Elephantmen 2260, Book 1: Memories of the Future

Richard Starkings Axel Medellín

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Elephantmen 2260, Book 1: Memories of the Future

Elephantmen Book Memories of the Future Collects ELEPHANTMEN A new arc a new slim trade paperback format for ELEPHANTMEN and at a great opportunity for new readers to start reading the book they ve heard so much about Jack Fa

  • Title: Elephantmen 2260, Book 1: Memories of the Future
  • Author: Richard Starkings Axel Medellín
  • ISBN: 9781607069591
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
  • Collects ELEPHANTMEN 51 55 A new arc, a new slim trade paperback format for ELEPHANTMEN, and, at 9.99, a great opportunity for new readers to start reading the book they ve heard so much about Jack Farrell is a private detective who never gave a second thought to the Elephantmen until he was paid to.

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      321 Richard Starkings Axel Medellín
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    One thought on “Elephantmen 2260, Book 1: Memories of the Future

    1. Gavin on said:

      Not entirely sure what they were trying to accomplish here, I'm not sure if this series has already been going on for a while (this was issues 51-56?) so confused there.Jack Farrell is a PI investigating a double murder or a murder suicidehe can't tellhe's accompanied by what we discover and assume to be the ghost of his dead girlfriend, Scarlet. YaIn addition, we have Flask, a gigantic Hippopotamus/Human Hybrid, one of the titular "Elephantmen". I am guessing I've missed a lot, and I think Flas [...]

    2. Andrew on said:

      A noir thriller about enslaved animal soldiers ("Elephantmen") being reintegrated into society. I love Cordwainer Smith's stories of the Underpeople - The Ballad of Lost C'Mell, The Dead Lady of Clown Town - this is not even a patch on that level of pathos or introspection. It's just a boring and generic near-future murder thingading except some of the characters are hulking animal beasts. The artwork's a little uncomfortably and unnecessarily comic-book sexy too - the protagonist's fridged wife [...]

    3. Mel on said:

      This was great. It was the first large self contained Elephantmen story. The only weakness of this series is how often they like to re-tell the origins story. It seems to come up every volume, do they not expect readers to keep reading? It's a bit strange. But apart from that I really loved it. It was great to have a full noir mystery and have it explained and to see the further developments of Mappo. I loved the way it messed with reality. This is definitely my favourite series discovery this y [...]

    4. Sara J. (kefuwa) on said:

      Might have been a 3 if I didn't find Elephant/Rhino/Hippo-human hybrids a bit too "outlandish" (disturbing? unsettling?).

    5. Jesse on said:

      I have been enjoying the Elephantmen series since it started, and I enjoyed this book, just not as much as previous volumes. The overall storyline was very interesting, but I didn't really care for the character of Farrell.

    6. Ben Brackett on said:

      The writing of the setup was pretty bad, but it does pay off.

    7. J. on said:

      I started reading Elephantmen at volume 1 years ago and enjoyed it quite a bit. I think the entire reason I quit, in fact, was that my hardcover fell apart after a couple of readings and I didn't want to invest more money into something that was going to disintegrate when breathed on heavily. So, 50ish issues later, we get 2260.There's some serious detective stuff going on here, but it's incredibly tongue-in-cheek. The idea of one of the elephantmen being a detective is funny in and of itself, b [...]

    8. Michelle Knight on said:

      Review - Elephantmen - 3.5 out of 5 stars This started off so well. When someone is having halucinations, the doors are wide open. However, the moment another character sees the same halucination, it wraps it up, sticks a gift card on and ties a bow on it. You're either dealing with mind control or the main character is in a coma/machine. Which? I'm not telling you; but at the half way point, the major pieces started dropping in to place. The artwork was of a high quality. It was a bit muted fo [...]

    9. Cale on said:

      This is basically a reboot of Elephantmen, taking place years later and with different characters. The volume feels like a complete story in and of itself, as a human detective and Hip Flask, one of the earliest of the Elephantmen (a misnomer since he's more like a Hippo), investigate two deaths, which lead to cloning, the history of Elephantmen, numerous doublecrosses, and more interaction with an ex-girlfriend than one could comfortably expect. The story has lots of twists and turns, and the e [...]

    10. Nicholas Karpuk on said:

      I'm always going to have weird issues with the talking animal genre, especially with books like Blacksad and Elephantmen, where they ask me to act like these characters should be treated with an almost dire level of seriousness.This volume contains some decent detective writing, with a twist on the typical wounded detective fretting over a dame cliche. I'm not sure how much the story benefited from its view through the eyes of a human. It's much the same issue with many supernatural movies: I ca [...]

    11. Matt on said:

      I dunno. A great intro into an unstable, out of control world. The illustration, art work, and plot all mirror the plot in various interesting ways. At some point I find myself not keen on being mind-controlled by barely clothed ladies like the protagonists. Does that make the creators MAPPO? Are we transgenics created to respond to mind control?I dunno, we spent most of our time poking around. (Reading comics so )

    12. Albert Yates on said:

      I've always heard really good things about Elephantmen but never really wanted to get into them because I was so far behind. after reading this volume I'm going to be going back to read those old issues.Elephantmen is the sorry of how the world is living with genetically modified animals that were used to fight in wars but have now become part of our society.

    13. Andria on said:

      I'm concerned that reading this puts me a little too close to the furries for comfort For a series about human/animal hybrids this was pretty focused on the incredibly uninteresting human characters. Oh, and scantily clad ladies with no substance, of course. Might be interested in going back to the early issues of this series, but not deliberately seeking it out. Overall: meh.

    14. Scott Weatherly on said:

      This volume starts off a new(ish) direction for this series, starting at issue 50 as a 1 for this book and now called 2260. Elephantmen is a great concept that is carried by some great story telling, world building and art. However, While this is volume 1 I would recommend starting with the original volume 1 and getting the complete story.

    15. Mike Shelton on said:

      This is a really cool sci-fi story. The art is awesome. Each chapter gives you just enough to make you want to keep reading. I recommend this to anyone who like crime noir, dystopian futures, or talking hippos.

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