A Thousand Tomorrows

Karen Kingsbury

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A Thousand Tomorrows

A Thousand Tomorrows In this mass market edition bestselling author Karen Kingsbury weaves a powerful story of a young couple whose love must face the ultimate challenge Cody Gunner has no use for real love Abandoned a

  • Title: A Thousand Tomorrows
  • Author: Karen Kingsbury
  • ISBN: 9780446529679
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this mass market edition, 1 bestselling author Karen Kingsbury weaves a powerful story of a young couple whose love must face the ultimate challenge.Cody Gunner has no use for real love Abandoned as a child by the person he needed the most, he swears he will never allow himself to love again Ali Daniels denies love as well Carrying a terrible secret, she lives lifeIn this mass market edition, 1 bestselling author Karen Kingsbury weaves a powerful story of a young couple whose love must face the ultimate challenge.Cody Gunner has no use for real love Abandoned as a child by the person he needed the most, he swears he will never allow himself to love again Ali Daniels denies love as well Carrying a terrible secret, she lives life to the fullest, taking risks and refusing relationships When Cody and Ali meet, their first instincts are to hide behind their emotional walls, seemingly doomed to repeat the patterns they have established for most of their lives But their attraction is too strong, and soon they re doomed in another way, for neither can avoid falling in love, regardless of the consequences Only after three years a thousand tomorrows later do they realize at what cost their relationship comes In the end, they must decide if love is worth the ultimate price.

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      319 Karen Kingsbury
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    One thought on “A Thousand Tomorrows

    1. Lena Morrison on said:

      I have this book marked under Christian fiction, but I'm not sure if it should be. God was mentioned only once and Jesus never was. There were very few mentions of faith-related subjects.I read this book for the first time four years ago. I really liked it then, but I don't really like it now. I don't dislike it, I just think it's okay. My main reason for giving it the rating I did had little to do with it not having much about Jesus in it. Karen Kingsbury is a Christian author, but I guess she [...]

    2. Brittany on said:

      How would you deal with your dad leaving when you were five and saying that he is never coming back? well Cody Gunner didn't take it very well and struggled with anger. He thought he would never love again. Karen Kingsbury's A Thousand Tomorrows was an amazing and very interesting book. There are five characters but Cody's dad walked out in the beginning so it doesn't say much about him. Cody has a brother named Carl Joseph, he has Down Syndrome. Cody's mom is a loving mother that was left alone [...]

    3. Kelvey on said:

      I have to admit that I don’t really like Karen Kingsbury’s novels. But, I saw this one on my mamaw’s bookshelf and the rodeo aspect caught my eye. Although I enjoyed it, I doubt I would read it again. When I finished the book, I felt like nothing happened although quite a bit did. Ali and Cody’s relationship was too fast-moving for my taste, and was kind of cheesy in some parts. I felt like it could’ve been handled better and that would’ve made their relationship more relatable and r [...]

    4. Kw on said:

      I read this sweet beautiful sad book this afternoon. I canhardly wait to read more Karen Kingsbury books.

    5. Nadwa on said:

      Warning: Proceed with caution, I'm suffering a tremendous book hangover at the moment.Yes, I finished this in a day. And surprisingly; No, I don't regret it. This book made me believe that eyes were made for a sole reason: Sobbing. And no, I don't mean casual sobbing, I mean sobbing-your-eyes-out-until-your-eyelids-are-swollen-PURPLE kind of sobbing. I don't understand why or how I bought this book. It was released eleven years ago, it was set in the 90's, it's old-fashioned, categorized as "Chr [...]

    6. Jerry on said:

      Synopsis: After being walked out on by his NFL star father at a young age, Cody Gunner has spent his whole life being bitter. When he discovers he has an affinity for bull riding, he joins a professional riding circuitwhere he meets Ali, a beautiful young woman rider. Cody can't deny the feelings he has for her, and Ali feels the same waybut, she has a big secret that could seriously threaten any hope of a relationship. Will love conquer all?The Good: Karen Kingsbury is an excellent writer, and [...]

    7. Victoria on said:

      While this book did help me learn more about cystic fibrosis, this was about the only thing I liked about it. it included an unbearably unrealistic love story. Also, I was disappointed that Cody never found true forgiveness, the kind that comes only through the cross. Cody only found a sort of pseudo-forgiveness from the change Ali brought in his life. As I said, the love part was sadly unrealistic and shallow (I skipped some parts I didn't feel the need to read) considering Cody's past. I found [...]

    8. Gwynette Koch on said:

      Personal Response: I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed the romance in this book. I love Cody’s character because of how in love he is with Ali. He gives up his dream of bull-riding to be with her, and he even gives her one of his lungs to help her live only three more years. The author kept my attention throughout the entire book which is why I read it so fast. I could not put this book down. I would definitely recommend this book. Plot:A Thousand Tomorrows is a Christian fiction nove [...]

    9. Elizabeth on said:

      March 7, 2009 In "A Thousand Tomorrows," Karen Kingsbury tells the powerful story of two young people, both with different personal problems, who become best friends and eventually fall in love.Kingsbury, “America’s favorite inspirational storyteller,” captured me the moment I read the synopsis on the back of the book.Cody Gunner, one of two main characters, lived a difficult life. When Cody was only eight years old his father, an ex-professional football player, left his family because hi [...]

    10. Imel on said:

      berhubung cerita a thousand tommorow ini, salah satu tipe cerita favoritku jd kasih bintang 5a thousand tommorow kurang lebih sama inti cerita dengan Love Story nya Erich Segal & A walk to remember (nicholas spark)menyentuh dan tentunya byk pesan mengenai bagaimana menata kembali hubungan antar keluarga yg kurang harmonisdisini lagi-lagi ak menemukan tokoh utama pria, memiliki kerenggangan hubungan dengan orang tuanya trutama dg sang ayah (sebelumnya di Love Story, problemnya juga sama).Adal [...]

    11. Sabrina Zee on said:

      Buku ini memiliki banyak kesamaan dengan A Walk To Remember karya Nicholas Sparks. Cody Gunner merasa dikhianati ayahnya karena meninggalkan keluarga mereka saat dia masih kecil. Ia berubah menjadi seseorang yang lebih suka membenci. Yah, Landon Carter dalam AWTR juga membenci ayahnya sehingga memberontak. Tapi bedanya Cody menyalurkan kemarahannya dalam pertandingan rodeo. Menurutnya, delapan detik di atas punggung banteng bisa membuatnya melupakan kebenciannya.Ali Daniels sangat suka berkuda s [...]

    12. Shelley on said:

      This was an excellent book that I would highly recommend. It is my first Karen Kingsbury book and won't be my last, I have already bought the sequel to A Thousand Tomorrows, Just Beyond The Clouds which continues the Cody Gunner story. This book is classified as Christian Fiction but it didn't seem preachy, it does have a soft undertone of God and Christian principles in it but it isn't pushy which I like as it doesn't detract from the story, it enhances it. The main goal of this story , is love [...]

    13. Joanie Bruce on said:

      Warning: Spoiler alertWhat can I say about this book? The writing was superb, in true Karen Kingsbury style, but the ending is sad something I normally do NOT like in a fiction book.What I liked: Ms. Kingsbury makes you fall in love with the characters involved in this story. Their likes, dislikes, determination and stamina all shine through the story like sun shining through a hole in the clouds. The depth of their friendship/love is hypnotic, and it draws the reader into the story. She also h [...]

    14. Maria Michaels on said:

      It was difficult to stay interested in this book - the only thing that made me want to keep reading was the sweet love story. That part was the best part of the book. The author did a great job in my opinion of showing how two people gradually fell in love. Otherwise, there was no surprise in the ending - you see it coming from the beginning. No surprises along the way, either. I should quantify that I'm not a big fan of the rodeo, and this is heavily set in and around the rodeo - bull riding an [...]

    15. Jeanie on said:

      If you are sap for love stories that bring two people together with different hurts, you wil love this one. Cody with his past and the anger that he now has and Ali with the secret that keeps her fighting to be the best. I liked the back drop of the rodeo and I thought it played very well with the story. It was a very quick read that showed how forgiveness gives new begininngs along with healing. A real tear jerker. I thought it was interesting that faith was not a big part of this book however, [...]

    16. Tess on said:

      Loved this book from the very start. The love between the two main characters, Cody and Ali, was so real that I felt every emotion going through the chapters of their relationship. This of course included the end, where I cried throughout the last 40 pages, like a baby. I don't remember ever needing tissues (yes, plural) and having to catch my breath between sniffles when reading a book before. I loved every ounce of this story, and am greatly looking forward to the second in the series.

    17. Jean on said:

      An excellent book about true love. This book has it all, family upsets, hate, happiness, sickness, strength, faith, sadness, and most of all the meaning of true love. Easy to feel as if you know the characters. Well worth reading.

    18. Oksana on said:

      This what true and genuine love is all about sacrifice for the one you love and being able to let go if necessary

    19. T.M. on said:

      Bring the tissues. Touching story worthy of a full box of tissues. One of her best novels.

    20. Meghan Tharp on said:

      Cried and cried in this bookI cannot express how much I loved it.

    21. Kathy on said:

      Definitely one of the best Karen Kingsbury books I've read so far! Sometimes, when you looking for it or not, love finds you and you'll do anything to hang on to it.

    22. Emily on said:

      I cried so much oh my goodness. Such an adorable and tragic love story!

    23. Colin on said:

      This is an inspirational story. you'll cry, you'll get angry, you'll get spellbound. You will appreciate life, you will appreciate the importance of time. Sure you'll weep a thousand tears!

    24. Nicole Jarrell on said:

      Beautiful story, beautifully written. My first Karen Kingsbury novel, but I'll be reading a ton more!!

    25. Casey on said:

      This was a very intriguing book that kept me reading. I cried a lot of the time but it was a wonderful book.

    26. Lynn Grier on said:

      This was a beautiful and sad story and I loved it. This was my first book by Karen Kingsbury. I just could not put it down. I will read more books by this author.

    27. Laura Pina on said:

      An incredible story of love and passion for life between two young people.

    28. Crystal on said:

      Now, This is my kind of book. Kingsbury pulls the heartstrings in this touching novel about love that never fails, forgiveness, courage and hope in the midst of life's biggest storms. Cody Gunner is filled with rage and bitterness after life deals him a tough hand early in life. he turns to bull riding to channel that anger and relieve its boiling pressure inside of him. he meets Ali Daniels, a mysterious barrel racer with a deep secret. Kingsbury weaves a tale that challenges and inspires the r [...]

    29. Ivy Rose on said:

      I cried. Couldn't see the page I was crying so hard. Why do Karen Kingsbury books do this to me??? The last time I cried over a book was one of hers--yeah. She's an amazing author. This book is no exception. I got so attached to the characters, my time with them felt too short. But it's so good. Though some of the cystic fibrosis treatments explained in the book are a little outdated, it definitely serves the purpose of raising awareness for CF. Beautiful, heartbreaking, and altogether incredibl [...]

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