doesn t have time for Dr Clueless and his fickle 1964 Harley, but the cocky mechanic can t say no to the request for help Having spent his teen years on the streets, and losing his best friend to HIV, Dylan decides teaching the do gooder how to ride is the least he can do But watching Alec flounder in his ex s company throws Dylan into protector mode, and the confirmed hetero introduces himself as Alec s new boyfriend The ex suspects Dylan is lying Alec claims Dylan s plan is insane And Dylan s not sure he can fake being gay But he s a master bullshitter, and the phony PDA soon turns ultra hot Alec can t afford to get attached, and Dylan s learned everyone eventually leaves Unfortunately, playing the backup boyfriend is starting to feel way too real CONTENT WARNING This book contains Man on Man action, adult situations, and language.

    • ☆ The Backup Boyfriend || ✓ PDF Read by Õ River Jaymes
      121 River Jaymes
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    One thought on “The Backup Boyfriend

    1. Mandy*reads obsessively* on said:

      4.25*I admit I was wrong. ( try and keep it together people)I thought this book would be a regular GFY trope. Alec would fall for the 'straight' guy and pine for him and the unfairness of it all. Dylan would, after an internal war with himself realize that he's actually 'gay', at least for Alec. The ex would be an asshat and be miserable after letting Alec get away. Like I said, I was wrong.I found this story to be so much more.Yes Alec, a genius with a photographic memory is clumsy and slightly [...]

    2. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) on said:

      **Whoop! On sale for $0.99 at US right now, 10/23/14****3.5 stars**It is universally known among my GR friends that I LOVE a good GFY/OFY/Gay-virgin story. I loooove it. I'm just pervy like that. However, this story isn't quite what I expected from that genre. When I think of "gay for you", I usually think of the emotional journey that the guy goes through to get to the point of coming to terms with the fact that he is attracted to another guy. That soul-searching, that hesitation, that is part [...]

    3. Gigi on said:

      So funny, so SEXY, so angsty and delightful! I absolutely LOVED The Backup Boyfriend. Don't just take my word for it, as of this review date, this book has a 4.39 rating racked up with 119 reviewers and the book was only released a week ago. All the M/M romance fans love this one! It's a pretty safe bet that if you are a M/M romance fan, you will like this one too.The kicker for me was the over-the-top-squeal-with-delight epilogue. I swear I heard the angels sing.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

    4. Ingela on said:

      Written December 11, 20134 Cozy Stars - fun, sweet and so romantic - a lovely easygoing GFY storyYum, a romantic M/M novel about a recently abandoned gay doctor, Alec and a straight MC guy, Dylan. ~ Just a lovely read.The Backup Boyfriend is one of those nice romance that makes me warm and happy, I feel good, and read with pleasure every page. Although it is a bit of hassle and takes time for the characters to solve problems - dare to talk openly, initiate a real (official) relationship and talk [...]

    5. Susan on said:

      M/M Bingo Round 8 - Week 1"Gay Romance Working Class Heroes"********************I like GFY. I like bikers.I like awkward'ish doctors.I like good deeds.I like San Francisco.And I liked this book was fine. Forget all the hype for just a moment: I found The Backup Boyfriend a decent book. Nothing offended me. Nothing necessarily pissed me off about the writing. The story was alright. The lovin' was hot enough. And by the end, I guess I got, at the very least what I was looking for. Easy enough read [...]

    6. Macky on said:

      You know when you just pick a book up and within the first few pages you click straight away? Well that's what happened to me with The Backup Boyfriend. I'd seen a great review ( thanks Eli) and got the vibes, so off I went to buy it and like I said more or less from the word go I was a goner! GFY might not be everyone's cup of tea because of its unbelievability factor but there's no doubt it generates great sexual tension between its MC's and the ST, which I love, in this little beauty is Off. [...]

    7. Ami on said:

      3.5 starsAfter reading so many MM contemporary romance, finding something refreshing can be difficult. So I must give thumbs up for a different take on 'gay-for-you' (sort of), labels, and relationship in this story. Before that, let's get out the things that not working so great for me first, shall weWhat Could Be Better:** The writing itself for me was a little bit stiff. It didn't flow smoothly and at times I felt like there were weird sentences, and I had to re-read the paragraphs again. Of [...]

    8. * Meli Mel * on said:

      ♥♥♥ 4.5 "No to Labels" STARS ♥♥♥●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●"Backup boyfriend?""You know. The Boyfriend substitute, at least that's how I use the term. He's not a real boyfriend, just a convenience. For display purposes only. Sometimes used to make the ex jealous."●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●This bo [...]

    9. Lena♥Ribka on said:

      My 4 to 5 stars books are:OrOr Or Or Or a nice mixture at least out of two of them.In other words --->DEEPLY EMOTIONALNever boring.Never clichéd.Never ridiculous.Here it was:AndAndAndThis book was okay. At the beginning.And it was getting worse and worse as the story moved forward.The story didn't touch me in any way.I like GFY stories but I was not convinced by the transformation of Dylan from straight to gay. I couldn't buy it in this way.I didn't have an emotional connection to the charac [...]

    10. Eli Easton on said:

      This was a super enjoyable read from a new author to me. It was very well-written with strong characters. The UST was nice and the sex scenes were fresh and not repetitive. One of the best GFY I've read in months.The 'straight' character of Dylan had a very trouble past, being homeless for years as a teen. He has a lot of mental blocks about getting close to anyone, yet is an engaging charmer. I loved how the sections from his POV were so committed to his way of life and unable to see his own is [...]

    11. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ on said:

      3.5 starsThis one grew on me. I liked both Alec and Dylan, although I wanted Dylan to pull his head out of the metaphorical ass and stop pushing Alec away. I was proud of Alec for realizing that he was too focused on the idea of being part of the perfect couple and for accepting Dylan as is, oil grease and all. And the lovin was hot, as were the motorcycles (men on Harleys, baby).Even though the GFY theme (always a downer for me) was present, it was dealt with fairly realistically, and I bought [...]

    12. Camille on said:

      I love GFYs. They tie with brats and daddies for being my m/ m favourites. The blurb and the enthusiastic reviews had me looking forward to what promised to be a great GFY. It was not.Don't get me wrong, it's not really bad, per se, and I can certainly perceive why so many readers enjoyed it but personally I was never able to immerse myself in the story. The mechanics of writing and the ways in which the author lacked the expertise to wield such remained too apparent for me.First off, there are [...]

    13. SheReadsALot on said:

      Opposites attract (white collar/blue collar score)?Fake boyfriends?This one is right up my alley!

    14. Jo ★The Book Sloth★ on said:

      4 Reluctant Stars“Jesus had two Dads and he turned out okay.”This comment was just about a perfect sum of a conversation I had recently on whether or not gay couples should have the right to adopt(I'm definitely on the "yes" side, my dad is more conservative on the subject than I thought he would be). Anyway Back to this bookThe book had every potential for greatness and it was fun but it fell a bit off the mark. If one asked me what exactly it was I'd have to admit that I can't exactly pin- [...]

    15. Jilly on said:

      This book was so cute and funny, but also devious. That's right, it gave me feelings and you know I'm against having those. The author sucks you in with the funny and charming antics of Dylan, the straight guy, pretending to be the boyfriend of Alec, the gay man with a broken heart, in order to fool Alec's ex. Dylan is determined to make Alec's ex believe they are together and it makes him angry that the ex thinks they are lying."I'm not letting that asshole call me a liar and get away with it." [...]

    16. ⊱ Poppy ⊰ on said:

      "Backup boyfriend?”"You know. The Boyfriend substitute, at least that's how I use the term. He's not a real boyfriend, just a convenience. For display purposes only. Sometimes used to make the ex jealous."If you know me or even know my taste, you probably would've guessed that i have a taste for straight-guy-turned-gay for his partner, i loved how Love can change particularly anything. Plus this book was fun, this book got NO drama of how can i be attracted to a guy, i am not gay, i can't do t [...]

    17. DW on said:

      What a fun and sexy book. The chemistry between Alec and Dylan was great. Dylan's first encounter with Alec's ex boyfriend was hilarious. When he said they had a sex swing and that they had been getting it on for a while now, I about died. The sex was pretty hot and heated. Dylan usually took control but when Alec was in control it was all.My DylanMy Alec Dylan just could not admit that he was at least bisexual and he kept insisting that he was straight but the hot sex that he was having with Al [...]

    18. Isabel on said:

      I loved this book, the way how Alec and Dylan's relationship started how Dylan became Alec's white knight not even knowing what would become from that how unexpected was the thrill of pretending to be Alec's boyfriend and mostly how everything felt so right for them! Really sweet!!! Some super hot scenes were a fantastic bonus!!! And here it is a sweet bonus scene: shhmomsreading/review-bonu

    19. ¸. • * ° *❧Gwendolyn❧°**★•°**★ on said:

      Alec and DylanHAWT!BUT.I'll start with what ALMOST did me in because, gosh towards the end, I felt like, I was in a whirled wind of he loves me, he loves me notd it made me feel like this. I'm Just Say'in And Now That I've Expressed Myself, I Feel BetterThe Book And Its Entirety~I Love the Cover Is that Dylanter the party?I Loved their first "Fake" KissI Love the use of the Vector I Love the Tone of the Book, It's Ever-So-Sweet!I LMAO, some parts were so funny, and it was AWESOMEI love, the MCs [...]

    20. Debra on said:

      4.5 starsI really liked this different take on the GFY story.Alec, successful, brilliant doctor trying to get over his lover and work partner Tyler leaving him after two years. Prone to at times babbling or being struck silent when he is stressed. Dylan, the motorcycle mechanic, has had a tough life and doesn't do anything more than a one night stand. His protective streak is brought out when he sees Alec stammering before his ex and the new boyfriend, blurts out that he and Alec are an item. Th [...]

    21. Shelley on said:

      This book just proves that I should no longer be reading contemporary romance. These tropes are boring to me to death! I can see the appeal of this one I guess. But to me, it's all just h. Read it all before 2 Stars if I was to rate it because it was okay. I'll refrain from pulling the rating down because it was probably just me. *slumps*So I'll drag my jaded arse off to find a contemporary with space ships, goblins, or even zombies in it.

    22. Heller on said:

      4.5One of the best GFY stories that I've read. A fresh take on the trope that worked on all levels. Great characters, great chemistry, great sex, and great story. Definitely picking up the other books in the series. I have nothing but admiration for how Dylan sees the world and Alec's conversation with his mother about gay marriage was a telling moment. Fab little epilogue as well.

    23. Jenni Lea on said:

      *sigh*This one was hard to rate. On the one hand I really liked this book. It had really good feels and I liked both of the main characters.However(view spoiler)[One thing I cannot stand in books is unnecessary angst caused by a lack of communication. And it didn't really jive with Dylan's personality. He wasn't afraid of telling others how he felt so why did he have to be that way with Alec? It didn't ring true to me.And the part when the truth finally comes out Dylan just walks away. And Alec [...]

    24. Rach on said:

      OMG I cannot begin to say how amazing this book is to do it justice. The characters are swoon worthy, especially Dylan- although Alec had his moments too! Who am I kidding they are both beautiful! The story is just ABSOLUTEThe fact there is hot sex and amazing chemistry between Dylan and Alec just rounds up the perfection of is this book! I laughed, had tears in my eyes and was shouting whoot whoot a number of times throughout reading itI cannot wait for the next book in the series! YEY!!! Would [...]

    25. Bev on said:

      Really enjoyed this one, many thanks to Eli Easton for the rece obviously knows what I like, hehe!! 4.5 stars and 5♥♥♥♥♥ from me.Shortie review, popular book so lots of in-depth reviews. I liked all of the characters which is unusual in itself, Dylan was a very complex piece of work but some problems were to be expected in view of his past, Alec deserved some happiness after being dumped by Tyler and if he found it with a guy who wasn't exactly sure who or what he was/wanted, well so w [...]

    26. Arianna✦❋SteamyReadsBlog❋✦ on said:

      Almost two months had passes since Alec’s boyfriend left him. He feels humiliated and demoralized. Why? Because is ex, Tyler has already moved on, he has a new boyfriend. Alec is a successful doctor, but he can’t get over his ex, especially since he and Tyler work together. Impulsively he buys a motorcycle that does not work very well. He needs help, so a friend recommends him a good motor repair shop. The owner, Dylan he’s gorgeous man, but unfotunately for Alex, he's straight. Soon Alec [...]

    27. J *deep in the heart of Texas* on said:

      4.5--Sweet and HOT--Stars!!This is my favorite kind of book. It left me all happy and smiley. This is a GFY (gay for you) storywhich I personally like. This one had a little different take on the concept. The Backup Boyfriend is Alec and Dylan's story. Alec is a doctor. He's broken up with his boyfriend of 2 years--not his choice--who he works with and has to see on a daily basis. The story begins with Alec finding out his ex, Tyler has a new boyfriend.So.what does he do? He buys a motorcycle. " [...]

    28. Xing on said:

      Rating: 3.25?Maybe my hormones are off today. The gay-for-you trope is my absolute favorite and the blurb sounded so promising. I was expecting the equivalent to a hot shower after a long, cold day, but ended up getting lukewarm water instead.My biggest issue with The Backup Boyfriend was my inability to sympathize and like Alec. Don't get me wrong, Alec is a good guy. Heck, he runs a clinic for homeless people! But he just didn't stick out to me as anyone special. Compared to Dylan's tragic pas [...]

    29. Arthur on said:

      The fake relationship plot is found plenty in fan fiction world. This one, however, is a bit different.What I like- The inclusion of Prop 8 is nicely done. It is about politics but it is incorporated into the story without being preachy. - At least one character realizes their problem : communication issue. That even after everything is on the table but they still have issues to work on shows that authors can write a good story without resorting to the 'guys don't talk' myth. - gays or liberals [...]

    30. Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads on said:

      4-4.5 Grease Monkey StarsOh, le sigh. I really liked this one. Alec and Dylan were super sweet and super hot. Especially Dylan. He and Alec had a lot of chemistry and I thought the progression of their relationship and their characters was decently fleshed out. Noah was also a really fun character, if a bit overbearing. I'm definitely looking forward to the next one.

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