Sugar Plum Ballerinas: Plum Fantastic

Whoopi Goldberg Maryn Roos

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Sugar Plum Ballerinas: Plum Fantastic

Sugar Plum Ballerinas Plum Fantastic Alexandrea Petrakova Johnson does not want to be a beautiful ballerina and she does not want to leave her friends in Apple Creek Unfortunately that doesn t stop her ballet crazy mother from moving t

  • Title: Sugar Plum Ballerinas: Plum Fantastic
  • Author: Whoopi Goldberg Maryn Roos
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alexandrea Petrakova Johnson does not want to be a beautiful ballerina, and she does not want to leave her friends in Apple Creek Unfortunately, that doesn t stop her ballet crazy mother from moving them to Harlem, or from enrolling Al at the Nutcracker School of Ballet Life is hard when you re the new ballerina on the block, and it s even harder when you re chosen to beAlexandrea Petrakova Johnson does not want to be a beautiful ballerina, and she does not want to leave her friends in Apple Creek Unfortunately, that doesn t stop her ballet crazy mother from moving them to Harlem, or from enrolling Al at the Nutcracker School of Ballet Life is hard when you re the new ballerina on the block, and it s even harder when you re chosen to be the Sugar Plum Fairy in the school recital Not only is Al a terrible dancer, but she s also got a rotten case of stage fright Al s ballet classmates are going to have to use all the plum power they ve got to coach this scary fairy

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    One thought on “Sugar Plum Ballerinas: Plum Fantastic

    1. Bookishrealm on said:

      This was such a beautiful book and I really enjoyed it! The illustrations were beautiful and you're able to learn so many new terms associated with ballet. I like that the main character gets the chance to build self confidence and make new friends that come from so many different backgrounds. It's a wide range of diversity. It's definitely well written and I would recommend for those at a 3rd to 4th grade reading level. It's a great way to also introduce diversity to a younger age group.

    2. ReGina on said:

      Initially, I thought this was a much younger book with a much younger age appeal. However, Sugar Plum Ballerinas is really good for fourth grade (high third can read it; I think it would still hold interest for struggling fifth). It tells the story of Alexandra who moves from Georgia to Harlem. She wants to be a world-class skater, but her mother wants her to be a world-class ballerina. She enrolls her in Nutcracker School of Ballet. She's trying to adjust to her new life, though she really just [...]

    3. Kittiya on said:

      Sara loved this story at first. as we read on though she is quickly losing her interest. I still think that this is a very charming book so far.Well I finished it and really liked it. But as for Sara she just wanted to know what happened but didn't want me to read it to her. I liked how the girl supported each other as they where just becoming friends. How it taught you that things are not what they may seem and to not lose hope in your dreams. That it's good to try new things, REALLY give them [...]

    4. Anna on said:

      This book is so cute! Alexandrea Petrokova Johnson wants to be a speed skater NOT a ballerina but when she moves to New York with her mother she takes ballet classes at the Nutcracker School of Ballet. Alexandrea has some ups and downs as she adjusts to her new life but with the help of friends she learns to appreciate ballet and helps her mother's costume desiging business stay afloat. Such a cute book! I hope the next in the series are just as enjoyable. The characters and unique enough to be [...]

    5. Daisy Honeywell on said:

      I read this book because I love books for children, sometimes they have something magical that I can not find in the Young adults' books.I could not care less if the writer is Whoopi Goldberg. I did not pick the book because she is famous and I did not judge the book because she is famous.Well, the protagonist is Alexandrea Petrakova Johnson, a 9 y.o that, all of a sudden, is forced to live in Harlem with her mother where she will continue to study ballet ( as her mother wishes), but Aleksandrea [...]

    6. Kristi Bernard on said:

      Alexandrea Petrakova Johnson is not crazy about ballet, but her mother is. So much so, she has filled Alexandrea's room with everything ballet. Her bedroom mirror has pink ballet shoes painted around it, she has pink ballet shoe drawer handles, the lamp, comforter and pillowcases have ballet shoes too. Her mother was so obsessed with all things ballet that she moved them to Harlem New York so that Alexandrea could attend the Nutcracker School of Ballet and so that she could get a job designing c [...]

    7. Annalise Michael on said:

      Whoopi Goldberg did a wonderful job writing this popular children's book. It is a quick read, and it would be great for readers who are just beginning chapter books. The cover is extremely inviting to young girls because it uses many different shades of pink. The young ballerinas look like they are having a lot of fun, and their emotions would attract readers to this book. The illustrations throughout the book are black and white, but they do a wonderful job portraying emotion. These small image [...]

    8. Valerie Jenkins on said:

      When I first saw the book, and I saw Whoopi's name as the author, I had some doubts about this book. From the first page to the last page the book was excellent an a good read. It also gave me a glimpse about the life of a ballerina. It provided terms that a ballerina may use or come across. This story also touch on the different lifestyle of someone that had left the south and adjusting to the north. Whoopi also did a great job in describing in detail of Alexandrea and her friends personalities [...]

    9. Amy Holiday on said:

      Here's my review on my writing website, amyholiday!This is a cute story, relevant for grades 3-4, I think. Alexandrea's mom is fun, and Al respects her, but Al is still put-upon to carry out her mother's childhood dream of being a ballerina. Even though Al wants to be a speed skater more than anything. Her new ballet school in Harlem is much fancier than the one at home in Georgia, and Al worries about fitting in. But she makes some new friends fast, and when she is chosen to dance the lead in a [...]

    10. Lindsay on said:

      This book is popular series choiceEven though this book is written by a celebrity and sometimes is not a good thing, this was a very good book. I think it gives something for kids to relate to and can kind of help them express their own feelings. It shows that she has a single mother in the book and now a days a lot of kids are going through this, so that'll help them not feel alone. And even though she didn't want to do ballet but she was pushed by her mother she ended up liking it, which I tho [...]

    11. Jamie on said:

      Alexandrea Petrakova Johnson’s mother dreams of her being a famous ballet dancer. Alexandrea, however, has other ideas. She goes to a new ballet class in a new city to appease her mother, expecting to hate it. The other girls in her dance class become her best friends, and she discovers that she enjoys ballet.This book has some illustrations scattered throughout the book. The illustrations simply reiterate what is happening in the story, but are enjoyable. Several languages are featured in thi [...]

    12. Sarah Hutchinson on said:

      In this story Alexandrea Johnson’s mother moves her from her school at Apple Creek to Harlem for her to The Nutcracker School of Ballet. Now away from all her friends and not know the first thing about being a ballerina, Alex feels completely out of her comfort zone. When she is selected to be the sugar plum fairy in their school recital her classmates not only have to help her learn what it takes to be a ballerina but get over her stage fright too! This story is really a charming tale of lear [...]

    13. Linda on said:

      Alexandrea Petrakova Johnson has just moved from Georgia to Harlem with her mom, hopefully so her mother can break into the theater costume business. In addition to missing her home and friends, she finds herself enrolled in a famous ballet school. She doesn't want to be a ballerina; she wants to be a speed skater! So the plot is set first with a family conflict, but there are more things to deal with for Alexandrea at ballet. I thought the plot seemed a little slow at first, but once other char [...]

    14. Treasa on said:

      Alexandrea doesn't want to be a ballerina; she wants to be a speed-skater. But when she and her mother move to Harlem, her mother signs her up for ballet classes at Miss Debbe's school. And suddenly Alexandrea finds herself with the coveted solo for the dance recital: the Sugar Plum Fairy Dance. The problem is that she just can't get the steps or turns down. Can her friends help her learn the dance in time for the performance?This is a sweet book about friendship. The ballet part of it would be [...]

    15. Linda on said:

      A cute book about a young girl who moves with her mother from Georgia to New York City. Her mother has her in ballet classes so she can realize her mother's long ago dream of being a ballerina. The movie to New York is not easy, leaving friends behind, mother's trying to establish a business with no contacts. Alexandrea does not share her mother's vision of Alexandrea as a prima ballerina. She'd rather be a skater. Everyone learns lessons in this story - mom, Alexandrea, the other ballet dancers [...]

    16. J. on said:

      I wanted to find books with a little more diversity for the girls & my niece. This book was cute but the descriptions of the other children had me not so sure at 1st. Which is why I deducted a star. Once the book started flowing, it was a normal children's book. I also couldn't figure out why Brenda the 4th little girl is rarely pictured & not on the cover. All in all this is a good book about friendship & overcoming uncomfortable situations. Kids learn how team work can be effective [...]

    17. Teja Hillegass on said:

      I really like this book. This book was about a girl named Alexandra and she moved to Harlem, NewYork from Atlanta, Georgia because her moms store wasn't getting a lot of ratings. Alexandra's mom made her take Ballet classes Alexandra hated Ballet, but she is chosen to be the leading girl in the Sugar Plum Fairy dance. If you don't want to do something somebody makes you do just try it you never know you might like it. Or you can remember No one can Force you to do something!

    18. Naomi on said:

      I wish this book had a different cover I was so pleasantly surprised that it was about a reluctant ballet student! I think some kids would love it, but write it off because it looks super girly--I did, at first. I loved the main character--she was smart, a little rebellious, kind Many early chapter books end up focusing on one characteristic to the exclusion of all others, and it was refreshing to read one that didn't. And I loved her group of friends. And the writing was good!

    19. Steph on said:

      Girls who like ballet will enjoy this, and I thought it was cute enough but Alexandrea's mom and her desperation for artistry and uniqueness drove me nuts. I felt bad for the little girl, new to a class and forced to wear something that stood out so much, like a lightning-bolt-bottomed leotard? And I didn't like that Al's mother was pushing her daughter so much to do ballet when Al didn't even enjoy it. Cute story besides the one character.

    20. Danie P. on said:

      Alexandrea's mother loves ballet so much she gave her the middle name of Petrakova ( a famous ballerina ) Alexandrea wants to be a speed skater like her idol Phoebe Fitz. However Alexandrea's mother, who is a costume designer, signs her up for ballet class and makes her a pink tutu and pink tights with lightning bolts on the butt to wear on the very first day. Super cute story that focuses on the girl and not the shade of her skin.

    21. Ginger on said:

      An engaging, somewhat humorous sstory about a young girl's struggle with ballet and a new home base. No heavy conflict here, but enough to keep you reading. It's disappointing to discover that Goldberg worked with a partner in writing the book; perhaps she's planning to lend her name to a series that will be farmed out to various authors. Just guessing. Whoopi's personality didn't come through in this work, but amaybe it shouldn't.

    22. Hannah on said:

      Fun, funny and true--without being ditzy or coy. (It's sad that I have to point such a thing out, but there you go.) I read this book aloud to my elementary aged son and daughters. We got a kick out of the embarrassing costumes and dressing room drama. We applauded the girls standing up for themselves and each other.

    23. Charity on said:

      My daughter chose this chapter book at the school book sale because it was pink. I did edit slightly as I read it aloud to her as some material is a bit old for her (age 6) but all in all, an entertaining read about a girl who overcomes stage fright (picture them in their underwear) and does not give up. Good messages all around.

    24. Vicki Jaeger on said:

      Cute book for young readers (age graded 6-10 on the back). Nice to have an african-american main character. Whoopi did a great job of fleshing out her characters, making each girl unique. (I'm always a bit wary of celebrity authors. Whether she did this herself, or had some ghostwriter help, it was a nice read.)

    25. Dedra Thornton on said:

      A very cute and funny story about a girl and making adjustments in a 9 year old world. Darling characters! The story flows nicely and draws you in. An easy, quick read. A great giveGift (the entire series) for any young girl, age 4 to 45! Also a great book showing diversity in the characters.

    26. Rebecca on said:

      Awesome early chapter book series featuring the sugar plum ballerinas, a troupe of all African American girls in Brooklyn studying at the Nutcracker School of Dance. Each book is told from a different perspective of the girls and each one is incredibly unique. Wonderful group of books for any avid dancer!

    27. Jannah on said:

      I really enjoyed reading this book. By being an actual dancer in real life I related with the young girls in various ways. In the book the girls face many challenges trying to be the best in their class. While also trying to keep up with homework. Overall I thought it was great book and just might read it again.

    28. Heather on said:

      Wonderful book for elementary students, and middle school aged might enjoy this, too! Alexandrea's mom dreams of Alexandrea becoming a ballerina. Alexandrea has different plans. But when they move to New York from Georgia, Alexandrea is about to spin her way into a totally different world--where marinated mushrooms, crazy clothing, and underwear take on new meanings.

    29. Karen on said:

      What a great way to help kids understand that you can change you mind about what you feel isn't worth doing and make it into something you love. It's like reading a book from a genre that you wouldn't have thought to try until someone else suggested you might like it.

    30. Gianni Llano on said:

      Sugar Plum Ballerinas is about a young girl who struggled between fulfilling her mother's dream of her becoming a ballerina and her desire of being a speed skater. She eventually finds a balance between the two once she discovers that ballet isn't so bad.

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