Salad Samurai: 100 Cutting-Edge, Ultra-Hearty, Easy-to-Make Salads You Don't Have to Be Vegan to Love

Terry Hope Romero

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Salad Samurai: 100 Cutting-Edge, Ultra-Hearty, Easy-to-Make Salads You Don't Have to Be Vegan to Love

Salad Samurai Cutting Edge Ultra Hearty Easy to Make Salads You Don t Have to Be Vegan to Love Go beyond the pale of iceberg lettuce with recipes for indulgent salads of plant based proteins vibrant veggies and zesty dressings

  • Title: Salad Samurai: 100 Cutting-Edge, Ultra-Hearty, Easy-to-Make Salads You Don't Have to Be Vegan to Love
  • Author: Terry Hope Romero
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • Go beyond the pale of iceberg lettuce with recipes for indulgent salads of plant based proteins, vibrant veggies, and zesty dressings.

    • Free Read [Graphic Novels Book] Ñ Salad Samurai: 100 Cutting-Edge, Ultra-Hearty, Easy-to-Make Salads You Don't Have to Be Vegan to Love - by Terry Hope Romero É
      123 Terry Hope Romero
    • thumbnail Title: Free Read [Graphic Novels Book] Ñ Salad Samurai: 100 Cutting-Edge, Ultra-Hearty, Easy-to-Make Salads You Don't Have to Be Vegan to Love - by Terry Hope Romero É
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    One thought on “Salad Samurai: 100 Cutting-Edge, Ultra-Hearty, Easy-to-Make Salads You Don't Have to Be Vegan to Love

    1. Bookdragon Sean on said:

      Doesn’t this book have such a cool name? Salad Samurai. It sounds good. The recipes are quite nice too!

    2. Delphine on said:

      I think this is my favorite cookbook, ever. Not even my favorite vegan cookbook - I ate meat most of my life and am a bit of cookbook hoarder. This one, though, is just unbelievable. So much variety (so much!) Lots of different flavors, often with multiple options to switch up a recipe. And the recipes are all so good! This is the one cookbook I've actually made more than a handful of dishes from. I actually try one each week because I really haven't been disappointed so why stop now! Plus it's [...]

    3. Don on said:

      This book is paperback with "only" 100 recipes and much smaller than her previous books. Nonetheless, it's very well presented and has plenty of professional looking pictures.She starts with recipes for dressings that include creamy ones as well as vinaigrettes. She follows with recipes of toppings that includes nuts, croutons, as tofu, and a couple of "bacon" topping recipes using tempeh and coconut.She offers up a couple of side salads, but the bulk of the books are salads that can be eaten as [...]

    4. Ryan on said:

      I was skeptical of this cookbook initially - the recipes sometimes call for ingredients that are difficult or expensive to source outside of certain niche (vegan, Brooklyn) enclaves; soaked nut-based dressings are supposed to replace the classic egg-based originals; the textures of the "sweet & savory" section are skin-crawling (e.g. smoothie bowls).These reservations aside, the organization of the book is faultless (recipes are organized seasonally, and the author walks you through a week o [...]

    5. kimberly on said:

      SUPER impressed. who knew that raw cashews soaked in hot water could make a creamy salad dressing?!?i didn't realize this was a vegan cookbook, but finally. FINALLY. i feel like vegans can actually eat well without only eating food that's made to look like meats, or subsisting on oreos!#newfoundrespect#worstbookname

    6. Ashley Chew on said:

      LOVE!!! Everything I have made so far has been great. Healthy but so tasty!

    7. Cheryl on said:

      Probably 4.5 stars - the flavors are unparalleled. Terry is a chef extraordinaire, and like her other books, the recipes are slyly quite involved. Expect to really work to get there.

    8. BookBec on said:

      This cookbook looked very interesting I marked a lot of recipes to try. But three salads, one breakfast, and a dressing later, I'm not as excited. They're said to be easy to make, but IMHO, 45 minutes for 2 servings and several sub-recipes isn't an easy meal. And many of the recipes require quite a stretch of the imagination to consider them "salads."The grain salads ended up feeling like too much of one thing for a meal -- I'd rather have had a half-serving along with something else on my plat [...]

    9. Lara on said:

      I was that weirdo kid who, when asked what my favorite food was, would respond "salad" (well, that or spinach with mayonnaise on topum). I was also that weirdo teen. Aaaaaaaand I am still that weirdo adult. I really, really love salad and always have. I'm usually not all that impressed with salad recipes though for some reason. I think so many of them just seem so like, duh, you know? But the ones in this book almost all look really good, and I like that it also includes recipes for different dr [...]

    10. Jennifer on said:

      I originally bought this book my Mother for Christmas. She said she wanted to eat more vegetables, so I thought this would be a great book for that. At the time my Mom was living with my sister while looking for a new home, so my sister ended up flipping through and liking a few recipes. So she bought the book for herself.Funny thing is for awhile my Mother and my sister would tell me to make a recipe from the book, and I keep pointing out that I don’t own it. I still don’t. I’ve been chec [...]

    11. Chrissy on said:

      My top five reasons why this book is fantastically amazing.1. The insanely, gorgeously delicious photographs throughout the entire book2. The lovely glossy pages make me feel as if I'm reading a favorite magazine instead of a cookbook3. The scrumptious salads that look healthy, beautiful, and incredibly tasty4. The salad dressings, which seem easy to replicate and delicious to devour5. The breakfast selections. Yes, that's right -- a salad book with incredibly appealing early morning suggestions [...]

    12. PorshaJo on said:

      My first thought on seeing this book was 'I don't need a book about salads'. But a bulletin board discussing this book had many lively discussions on the book, with people posting mouthwatering photos of salads. I grabbed this one from the library and was immediately smitten with it. My biggest hurdle was deciding which one to make first. I can see this book getting a lot of use in my house, especially during the summer months when all I eat is salads. Another great book by Terry Hope Romero.

    13. Samantha on said:

      I've been eating out of this book for weeks, deliciously happy ever since.

    14. Nichole on said:

      This vegan cookbook belongs at the same level as Thug Kitchen as far as great, inspiring, delicious, creative, instructive cookbooks go. I'm a true omnivore looking for salad inspiration, and while I will probably use actual pepperoni instead of tofu made to taste like pepperoni, I actually did go out and purchase my first packages of tofu, tempeh, and shirataki noodles. I copied so many of the recipes that I could easily create a recipe section in my personal collection just from this book. If [...]

    15. Abbey on said:

      The book looks nice but I didnt keep any recipes to try. Nothing looked good to me. If you want to make your own dressing from cashews then this is your book.

    16. Joli Hamilton on said:

      Some quite interesting new ideas along with solid instruction for salads I've already made but want my partner to be able to replicate.

    17. Liss Capello on said:

      I wanted a copy of this book based on a friend's rave reviews, and although I noticed it was a vegan cookbook, I remember thinking, 'whatever, they're salads, salads should be NATURALLY VEGAN.' Well, that's something of an oversimplification, isn't it. Not being vegan, I found the approach to certain things (mostly proteins and cream-based dressings) unnecessarily convoluted, and many of these salads make liberal use of ingredients I am unfamiliar with and don't necessarily want to get to know w [...]

    18. Jocelyn on said:

      i liked the picturesd the ideas.(or more like, the names : oo!avocado amaranth bhel puri chaat sounds so sexy!)but then, it actually calls forbhel puriandamaranthuhhhhh ok?i find those in the baking aisle?but that was an extreme recipe.out of the how-ever-many recipes, i probably looked at 5 and thought, "okey doke, romero i'll do this"one was pickled grapes one was lentilsand one was the dressing(the others were tofu marinades)now perhaps i have a crappy blender(this is not a perhaps, i do h [...]

    19. Kae on said:

      This book is ingenious, why? Because we need more books out there that help us stay away from the boring mundane salads that have perpetuated tables and menus for years. Terry has taken things like Brussels Sprouts and have made them actually seem tasty! Did you know that you can have a Vegan BLT and not feel like you are missing something? These salads are so filling and so creative that you’ll have your friends asking for recipes. Each of these recipes leaves YOU in control of your meals. Yo [...]

    20. Amy on said:

      posted originally at Entertainment Realm [entertainmentrealm]:Big salads are a major component of my diet. I eat them year round. Usually that’s my dinner. I make great salads. The key is adding as many extras, as much color and variety as possible. So I looked forward to checking out the recipes in Veganomicon co-author Terry Hope Romero’s latest. She divides it by season making it super easy to pick what’s fresh and available. Some yummy, creative salads include Strawberry Spinach Salad [...]

    21. Holly on said:

      Ah, the humble salad. I imagine you’re thinking of a sorry looking pile of wilted lettuce, topped with a few spongy carrots and a thick, calorie-laden dressing, are you not? A salad can be so much more! If you’re ready to take your salads to the next level, Terry Hope Romero offers all kinds of ideas in "Salad Samurai."The book starts off with some delicious, catch-all dressing recipes (such as Back at the Ranch Dressing or Galapagos Islands Dressing), followed by simple side salads and some [...]

    22. Rebecca Ann on said:

      Warning: this book has a pretty specific audience, and I'm not it. As non vegan (not even vegetarian) who is really just looking to add some interest to what seems to be the most boring part of any meal, this was an enjoyable read. I did find myself thinking: I wish there was meat in this a lot but it is pretty easy to toss in some diced chicken or crumbled bacon. The organization is easy for reference, but I'm not sure leading with lists of just dressings with no pictures was the best choice. U [...]

    23. Marathon County Public Library MCPL on said:

      This is one creative cookbook chock full of innovative ideas for all kinds of salads, dressings, and toppings. Recipes included building very unique pasta and lettuce salads, packed full with a variety of ingredients. All are vegan, but are sure to please those who don't normally eat that way. There are sweet and savory recipes, like 'Overnight Oats with Mexican Chocolate Creme', as well as salads for every season, including an 'Asparagus Pad Thai Salad' and an 'East-West Roasted Corn Salad'. Th [...]

    24. Veronika on said:

      How much do you love salads? If you are a salad lover this book is for you. This is probably my favourite vegan cookbook. Almost every salad has a picture except for maybe 2-3, which gives you an idea of how it is going to look like. It is a thin book, but there is a lot of variety. The book suggests salads for every season. Every recipe I made from this book was a success. There is always a protein source in the salad. Some of the ingredients might not be familiar to you if your not vegan (ex: [...]

    25. Dj on said:

      Okay, I really like Salads, and in general I have no real preference for the type. However I am not sure that I will ever make more than two or three of the salads in this book even on a good day. The author seems to be going out of his way to add ingredients that are not generally considered 'salad'. Mostly this book caters to Vegetarians and/or Vegans. Not something that in general is all that much of a turn off, even if I would rather have chicken than anything made from tofu, and I will go f [...]

    26. Sps on said:

      Romero really, really likes giving things fun/gimmicky names. Actually you can see that tendency even in way-back books like Vegan with a Vengeance. I think I'm less into that than she is, partially because the indexers can't seem to keep up with her. You have to remember what the dish is called in real life (e.g. ranch dressing) plus whatever fanciful name it's given in the book (back at the ranch dressing) because it might not be in the index under both. Luckily the naming thing doesn't interf [...]

    27. Laurie on said:

      Gorgeous, with a beautiful layout. I love the elegant black sidebars, however it shows fingerprints even without greasy fingers!The salads are broken up by season (very loosely, I mean tomatoes in Winter?) and every one has a photo except the first in each section. The crunchy toppings, various dressings and vinaigrettes and baked tofus make throwing together your own salad or bowl a cinch.The salad flavors though! I could never come up with such delicious combinations. This cookbook is a treasu [...]

    28. Aja Marsh on said:

      i liked the concept this book took in working to make cool the salad. i love salad! and it's great to have a vegan slant, so you don't have a bunch of salads that focus on chunks of meat to make salad mealable. while i like to loosely define salad, there were some in here that felt a bit of a stretch to be called salad, but i like how she even worked to include breakfast and sweets. overall, some fun ideas in here that i'd like to explore. however, this book's formatting took some time to get us [...]

    29. Ryan Mishap on said:

      First, this gets one less star than the recipes deserve because I don't approve of cultural appropriation--however much samurais have entered into America's rapacious, omnivorous pop culture, the tradition still shouldn't be adopted and bastardized as a frame for a cook book.That said, the book and photos are gorgeous, the recipes easy to follow (even for complex salads), the diversity of offerings is impressive, and the ones we've made so far are fantastic (except for the coconut flake bacony-b [...]

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