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Atlantis Three areas on the Earth s surface defy explanation The Bermuda Triangle the Devil s Sea of Japan and a small region of Cambodia Inside these realms planes have disappeared ships have vanished an

  • Title: Atlantis
  • Author: Greg Donegan Bob Mayer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Three areas on the Earth s surface defy explanation The Bermuda Triangle, the Devil s Sea of Japan, and a small region of Cambodia.Inside these realms, planes have disappeared, ships have vanished, and, in Cambodia, an entire civilization has been lost.Now, the destructive force behind these mysteries has been revealed They invaded before Ten thousand years ago When thThree areas on the Earth s surface defy explanation The Bermuda Triangle, the Devil s Sea of Japan, and a small region of Cambodia.Inside these realms, planes have disappeared, ships have vanished, and, in Cambodia, an entire civilization has been lost.Now, the destructive force behind these mysteries has been revealed They invaded before Ten thousand years ago When they destroyed Atlantis.And they re back.

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    One thought on “Atlantis

    1. Bob Mayer on said:

      Yeah, that Robert Doherty guy-- can't review my own book, though one time my editor put a quote from Robert Doherty on a book that was under my own name, or vice versa. But at least need to list it under my books.

    2. Laura Coll on said:

      Un libro interesante y entretenido, que sienta una buena base y que contiene mucho misterio y acción. Aún así, peca de introductorio y en general la historia no avanza. PReseña completa: paseandoentrepaginas.

    3. Henry on said:

      I read the Kindle version, and I hope the print version was not as poorly edited. There were about half a dozen grammar mistakes. Also, there was one page where the main character's name was replaced on two occasions with what I later learned was the name of the main character of Doherty's Area 51 series. Really? Also kind of annoying that the end of the Kindle version is the first chapter of one of Doherty's Area 51 books. It threw me off that the book ended at a 94%.Doherty's military backgrou [...]

    4. Sheryl Olszewski on said:

      I picked up the first 2 books in this series because I enjoyed the early books in the "Area 51" series by the same author (Bob Mayer = Robert Doherty = Greg Donegan and at least one more) and I have always found the Atlantis and Bermuda Triangle mysteries compelling. That was enough to draw me in. The series opens in the Bermuda Triangle and quickly spreads around the globe to other sites marked with similar mysterious disappearances. Bob's style is to introduce 2-4 sets of characters then follo [...]

    5. Peggy Bechko on said:

      Just finished Atlantis - Yep, a really great read all the way through. Just a short stretch in beginning that didn't grab me and that was military in the jungle, but that isn't the focus, just some background. It picked up quickly after that and I was captivated through the book I'd recommend it for anyone who loves science fiction, adventure and a really good read.

    6. Stephen on said:

      This book pulled a lot of different legends and myths together to form a pretty intellectual adventure. I was pleasantly surprised and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

    7. Michael on said:

      I use a modified version of the Baen criteria in judging my science fiction - the novel needs to have a good writing style, the technological advances need to be believable to your average Joe accountant (that would be me), and the enemy / alien names should be easy to pronounce. The author hits it on some of this criteria.This book has a great plot outline, and I ended up staying up really late to finish this one as, being a science fiction junkie, I kept hoping it would get better: unfortunate [...]

    8. Paula on said:

      Good story, poorly edited. Could use more character development. Got a bit bored of the word "viscera".I don't know if you would call this an original story, but it took some unoriginal elements and smooshed them together to make something a bit different to what I've read before. If you've read any of the Chase & Wilde books, you'd find this similar. Not terribly pleased that it's a series - I don't really like having to commit to multiple books these days. But I wouldn't mind seeing how th [...]

    9. Alton Motobu on said:

      No much about Atlantis - this is more about the Bermuda Triangle. A plane crashes in Cambodia, and a secret CIA team is sent on rescue mission, but mysterious monsters and shadows appear. Long passages about technical aspects of planes, satellites, time travel and different dimensions. Weak story line and flat characters; for teen age boys only. No ending; author wants you to read the next book(s) for resolution.

    10. Tim Oliver on said:

      Very good science fictionWell written and I very much enjoyed it. Will buy the second in the series. I like when military, natural phenomena, history, and science fiction come together and this book accomplished that in spades.

    11. Thomas on said:

      Great Story TellingI enjoyed this alternative view to what I've read in the Time Patrol. Enjoyed the fact that there is still a link, look forward to the next one.

    12. Jessica Snyder on said:

      The concept behind this book is interesting. What if the the Bermuda Triangle contained a real source of disturbing phenomena, was connected to other sites like it, and all were controlled by aliens bent on invading Earth? The plot based on the concept was decent and engagingly paced for the first 2/3 of the book, (until the scientific errors and required suspension of disbelief became too great). That being said, the writing style is rather sophomoric. The dialogue is stilted at times, and many [...]

    13. Danny on said:

      Written under one of Bob Mayer's two pen names: Greg Donegan, this is the first novel in R. Doherty's science fiction series of Atlantis. Donegan's first publication of the Atlantis series instantly became a best seller because it proved to be unique and intriguing as it keeps anxious readers on their edge of their seats. Having read this book before, I came across the need to find the novel that so awed me many countless years ago. I was determined to find this former bestseller and luckily, it [...]

    14. Martin Hill on said:

      Just after the end of WWII, a Marine aviator named Foreman narrowly avoids being lost in the Bermuda Triangle with the infamous Flight 19. Decades later, Foreman, now with the CIA, sends a group of Army Green Berets into a remote part of Cambodia to retrieve equipment from a crashed spy plane. Only one member of that team, Eric Dane, came back.Years later, Dane is once again recruited to return to that area of Cambodia to rescue the crew of a down aircraft. Dane, after all, is the only person kn [...]

    15. Bob Nailor on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed the book and especially liked the bouncing between locales and personalities. Near the end it was a case of not wanting to put it down -- having to need what was going to happen next. I was disappointed to find that there is a 'next' book although the story did end, it didn't finish and now I must read the next book which I have discovered leads to book 3 which then leads to book 4. In their defense, the books are done unlike a series I innocently started years ago and had t [...]

    16. Tommy on said:

      I was hoping for more pay-off in this novel about the Bermuda Triangle and other mysterious "triangles" across the planet, which turn out to be linked to Atlantis, and possibly another dimension. The focus is on military characters, which also bums me out. Since this is the first book in a series, the author seems to be saving the "good stuff" for future books. I did quite enjoy the giant multi-headed snake monster, and the thing that was like a lion with a crocodile head, or something like that [...]

    17. Ms. Just One More Book(Kris Miller) on said:

      In book 1 of the Atlantis series, Bob Mayor takes history, Sci-fi, mythology and rolls it into a very engaging read. In WWll, a man named Foreman loses his brother as his plane disappears over the Devil's Sea. Shortly thereafter, flight 19 also disappears with no trace. A flight that Foreman himself was supposed to be a part of. Years later during the Vietnam War, Green Beret Eric Dane is part of a team led into a mysterious area of Cambodia. He is the only survivor telling strange tales of mons [...]

    18. TJ on said:

      Actually, "Atlantis" is pretty disappointing for a Bob Mayer (aka G. Donagan/R. Doherty) book. I'd read the entire "Area 51" series and really enjoyed it. As for this series, however, I'll go no further. The action was uneven, the characters underdeveloped, and the plot less than enthralling. It was a struggle to get through and I even found myself skimming just to finish.I won't spend time rehashing the story line, but let me suffice to say that it involves a mysterious otherworldly force that [...]

    19. Bob on said:

      It’s an action adventure novel that has government agencies and private companies in competition to discover what is happening within the Bermuda Triangle and a similar one in the unexplored jungle of Cambodia. People and planes have gone into the areas and never come out and when a millionaire business man send a Hi-Tech survey plane with his daughter in command over the Cambodian triangle only to have it disappear as well things really heat up. Myths about the area point to a civilization ol [...]

    20. Tyler on said:

      I was not looking to read Dostoyevsky or Chaucer, so the book did the trick. Solid book if you are looking for a straight-forward, no gimmicks and tricks, sci-fi adventure mixed with some real-world military action, and some corny one-liners. I was looking for a no-brainer novel series to keep my mind fixed on a simple and progressing story in order to break the monotony of my master's program. The writing was good enough to build imagery and create the characters and locations in my head, and t [...]

    21. Sanchi on said:

      I have won this in a giveaway on good reads from first reads. This book series was the first win I had and honestly It was taking so long to get through each chapter for me I couldn't take it. I did enjoy the twist in the book, however kinda took a little long to get to the point. Too much descriptive writing about half way in. I have received the entire series from good reads and after the difficulty reading the first book, It may take me a while before I can start the second:(. Don't get me wr [...]

    22. M on said:

      After I read Psychic Warrior this book then made sense. The whole issue of an open gate into another dimension, in this case happening in Cambodia, (Angkor Wat) similar to dimensional openings in the Bermuda Triangle is the basis for this novel that divulges intelligence information. Usual story, big corporate industrialist trying to get an edge on an industry, (aircrafts) and hires a mercenary well trained in these types of maneuvers, who had experienced wanting to see a buddy who died on a mis [...]

    23. D.F. Capps on said:

      I think the overall story was good, at least worth 4 stars. I opted for 3 stars because the kindle version I read lacked editing. I will continue reading the rest of the series. I liked the premise and what he was doing with the on-going story. I know a lot of books are unedited. I believe Doherty takes a measurable amount of pride in his accomplishments and in the things that are important in his life. Bob, please take the time and effort to go back and replace the unedited versions of your wor [...]

    24. Who Dares Wins Publishing on said:

      There are a lot of similiarities to the hit TV show Lost, espeically the first season. Interestingly enough, the book was originally published 5 years before the TV show. To see the similarities check out this website: bobmayer/indexp?id=30If you liked Lost you will love every book in this series. Robert DohertyBob MayerATLANTIS

    25. Eric on said:

      This novel is the beginning of a series about the many gates around the world similar to the Bermuda Triangle and how an Alien race is using them to try and take over Earth. Mayers does a wonderful job of character development and plot built up so readers know that they will be learning more about each character throughout the series. Story kept building with suspense until almost the last page which showed that the author wished the reader to know that he is certainly not done this novel and th [...]

    26. Ryan Rauber on said:

      This book started very promising. The Bermuda Triangle, The Devil's Sea near Japan, and the jungles of Cambodia all having some strange connection where mysterious things happen. The first half of this book was terrific, with an expedition entering the region in Cambodia said to be home of a legendary lost kingdom. The second half devolved into a wtf storyline. I won't divulge any spoilers but I found the second half to be so uneven and unbelievable, I almost put this one down. Started very prom [...]

    27. Frank Peterson on said:

      Picked this book up for free a couple of weeks back; so very glad that I did. I'm now about to finish the third book in the six book series and I am still glued to my Kindle's screen. This is a very fast paced, well thought out, and conceptually unique story. I can't recall reading another story built around a similar idea, and that's quite a statement regarding a Science Fiction novel. Mayer ties together many elements which have puzzled members of various disciplines throughout the centuries, [...]

    28. Bill on said:

      A good thriller has to have interesting characters, a good threat and plot that doesn't let up. Atlantis has all three. It also adds interest by bringing together the legend of Atlantis, the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, and a plausible response to the threat. All these ingredients kept me turning pages and should have been worth four stars.But I have to mark it down because it also has plenty of typographical errors, a jumble of character viewpoints and confusing settings, and occasional c [...]

    29. Briana on said:

      Damn! I'd forgotten how this author could write a scifi thriller. Taking a break from paranormal and high fantasy novels as I've been wanting to read this series for some time now, after having read his Area 51 series. It didn't disappoint. Kept me on the edge of my seat. I always enjoy reading about how legends, ancient ruins and myth can be woven together in this intricate way that makes it credible to the reader. What a threat to mankind that will take us on quite a ride. Just started the sec [...]

    30. Bethany Richter Voight on said:

      Kindle version was updated in 2011. However some of the plot details don't match up. The author mentions 9/11 and years of aftermath, yet 1968 was "three decades ago". Um, I teach social studies not math but I'm pretty sure it's been over forty years. Several typos or left out words. Overall story was interesting. I liked the ancient historical spin on places like the Bermuda Triangle and Atlantis. It was only 99 cents so it was a good several hours of entertainment.

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