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Suzanne Brockmann

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Forever Blue

Forever Blue Navy Seal Blue McCoy returns to his small hometown in South Carolina for his brother s wedding and quickly finds himself in a heap of trouble After a very public fight at the engagement party his bro

  • Title: Forever Blue
  • Author: Suzanne Brockmann
  • ISBN: 9781551666808
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • Navy Seal Blue McCoy returns to his small hometown in South Carolina for his brother s wedding and quickly finds himself in a heap of trouble After a very public fight at the engagement party, his brother is killed and Blue is the prime suspect Rookie cop Lucy Tait is the only one who believes in his innocence, but will the attraction she feels for him get in the way ofNavy Seal Blue McCoy returns to his small hometown in South Carolina for his brother s wedding and quickly finds himself in a heap of trouble After a very public fight at the engagement party, his brother is killed and Blue is the prime suspect Rookie cop Lucy Tait is the only one who believes in his innocence, but will the attraction she feels for him get in the way of clearing his name

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      440 Suzanne Brockmann
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    One thought on “Forever Blue

    1. Buggy on said:

      Opening Line: "Lieutenant Blue McCoy was the point man, leading the six other men of SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squad across the marshlike ground."Carter "Blue" McCoy is the 2nd of Brockmann's Navy Seals to have his story told in the Tall Dark and Dangerous series and I have to say I am loving these men. Feeling a little bit like dessert these well written romances are short, super addictive and each just different enough that the stories always feel fresh. With delicious alpha male heroes, fantastic [...]

    2. Hannah on said:

      I deserve a medal for finishing this book. It pushed practically all of my rage buttons.Let's start with the heroine. Lucy is an insult to all women who work hard to succeed in traditionally male-dominated careers. It's as if Suzanne Brockmann designed Lucy to prove that women are too weak, foolish, and emotional to be effective cops. Lucy makes one stupid decision after another, consistently defying protocol and common sense. Every decision she makes throughout the whole book is emotionally-dri [...]

    3. Anita on said:

      Actual Rating: 3.5 StarsThis is a pleasant surprise.I suppose there’s something to be said about second chances--just because one book by an author didn't work out doesn’t mean that no books from the same author will ever work out. Even if the two books happen to be in the same series, or even the same two-book volume, with the same theme, and a specific set of characters.Except that Forever Blue only had one roll-over character from Prince Joe, and the rest were just in the backgroundForeve [...]

    4. Anita on said:

      This is my favorite type of a romance: the hero and heroine have a past relationship. In this case, Lucy had a crush on Blue McCoy when she was 15 and he saved her from being beat up by 5 boys who were pissed she made the junior varsity baseball team. He was her hero then and now he is back in town for his step-brothers wedding to the girl Blue dated in high school. Lucy is now a rookie police officer for the Hatboro Creek PD. A good ole boy outfit that doesn't take her seriously and go out of t [...]

    5. Ruth on said:

      I enjoyed reading this one. It's not a mind-chilling thriller/suspense, but it keeps moving anyway. But the real theme is the romance. It develops beautifully in this story. It's impeded by her job and their individual belief that the other will think their relationship a mistake in the cold light of day, and then by their unwillingness to actually say " I love you", for a number of different, but realistic, reasons. It's so easy to empathize with the whole situation, even if most of us aren't l [...]

    6. Duchess Nicole on said:

      Good. Not phenomenal like I'm used to from Suzanne Brockmann, but still a sweet romance with a bit of suspense thrown in. Both Blue and Lucy were likeable, normal people with no weird hangups. Unrequited love and all thatn't go wrong! One thing I love about SB's heroes is that while they are all alpha to the max, they still seem as if they can function in normal society. They wouldn't be scary to come across at a gas station or something, they'd just be something to stare at and wonder.

    7. Martha on said:

      I thought this book was absolutely wonderful! A good, strong hero -- a Navy SEAL, Blue McCoy -- and a good, strong heroine -- Lucy Tait, a rookie cop -- meet again after many years. When Blue is accused of murdering his stepbrother, Lucy is the only person who believes he is innocent of the crime. As they work together to discover the truth, the attraction between them grows.

    8. Lielan on said:

      "Für immer - Blue" ist der zweite Band der Reihe "Operation Heartbreaker" verfasst von Suzanne Brockmann. Dieser Band hat mich nicht so sehr einnehmen können, wie die Thematik des ersten Bandes. Irgendwie war diese noch fesselnder, atemberaubender und romantischer. Die Operation Heartbreaker Reihe hat äußerst ansprechende Cover, was mit Sicherheit an den überaus attraktiven Models liegt. Die Farbe wurde passend zum männlichen Protagonistin ausgewählt: "Blue" - verschiedene Blautöne.Navy [...]

    9. Lori McD on said:

      3 starsWhile I LOVE Blue and I really liked Lucy Tait, I just couldn't get over how melodramatic this book is. OK, it was published in 1996, but it read a little like a half-baked movie. Blue comes home to small-town North Carolina to attend the wedding of his step-brother and his high school sweetheart. To everyone's surprise and awe, Blue is the Best Man. Just before he came home, Blue was on a rescue mission that reminded him about the day he "rescued" little Lucy Tait, the Yankee girl who'd [...]

    10. Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) on said:

      So, the book was simple and pretty short, kind of a surface book, but I liked it a lot. The characters were likable and had great chemistry. Lucy was a pretty typical heroine, snarky and proud and stubborn and bad-tempered. Blue was pretty original. I liked that he didn't talk much to anyone except Lucy. That was adorable. I really liked hearing about the relationships between Blue and the other Navy SEALS, and wish they all could have played a bigger role. The prologue seemed completely irrelev [...]

    11. LaFleurBleue on said:

      This one, I actually downgraded from 4 to 3 stars after my latest read. I was not caught in the same maelstrom of feelings than when I first read it and it even felt flat several times.Usually I do not like it too much when one character has been in love with the other forever and then suddenly the other got an eye opening and oups magically returns the feelings. Here, at least the eye opening was progressive, but he knew about her feelings for him before. And it did not feel that right that he [...]

    12. Szinna on said:

      Huh, amikor a főhős hagyta a nőt, akivel randija volt, több mint 15 percen keresztül várakozni a teraszon és nyugodtan táncikálni kezdett egy másikkal, a tetszési indexe nagyon gyorsan zuhanni kezdett. A hősnő szakmai profizmusa is igen csak megkérdőjeleződött, amikor ránézésre eldöntötte, hogy a főhős nem gyilkos. Persze hiszen a főhős dögösen néz ki és a csaj régóta bele volt zúgva, így aztán nem lehet gyilkos ugye. :(

    13. Lisa - (Aussie Girl) on said:

      One of the earlier Brockmanns. Some of the romantic suspense aspects were a little far fetched (she has definitely improved and expanded this part of her writing in her fantastic Troubleshooters series) but the development of the romantic relationship was nicely done. An enjoyable read. 3.5 stars.

    14. Mrs. Badass on said:

      I liked Blue McCoy. I liked Lucy. I didn't like Lucy always feeling second best to Jenny. I wanted to slap her self confidence into her. But, I liked them together. The plot was OK. It was a shorter book, so it could have been flushed out a bit better, but overall it was well done. I would think that Jenny Lee would have been grieving more and longer for her fiance though O.o

    15. nurmawati on said:

      salah satu dari novel s brock yang paling gw suka. is my fave^^

    16. Nenk's Nich on said:

      asli bca buku ini juga awalna, pnuh spekulasi bagus ga to ga?, hot to biasa aja?, to hnya ngomonk2 aja, akhirnya mulai d mmbacaelah diliat ada embel2 " BLUE EYES" wuihhh langsung nilai + tuk baca langsungBlue McCoy campuran ALPHA + BETA MEN mnyelamatkan putri senator, pas saat mnyelamatkan putri senator, blue jd teringat akan teman, mgkn lbh tepatnya sorang yg pnh dselamatkan oleh blue pd masa lampau namana lucy " Yankee". pd dsarnya blue agak sdikit males untuk pulang menghadiri penikahan kk ti [...]

    17. Paula Spark on said:

      Este libro me ha encantado.Es una lectura ligera, con un lenguaje sencillo y con una trama algo soncilla pero muy adictiva.He amado la forma en la que me atrapó el libro y me lo he terminado de un tirón. En esta segunda entrega de la saga, podemos seguir la historia de Blue y de Lucy, pero también podemos descubrir un poco mas sobre los demás integrantes de este maravilloso grupos de SEALs, podemos saber como continúa la historia de Cat y verónica (protagonistas del primer libro) y logran [...]

    18. Teresa on said:

      Hm, I feel a bit at a disadvantage here, having read Troubleshooters first. But I really struggled to connect to either charater in this book. And when I don't feel that connection to either one, it's tough going to finish. It's Brockmann though so I enjoyed aspects enough to round it up to three stars.

    19. Sandra Patiño on said:

      Linda historia, solo con el pero de que no me gustan los malentendidos. Sigo la serie.

    20. ♥ Vonda M. Reid ♥ on said:

      Overall Rating: 4.85Action: 3.6 / Emotion: 3.5 / Romance: 4.9 / Sensuous: 1.8 / Suspense: 4.1 // Laughter: 0 / Giggles: 0 // Tears: 1 / Teary: 0Forever Blue: 4.85:A difficult-to-put-down, entertaining, really enjoyable re-read. It was impossible not to be thrilled with Brockmann's skill when it came to creating memorable characters, writing witty and endearing dialogue, and telling a thoroughly romantic, somewhat suspenseful story while inserting a bit of action and a lot of detail about those w [...]

    21. Cruth on said:

      Author: Suzanne BrockmannFirst published: 1996Length: ~250 pagesSetting: Contemporary. Small-town, South Carolina.Sex: Varies from explicit to door half-closed. Reasonably frequent.Hero: SEAL.Heroine: Police officer.*shrug*meh.It was okay. Reasonable characters. Reasonable storyline. But I didn’t feel the love and spent the latter part of the book waiting for the town and townspeople to get their comeuppance or at least a Hallelujah! moment.It’s an interesting enough series but Book 2 didn [...]

    22. PepsiGirl on said:

      This wasn't a typical SEALs story not any action on the SEALs side.   Blue McCoy is a tortured soul who goes home for a little self mutilation. It seems he is the best man for his step brother who just happens to be marrying Blue's high school sweetheart. Yeah that's messed up but it not that far fetched. Of course, this situation is a powder keg waiting to blow. Lucy, who has had a major case of hero worship and a crush on Blue since she was fifteen has finally gotten his attention. Now that h [...]

    23. Brina on said:

      "Für immer - Blue" ist der zweite Band der "Operation Heartbreaker"-Reihe. Nachdem ich vom ersten Band eher mäßig begeistert war, wollte ich die Reihe noch nicht aufgeben und dem zweiten Band eine Chance geben. Zum Glück habe ich dieses Buch gelesen, denn die Reihe wird tatsächlich besser. Suzanne Brockmann bleibt sich ihrem Stil treu, denn die Geschichte wird nach dem gleichen Schema erzählt: Mann und Frau treffen sich, Mann arbeitet natürlich wieder fürs Militär und die Liebe entfacht [...]

    24. Angel on said:

      This is the most wonderful book of the series so far. She is the small town girl and he is the girls crush. They drift apart them come back together in a moment of danger. It has action and love. It was a really good read.

    25. Reforming on said:

      One of Brockmann's first SEAL romances, I believe. Love the heroine.

    26. Anja on said:

      Who is Joe, when you can have Blue? Well, I liked Joe, but I have to admit Blue was more interesting to me even with the sandals on and the story didn't feel that anticliamtic as the first one. When I read the first pages I thought I wouldn't like it, cos Blue and Lucy were getting it on and I'm really glad that it didn't come to that, cos I'm usually not very fond of books when the two main characters are get it on right from the start, because I want the suspense and the tension. And yes, I wa [...]

    27. Uthie on said:

      Carter "Blue" McCoy kembali pulang ke Hatboro Creek, South Carolina untuk menghadiri pernikahan saudara tirinya Gerry McCoy dengan pacar Blue waktu SMU, Jenny Lee Beaumont. Kepulangan Blue menimbulkan spekulasi di masyarakat Hatboro Creek. Apakah dia bakal diam saja sewaktu Gerry dan Jenny menikah atau malah membuat keributan? Yang pasti di hari pertama Blue kembali, dia bertemu dengan Lucy Tait. Junior Blue waktu SMA yang Blue ingat karena sifat pemberani dan pantang menyerahnya.Lucy sekarang s [...]

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