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Alan Russell

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St. Nick

St Nick When Santa Claus is a cop you better watch out It s not looking like a very merry Christmas for San Diego cop Nick Pappas Suspended from his job alienated from his family and persecuted by the pres

  • Title: St. Nick
  • Author: Alan Russell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Santa Claus is a cop, you better watch out.It s not looking like a very merry Christmas for San Diego cop Nick Pappas Suspended from his job, alienated from his family, and persecuted by the press, he s sorely tempted to turn his gun on himself Except for his first name, he couldn t possibly have less in common with jolly old St Nicholas But when a local mall deciWhen Santa Claus is a cop, you better watch out.It s not looking like a very merry Christmas for San Diego cop Nick Pappas Suspended from his job, alienated from his family, and persecuted by the press, he s sorely tempted to turn his gun on himself Except for his first name, he couldn t possibly have less in common with jolly old St Nicholas But when a local mall decides it needs a secret Santa to help collar some vicious muggers preying on its holiday shoppers, Nick s persuaded to red suit up so as to take the naughty punks down and avert a ho ho homicide For a chance to bust bad guys, Nick s willing to deal with crying kids, pushy parents, and a chronically cheerful elf sidekick But the biggest challenge for this cop turned Claus is one that would confound even the real Kris Kringle making a pair of next to impossible Christmas wishes come true for two children in need before it s too late.This book was initially released in episodes as a Kindle Serial All episodes are now available for immediate download as a complete book.

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    One thought on “St. Nick

    1. ✨Susan✨ on said:

      3.5 stars. A good cozy of a tough cop who through circumstances beyond his control gets talked into playing Santa in a mall for Christmas. It was pretty good but I had a hard time sticking to the story, could be the season?

    2. Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺ on said:

      Heartwarming? Yes. Predictable? Maybe. But a letdown? No. I really liked this book since it was a classic Christmas story, but not your run-of-the-mill holiday romance.

    3. Kim on said:

      I absolutely loved this one- had everything. A cop story, romance and sentimental Christmas stories. Nick is suspended from the police force pending an investigation and estranged from his family- he is finding life hard. His old partner persuades him to take on a couple of days undercover looking for muggers targetting a local shopping mall. The only problem is - he's undercover as Santa Claus!The Chief Elf is determined to spread Christmas cheer and gets him involved in some other Santa duties [...]

    4. John on said:

      The premise is great: A suicidal cop on suspension accepts a security job at a local shopping mall, only to learn that he's expected to work undercover as the mall's Santa. What we have here is the potential for another BAD SANTA, or a fun Schwarzenegger-esque comedy like JINGLE ALL THE WAY or KINDERGARTEN COP.Instead, Russell decides to go the TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL route. Nothing really wrong with that; it's just not my bag. ST. NICK tries so hard to be uplifting that it quickly got on my nerves. [...]

    5. Banner on said:

      This was the perfect Christmas book for me. Just the right amount of skepticism mixed in to make it fun. The mystery was more like a subplot to the greater story of Nick's survival of a tragic episode that happened in the line of duty (he's a cop). There were defiantly some tear jerking moments, but overall a inspiring Christmas story.

    6. Dosha (Bluestocking7) Beard on said:

      What an excellent read. I listened to the audio and was invested in Nick, the shoppers at the mall and two kids in particular: Laura and Raymond. This book is able to break your heart and then melt it. It can make you weep with joy and sadness. I was just as interested in what would happen to nick the cop as I was in what would happen to nick clause. I would hate to give anything away, much of my enjoyment came from the many surprises this book has. There is much more to this book than just a su [...]

    7. Jan on said:

      This was my second reading of this book and I loved it just as much the second time around. I think it is a wonderful, feel good book without being too maudlin or sappy. In fact it has just enough skepticism to make it feel real and believable. I really enjoyed seeing Nick transform from being a man at the end of his rope to someone who could make such a difference in so many people's lives. Definitely a 5 star read that I recommend. It will keep you laughing and crying at the same time.

    8. Karen Patterson on said:

      The story starts out very briefly as a “bad” Santa type theme which had me thinking it was going to be gritty but have a feel good message too. Well, I was mistaken as it quickly turned into a Hallmark movie - very saccharin sweet, predictable and clichéd. However, if you love those types of books and movies than you will appreciate it a whole lot more than I did.

    9. Amy on said:

      Not bad for a Christmas book. A little hokey but cute and entertaining.

    10. Donald Hoffman on said:

      I sit here on December 21st, 2014, the Sunday before Christmas. In the past few weeks, I have read and reviewed several Christmas themed books. All of them were somewhat magical, as befitting the genre. All of them dealt with different parts of holiday legends; Claus, Elves, Jack Frost, Magical Snowmen, the DEA, and the realization of hopes and dreams. I figured I had reached my quota of Christmas stories for the year and I could now safely return to military fiction, thrillers, mysteries, and a [...]

    11. Douglas on said:

      St. Nick by Alan Russell is a true modern-day Christmas story. It's a book that everyone who celebrates Christmas, or wants to understand what Christmas is about, should read. And it should be read closer to Christmas, as it is in its own way, a preparation journey to Christmas.I read it expecting it to be a crime thriller set against the backdrop of winter. But I was pleasantly surprised. It's a story about believing in the good things in life, about having hope, about giving hope, about bringi [...]

    12. Rebask on said:

      This was a fabulous book. So very different from the other book of author, Alan Russell, that I read, titled "Shame" amazon/gp/product/B008.Mr. Russel HOOKED me in when I read Shame, made a believer out of me of his talents, which are extraordinary, I now see. This book is a mystery, like "Shame" was, but that is as far as the likeness goes.This is a FEEL GOOD book, to me at least, a book of redemption of a lost soul. A "FEEL GOOD" book, a book that left me wanting to read MORE of his works!WAIT [...]

    13. Vfields Don't touch my happy! on said:

      I've been in a crazy holiday-themed reading stream. For a lark, I picked up an audible book - St Nick by Allen Russell. What a whim. Even though it is totally outside my normal reading choices I enjoyed it immensely. Raymond made me cry happy & sad tears and Mitchell the Basset Hound made me laugh out loud in public. Nick is the kind of character I like too much but I avoid like the plague because they make me feel too much. Allen Russell wrote a sweet adult story that touched on some incred [...]

    14. Ken Kuhlken on said:

      A disclaimer: Alan is my good friend.Still, I mean to write honest thoughts about St. Nick. Having spent most of 2013 downgrading my view of the goodness in human nature, I opened St. Nick ion a skeptical frame of mind. And when characters performed acts of kindness, I hesitated before accepting them as authentic, even in a fictional sense. But as the story moved along, and more and more characters, major and walk-on, responded to others and events in loving ways, the armor shielding my heart op [...]

    15. Steve Black on said:

      Bah, humbug!Sorry, but I didn't enjoy this at all, and can't believe I stuck with it to the end. Rather than Crime and Mystery, this should be in the Fairy Tale section. If you've seen Miracle on 34th St and similar stories, you'll know exactly what is going to happen here. I was hoping there was going to be something original or surprising, but was sadly disappointed.I can see that I'm very much in a minority, perhaps it might seem better if read over Christmas in the Christmas spirit, or perha [...]

    16. Alan on said:

      Don't let the bullet holes in the bullseye target cover fool you. This is not a Bad Santa or even a Bad Cop Santa book but rather a seasonal cozy with a redemptive story line. Probably its closest parallel is "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens with grouchy suspended policeman Nick Pappas getting the Christmas spirit through his encounters while playing mall Santa while actually on stakeout for a gang of muggers targeting shoppers. Nothing deep here but a fun seasonal read (or listen).

    17. Drew on said:

      I saw this on sale and said to myself ‘A Christmas cop story? I think I’ll give it a try’. While not being what I expected I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story of how Nick Pappas creates holiday cheer in Southern California is perfect for the holiday season. The story is a well written holiday tale for those who like the type of story like ‘A Christmas Carol’. Do yourself a favor and pick it up!

    18. Laura on said:

      I received this book as a digital ARC from the publisher through Net Galley in return for an honest review.The idea of having a cop as Santa Claus is somewhat original but the story itself lacks of suspense.The reader can feel the author's sense of humor and the Christmas' joy comes up during the narrative.A quite enjoyable reading for a free afternoon.

    19. Aimie on said:

      St. Nick is a beautiful tale with everything you could want from a good Christmas read. I loved all the characters, they were relatable and believable. This is my first experience with this author and I'm hoping he has more stories with these characters. If not I'm looking forward to see what other books he has or has planned. :)

    20. Andrew Ostrega on said:

      Touching and heart warmingthis is a great heart warming book to read on the holidaysu will find yourself reading this book in one nightuely a great bookwill read more by him

    21. Glenna on said:

      Great Christmas story where everything turns out how it's supposed to. A little mystery, a little love and a whole lot of Santa! I was listening as I was Christmas shopping and the book came to an end. It was a bit embarrassing to be standing in Walmart with tears running down my cheeks.

    22. Sherron L Pace on said:

      EasyA mystery does not have to contain a murder it can contain Santa Claus and snow on yes and reindeer. This is a sad happy miracle St. Nick story good from beginning to endThanks to Alan Russell for another great book.

    23. Dalton Weller on said:

      FantasticRecommended to everyone. some extremely happy and sad times that keeps you reading. definitely one of the better stories I have read

    24. Leticia Vega on said:

      This was an enjoyable story with some chuckle worthy moments. Heartwarming.

    25. Mike Finn on said:

      I see three challenges for any Christmas book: 1. Find an original angle that's grounded in something real but allows reality to bend for Christmas 2. Evoke the spirit of Christmas without being too saccharine 3. Make me care about the people as people rather than as avatars for Christmas messagesAllen Russell's "St. Nick" manages to pass all three tests. He managed to make me laugh at bad Christmas jokes that I hadn't heard in a long time and cry at the unfairness of a universe in which childre [...]

    26. Linda on said:

      Nick Pappas is a suspended cop who is awaiting the final verdict on his accidental shooting of a little girl while trying to stop a crime. He is contemplating suicide when he receives a call from a friend who asks him to take over a Mall Santa job so he can be on the outlook for some muggers who are scaring customers away.While Nick has been tried and hung by the press because of the rumors surrounding his shooting of the little girl, he realizes that he really does not want to die yet and feels [...]

    27. LittleDeadRedGoddess on said:

      Every month when I rent a book from the Lender's Library I see this book and I keep putting it off until the next month. I did that for over a year but I finally decided to rent it and I am so glad that I did! This is everything a book lover could want in a Christmas book. There is a little mystery, a bit of redemption, a bit of a love story and everything else you want. Nick Pappas is on leave from the police force after a a shooting. He feels all alone, down ad pretty hopeless until his ex pa [...]

    28. Betsy Leff on said:

      Sometimes you choose and book. Sometimes the book chooses you. This book chose me. St. Nick was featured on BookBub and the cover caught my eye. I bought it and the Audible on November 26 and began listening to it on November 28- the exact date the book begins (each chapter is dated). EerieI adored this book. It's joyous, tearful, fun and not what you would expect. The characters are so well developed that I felt I had known them for years. The story seems simple at the beginning. It's not. Ther [...]

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