House on the Hill

Annette Lyon

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House on the Hill

House on the Hill It s the late s and Lizzy Sullivan is struggling to understand why God hasn t healed her little brother David Then one night tragedy strikes Lizzy s family when their rural home burns down Finan

  • Title: House on the Hill
  • Author: Annette Lyon
  • ISBN: 9781591566854
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s the late 1870s, and Lizzy Sullivan is struggling to understand why God hasn t healed her little brother David Then one night, tragedy strikes Lizzy s family when their rural home burns down Financially unable to rebuild, the Sullivans must find another place to live and Lizzy must leave her lifelong friend Joshua behind.When a family in Logan invites the Sullivans tIt s the late 1870s, and Lizzy Sullivan is struggling to understand why God hasn t healed her little brother David Then one night, tragedy strikes Lizzy s family when their rural home burns down Financially unable to rebuild, the Sullivans must find another place to live and Lizzy must leave her lifelong friend Joshua behind.When a family in Logan invites the Sullivans to share their home, Lizzy s father begins work as a mason on the Logan temple Against her mother s wishes, Lizzy begins a relationship and falls in love with Abe, a young man who is not a member of the Church Little does Lizzy realize that she will be forced to choose between Abe and Joshua, two good men What does she truly want in her life House on the Hill, by best selling author Annette Lyon, will sweep you back in time to a faithful community where life was simpler than it is today, but matters of the heart were every bit as complex.

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    One thought on “House on the Hill

    1. Heather on said:

      Annette Lyon is one of my favorite LDS authors, so of course I've read all of her books. She has written a historical temple series of a sort (although you can read each book seperately). Her first temple book is House on the Hill. The story takes place in the 1870's, Logan, Utah. Part of the story centers on the building of the Logan temple, so the reader learns all kinds of interesting facts.The main character is Lizzy Sullivan. As the story opens, Lizzy is doused in the refiner's fire, litera [...]

    2. Kristen on said:

      Lizzie is a young woman growing up in Cache Valley, Utah as the LDS temple is being built in Logan. She is struggling with the sacrifices being asked of her family and questioning whether there is a God, because if there is, then He is ignoring her. Parts of this book were interesting and even compelling. Other parts were boring or frustrating. Basically the story suffers because it is an early novel from the author. From other reviewers, I understand the second book, At the Journey's End, is mo [...]

    3. Elaine Dransfield on said:

      Living almost in the 'shadow of the Logan temple' it was interesting to hear of some of the miracles involved with it's construction.

    4. Linnae on said:

      Lizzy's family has had their share of trials. 3 siblings have died as babies or toddlers. Not to mention her cousin Jimmy, whose accident at age 6 has left him permanently impaired (and whose mother left him in their care without looking back.) Then their house burns down. Lizzy and her sickly little brother David manage to make it out, but the 2-mile walk (well, Lizzy carried him) on a cold night does nothing to help his fever. Lizzy can't understand why God doesn't answer or prayers, or seem t [...]

    5. Nikki Lewis on said:

      As far as inspiration fiction goes, Annette Lyon has always been one of my favorites. This book was the first I read of hers and it hooked me so thoroughly that after I was done I went back at the bookstore and bought as many of Annette's books that I could find. She is an amazing author and I love all of her books that I have read. Since buying this book and the other three that are like it, I have read and re-read them several times. Each of these books take you back in time to the days of the [...]

    6. Kathryn on said:

      Lizzy has been raised in the church all her life but failed to gain a testimony of her own based on her parents testimonies alone. When tragedy reaches her family through fires and death and hardship she blames a God who isn't interested in hearing the prayers of someone so unrighteous as herself. When they move closer to the building of the Logan temple Lizzy leaves behind her best friend Joshua. Little did she know that he would like to make her a permanent part of his family. She then meets A [...]

    7. LeeAnn on said:

      This book is about a young LDS girl, second generation Mormon, who grows up wondering whether what she has been taught to believe is really true. We grow with her through a friendship with a young man she has grown up with and another, more exciting romance with a dark, handsome stranger. I loved this book. It was an easy read as historical fiction because Annette Lyon, the author, does not go out of her way to include every historical tidbit you could ever wish (or not) to know. Her research is [...]

    8. Susan on said:

      I'd probably give this book a 3.5.My friend said this was a wonderful book. I had kind of hard time getting interested in it, though. I got tired of the main character's selfishness and immaturity.It's an historical fiction novel about the building of the Logan Temple. I really liked reading about the temple and incidents that happened during its construction.The main focal point of the story, however, is a love triangle, which does finally get resolved. It's also about an LDS family in the 1880 [...]

    9. Anna on said:

      Sorry Amy, that I never said I was going to read this or that I was reading it. Mom brought it on the train and I decided to read it during our trip. This book was fairly entertaining, although it had a pretty predictable plot. I got annoyed with the main character, though. She'd been brought up in the church, but didn't have a testimony of her own. She said she wanted to gain a testimony but never really did anything about it, like simply reading the Book of Mormon. I did learn things about the [...]

    10. Angee on said:

      This one was okay. Didn't really draw me in--I could put it down if got interrupted. It still had a good story-line: the conflict between love and the Gospel, especially seeing how the main character (Lizzy) developed her testimony. I did enjoy learning the history surrounding the building of the Logan Temple. And I LOVED the ending--how Lyon took fiction and history and combined them. Really cool! I will read the next one.

    11. Ladawn on said:

      It's been a while since I read a churh book like this. At first I was rating this a 3 for a simple, easy read. But when I started sobbing at the end I decided to shoot for the four. It's an easy read about daughter of a family who crossed the plains. The faith of the pioneers is exactly that, their faith not hers. She wants to believe but all the struggles in life keep pushing her the other way. She has trials, including the love kind, and wonders if God really does answer prayers.

    12. Dorry Lou on said:

      This book was set back in the 1870s when the Logan Temple was just being built. Many of the characters worked on the temple. Because of one tragedy after another Lizzy Sullivan struggles with the church in her life. She gets involved with an Indian boy who is not a member and this stresses her family out. Many events happen so mostly it holds your attention. I did not love it, but enjoyed it for the most part.

    13. Andrea on said:

      I have been torn between giving this two or three stars. There were a few parts in the book that really held my attention, but overall it was just ok. The story included a love triangle. Those pretty much mean for an unhappy ending (at least for the one who isn't picked). I really didn't care for the "resolution" for the shafted guy. He didn't find his own happiness, and was still dwelling on the girl. Blah.

    14. Linda Trionfo on said:

      listened on CD and I enjoyed it, the main girl struggles post pioneer days in Logan Utah, while all are building the Logan Temple she falls in Love with "Gentile". she does not have a testimony and struggles with her relationship to God and her Family and what she thinks is "blind Faith", Its an inspiring book about testimony and in those times you just did not deny things out loud. Flowed well for me and kept my interest, I will read more of her books.

    15. Sherrie on said:

      I loved this book! Before I read it, the Logan temple already had a special place in my heart because I was married there, but this book really brought it to life. I just couldn't put it down. I really identified with the characters, and felt myself transported to the scene every time I opened the book.This is the 2nd book I've read by Annette, and I've loved them both so much, it makes want to go out and buy the rest and read them right now!!

    16. Melissa on said:

      A bit of historial fiction centering around the building of the Logan temple, but it is mostly just references to the current events surrounding the story line. Love story, mixed with questioning of faith and testimony. I liked it. Wished there was more in the ending though--just wanting more is all :)

    17. Emmeli on said:

      It was such a good book and i loved it. I could realate alot of it in my life. I just thought that it was so sad at times. I counted the people who dies, which is 7 people, and it just makes me sad to think about that it was like that back in the day when the Saints crossed the plains. I really liked Joshua athough i fell bad about Abe. Anyway over all, I really liked it.

    18. Lauren on said:

      I like church historical fiction so I can learn about times and places. This is about the building of the Logan Temple, which was meaningful to me since my parents grew up there and were sealed there. I found the storyline a little lacking but it was a sweet book.

    19. Lavonne Riggs on said:

      Well developed historical novelI appreciated the way this author wove into the story the struggles and challenges Lizzy had with her faith. These challenges go on through the ages. I am looking forward to reading more of Annette Lyon's books.

    20. Susan Tietjen on said:

      Very enjoyable but also sadReally loved the character development and growth in this book. Very clean and sweet romance. Very tragic in many ways. The historical aspect was also tragic so the plot makes perfect sense. Definitely worth the read.

    21. Brenda Esqueda on said:

      I loved the bookI loved that it was about real life and gaining a testimony . Heavenly Father's timing is perfect and He is always with us. Feeling is love is more wonderful then words can say.

    22. Mo on said:

      Actually I'd give this book a 2.5. The plot was a bit predictable along with the ending. The story was slightly more entertaining than most LDS fiction which I find to be just a little too cutesy for my taste. It wouldn't be a bad book for LDS teens who like the cutesy romance stuff though.

    23. DeeAnn Christensen on said:

      A treat This was a great read and well worth the time it took to decide whether or not to get it. Annette Lyon is a new author to me and this book will not be the last of her books that I will read. Thanks for the new reading vista you opened for me, Sister Lyon.

    24. Jodie on said:

      It took me a long time to get into this book. It wasn't until I was about 3/4 of the way before I couldn't put it down. I did like the message though, and it is true that regardless of where you live or when, matters of the heart and the gospel are complicated.

    25. Heather on said:

      Unfortunately, I just never warmed to the main character in this book. I did not find her likeable, and I did not understand why two men would be so interested in her. Sorry, I wish I had liked it more.(Grade: "C".)

    26. Linda on said:

      I think I enjoyed this LDS historical fiction mostly because of my connections to Logan Temple with my grandparents, parents being married there. It was interesting to read about the building of the temple. But the emphasis of this book is about the love triangle between the main characters.

    27. Alyson on said:

      I loved this book! It was really frustrating when it looked like she was going to fall in love with "the wrong guy," but the end was amazing! I loved the ending! I especially liked reading about a story that was set in the area I live in, years ago.

    28. Suzanne on said:

      this is really quite good it talks about when the logan temple was built. Quite good read.

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